3/4/14 22:07
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You know, I buy Darksiders 1 yesterday (7€, not bad) and while it installs/loads I play Lufia 2 to pass the time. And what happens, obviously?

I spent the night playing Lufia 2. 8D (What can I say, Lufia is just superior)

And wrote a Tia/Hilda piece. Don't ask me why. For some reason it seemed like a good idea and now I love it. The conversation in Tanbel isn't even shippy. Nothing, just two textboxes of banter about Guy and Maxim.

But Hilda would be a great match for Tia. Hilda's an inn owner (probably together with Guy, I guess, but she manages it almost on her own) and Tia owns a shop. Tia might not want to live in Elcid after Maxim's death and Tanbel is so close! And she could easily work in the inn and Hilda knows what Tia went through, because she was also involved at one point. And Hilda is not a warrior so Tia doesn't have to worry. They could happily manage the inn together.


(That's pretty much what my fic is. It's so cute. I love them.)

And now that I'm replaying Lufia, I gotta say I love almost all of the characters. Maxim, Tia and Selan are amazing. Guy is cool too. Dekar is stupid, but alright. I don't remember much about the others (oops) now, but they were alright as well. I'm astonished that I fell in love with the game all over again.

PS: Also bought the new Subway to Sally album. Love it <3

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3/4/14 22:03 (UTC)
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Is this the SNES version of Lufia 2, or is it the DS "reimagining"?

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5/4/14 17:34 (UTC)
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'Tis a change of genre, actually. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals is an action-RPG. IMO, it's got nothing on the original Lufia 2, but it pains me a bit that it's one of the last vestiges of the franchise.

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4/4/14 05:21 (UTC)
oneill: Darksiders - A Dutch angle shot of War approaching Azrael (in our darkest places)
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Please, do go on worshiping this false idol known as Lufia. I'll be over here churning out more prompts for War and Azrael Darksiders while I wait for you to see the light.

For real though, I've never played Secret of Mana, Terranigma, or Lufia 2. x D; I need to check them out sometime. Once I manage to tear myself away from Don't Starve, haha.