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So, after almost a whole month, Tristan finally got a new cage buddy. Say hello to Tasha!

She's a sweet little girl, who, even after just a few hours, is curious and is slowly discovering the cage. Tristan was a bit afraid of her at first, I think. At least it took more than two hours until they even faced each other.

I'm very happy to have her here, though I'm not completely able to actually show or feel it. I'm still in a depression slump :( But at least I no longer have to worry about Tristan and him being lonely.

Also, just as Tristan's name is derived from General Asthar (Trista in Japanese), Tasha's name is derived from Therius (Japanese name: Tasha). So happy that that got to happen 8D (Though Tristan has a completely different character than Asthar.)

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