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So, I'm back home again. Since Wednesday, really, but time zones, man. They're harsh.

Also, I want to write more again. And I saw one Asthar prompt on [community profile] fic_promptly , begging me to fill it ...

Soon. 8D

(Gotta find it again first, oop.)

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30/8/14 05:56 (UTC)
oneill: Hunter x Hunter - Netero smiles mischievously (mischievous)
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Oh my, whatever could this be?

. . . SOON™

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30/8/14 05:57 (UTC)
oneill: Gensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2 - Bonaparte covers his foremost pair of eyes while sitting atop Karakurimaru's head (geh)
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ALSO I will work on those Odin Sphere prompts. Hearthstone and Echo Bazaar have been eating all my gaming time of late.

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30/8/14 15:50 (UTC)
oneill: Phantom Brave - Putty, Marona, and Ash sit high up in a tree to greet the dawn (good morning)
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I don't KNOW. I've been looking through the official art going "ooooooh" (POOR HINDEL ;_;). Mega-boobs aside, I actually like Kamitani's stylized anatomy, like how the proportions of Odin's arms and legs are so exaggeratedly off. Gwendolyn and Griselda are pretti. And I'm weirdly fond of this. AND ALL OF IT, BASICALLY.

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31/8/14 04:42 (UTC)
oneill: Pluto - Epsilon embraces Wassily while Hogan looks on and the rain falls around them (your hard times are ahead)
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ngl, the dragons are what keep me from completing a replay of Odin Sphere. I keep firing it up, all excited to play again, and then I remember the dragons, and I CAN'T I JUST CAN'T MURDER THEM ALL AGAIN PLSSSSSS I CANNOT

I like the fairies' stained-glass wings.

Poookaaaaaaas. By all rights, they're exactly the type of character I ought to hate, but somehow they are adorable and charming instead.

Yes, the end bosses are amaze. Almost enough to overcome the soul-sucking depression of the ending.

. . . ALMOST.

Yeah, I have zero Odin Sphere icons. I must needs rectify this grave error.

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31/8/14 20:40 (UTC)
oneill: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World - Richter Abend and Emil Castagnier stand back-to-back (Apparently the L stands for "Lfuck you.")
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Ooookay, I definitely agree about the male soldiers. Those guys look like derpy humans in rented armor and desperate need of a haircut. Shoulda just stuck to Unicorn Knights.

I think you've nailed it. The backstory goes a long way. Also the ears. The floppy, floppy ears. And the FOOD.

ogod, my compulsive completionism forced me to play EVERY SINGLE BAD ENDING ONE AFTER THE OTHER. The, er, Good Ending did nothing to heal my wounds. NOTHING.

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1/9/14 05:59 (UTC)
oneill: Pluto - Gesicht holds an umbrella in a downpour (maybe we were just naive)
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Hmm, I don't remember hating the servers' voices, but it has been a while. Which language track did you use?

Darn you, Mercedes, makin' me feel things. (泣) I'd actually forgotten what happened to Cornelius as well, but apparently he gets eaten by his monster grandpa. I guess that one didn't hit as hard as the others.

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1/9/14 16:42 (UTC)
oneill: Yotsuba to! - Koiwai Yotsuba wails in distress (あー!!)
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Ah. That is obnoxious.

Velvette dies killing monster!Ingway. She holds his dead body for the last few moments and thinks to herself that they'll be going to see their mother again. :(((

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1/9/14 18:08 (UTC)
oneill: Juuni Kokki - Nakajima Youko and Rakushun hit the road together (this story breaks free here)
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That's my take on Ingway as well. FROGWAY 4EVER

I need to reread Yotsuba sometime soon. I could use an infusion of joy and wonder.