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Fuuuuuuuuuuuu, this AU is growing faaaaar too much, Curse You!

Also, I'm a total Asthar/Mirania shipper now. Dayum.
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Mirania loves to eat and Asthar loves to cook. In this regard they definitely fit well.

Also, Asthar using cooking to calm down from unsettling memories and nightmares? I like it. (And if Mirania with him, all that food won't just waste. Also good.)
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That Last Story AU... you know, it's not Asthar who's the problem... it's me. Somehow, against my will, all conversations between Mirania and Asthar end up shippy. I don't know what exactly I'm doing here.

But I find that I actually like it 8D
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[personal profile] oneill , it's your fault that I actually start to write something for that Last Story AU I was talking about earlier (aka in some earlier post). The image didn't leave me alone XD Aaah, it's fun but it's a setting that I really have no idea about (and am too lazy to research, oops). But it'll stay a small thing anyway.
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Woot! Finally a one line bingo for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo ! Only need to edit them again and I can post *v* Yays.
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Brain, why you no working today? ): I need you right now. I hate you...
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You know, I was thinking earlier:

In a Modern AU of The Last Story, Mirania would be an environment activist and Asthar would be an ex-soldier-turned-environment activist and it would be glorious.

It really would.

This idea was brought to you by a re-newed obsession with TLS after finding new fanart. (Still so little with Asthar ;A; )
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And one word could already describe what I thought of that movie.


Just No.

And now the long version... )

So, all in all.... I wouldn't see this movie again. :/

PS: Thorin is still a sexy mofo.

PPS: I remembered the line, but it's because of a German Comedian using that line in one of his programmes and in the movie it sounds just as hilarious and stupid. I don't think I could translate the context.
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So, despite everything, I've started a new "project". I'm trying to make a game script of The Last Story. I'm so tired of the fact that I need to watch a walkthrough if I just need to find a few lines or a scene. Especially when I'm not sure in which chapter it is. I find it easier to search through text. It's hard, though, because TLS is much more visual than, say, Fire Emblem. :q A bit of description of what happens in the cutscene has to be there.

And while I'm talking about cutscenes: I never noticed before how many this game has D: A small nightmare to transcript. Oh well, we'll see how far I get with it.
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Did they make Shinies just not-so-rar-anymore or what? Because...


And is it ever cool. The blade is BLOOD-RED. Soooooo awesome. I really need a nickname for it.

Appropriate tag is so appropriate, lol.

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PS: Only not really. I don't particularly like parties. But I like the gif.

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It's a Driftloon. <3
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Is there any way to make me love The Last Story even more?

YES THERE IS. By making me find out there are ADDITIONAL, MISSABLE convos with Syrenne, Lowell and ASTHAR.

And I just played them and OH MY GOD how can I love you so? Syrenne, you're so much more awesome than I thought and Lowell got more depth and ASTHAR IS RIPPING MY HEART OUT Spoiler )

Also, the dude at the castle door who drops a very subtle hint on where I'm supposed to go to trigger the next chapter? That was adorable. I like hearing that Asthar was worried about Zael <3
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Ahahaha, I'm really active, now am I? >> And that even though I've wanted to be more active again, sigh. Anyway.

1. I'm not writing much fanfiction at the moment. Every now and then I continue with Clinging To Life (and I'm at the Jehanna chapter, yay), but otherwise, not much. Though I did start playing The Last Story again a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Etrian Odyssey 4 and thought "Damn, I want to write fic for this game, it's so awesome", but no inspiration D:

2. Etrian Odyssey 4 is awesome.

3. I finished a term paper :D Finally. 2 years after the course, but hey, the teacher said the deadline would be the end of my studying. And it's drawing closer :( I'm a bit scared.

4. I still need to write one term paper >:(

5. Etrian Odyssey 4 is still awesome.

6. The second female Landsknecht is really, really, REALLY cute. She kinda looks like Red Riding Hood. So cute <3

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I guess I have to accept that my mom cannot accept who I am.
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I was absent for quite some time. And there is a good reason. ....

I've bought Skyrim.

;^; I'm never ever gonna get anything finished.

Farewell. Who knows when I will ever be able to stop.

PS: "The Dragonborn Comes" from Oblivion (or Morrowind?) and "Dragonborn" are such AWESOME and EPIC songs I don't even.

PPS: Raphi, I didn't forgot that I wanted to write you a longer review for your Mercenary fic, but Skyrim! (And a term paper *cough, cough* 8D )
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Why is the soundtrack of The Hobbit so beautiful *.* I get goosebumps almost every time. Forget Ennio Morricone and all those famous film music artist. Howard Shore is the awesome dude.

And also this:

I really shouldn't listen to it anymore because every time I get all like OMG I NEED THE REST OF IT NOW. GIVE ME ALL THE MOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIES. (Yes, I do stress the v in this case. Just because)

ALSO, THORIN, Y SO SEXY? (Not Richard Armitage. I find him terribly unsexy without his Thorin costume).


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