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This is really a strange and emotionally draining time for me. If I'm not very responsive or here, then it's because I'm scared as fuck of social interaction. I've predicated that sometime close before leaving my panic would come.

Well, it's here now. And I'm constantly close to tears. So, I really do not have the energy to socially interact now. The sole thought of being alone in England and having to socialise with everybody without someone familiar to fall back on is terrifying. So only the thought drains the little tolerance I have. Oh, and if I seem mood and grouchy then that's a sign that my tolerance level has been overstepped and I'm on my last legs. I apologize in advance should I act like an asshole. Or just never reply. Or sound passive-aggressive.

At least it's not a "OMG I can't fucking go!" panic. Only a "OMFG I have to talk to people and be alone with them and alone and alone and what if they're assholes and what if we hate each other and what if they smoke and are assholes about it and what ifwhatifwhatif". A very uncomfortable and nasty panic.

Also, my foot still hurts and so I'm constantly feeling a bit sick. What a combination.

On another, hopefully distracting note:

I have no idea why September is meta month. If I weren't so panicked, I would care more about it, but at the moment I'm too drained. However, if you want to hear my thoughts on something, just say it. It might be a good distraction. Well, I'd do it later sometime.

/doesn't care if there are any typos in here. I can't re-read this now.

Edit: Art, because it distracted me :)

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I'ma so proud 8D Made my first gif today. Lookie at that shiny icon~~~ 8D Happinessssssssss

Also, here have the original:
Cut for broness. And size 8D )

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Here's a spider for raphi 8D No, wait. It's a spidurrrrrrr~

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<3 I'm gonna upload your birthday pic later (and edit this entry then), am at Starbucks at the moment.

Squishiness~ )

Also, [ profile] xirysa , your brithday pic is gonna be late, because I'm stressed at the moment with my paper and that jizz. But it will contain Wallace-y goodness. Look forward to that.

And now, back to the library.

Edit: Hello. I'm a zombie. Nice to meet you. I am tired. I think I need to read "Boobs" and "Beer Tree" again, because they make me happy.
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Why does he look like Rosiel? Kinda. )

So, I have to make a list of the things I still have/ want to draw:

- the rest of the broking band (Hayden looks pretty~)
- raphi´s birthday present
- xirysa´s birthday present
- lumberjack!Fado
- brokings in kilts
- kid brokings
- teenager brokings
- genderswapped brokings
- brokings with bro spawn
- bro wives

Hm, I see a pattern there...
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Alright, now all bros, she-bro and Mansel are shaded 8D )

Now the only question is... how should I design the background? It shouldn't be too flashy. :S
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I haven't finished colouring my broking picture and I already want to draw another one. Just one thing: Fado in a lumberjack shirt. Oh yes.

I love GameOne. It's the best show ever. So hilarious~

Edit: Why, oh why, did I decide to give you an axe, Viggy? Colouring axes is haet. Also, Fado? Your colour scheme looks horrible on my screen. What's up with that? Why is your skirt thing beige? You know beige looks either pink or like skin on 'puter screens. Do you want to be starkers? I already believe that none of you brokings wears pants anyway but that doesn't mean that you're allowed to be naked on MY pic. Bad Fado.

Edit: GameOne, stop playing music from my favourite RPGs. You make me want to play them NAO! And I want to finish colouring Mansel!

3. Edit: Alright, enough is enough. After I finish Viggy´s fucking hair, I'm playing Terranigma like there's no tomorrow!

4. Edit: Finally finished Viggy´s hair. Unfortunately my hand is in too much pain to play SNES now. Damn.

Here's another progress pic for you )
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Okay, here's a little update for my huge bro pic. It takes so much time to colour :x Also, I decided to use soft outlines this time. It's nice, I guess. I especially love Hayden´s clothes <3
Ismaire and Hayden in colour )
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So, to celebrate my new journal layout, here have some Geoffreys.

So cute~ )

On another note:
I still haven't forgot my essay about medieval tournaments. I'm still working on it. Sometimes. University tries to eat my brain.
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So, today I wrote fic. In German. I haven't done that for, like, YEARS. Well, it felt like that. It's just a few months.

Anyway, I doodled. It was fun.

Flying heads! )

Yay, Seth~ )

Cracktasssstic~ )
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So, I was in the library again. :D Researching a bit for my next entry for the [ profile] fe_contest . And I remembered something.
I need YOU for a survey. So listen up-

Ready? Go.

What image springs to your mind at the word "knight"? No, Fire Emblem is not allowed. I mean a historical "correct" knight. Don't think too much about it, just keep the image of that knight in front of your eyes. Now look at these pictures and tell me which one of the knights resembles your image the most.
Please read the question first, then look at these pictures )

Now, please tell me which knight resembles your image. I'm just curious. This is no test. At least not really.
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Fjuu, I finally handed in my term paper. Now I can only hope that my teacher likes what I wrote.

Also, I doodled a bit, because I was bored. That was before I bought Dragon Quest IX and Etrian Odyssey. I like DQ. First thing I did was design a Geoffrey =3= And as soon as I could design team mates, guess who I created :D Elincia (Mage), Lucia (Warrior) and Bastian (Fighter; okay, it doesn't fit, but I don't need two mages). Yay~ But now onwards to the doodles. And the two icons I made out of them.
Doodle... )


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