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So, after [personal profile] zombieallomorph 's post with the quote from Naomi Novik' "Uprooted", I immediately bought it. And it's awesome. I started it yesterday at about 8 pm and couldn't stop reading until I finished it at 4 am. I loved the magic system (though the magic word did sound a bit ridiculous to me at times, but that's always a danger of inventing spells) and I freaking loved the Wood. I love it when the bad/evil things in a book are so present and actually dangerous. Also, the Corruption is a great way to keep the tension between the characters high and adds a horror layer to the Wood. Especially since we see how horrible it is.

Cut for spoilery talk )

In other news, my leg is starting to feel almost like before the break. It's still missing strength, but I can feel how it becomes stronger every week. Also, I might start a voluntary social year soon. I'm excited.

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I really haven't said yet that Pellew is the best man ever?

Because he is.

I really shouldn't stay up until almost 3 in the morning because I can't stop watching the TV series. Someone stop Pellew from being so awesome.

Or rather not. Nobody could manage that anyway.
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Alright, I just finished "Bloody Jack", a neat light read. It's about Mary "Jacky" Faber, whose parents and sister die when she's small and she has to live on the streets. She meets a bunch of other street kids and joins their group. After years of living on the streets, she leaves, dons the persona of a boy and enrolls on a ship as a ship´s boy.

And yes, it is fun 8D Even as someone who doesn't like first person, Jacky is a good narrator and interesting. Especially since L.A. Meyer tried to write in a very colloquial "street urchin" way; crude at times, not grammatically correct, etc. And it creates a great atmosphere. Also, the story is gritty at times; there's no glossing over the nasty sides of the 18th century. Death, hunger, sickness, violence are all present -- though not excessively! -- and handle well, imo.

Of course, in a crossdressing story a little love story cannot be missing. Towards the beginning and middle it is relatively light, but becomes stronger towards the end. A few times I thought it was coming off too strong, but then, it is first person and Jacky is in love. But it wasn't too distracting.

ALSO. Because I must fangirl a minor character. The Captain. I guess it is mostly the fault of the description, but I very probably would've liked him anyway. But as soon as he was described I just thought "Hesounds like a mix of Hayden and Gilliam". And so he CANNOT be anything but awesome 8D

Lol, I'm so easy to get sometimes. Anyway, it was a good quick read (a good reading flow and wide spacing of lines and letters) and fun. I won't read the second book of the series, though, since the plot of that one doesn't interest me. I just want to read books about pirates or marines now.
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You know, the quickest way to turn me off an author is to tell me that his/her book has "strong female characters". I love awesome characters as much as everybody else. But I am so fucking annoyed by all the stressing on ~strong female characters~ Those people are right, yes, we need more female role models. I, however, am a person who has never had a role model and very probably will never have one. So I do get annoyed when people always talk about "needing a character to look up to/identify with". Fine. You want that. I do not give a fuck, I just want an interesting character. As long as I like them I do not care what is between their legs. I want to read a story. I'm not interested in the sex of the characters.

Often enough those characteristics that make a character strong are utterly boring. And they're all the same. Yes, yes, everybody should always be able to solve their problems on their own and kick ass and get themselves out of their dire situations/lifes.I don't want to see them winning, sometimes. Sometimes (quite often lately) I want weak characters. Characters who lose, who suffer/die because they cannot help themselves (or get help), who give up, who cannot take it anymore.

Goddamnit. Most of the strong characters are just so fucking boring.

Also, the synopses of those books almost always sound just as boring.

Edit: Also, no fucking teen heroes anymore. I cannot stand that. More protagonists in their late twenties and maybe early 30ies, please. Also with beards and long hair, lol XD

/is picky

Yay 8D

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"Elisabeth - The Musical"(Vienna Production) is just so fucking awesome. I love Lucheni. So awesome. And all of the singers are great, actually. Franz Joseph´s actor has such a nice voice; not too dark, but pleasantly velvet-y. A voice that sends shivers down your back when lowered. Aiaiaia. Also, Der Tod. Ein Zuckerschneckchen. Elisabeth herself is also pretty awesome. Her duets with Der Tod are just so Hnnn. I think I need to watch the DVD again.

Snarktastic Lucheni. 8D

The songs are all awesome as well; Kitsch, Augustinerkirche, Marktplatz in Wien, Wiener Kaffeehaus, Budapester Generalwiese etc. So many gems there 8D

Here, have a sample:

In other news; finished "Emperor´s Edge". A very fun read. Amaranthe is fun, Books is awesome, Maldy is also great and Hollowcrest is still a villain I'd like to do bad things to him. Which is a sign of my liking him. 8D

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8D Books <3

So, I've bought three new books; "On Stranger Tides", "Bloody Jack #1" and "The Emperor´s Edge". I've started with E´sE first, because of the pretty cover 8D And it's fun so far. Am only on page 90 because I'm so lazy at the moment. Amaranthe is fun (and makes me think of Nightwish), though, and Hollowcrest as well. Books seems to be an interesting character as well. The others... have potential. Sespian is the only one who I'm still "meh" about. But he gets points for having a cat 8D

But. Why those overly complicated fantasy names D8 Oh god, how I hate this. Akstyr. Maldyiuserghilehbzuo. Whatisthisidon'teven. The first one doesn't even resemble a name and how am I supposed to pronounce it? And the other one is too long and complicated so he's gonna be Maldy. Names, you slay me.

8D Now off to bed.


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Where's the book about pinjas? I demand a book about pirates and ninjas fighting for... whatever. As long as they're together in one book.
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Why do I want Captain Roger/Captain Baddog slash? Whywhywhywhywhywhy? And why does it sound so awesome in my head. I'm normally not into enemies-turn-lovers (not that they would ever be a couple. A few flings maybe with lots of hate and snark and arguments and sexual tension and all the good stuff). But thisssssssssssssssss. Want so much. Also, maybe a bit Captain Roger/Rumpott at the side 8D


Rambling about "Lightning Thief" with a few spoilers )
Somehow it bugs me that the designer weren't consistent with Viggy´s beard. Why is it closed under his nose one time but not the other? >8I Irrational bug is irrational.

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So, I thought Moulder´s Advice Corner deserves its own entry in my writing journal. Raphi, you're credited of course 8D Oh, that one was fun~ Edit: And still is fun~

And since we're on the topic of Moulder; I am kinda, a bit inspired to write a one-sided crush story about him and Hayden. There is no clear image yet, but maybe... Well, at least it's a big Do Want 8D

Unfortunately, "Evelina" and "Die Räuber" are seriously distracting. Especially "Evelina", because she's so cute 8D And I have to admit she's the first heroine that I really, really rooted for to get her happy ending 8D I mean like sitting on the edge of my seat and being really invested in it and being upset about any negative twist (and Lord Orville does sound like a real nice dude 8D) and it was just fun to read it the first time. And now it's just as fun. Maybe even more because I know how it ends and I'm all like "OMG, when will they finally come together and when will happen X and when Z? 8D"

Ugh, I also have to look at Middle High German D:
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There are re-runs of "Wildes Kinderzimmer" on TV, which means one hour of cute animal babies 8D Dawwwwwwwww, kittens everywhere 8D And bunnies and dogs (but they're not that cute) and sometimes more rare animals like lizards, white hedgehogs and birds, but the kittens are still the best part 8D


ZOOM, have to fangirl Franz. Not FE Franz, "Die Räuber" Franz. I love his first monologue; it always makes me think and I find his sentiments interesting. He's cynical, manipulative, full of hate for his father and brother, pragmatic, not idealistic (Idealist can quickly go on my nerves. Not all, but some) and all in all he's a damn bastards who plans to get rid of his brother and father. But I still can sympathize with him; he was always ignored, compared to his brother and neglected. And it kinda reads like he was also bullied as a kid. I love the fact that he's not just a black/white character. I mean, Karl does have a good side as well, but he's also damn flawed (He's still an asshole). But Franz motivation is so... understandable. I dunno, he's a magnificent bastard 8D And I love them.

Also, I love villains. I mean, when reading "Pirate Latitudes" I was rooting for Cazalla and Bosquet (Not the other two, because they weren't as fun). Maybe I'm doing it wrong XD

Ya know... I kinda want to read fic about Franz. But who would write fic for Friedrich Schiller´s "Die Räuber" XD I think I'll still look. Hope dies last. 8D

Back when I first read Lessing´s "Emilia Galloti" I always pictured Marinelli as Soren. Even though I didn't even know Soren back then. Colour me surprised when I suddenly noticed that THEY TOTALLY LOOK ALIKE 8D It made re-reading it more funny XD And it does kinda, in a way fit? Ffffffff
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Ugh, Wakaba. Your sight still manages to piss me off every time. I just hate characters like her. It creeps me out.

I still want to pet Miki. And I still want a pet Valter.

Still don't like Zelos or Valtome. But Miki is adorbs. Zelos is a creeper, btw.

Btw, something that I noticed early; Utena´s hair cut really looks like Eirika´s. But Utena is nothing like Eirika (and Eirika is more awesome), so she didn't get her name. But Utena´s uniform would look BEAUTIFUL on Eirika. Oh yes.

Sorry, Zelos, totally not buying the story that you are the prince. Besides, you start to annoy me as well. >:/

Rofl, I still love the intermission ladies. Willhem Tell, oh lawd. I had to read that in grade... 7, 8 or 9, I think. I can't really remember. I think I disliked Tell. But, what a surprise, I liked his family XD And in an exam we had to write a letter as one of the characters from the story and I chose Tell´s wife. I got an A. It was fun~ Hmhm, I think I also kinda liked the villain and found his death kinda boring. I want my villains to have interesting deaths.
Hm, I was never a big Schiller fan. I disliked "Die Räuber"  at first because I hated Karl, such a spoilt idiot. I immediately liked Franz and, honestly, I was rooting for him all the time. Karl was ugh. I mean, you get a letter from your father, who disowns you out of the blue and you never question it and just become a criminal to "show him"? You're not a grown man studying at the university, you're a damn child! Yeah, I know your father spoilt you rotten, but that you have no trust, no ability to think for yourself and the stupidity to become a thief and murderer and whatnot just because you're pissed? OMG, so much hate. And yes, I know you were a child and so spoilt and got so much attention that you didn't notice that your brother was completely neglected. I can understand that. I would never fault you for that because you were also a child and probably didn't understand it. But that you still treat your brother so bad now that you're grown up, is disgusting. Oh goddamn, I still wish that Franz had won and taken over the estate (what he did to his father was understandable, but I don't condone it. It is still wrong no matter the reasons). Unnnnnnnnnn, Franz.

Edit: Aww, I don't have "Wilhelm Tell" :( But I do have "Die Räuber" 8D And it's full with notes XD Hm, happy reading.

Which reminds me; I kinda want to re-read Goethe´s "Faust" as well. I love "Faust". Mostly because of Mephistopheles, because he's a magnificent bastard. Though I'm still a bit miffed about the end of "Faust II". Oh well. Oh gawd, but now I have a flashback to "Die Leiden des jungen Werthers". OMG, so bad >< The most boring -- Okay, no cursing that early, plz. But I really had to fight through it and I hae no idea why people were so impressed by it that they killed themselves as well. Ugh. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of Goethe anyway.

Back to Utena; am I supposed to feel for Anthy or Utena at the end of the 11th episode? I just want Valter back. Besides, I now want to re-read "Dir Räuber" and "Wilhelm Tell". I hope I still have them >>

Also, Lucius and Etzel could totally be FTM trans*, couldn't they? At least Lucius´ body looks so feminine...

Rofl, somehow this post turned into a literature rant more than a comment on Utena XD
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So, finished "Pirate Latitudes" by Michael Crichton and it was definitely a fun read. I liked the main characters, some nice bastards XD, and I loved the villains, even bigger bastards~ The books has some nice twists and the ending partly really surprised me, because I already forgot that character X was such a bastard 8D I'm still a bid miffed that Cazalla died so early, but there are enough villains that are also fabulous (even though they're not valteresque). The parts with the kraken strained my suspense of disbelief very much and I didn't like them. All the other adventures were fun though.
I sometimes had a little problem with the language, because I still don't know all ship jargon. I could follow the action, but sometimes I was all o.O Also, the nastiness everywhere really adds to the atmosphere, even though it bordered on TMI sometimes XD But it did teach me what I'll probably gloss over in my Pirate AU (which I still plan on writing in the future).

So, if you want some nice pirate-y action and aren't squicked by a few nasty deaths and TMI in regard to hygiene, you might have fun with it. I definitely got something out of it; I still have to research much more for my Pirate AU~ And it's not that long; you could probably finish in a day or two.
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 Cazalla, your death was disappointing. :( Well, the fact that you put Valter with beard in my head is already quite awesome, but a more impressive death would've been nice. Bad Hunter. Maybe Bosquet will remedy it.

Will maybe watch more Utena later. Say, is there any character with beard in it? Because beards are awesome. Hmhm~

Also, I still need names for Mansel´s brother and sister-in-law, uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. Names, you haunt me.

Edit: Huh. I just found out that "Mansel" is a real name. Colour me surprised. (At least now I know in which direction his brother´s name should go 8D)

Edit 2: Decided to call Mansel´s brother Markos. Mansel and Markos. It sounds good together and "Markos" has a nice sound to it. Now, the sister-in-law.

Alright, Amandine it is for L'Arachel´s mother 8D Yay~
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I started reading Michael Crichton´s "Pirate Latitudes" and it is not only awesome because of Pirates 8D, but you know what! 8D The book has its own Valter (named Cazalla)~ Oh, so excite~ I mean, just read those quotes:

"He [Cazalla] is said to find the screams of his dying victims restful and relaxing."

"If it had been a genuine warship, it would surely have given chase at a two-mile range, and captured you, and even now you would be screaming your lungs out for Cazalla´s amusement."

Also, why did I not know that my part of the town is so prettiful~ So gorgeous. And the view and the houses and gardens andandand 8D I really should take a walk more often. Sooooo pretty~ Apart from the weather; far too hot >:(

(Not sure if I'm more fangirling about my pretty town or the Valter wannabe XD)
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Nnnnn, chocolate bunniessssssssssssssssss.

So, I finished "The Picture of Dorian Gray" yesterday. It was... okay. I loved the picture/selling you soul part. That was actually my main reason for wanting to read it. And that part was good. But the rest... I hated Dorian and rooted for him to die quickly. So. Annoying. I kinda liked Basil Hallward and James Vane (and Lord Henry because he's a magnificient bastard), but everybody else could just go away. And Oscar Wilde´s style was kinda okay but also annoyed me at times; sometimes it became a biiiiiiiiit purple (especially when he started to describe Dorian and that is a big ugh.). Also, that banter? Was boring. Sometimes it was fun but mostly it was eh. So, it was an okay read.

Now, I'll first finish Crichton and then finally start on "Vanity Fair".
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"Melancholie" by In Extremo. It's so incredibly pretty and sad ;.; I listened to it while writing my Geoffrey/Elincia-old-people-Elincia-is-dead piece (which is still not exactly finished because it's a bitch to edit. I was so caught up in my feelings that my writing suffered) and it made me tear up.

Also, I was going through some of my lecture notes because I have to write an essay-thingie and I was reminded that I've wanted to read Thackeray´s "Vanity Fair" weeks ago. I have to buy that. I'm also contemplating if I should get Dickens "Our Mutual Friend". It sounds interesting. And there is one book that I may want to read but there are two things that prevent me from doing that:

1. It's freaking long.

2. It's called "The Moonstone". The MOONSTONE. I don't want Valter D8


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