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Also, I did again tear up when Theoden broke down in front of Theodred´s grave. The way he tries to hold back the tears ;w; It gets me every time. Damn you, actor whose name I don't remember. You're awesome.

Also, why did it take me so much time to write my one fe_fest prompt? I could pack SO much characterisation in there. It was so much fun to write. (Though at some passages it feels a bit clumsy. Have to rectify that later) I almost forgot about this prompt -- but at least not as much as I forgot the contest; I didn't even notice that the prompt had already been up! Anyway, much fun was had today with writing.

PS: Theoden, I love you. You're awesome. I also love Eomer because he's ~hmmm~


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I'm replaying The Last Story because of a certain person for no character-specific reasons. And a certain spoilerific event still makes me go ;A; and D:< because I want to strangle the cause of said event. Grrr.

And a fic about younger Therius and his first travels/lessons/happenings with General Asthar would be the most glorious thing ever. Those two are so awesome it hurts.

Unrelated to that; I don't know how I could always overlook it, but I did found a fic on my compi that is SO old. Well, old old. From the time I still did that ~bro thing~ I mean, I take them more seriously now, but that was from the time where everything was silly. And dude, the fic is kinda embarrassing because it's so silly. On the other hand, I did lol at it XD I so have no idea what to do with it. I'm undecided if I would feel too embarrassed to post it on my writing com. (The silliness about Viggy´s kids come up and they're in the Lagdou Ruins and they come back from death and stuff. Goddamit, that was far too fun XD)

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Moar keychains 8D Heads-only are much better than full body; full body is faaar too big. And I tried a different technique this time and it's faaaaaar easier and quicker. And cleaner v_v A bit...

Aaaaaaaaand 8D I still have material left so you can expect moar in the future. I mean, I have still so much purple, red, yellow, green....

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Just came back from an almost 8 hour long table top game day 8D So awesomely fun. I was second place twice and one time my group lost. Games were Arkham Insanity, Dust and Karibik. So good, even though I'm not particularly good at "real live" strategy games.


Modern Bros would totally love Strategy Tabletop Games. And they would become so SRS BSNS abotu them that nobody but them wants to play XD
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Fado/Hayden? Check.

Fadia/Eira? Check.

Fado/Eira? Sorta, though not really.

Fadia/Hayden? Sorta, though not really.

Fado/Vigarde? Am trying to write it.

Fado/Victoria? Wrote it like a boss today.

Fadia/Vigarde? Check.

Fadia/Victoria? Missing.

Woot 8D Broness~~~~ Maybe there will also be political Vigarde/Eira in the future. No guarantee for that, though.
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I go and decide to write some Fado/Vigarde (because I haven't written that at all yet 8O) and what do I do? I write more Fadia/Eira. *Facepalm*

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I always start to theorize and think about the bros (mostly) and I never write it down here when I have the time because I'm too lazy. Oi. Hm, but today I willlllllllllllllllll.

So, because, Gramis. Gramis is fun. The whole house Solidor is fun. What has that to do with the bros? Quite easily. Gramis was forced to sentence two of his sons to death because of his third son, Vayne. You see where I'm going with this?

So, what would Fado, Hayden and Vigarde do if for some reason they had to sentence their children to death?

(They would all adhere to the law and imprison them and speak judgement)

Fado: He would organise a flight for Ephraim and Eirika. In secret and with the help of Seth and a few of very carefully hand-chosen knights. If Ephraim was sentenced, Fado would arrange everything so that Ephraim could become a mercenary, new name and all. (Kyle would accompany him. Why, yes, I do picture Kyle following him~). I haven't thought too much about Eirika yet, because I cannot really see her doing a crime that would warrant death sentence.

Hayden: He would, with Innes´ help (regardless of which child is accused), find ways to official get his kid out of the death sentence. With legal and illegal means. I believe Hayden would do much for his kids, even use means that he despises or believes are very wrong.

Vigarde: He would kill Lyon. Not only because I believe that people would watch his every move more closely and it would be extremely hard to get Lyon out there, but also because I really believe that Vigarde would follow through with it. He would certainly not like it and suffer very much because of it, but he would still do it because Lyon has committed a crime and has to be punished for it.

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to write derp fic about Ephraim committing a stupid crime and having to leave his family forever and being forced to become a mercenary. His dream would get a nasty aftertaste. >8D


On the FFXII front:

- I really can't remember why I ever found Vaan annoying. I adore him now. I more or less adore all characters now (still have my problems with Ashe and hate Vayne with passion) 8D

- Game needs more Ondore and his sexy, sexy voice.

- Am again shipping Basch/Penelo. And Vaan&Penelo work really well as friends/siblings. So much fun.

- Those Arcadians have far too sexy accents.

- This is the first FF where I genuinely like the characters. In all the other FF games I've played (X, XII, parts of VIII, IV and II) I never liked more than maybe one character. But here? Totally different. But, hm, Final Fantasy never really managed to suck me in anyway. The Tactics Advance series was fun, though. Loved it.

- Am contemplating if I should get a Fran icon. Such a sexy woman and her voice and accent are reeeeeeeeally nice as well.
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Yay, finally posted some bro stuff again. Which was rotting on my computer because the first part was horrible. It's... kinda good now. I'm contented enough with it. Am still loving the second part, because it shows what I think about Frelia´s and Grado´s relation with each other. And Vanya because Vanya is a fun bastard >8D It's posted on and dreamwidth.

Somehow my head is very much filled with Viggy angst. If it's filled at all. Normally it's very... empty and numb.
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Remember that Avatar making thing xirysa posted a few days ago? It was so fun that I made Bro wives and young bros pics (Also Noam) XD They're not exactly true for them (especially Aileen´s hair style. Minna is almost perfect, though), but I like it well enough~ :3
I already use up too much space or your flists :3 )
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You know what I just noticed?

I could turn Eira (FemHayden) into a pegasus knight.

Normally I leave the class of the genderbent characters like they were (Fadia and Victoria are still awesome generals and Eira would stay a ranger), but, you know, Frelia is pegasus country and princess as pegasus riders are really not unusual...

Otoh, right now, I want Eira using a crossbow on a pegasus because awesome. I really don't know XD

Or maybe Eira just really can't use lances and is awesome with bows and therefore has decided to just become an archer/ranger. She still can ride a pegasus though and owns one. The possibilities...
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Because I feel like it. I don't think you can call it meta (Why do I ALWAYS write meat first?), but whatever. Headcanon tiems~

BroKings related so feel free to skip~ (I might have to think more about Marcus another time. Because Marcus. Also, I should stop writing him first as "Marcus" and then "Markus" and then the other way again. Plz stop to be confused, self.)

So, I felt like saying a few words about their parents, mostly their fathers because they have the biggest influence as of yet on them. Yes, family times again~

Cut for teel deer about families. Grado is always so.... hnhnhnhn~ )

I feel like I might post Moulder/Hayden Part 1. I haven't editted for a while now, but I do feel it's mostly finished. Hm. Also, Marcus writing now, plz.

Edit: Lj-cuts, stop fucking things up.
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This is really a strange and emotionally draining time for me. If I'm not very responsive or here, then it's because I'm scared as fuck of social interaction. I've predicated that sometime close before leaving my panic would come.

Well, it's here now. And I'm constantly close to tears. So, I really do not have the energy to socially interact now. The sole thought of being alone in England and having to socialise with everybody without someone familiar to fall back on is terrifying. So only the thought drains the little tolerance I have. Oh, and if I seem mood and grouchy then that's a sign that my tolerance level has been overstepped and I'm on my last legs. I apologize in advance should I act like an asshole. Or just never reply. Or sound passive-aggressive.

At least it's not a "OMG I can't fucking go!" panic. Only a "OMFG I have to talk to people and be alone with them and alone and alone and what if they're assholes and what if we hate each other and what if they smoke and are assholes about it and what ifwhatifwhatif". A very uncomfortable and nasty panic.

Also, my foot still hurts and so I'm constantly feeling a bit sick. What a combination.

On another, hopefully distracting note:

I have no idea why September is meta month. If I weren't so panicked, I would care more about it, but at the moment I'm too drained. However, if you want to hear my thoughts on something, just say it. It might be a good distraction. Well, I'd do it later sometime.

/doesn't care if there are any typos in here. I can't re-read this now.

Edit: Art, because it distracted me :)

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Probably because babbling about fandom is fun. 8D


Since yesterday something was bugging me greatly. Said bugger was the Hayden&Fado fanart I found a few days ago. To be more clear, it was the height difference between the two; Hayden is almost a head smaller than Fado. It wouldn't bug me that greatly if Hayden´s posture weren't so clearly coded feminine. It just reeks of "Hai, I'm an uke :D".

In short, I was thinking about heights. And I really can't picture Hayden being smaller than Fado. If there's a difference, then Fado is the smaller one. Only a few centimetres, but still. (So that when Fado teases Hayden about being the youngest, he in return can tease Fado about being the smallest. Yes, that is my main motivaton XD)

Vigarde is really tall. Because I like the mental picture of him towering over most people. Like a friendly but intimidating tower.

Funnily enough, in my mind Fadia is taller than Fado. Eira and Hayden are the same size and Victoria is a tad smaller than Vigarde. Lol.

Here have a small list of very general heights:


Vigarde, Seth, Ismaire, Orson, Gerik, Cormag, Duessel, Glen


Fado, Hayden, Eirika, Ephraim, Franz, Vanessa, Moulder, Garcia, Neimi, Colm, Artur, Natasha, Joshua, Forde, Kyle, Tana, Innes, Tethys, L'Arachel, Saleh, Rennac, Knoll, Syrene, Caellach, Selena, Valter, Lyon, Carlyle, Mansel


Gilliam, Lute, Marisa, Dozla, Myrrh, Riev

So, useless stuff over now. 8D


We're getting a new kitchen in a few days so there's a little hubbub around here. And I have to paint the windows. Hm. I'll have to think about the crack pairings then. 8D Seth/Tethys is pretty high on the "do want" list.
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Crack, oh my lawd, I love crack XD Will later post a crack  bro drabble XD That's what I get for choosing a prompt that couldn't end differently. Fffffffffffffffffffff.

Also, wrote a drabble for raphi´s Harken prompt. After dinner I'll edit the post (hopefully) with some musing about Harken. 8D


alkgjldbuisoagf Computer viruses HAET D8< So annoying. I want to SLAP the people who are programming them. Really, really hard. So freaking annoying. At least I've always been able to save my fics and pics, which are the most important things on my pc (that and my uni notes, of course). Grrr. The drabble will come later, just to spite the virus. >8I


Dädä, here's the drabble. It's completely silly and it has bros in it. What could be better? 8D and dreamwidth.
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I'ma so proud 8D Made my first gif today. Lookie at that shiny icon~~~ 8D Happinessssssssss

Also, here have the original:
Cut for broness. And size 8D )

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. Here's a spider for raphi 8D No, wait. It's a spidurrrrrrr~

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I actually wrote a short Fado/Hayden slash piece :> So proud of myself. Oh, awkwardness, I love you.
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Fado is a really unlucky dude. (But Lyon and funnily enough Valter have worse Lck when they "join")

Viggy has 9. When even Viggy has 9 Lck, Fado had never a chance XD (That and Viggy has an S in lance, while Fado only has A. Viggy is the ~master of lances~)

Also interesting: you get Hayden if you kill 200 monsters in Lagdou in one run, not when you clear a floor. I am surprised. (Hm, can that mean something...?)

And I'm suddenly motivated to finally get Fado. Because Fado.

(Also, both Viggy and Hayden have anima as affinity. Fado is ~fire~. Oh ho ho~ (Yes, I am easily amused at the moment)) Edit: Fado and Ephraim have the same affinity. They really ARE very similar (as Hayden mentioned a few times). Intriguing.


;A; I love Markus. He is so awesome. And his support with Roy, adorable (in a strange Markus-y way). His support with Eliwood was already awesomesauce and now this. Markus might be my favourite character from FE7. (Ffffffffffff, the ones that fandom doesn't particularly care for always manage to become my favourites ;w; And old dudes. Old dudes and dudettes are pure win)


I get the huge (c wat I did thar) urge to make size jokes about Klein. Because, ffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. And I want to make car jokes about Trabant even though I don't know him. Roflmao.
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Seriously, that fill is HILARIOUS.



I completely forgot how fun the theatre script for FE8 is XD Letting Fado and Vigarde make comments on most things is just so much <3 (That and OMG the chemistry they have 8D Fado will flirt with him later on. Foshizzle. Seriously, Fado. Stop having such an amazing chemistry with everyone 8D) Innes is being a meanie face at the moment ;^;
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 One for the Lover's Challenge; Kink with Geoffrey/Elincia (which is smut as you can conclude from the prompt) and then part 2 of the Bro AU 8D

And I also finished part 3 today *o* /is so proud of herself. And I really like it also. The Minna-Vigarde scene turned out well. And it has a girls´ exclusive scene, which was hard ;^; Characterization is hard sometimes. Andandand tinySeth shenanigans~ Weeeeeeeee 8D Happiness.

Which reminds me; I need an Old English prayer or something for the Moulder/Hayden story. I need to finished that first part. >8I Edit: Weeeeeeeee, I found two 8D Yay~

Oh, and I might need to make a new layout... something has come up... but I don't know if it'll look good...
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Can I say that this thread about Fandom History amuses me greatly? XD I can't believe that my crack managed to become so "well-known". The Brofluence, it spreads >8D (And CeilingValter, oh my!) Ffffffffffffffffffffff. This is kind of awesome XD

But! Still hating on Zombie Apokalypse ;A;


Self, stop mixing up "hat" and "head". You think the right thing, but type the wrong one. Stop it. The same thing happens with "hand" and "head". Enough is enough. Wondering if Fado puts down his head is wrong. I should hope he keeps that thing on his shoulders. His hat however... (no, the tricorn will stay foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr)


Posted short air pirate snippet on dreamwidth because.... uhm, I'm bored. XD


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