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It's kinda awkward to write porny fic while sitting next to your aunt and grandma playing canaster. Even more awkward that your aunt knows that you write fanfic and speculates that you're just writing fic because you're hammering on your keyboard. Even more and more awkward when she jokingly says that you're writing about them.


Awkward. >> (I just said, "Yeah, no, not really")

('Twas Vigarde/Minna, btw. They're cute)

Also, completely different than that above:

My brother's wedding went well. Everything was pretty cool and stuff and the food was yummy. There were fireworks at the very end, as a surprise for the bride. And I was able to leave at the exact right time; I'm feeling good today and not emotionally exhausted and depressed. It feels like I was slowly approaching my limit. At max half an hour away from my breaking point. So I'm pretty content with how things went. 8D (Otoh, now I know that feeling markers for my level of energy is hard, very hard >/ )

Also, my little brother and I should never be allowed to sit in the first rows of a church during a mass. We cannot keep our mouths shut (but then the song texts were hilarious, dammit. Oh, yes, I want to be set on fire by God's love. Burning to death is so fun). Good thing we had to sit in the back so we could leave before the couple to hold the banner.
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My brother's wedding is tomorrow. I'll have to gather my things so I won't run out of energy too early. I've got Creeper, my MP3 player, I'll take a book and put some videos on Creeper. And I'll (hopefully) regularly get away from the throng. I should survive the wedding with that. Hm, yes. Hopefully tomorrow it won't be as hot as today >> I'm wearing long pants after all.

Also, ate SO TASTY ice cream today; melone and raspberry. Fucking expensive, but so hnnnnnnn that it was worth it. I love melone ice cream.

Also wrote a bit. With Minna as main character. I like her.
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Remember that Avatar making thing xirysa posted a few days ago? It was so fun that I made Bro wives and young bros pics (Also Noam) XD They're not exactly true for them (especially Aileen´s hair style. Minna is almost perfect, though), but I like it well enough~ :3
I already use up too much space or your flists :3 )
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 One for the Lover's Challenge; Kink with Geoffrey/Elincia (which is smut as you can conclude from the prompt) and then part 2 of the Bro AU 8D

And I also finished part 3 today *o* /is so proud of herself. And I really like it also. The Minna-Vigarde scene turned out well. And it has a girls´ exclusive scene, which was hard ;^; Characterization is hard sometimes. Andandand tinySeth shenanigans~ Weeeeeeeee 8D Happiness.

Which reminds me; I need an Old English prayer or something for the Moulder/Hayden story. I need to finished that first part. >8I Edit: Weeeeeeeee, I found two 8D Yay~

Oh, and I might need to make a new layout... something has come up... but I don't know if it'll look good...
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So, finished my prompts for the little meme back then. Which you can find at dreamwidth and somewhere on (too lazy to look there). (You can still give me more prompts if you want. Here or at the other post.)

Then I've updated my bro and Mansel (and theoretically Izzy) characterization drabbles; here the "I hate you" fill for Mansel and then the "When are you coming home?" fills for the bros and their wives and Mansel and L'Arachel. 8D I love the bro wives <3

Apart from that; my neck hurts. It's kinda stiff and the muscles protest against something. And it's not like anything happened that could've prompt this. :/ Just, I woke up yesterday and it hurt. Maybe it's a result of the nightmare from yesterday (I was almost dying all the time again. And the second part was not that much better >:I ) Or I've started to grit my teeth while sleeping again. Nnnnnnnnnnn, do not want.

Alright, back to business. Preparing a presentation, that is. You know how much fun that one is.


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Writing Lucius is strange. Oh, and if anyone has me on alert on, sorry about the little spamage. I just put up all my drabbles that had flown around here.

I had some thoughts on Magvel earlier, but I forgot most of it. Instead I'll ramble about bro wives and bros and their modern AU sports interests. Because bro AU is fun and I want to write more later. Maybe.

Cut for the massive amount of bro )

EDIT: Holy shit! Viva plays the Tsubasa Chronicle Anime! That is not why I'm all capslock. BUT HOLY SHIT THE VOICE ARE SO FREAKING HORRIBLE, OH. MY. GOD. ONE IS WORSE THAN THE OTHER. I CAN'T DECIDE IF TSUBASA (yeah, I meant Syaoran, fffffff), KURO-CHAN OR MOKONA ARE THE WORST. Just for orientation, Tsubasa Syaoran has the same voice as Yugi from Yu-Gi-Oh. THIS DOES NOT FIT. IT IS HORRIBLE IN SO MANY UNSPOKEN WAYS.
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Oh lawd, ghost story~ With Fado and Catalina and Minna as ghost trying to save Viggy because the rest of the DK´s magic keeps him tied in the real world and can't enter the ghost realm. And as the super bro and she-bros they try to free their bro. And Mansel would appear and be pretty cool, because he's Mansel and L'arachel´s parents XD Oh lawd~

Also, I found out my Guitar Hero microphone can be used as a normal micro on my computer 8D Fun~

Which reminds me... I've been toying around with that idea for a few days now... And now that I have a functioning micro, I even could do it. Ya know, I was wondering I could maybe make a little "German 1" internet course. Like, I'd look up easy exercises (there are enough self-teaching books out there) and make voice posts with spoken samples. In contrast to those books it would be free and probably in a closed community or something (I mean a community where you have to be a member to see the posts. Wait, does something like that even exist? ... Yeah, I haven't really looked into that one yet XD). I dunno. I don't even know if I could do it. It was just an idea.
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Yup, I thought a bit about them. I think I'm mostly coherent. Also, I don't think this is everything that I can say about their character; this is only the stuff I could remember now :P I may expand that in the future.

And I haven't thought about Noam yet. Izzy and Noam are not so prominent in my mind.

Fado and Catalina )

Hayden and Aileen )

Vigarde and Minna )
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I'm listening to the Dropkick Murphys much more now after the bro connection. And I heard something that makes my mind go to funny places 8D At the end of one of the songs the singer who I dubbed as Fado says something about "No fear of the man who doesn't wear underwear" (I don't know the exact wording, because my mind kinda shut down 8D) I don't know if he talked about himself or said it to the Hayden singer, but that isn't important anyway. THE DROPKICK MURPHYS PROVED THAT BROKINGS NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR IS TOTALLY CANON 8D (No, there really is no logic. Don't try to find it)

Then my mind kinda jumped to KILTS! THEY ARE TOTALLY WEARING THEM. I don't know anymore if the Murphys said something about kilts. It doesn't matter yet again.

Next jump of mind: Brokings in kilts + naughty!Catalina + also naughty!Aileen + grabby hands + no underwear + Minna with a chastity belt for Viggy = urge to draw this a big as Mount Fuji (or something)

You see, my mind was very productive today 8D
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Soooooo, I've posted my depressing Viggy/Minna piece. For some unknown reason it forced me to post it so quickly. It just felt good the way it was. :/ The story can be found at and at my writing journal on dreamwidth.

Poor Viggy.

Also, since we are on topic at the moment; what kind of hair colours do the bro wives have?
Aileen would probably have blue hair (this is Fire Emblem after all). Innes already has Hayen´s hair so FE logic dictates that Tana has Aileen´s hair colour.
Eiri and Ephie have Fado´s hair colour so their mother could have any colour. But since I think she's from Renais, she should have a colour that's "typical" Renais like blue, green or blond. I'd choose blond or brownish blond.
For Minna, I would choose light blue. Lyon´s hair colour looks mostly like Vigarde´s, just a bit lighter.

And Noam would have the typical Jehannan red hair. Because that colour is awesome.
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So, I selfishly spam your flist because I just remembered that I wanted to put down my bro wives characterization technique. Mostly because I noticed that it's hilarious and that the same technique can be used on brokings. This technique doesn't cover all aspects of characterization, but at least a very important part. Let's start:

Someone says "Let's go skinny-dipping".

Bro wives version )

Brokings version )

She-bros version )

Yeah, that's it. Every time I'm not sure if my bro wives characterization is right, I think about this and compare 8D It really helps!


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