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I was absent for quite some time. And there is a good reason. ....

I've bought Skyrim.

;^; I'm never ever gonna get anything finished.

Farewell. Who knows when I will ever be able to stop.

PS: "The Dragonborn Comes" from Oblivion (or Morrowind?) and "Dragonborn" are such AWESOME and EPIC songs I don't even.

PPS: Raphi, I didn't forgot that I wanted to write you a longer review for your Mercenary fic, but Skyrim! (And a term paper *cough, cough* 8D )
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I bought myself a new computer. A home computer, not a laptop. The old laptop I was using until now has become old by now and was reeeeeeal slow. And this one is shiny and new and maybe I can even play Binding of Isaac on this one 8D So happy~~
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Hm, I completely forgot to make this post yesterday (i.e. I was too lazy).

'Cause I got a new MP3 Player 8D My old IPod Nano (4th gen, I believe) decided to retire. The screen froze every damn time I activated the screen. Even the reset screen froze. And the guy from the Apple shop said that nothing could be done. So I bought a Sony Player.

No way I buy that new Nano. Apart from the fact that it looks ugly, I tested the handling with my Dad´s Nano and there is hate all around. The touch thing is annoying (not in general, but here it just doesn't work well).

I have to admit that the colour of my new player was the main reason I bought it (I did look what it can do, of course. Wouldn't want to buy shit)

8D And it has a beautiful and fitting name~~

It's called Creeper.


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Haaa, a strange day again. First that bizarre dream, then random angriness, then playing Minecraft (8DDDDDDDDD), then driving around in my Ma´s car because it's battery was almost empty (speeding over the Autobahn with 120km/h < is far too much fun >8D) and now I feel happy again. I guess that because I was singing louldy in the car. Singing in the car is just awesome. The only aspect of driving that I like. Blind Guardian, fuck yeah >8D Though Hammerfall is still the best car music, hands down.

Also, IPod, stop sucking and doing strange things.

I thiiiiink I'm gonna post the first chapter of the Fado Survives AU. Just because I want it. It's my baby and even if I might not finish it, I want it to be out there. Well, only if I can find a title... Damn you, titles.

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Bastian, why are you so fun? 8D With you I can really go overboard with writing XD

Also, I just installed an add-on for firefox; AllowClipboardHelper. And magically I can paste my OpenOffice documents into Rich Text editor without losing my formatting 8DDDDDDDDD If anyone else has this problem with firefox, try it out and see if it works. So awesome <3


You know what's strange? I had the very strange urge to communicate in German on the internet for a few hours now. Not entirely sure why. Maybe because I start to think in English more and more and am missing German? Though I speak German the whole day and watch TV. There's no real reason to miss it. :I So strange.
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OM NOM NOM, köttbullarna 8D Today's my Dad´s 54th  birthday, so I made lunch. Mmmh~~ Also, I lovelovelove au gratin potatoes. Best thing after potatoes croquettes. Potatoes <3 (Wallace would be proud of me XD)

Apart from that, I'm trying to get my music from my IPod on my EeePC, but Apple seemingly doesn't like that >8I So many hoops to jump through.

Edit: Finally, finally it works 8D Yay
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It's true. I really can only write in Starbucks. Yay.

So, I wrote Lucius fic for a prompt from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. And I really like it. I'll maybe post it later. I'm in a "Throw All the things out" mood. We'll see.



Just ordered a new akku for my Eee PC. My akku is so annoying and the warning system doesn't work properly anymore because the akku is slowly dying. Gargl.

Also, I've decided that I kinda love my Lucius fic 8D


Daughter of Edit:

Posted Lucius story "A Bowl of Kindness" (such a boss at finding titles /sarcasm) on and dreamwidth. Am still loving it.
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Have I already told you lately that I hate people who write viruses? Because I do. And I kinda start to hate my writing computer because he caught the same virus he caught just a few days ago again. Seriously. What kind of fail is that!?


Also, 17th September. You are coming closer and closer. *flail*

On another, Fire Emblem related note: I kinda hate my Innes piece. I like the first scene and I love the last, as of yet not written scene, but the stuff in between is so hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I'm not sure if it's Innes, if it's Hayden, if it's my writing or the fact that this doesn't feel right. Argl. This makes me very unhappy.

Ugh, such a wasted and sucky day. Also, I don't manage to care about [ profile] fe_contest at the moment. Too annoyed and unhappy. Blargh. (I like "Blargh" and "Argl". Might be my favourite words next to "also" and "anyway")
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Sooooooooo. I'm back 8D It was very nice, houseboat lazing around in Lothringen. I have noticed that I still do not like the sound of French. Pretty ugly, imo. Oh well.

Also, I diiiiiiid a bit of writing 8D I semi-finished the first part of the Moulder->Hayden story and finished an old Fadia/Vigarde piece (the first part of their long story actually). So I'm happy.

Unfortunate news are that almost the first thing my writing computer did when I let him enter the internet again was getting a virus. Oh boy. But today I'll go the short route; deleting and using the back-up image. The newly finished stories are safed. It's still a hassle, though.

17.9. The day I'll leave for England. It's so close D8 8D

Also, I started to write a semi-serious original script with young bros. More for fun. (And yes, slashy supports for Fado/Hayden, because Fado doesn't stop flirting with him). We'll see how that goes XD


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