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Pick ten characters, then answer the questions.

1. Fado
2. Hayden
3. Vigarde
4. Geoffrey
5. Tana
6. Asthar
7. Izzy
8. Seth
9. Bastian
10. Calista

It's just as fun as the last time )
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Tortillas rock my goddamn socks. I've started to replace bread and Brötchen with it XD It's just so much tastier and feels lighter. OM NOM NOM.

Some more things:

- Ashnard is like Zephiel just without the issues to explain his crazy demeanor. He might even be the love child of Zephiel and Valter. ... *would ship Zephiel/Valter just for the lulz. Doesn't believe they would like each other, though*

- I have the feeling that there's an influx of Ephraim/Lyon stories lately. Am I alone in the impression?

- The Fado Survives AU is so unbelievably fun 8D

- I kinda want to post all the things. Lol, silly self, they're not finished yet. XD

- Needs more GameOne in the world. Also, I'm not a fan of RPF, but dude, I would ship them. Casually. If Wolf would just stop flirting with all the guys, I wouldn't ship anyone XD
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Since I'm a loser who can't think of an awesome ending I've finished the Lyon piece for raphi (<3), here have some links to and dreamwidth. ;A; Crappy ending is a bit crappy. Sorry.

Also, it's quite hilarious to notice that a story labelled "ViggyAngst" stands almost directly next to "LyonAngst" XD Ffffffffffffffffffffff. I'm sorry, Grados~ But you angst so prettily~

But now back to Airship Bros, contest piece and maybe even some Hayden&tinyInnes stuff.

Edit because I always forget at least half of what I wanted to say:

Zombies. I was thinking about Zombie Apokalypse (I suddenly jumped to the topic via thinking about what kind of weapons the Air pirate bros and bro wives would have; Hayden - sniper, Viggy - machine gun, Fado - two small arms, Catalina - also small arms, but more than just two, Aileen - pump gun, Minna - bazooka (special edition)) and all "Yay 8D Let's have fun in my head~" and UNSURPRISINGLY the happy fun times turned into serious AU contemplating. Oh lawd. I can never let the crack just be crack but always turn it into SRS FUN BSNS. Which ended kinda with the constellation in the games ;A; Hayden and Aileen are the only survivors. And Hayden has to shoot both Viggy and Fado because they turned into zombies. Sadness ;A;


It's hilarious how well the chorus of "Airship Pirates" fits the bro pirates XDDDDDDDD Loling forever. (And yes, "Death of the Hero" fits Magvel (especially Ephraim and Lyon, y/y?) like a glove XD (Damn you, English, for not having awesome fitting proverbs >8I German obviously is better than you.)

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I just woke from a reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally strange dream 8I

It started kinda innocent. It looked a bit like Utena-land (why I don't know; I didn't even finish that anime). Anyway, two person who looked like Anthy with long hair and an Utena with green hair appeared and we were in some kind of school. They had a fight earlier (where I wasn't present, but I knew). Then two guys (or girls?) turned up and both long hair Anthy and green Utena moved close to them. With kinda strange and sad expressions. Felt like a lover's fall out or something. Then there was a sudden flash and they and a few others turned into books. And suddenly Fado was there too! I don't know where he came from but he was pulled there or something and he turned into a book as well. Then some villain(?) came and picked Fado´s book up and said something about Fado being the Storyteller. Or something. ò-ó Well, then we are suddenly in a fantasy land/desert and someone captures Fado (after he met all kinds of Disney villains and Disney-esque persons) and bring him to Evil King Innes. I did know that Hayden had been the true king but Innes was evil and imprisoned Hayden in a magical locket and now rules while using his father´s magic (Yeah, Hayden turned into a mage...)

Then there was a strange cut and I saw "real life" Hayden being pulled into the fantasy land as well. But he turned into a lion. >> Yeah, I was surprised as well. Anyway, somehow he's in the castle and sees that Innes has captured Fado. Then Hayden of course rescues Fado and they flee.

About then I woke up and was all like O_o "Wooooooah". Funnily, as soon as Fado appeared in the dream I was all like ">8o Hey! Now finally show his face, I want to make icons!" for almost the rest of the dream. O.o I was... seemingly thinking I was watching an anime. With the bros (well, two bros. But Viggy would've surely joined them later)

/ cool story, bro
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So, I believe my piece for the [ profile] fe_contest  is pretty... finished, I guess. Anyone up for being my guinea pig test reader? I want to check if the tense switch works the way I want it to work beforehand. Holler "I"

Also, Moulder/Hayden story? You look good 8D Info heavy, I feel, but good.


Okay, okay, you really shouldn't let my mind stroll. It always comes up with crack. I was contemplating my above mentioned Moulder/Hayden story and mentioned in it a cousin of Hayden who was supposed to be marked as Frelian and Renais. Without thinking much while writing (because I never think much while writing) I gave her dark green hair. But, then I noticed "Waaaaaaaaaaait. Green is not  Renais-only. Frelia has it as well." That, of course, only added crack fuel to the fire in my head. Cue theorizing about the ~special and close~ relationship between Frelia and Renais (yes, Fado/Hayden was definitely involved and made everything delicious). Which then turned into this:

Frelia/Renais is totally an on-and-off couple with cute bantering. Grado is jealous because he's in love with Renais as well and Renais is a flirty country but doesn't mean it seriously and only loves Frelia. Jehanna stands on the side and is all like "... Dude, whatever" while Rausten is all like ";^; Celibacy sucks." because Rausten is really naughty and kinky deep inside.

Oh lawd. I ship it.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffff. Okay, gonna stop now.

Well, almost. If I had more people to ship him with, Fado would totally be my fandom bicycle. Seriously, in my head he has an amazing chemistry with everybody. Fffffffffffffffffffffff.

Okay, now I'll be quiet.
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I'm not supposed to laugh at Epharth´s back story with his sister, now should I XD I feel bad. But it was played so ridiculously dramatic I couldn't help myself XD ALSO, I MISS VALTER ALREADY ;A; THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN.

There's something going on between Zelos and Epharth. It almost looks like Ephraim/Lyon/Eirika with Lyon focussing on Eirika because she looks like Ephie and Lyon not being able to tell Ephie he loves him so he takes Eirika as a substitute. Ffffffffffffffffff, Zelos, y u evil?

Edit: OMG, I love those two nutty intermission ladies/dudes. Pirates 8D They're whacky and fun. And the fight song when Utena goes to that arena is so whacky I don't even. They shouldn't have translated the text; it's so distracting XD

Edit 2: I love the fact that Epharth uses a rapier. Rapiers are awesome.

Edit 3: Ugh. Gotta love characters who think they know better what you want than yourself. Epharth might have just ask Punch Bag what she wants or how Utena treats her. Not that it is not good that he finally sees that that system is pretty stupid, but that didn't really help. More thinking, Epharth, not just looking adorbs.

Edit 4: WAITWAITWAIT, YOU JUST WANT A SHINY THING TO HAVE D8> YOU'RE NOT EPHARTH, YOU'RE OLIVER. So disappointed in you. Will not find you adorbs anymore.

Edit 5: Nanami 8D A bullying asshole but so over-the-top that she's fun again. And I really felt for her when she thought the brother wants to kill her. Very ugly. And Mitsuru looks like Franz <3 Daww. Though the fact that Nanami asks him out is a biiiiiiiiiiit creepy. Runs in the family, I guess.


Edit 7: The cangaroo was freaking hilarious XD Also, Franz is so adorbs~ I want to cuddle himmmmmmmm. Daw~ (Also, why do they have horses, chicken and cangaroos at a school? The world will never know.)
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I shouldn't squee that hard at reading "You got Hayden", should I XD Just picked up my SS and noticed that I was somewhere in the Lagdou Ruins and thought "Hey, let's continue~" And then, a room later, I got that message 8D Damn, my fangirling gets worse and worse. Hayden~ (I squeed for a second time, albeit less loud, when I saw that he brought a snow jewel with him. Money~)

AND OF COURSE, I immediately employed him~ Hayden~ (Also, did you noticed that he looks kinda pissed on his battle portrait? Why u pissed off, Hayden?) AND then I noticed that I put him in a team with Tana XD A Father-Daughter Kickass Team~ Ffffffff and now I want fic badly where they fight together and Hayden is a Bamf and notices that his little girl is all grown up and a Bamf as well~ Innes can come too~

Hayden: Children, I'm so proud of you ;A; *huggedyhug* But don't forget to watch out, Tana, and changed your underwear daily and--

Tana: DAAAAAAAD, you're embarrassing meeeee~

Hayden: *does not care and rambles on*

And, good god, it would be awesome and you know it. And then ZombieFado appears and everyone is confused and Hayden is all like "Dude, what are you doing here? o.O"

Fado: "Hayden, old buddy. How are you? 8D Say, have you seen my hand? I kinda lost it somewhere~"

Hayden: "... It's crawling around the corner."

Fado: "Aaah~ Oh, well. Good thing I can't bleed to death XD"

Oh god, I should stop now. XD
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OMG, it's so cracky... it's awesome. I... can't say anything about it 8D Weird surnames are weird. I just took the first name that came to mind. I love it.

On a different note: Geofflon sounds like the name of a cute, fluffy and squishy animal. I should stop calling Geoffrey that.


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