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Hahhh, I'm so lazy about writing this blog-thingie lately... So... bored, actually. Even though things are looking good. The little work at the centre for elderly people is pretty fun and it feels good doing it. Thanks to the decision to deal with Fado's depression in my AU inspires me like crazy so I've actually finished the fifth chapter in a record time.


Still feeling so lazy. There were several friends' entries I wanted to comment on but then there was laziness. Ugh.

Also, FemaleRightsActivist!Ephraim who campaigns for Eirika so that she can truly take his place as a ruler is actually pretty fun and cool (at least to me it sounded like pure joking on his part that Eirika should take his place. I'm guessing on a male-heir-only policy as well.)
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Omnomnom, sweet potatoes 8D They make good fried potatoes (btw, when I read "fried" I always think it means "swimming in fat, French Fries-like stuff" >< And I cannot shake off the thought. Which is supported by German since "fried" is "braten" and "deep-fried" is "frittieren"). Also, vegetable dumplings with pumpkin and carrots and zucchini ( <3 Zucchini). Very strange because while I love vegetables, I also love all kinds of meat and generally miss meat when we have a vegetarian meal. Oh meat...

Anyway (and on a completely different topic):

Eirika´s (and Ephraim´s if he has some) kids have to have names starting with "D" >>  << XD Also, Innes´ kid has to get a "J"-name, Joshua´s a "K" name and L'Arachel´s also a "K" name (so one could stick L'Arachel and Joshua comfortably together >XD)


Only Vigarde and Lyon don't fit. Of course they have to do their own thing. Tana defies everything because of her awesomeness.
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So, I just finished FF12. And Gabranth and Larsa are so SQUISHY 8D So adorbs~~~~ And Basch and Gabranth <3

There are really very few cases where I truly enjoy killing a villain. In most cases I actually don't care that much. But killing Vayne was so fun >8D That smug bastard. So much hate for him. Also, I'm still not exactly sure what his motives were. Was it really just power hunger? That would be really boring, actually, but I don't have the feeling that he truly buys that "history back in the hands of man" shit. Oh well. I don't care about him anyway. Larsa is so cute~

Also, now Balthier is back on my list of FF characters I adore 8D In the beginning he was meh, but he gets better.

Basch is still too sexy for words. Though Vaan is now my favourite character in the game. Tehe. Ah, it was fun to replay it. Though now I'll have nothing to play until my 3DS and Tales of the Abyss arrives. And Fragile Dreams because OMG THERE IS FRAGILE DREAMS AND IT'S AFFORDABLE AND WANTWANTWANTWANT I mean, wat?

Edit because I always forget half of what I want to say:

I've downloaded the first Phoenix Wright game for the Wii. I'm only at the second case, but my opinion on it is already.... torn. Because for me the game consists of three things: a bit fun, a bit rage and a bit squick. Fun is fun. Rage because GODDAMN NO I DO NOT WANT YOU TO SAY THIS, BRING UP THE THING SHE/HE SAID THEN AND NOT THIS STUPID ÜAHSGPLKDÖBGFS (oh and the thing with April May in the court? Where all the men go "AW SUCH AN ADORABLE AND SEXY ~GIRL~ COULD BE NOTHING BUT INNOCENT"? Fuck that. It is so incredibly stupid and such a stupid plot device. I want to burn it, burn it forever. You want to tell me that 1. all of the men fall for her bad acting and 2. all the men present are totally into that type of woman? I find that unbelievable, especially since this is a fucking murder case. Take this seriously, fuckers.). Squick because I have such an embarrassment squick. And long motivational speech (TM) squick. And sometimes a more general holding speech squick. And Phoenix Wright is full of that. AND unfortunately it is also hilarious is Phoenix is embarrassed/refuted/put down a bit, but it also squicks me like whoa. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
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So, I randomly started playing FFXII again yesterday and I have to say it's still fun. And quite some things changed, especially my view on the characters. Which I will tell you in list form.

Long list is long. )

I think I might need a Basch icon. Edit: Ha! I knew I had one lying around 8D

Edit2: Why has my ps2 controller brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn D8 Gotta get a new oneeeeeeeeee. I'm kinda surprised (and happy) that it even lasted so long, though. I bought it years ago and it was already second-hand then. Oh well ;m;
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Pretty art made me ship Giffca/Caineghis. Ohhhhh yes. XD

Also, this would be an awesome concept for an AU 8D And it's just pretty.
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My literature teacher is pretty much amazing *o* She said that my term paper could wait with all that England business. I'm so fucking relieved~ 8D (So relieved that I wrote a bit about bros XD)

Also, I suddenly remembered that I still had some prompts to write from way back. And that I had one finished but now looking at it... I really don't know what I wanted to say with it. Maybe I didn't want to say anything, idk. It confuses me a bit XD It's here: Duessel and someone else - don't forget.

Aaah, that's all for now. I post so much lately...


Alright, now I finished reading the script from FE6 as well (I think I've read all of them now). And I have to say, there are a good handful of people I like; Marcus (there was not enough of him >8I Even though I do like Merlinus, I wish Marcus had taken his place), Douglas, Lalam, Roy, Miledy/Gale (;A;), Yuno/Zealot, Thito/Klein, Mordred, Niime&Hugh (he's so dorky XD). But the most important thing....

I am incredibly fascinated by Desmond (which is more FE7, but eh). So incredibly fascinated. How he can love Guinevere and her mother so much and yet hate Zephiel and his mother, and what happened between him and his "wives"... *o* Tehehehe~ Ah, the shiny~ (Btw, I need to google his face or something, because I can only remember him having long blond hair and somehow that results in me picturing him like a blond Vigarde XD)

However, I have to say that I find Elibe as a whole not a very interesting continent. It's just... I dunno. I don't find the countries terribly interesting (apart from maybe Bern thanks to Desmond), but other than that? Nah. But that's actually not so different when it comes to the other FEs apart from Magvel. I neither find Archanea nor Jugdral particularly interesting in regard to history and culture, Tellius depends on my mood (and if I'm interested it's mostly Crimea). But Magvel? I nom that shit up. Gawd, I love Magvel <3
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So, I almost forgot that I also wanted to read FE5 XD Which I have now. And...

Doriasssssssssss ;A; Y u die like dis? You made me tear up. I loved your disagreements with August. They were so much fun. I didn't give a fuck about all of those guys and girls dying in FE4, but Dorias, nuuuuuu. ;w; So unfair.

So, surprisingly, I liked many of the characters. And I even liked Leaf 8D Weee, the first lord that I actually like from the very beginning~ There are no characers that really stick out (apart from August and Dorias with the "banter"), but overall reading it made me feel happy :D

The only slightly negative thing was that towards the end the story felt very... like they were stretching it artificially. It had a strange low.

Also, I have a strange fondness of Blume. I just... I don't know exactly why. Part of it is his name (roflmao) and the other part... no idea XD

(Also, why is there a dude called "Trude"? XD It's such an old ladies name.)

I still haven't finished reading FE6, oops.
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The "Old, single man adopts a child and they are an adorable family unit" is a trope that appears in most FE games, isn't it?

And I fall for it every time, goddammit.

But it's so cute~ FE4 has Hannibal and Corple (or Sharlow), FE6 Douglas and Lalam, FE7 Marcus and Lowen (yes, that counts for me. And they're the funniest duo), FE8 Duessel and Amelia. I don't think there was something like that in 9/10 and I can't think of such duos in the other games. Daw, so squishy cute~

I actually like most of the replacement kids more than the... how would you call them anyway? Originals? Anyway, it doesn't mean too much, because until now I don't have too many reasons to like anyone as of yet. Celice is fun at times, Oifey feels like Seth-lite (why did they call him tactician at the beginning? Though, as I see it, it was more like at 14 he was a knight-in-training and since he was not ready to enter battle, he was concentrating on strategy and was good at it. That's why he could only be the "tactician". He was only 14, though, and still didn't know or could do too much. I believe he did more background organizing rather than battle arrangements. And in the second part he's a bit more like Seth; does know his shit, but there are "professionals" (Innes and Levin) who can do that better than him so he concentrates on other things. He's more of a advisor, if at all. So.) Oh, and I do like Shanan. He is also fun at times.


How did "Schnaps" turn into "schnapps"? Where did the second "p" come from? o.O
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Just read Book 1 of Mystery of the Emblem. Fazit: Me likes.

Story: I liked it.

Things that were not so good: Needs more Jeigan. Needs Sheeda as main lord.

People I liked: Sheeda. Rena. Chiki and Bantu. Midia and Astria.

Also, looking at Jeigan´s sprite at serenesforest: He looks like Solid Snake. What is that grey streak over his face? Does he have an eyepatch (which would make him a hundred times more awesome)?

Also no. 2: Marcus and Jeigan totally should meet. It would be glorious.


Alright, finished Book 2 earlier but I had things to do so I couldn't write down my thoughts earlier.

I have to say, storywise it's also good, but feeling-wise I liked Book 1 a teensy bit more. Mostly because it felt like there was some story low in the middle of Book 2. I dunno, it was strange. However, the whole thing with Hardin was more interesting than "only" Garnef in part 1.

Book 2 has one big plus though 8D Moar Jeigan. Yay~ Also, I stay true to myself: I don't really give a fuck about the main protagonist. XD Sheeda was also still awesome, even if she wasn't there that much. And Chiki <3

To break it down like above:

People I liked: Jeigan. Sheeda. Chiki. Sheema/Samson. Hardin. A handful of minor characters you only see once XD (I again stay true to myself)

Things that were not that good: The strange story low. The massive info dumps that could've been distributed better.

Things that I loved: The "ending" you get when you did not collect all the shards. Hehehe >8)

Also, semi-related to this: I finally found out the exact reason why I do not like Innes. Dunno if I'll make a post about it. I don't feel like it at the moment. Hm, we'll see...
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I didn't think there were so many names to lol about in Genealogy of Holy War (I'm just copying and formatting the script, not closely reading it), but you know, after all those strange fantasy names and speshul spelling variants of normal names, "Schmidt" is giving me the rest. I don't know if I'll ever be able to take this game serious. (That and I'll never remember all the names of the NPCs around and families and COUNTRIES because Information Wave Washes Over Me. Oh, and I still remember my bad feelings about it when I was playing the first few chapters a year ago or so. And my opinion can be... stubborn)

I still like Ehtlin, though. 8D

Also, Trabant is still made of the most lol ever. Seriously.

Edit: Okay, no, "Blume" is the most hilarious name until now. Oh ma gawd, roflmao forever XD
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Could it be that the Sacred Stones do not all have the same "abilities"? I mean, if Rausten´s stone is able to imprison the DK in the end of the game alone, why did they need the other ones? Doesn't make too much sense, does it?

So, what if RS (Rausten´s stone) is the only one who can seal? GS (Grado´s stone) maybe enhances the carrier´s strength? FS maybe enhances the carrier´s wisdom? What if they all were used for different things and customized for the carrier?

(If that makes you think of Magical Girl series and costumized ~stones~ that transform the carriers, then your mind is in the same places as mine. And no, my mind has not yet decided if there are versions for boys and girls or only for girls. .... My mind is a very funny place at the moment.)

Also, since I just started to play SS yet again... I once again noticed that both Fado and Hayden kinda look annoyed in-game while Vigarde seems to smile. Uh-oh, the ebil is on his face.

Also, I am not wondering what should happen if Eirika hadn't come in time and saved Tana and how Grado might try to use Tana to blackmail Hayden. I am not sure yet if he would sacrifice her or not. Maybe he would. No, I am not having fun with this, what are you talking about? >8D


Castle Renais:

I didn't notice before that we have a pic of it... It looks so much like a Schloss rather than a Burg. 16th or 17th century. Oh, and pretty. Reminds me of the Heidelberg Castle ;u;

Edit2: Something is strange about Selena´s in-game portrait. Something looks... off. Either the eyes or the form of her face. I'm not sure...


Funny occurence of the day: Ephraim tries to kill mage. Mage almost kills Ephraim. Kyle tries to kill mage. Mage instead almost kills Kyle. Half dead Forde tries to kill mage. Mage finally dies.

Guys. You are truly AWESOME fighters. I'm so impressed by you guys.
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So. Posted my Moulder->Hayden story, Part 1 just now. I'm kinda happy how it turned out~ On and dreamwidth. And on dreamwidth it actually has links to the original text of the prayer I used. likes to nom links. Ney ney ney.

It turned out really long. Over 7500 words. :D Moar slash in the future. Also femslash.

Apart from that, I still feel good today, yay~
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Why is Doremi so addictive? I'm already at episode 32. And there are more than 60. Fffffffffffffffffffffff.

Also, sorry for not commenting much on meta posts. I cannot concentrate enough to really process them at the moment. Too much emotional stress at the moment. Doremi is oddly soothing.

Also, Doremi (as in the main character) is kinda annoying with her "I'm the unhappiest girl in the world", especially over so freaking trivial matters. Teenage angst, ugh. Sophie and Dela and Lala are fun, though.
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Because I feel like it. I don't think you can call it meta (Why do I ALWAYS write meat first?), but whatever. Headcanon tiems~

BroKings related so feel free to skip~ (I might have to think more about Marcus another time. Because Marcus. Also, I should stop writing him first as "Marcus" and then "Markus" and then the other way again. Plz stop to be confused, self.)

So, I felt like saying a few words about their parents, mostly their fathers because they have the biggest influence as of yet on them. Yes, family times again~

Cut for teel deer about families. Grado is always so.... hnhnhnhn~ )

I feel like I might post Moulder/Hayden Part 1. I haven't editted for a while now, but I do feel it's mostly finished. Hm. Also, Marcus writing now, plz.

Edit: Lj-cuts, stop fucking things up.
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So, there was a Mediavistik Day at my university today. It was quite awesome. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I learnt a few things:

1. I need moar Mediavistik in my life. Like, seriously.

1.2 I need definitely moar heraldry in my life. Very, very much.

2. Thanks to the horrible, horrible Winter Verlag, I want moar books. On history, linguistics and other stuff. Unfortunately, they are expensive. And I still have too much books to read ;A;

3. I buy faster than I read. A problem. (A lovable problem, though)

4. I want to sing a few Minnelieder. Because there was a short presentation about Minnelieder where we sang. And it was pretty 8D But it wouldn't sound as nice because the choir sounded awesome~

5. The professor who is giving the lecture on the Karolinger is awesome and his voice~ So pleasant~ I could listen to him all day. And, well, he teaches exactly about the time period I love. Awesome~

Other learnings that have nothing to do with the Mediavistik Day:

6. My contest piece is evil. Everytime I think it through it has another ending. And I like all of them ;A; The tone always changes a bit and I like all the changes. But I can't decide >< Evil.

7. I want to write Hayden+tiny!Innes. Kinda like the prompt on the long forgotten [ profile] fe_fest . Because yay family fics 8D


9. There is no point nine, but I like odd numbers. 8D

10. Need to buy Abney Park CDs. Like now (ie. later) 8D

11. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, no even numbersssssssssss >8I


Now, to distract me from the scary, I make a meme:

Challenge me!
Give me the weirdest situation you can think of, a crack prompt so impossible your brain breaks when you think about it and/or challenge me to write in a different writing style. I will make them happen!

I would prefer FE8 or 9/10 though, since just writing FE7 characters would be a challenge ;P Of course, drabble length.
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So, am watching a bit Madoka at the moment. I kinda like it until now (just finished episode 4) though Madoka´s eyes really bug me. Something about them is so strange. I do love the "bad worlds" because those different kinds of animation are really cool. I like such graphic shenanigans~ About the story... until now nothing terribly special but I know that there are some (seemingly interesting) twists later on so let's wait. (Opening song is as boring as every other opening song)


That strangely made me think of probably one of the best animes EVAR 8D Because it is whacky, it is fun, it is incredibly over the top and yet still has serious undertones (you wouldn't guess that from the beginning, really, but the more episodes you watch the more you feel that something's not right there 8D) AND IT IS FREKKING AWESOME. And I love genre parodies~ SO GO AND WATCH "MAGICAL SHOPPING ARCADE ABENOBASHI" It's more awesome than everything >8D

Apart from that I really seem to lose interest in anime (well, not that my interest in anime was ever big. Manga, yay, anime, not so yay) Though I haven't bought any manga in months; too many text books and other books about Staufer to buy 8D

Cut for musings on Madoka and spoilerific thoughts )
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Ohai, is that a FemSeth/Eirika drabble I see here? Ffffffffff, canon femaleSeth would've been awesome~ Actually, then I might have wanted a strange one-sided crush on Orson on Sophia´s part, ffffffffffffff, no, I don't know why XD

Also, finished the first part of my one-sided Moulder/Hayden story 8DDDDDDDDDDDD

AND, I WILL today post the first part of the Bro Univeristy AU. Seriously. I will search for a title for real now. (I kinda love it 8D Serious crack is the best crack)

Roflmao, GIF time please XD
Cut to save youuuuuu )
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Should I be fangirling about historical figures? Yes, yes I should and will fangirl die Staufer, especially Barbarossa, Friedrich II. and Heinrich VII. And I noticed that I did for almost a year now (unconsciously though). Oh, and btw, self, STOP BUYING SO MANY BOOKS ndashgafausoi You already had a slight financial negative last month. You wanted to not throw money out of the window for books this month. BUT. How could I not buy a book about medieval European literature and Latin Medieval literature? And there are chapters about certain types of literature from that time AND SO MUCH LOVE *squee* Andandandand a book about the women in the life of Friedrich II. Which reminds me that I've bought a book about queens in the early Middle Ages a few weeks ago and I don't know where I left it >8I I have to look for it. I stopped around the Visigoths and I want to read it now. Kinda. After reading more about Friedrich´s mother. (BTW, I so love those old names <3)

Which reminds me. There was a big exhibition about the Staufer last year or so because there was some kind of anniversary (Stauferjahr). It was awesome :D And I did buy a book there that I haven't read as well yet D8 Nargl. And even before that (though it rekindled my want) I've wanted to write fanfiction about Heinrich VII XD Because DADDY ISSUES. Are fun 8D Well, his life story is kinda sad and I was all :< while reading it.

AND I still have more books lying around I've never finished ;^; A book on food in the Middle Ages, about inventions in the Middle Ages, a few books on literature that I have to read (for Uni and for fun) and other random books. Such as Caesar´s Gallischer Krieg. XD

Last part, I swear. Since the new prompt from [ profile] fe_contest  is up, I'm scouting my brain for ideas. I might want to write a bit creepiness (because creepiness is fun) about zombie!Fado (what did you expect, honestly) or other zombies. Though I'm not completely sure it falls under game mechanics? But creepinessssssss~
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Because I'm mad and start another writing challenge, oh my. Table for [ profile] 10_orders

[ profile] 10_orders Prompts
1. Smile for me.
2. Don't cry.
3. Shut up.
4. Leave me alone.
5. Never give up.
6. Tell me the truth.
7. Go to hell.
8. Take off your clothes.
9. Fall in love with me.
10. Give me another chance.

With Fado&Hayden&Vigarde as my characters :D Happiness~ And this time there will be slash >:] It's time that I start to practice. Oh, and maybe femslash? Genderswitch is always fun~ And gen, of course. We all love epic bromance.


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