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Hm, the depression aspect in my Fado AU is much stronger than I planned. I like it. It's oddly fascinating. And a little bit of a catharsis.
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Madam should stop bringing in so much mice. And if she does, could she at least either bring mice who are very much alive or who are very much dead. It's always so sad to euthanise them. Poor, cute mice. And she never cleans up after herself. Otoh, that way we can at least find them... But still.

On an entirely other note;

I was writing/thinking a bit about the Fado AU and was wondering... does Fado know of Ephraim's wish to just be a mercenary? I'm not sure what Ephraim would do because both sounds plausible to my ears: did Ephraim hide the wish because his father would disapprove and he doesn't want that stress (tongue-lashing, stricter rules, stricter lessons, less freedom, etc.)? Or did he tell him (maybe during a fight, or because he had that wish from the very beginning, or because he didn't feel like he should feel ashamed for that, etc.)?

I'm not too sure in my writing of Ephraim so what do the other Ephraim-writers think?
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So, I actually did post the first chapter of my Fado Survives AU; Clinging to Life. I'm not in the mood to talk about it. Kinda tired again. Gonna nap.
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Haaa, a strange day again. First that bizarre dream, then random angriness, then playing Minecraft (8DDDDDDDDD), then driving around in my Ma´s car because it's battery was almost empty (speeding over the Autobahn with 120km/h < is far too much fun >8D) and now I feel happy again. I guess that because I was singing louldy in the car. Singing in the car is just awesome. The only aspect of driving that I like. Blind Guardian, fuck yeah >8D Though Hammerfall is still the best car music, hands down.

Also, IPod, stop sucking and doing strange things.

I thiiiiink I'm gonna post the first chapter of the Fado Survives AU. Just because I want it. It's my baby and even if I might not finish it, I want it to be out there. Well, only if I can find a title... Damn you, titles.

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A strange day. I got a strange bad mood but then I still managed to have a little win :) Makes me happy again.

I also wrote lol'fic. XD The prompt was just too good; A dirty book is rarely dusty. Staring Fado and others. Just so fitting~

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeee :D I'm making another full body one tomorrow or so and afterwards head only. Happy~ (Also, Fado got kiiiiinda tall and I should've placed his pelvis armour a bit higher.)

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I... really kinda want to post the first chapter of my Fado Survives AU. There's this strange feeling of "I MUST POST ALL THE THINGS D8". Not exactly sure, why, but hnnnnnnnnnn. I never ever post long stories before I completely finish them because in case I need to go back and change something, I can't do that if the chapters are already posted.

Besides, I generally lose interest in stories relatively quickly, so I'm not sure if I can ever finish this anyway (not that I have ANY idea how or when this would end. It's not like I have ANY true story in mind. It's more... character interactions. Well, my OCs might generate some minor sidestories, but still...). But I also kinda want to post it now so that there would be at least one (longer) story with Fado as the main character :(

So torn.

I also kinda love this story. <3 Hnnnnn.
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Lol, the last few weeks I had the feeling that I was barely writing/posting any stories! But when I look at my writing comm, lo and behold!, gurl, look at all this stuff you're posting (most of it is [community profile] fic_promptly 's fault anyway :P)

Gawd, I just love Seth->Fado. It's so.... delicious~~~~ I kinda want to prompt it on the fe_fest, but it always makes me feel weird if it's obvious that I wrote the prompt >< (And there is already one prompt that is... obvious.)

Also, dried apple rings <3 Om nom nom.

Alsoalso, OMG, I just randomly decided to listen to In Extremo again today. After like months of not listening to them. And after the first few accords I'm like "HOMG Y HAVE I EVER STOPPED LISTENING TO THEM NON-STOP?". Fffffffffffffffff. Anyway, now I kinda want to listen to Rammstein. Yay 8D

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Starbucks is made of Awesome Magic. I managed to continue writing the Fado Survives AU and more or less finished my Fadia/Eira piece 8D Yay, femslash.
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I remember one comment in my journal about how it was kinda stupid of Fado to stay back to get himself killed while Eirika and Seth flee. And well, if we take what he says about his reasons at face value, I agree. His death is pretty much pointless. But after some thinking I don't believe him completely.

Yeah, I do believe that he wanted to know why this was happening (and to accept the guilt if it was his fault). But that wasn't his main reason. I believe he mostly wanted to buy time for Eirika. I mean, what would've the Gradian army done if neither king nor princess where in the castle? They immediately send their troupes after them. And if the king stays back and distracts the Gradian army for a (albeit) little while? Until they notice that the princess isn't there (and when they notice that they need her; we don't know if Lyon/the DK already knew that there was a fake stone in the temple and that they would need the twins), Eirika might already be far away or at least hidden. So Fado sacrifices himself for Eirika.

Thoughts? Arguments?
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I've sent the Christmas Cards today :3 I have no idea how long the shipping takes at this time of the year, so sooner is better than later.

Unrelated to that, I really kinda want to write a Fado Survives AU. My only excuse and reason is Game Needs Moar Fado and the whole thing is mostly... pointless.


But moar Fado~ Also, Fado with only one arm, because headcanon says that he loses his sword arm in the fight with Vigarde. The fun potential is high with this one.  Unfortunately the laziness of this writer is also high...

Well, we'll see...

Even more unrelated to the above stuff; Lego Piraten makes me rofl. I mean, we are talking about PIRATES. So even though Willy´s dad was hanged for crimes he didn't do, he was still a pirate and a criminal. He stole gold. He is a bad guy. Really. And you cannot tell me that Roger is a "good" guy. He is also a pirate, not just an "adventurous daredevil". Lol. It's okay, really, you make it clear that almost everybody in these audio books is corrupt or a criminal in some way. Pirates are good.

PS: I still want Roger/Baddog slash sooooooooooo badly. :(


1/12/11 21:19
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Am in posting spree. More or less. Here have the fill for the Renning&Geoffrey prompt from waaaaaaaaay back: and dreamwidth.

Also a very short Fado/Hayden fill for 100 Lovers. Also on and dreamwidth.
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Zombie Action with Eirika and Fado with some extra Seth 8D Weeeeeeeeeee. I really like how it turned out.

On ffnet and dreamwidth.
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Because I feel like it. I don't think you can call it meta (Why do I ALWAYS write meat first?), but whatever. Headcanon tiems~

BroKings related so feel free to skip~ (I might have to think more about Marcus another time. Because Marcus. Also, I should stop writing him first as "Marcus" and then "Markus" and then the other way again. Plz stop to be confused, self.)

So, I felt like saying a few words about their parents, mostly their fathers because they have the biggest influence as of yet on them. Yes, family times again~

Cut for teel deer about families. Grado is always so.... hnhnhnhn~ )

I feel like I might post Moulder/Hayden Part 1. I haven't editted for a while now, but I do feel it's mostly finished. Hm. Also, Marcus writing now, plz.

Edit: Lj-cuts, stop fucking things up.
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So, posted a little Fado/Hayden piece (on and dreamwidth) I need more practice with writing Slash (wait, does this actually get capitalized? Oh English, why you have so little capitalization?). It doesn't go as smooth as I want it to go yet.


First I wanted to talk about stuff, but in the end I decided that that stuff is unnecessary and is pretty uninteresting. So I'll shut up now. 8D
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And here I thought I was silly for semi-shipping femSeth/Fado but nowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Fado/Seth, fuck yeah! 8DDDDD So shiny~~~ (Joined serenesforest JUST for that pic. Because someone said Fado. Oh my XD It was so fucking worth it 8DDD)

All thoughts about Harken are now erased from my mind. Fado has taken over again, fffffffffffffffffffffffffu-- 8D


Totally writing slightly creepy Seth/Fado and Seth/twins. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, yes. 8D


Correction: totally WROTE Seth/Fado creepiness 8D I r happy. No, this might not become my favourite Seth pairing, what are you talking about?
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Ffffffffffffffffffffuck yeah 8D Fado~

I had to sacrifice Seth for him but GODDAMN IT IS SO WORTH IT. Lol, I'm such a bad Seth fan. But hey, Fado >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Seth. Sorry to say 8D


/happy forever

Now Hayden, who is such a bamf, and Izzy, who is ALSO such a freaking bamf, can clear maps with Fado like bosses. No, like broskis! Omg, this game is so awesome.

Only Viggy is missing ;A;

Hm. No, still happy 8DDDDDDDDDDDD


Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff, zombie adventure time is so awesome. I don't want to do anything else anymore 8D Zombie army~
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So! You'll get some tl;dr about a plotbunny I had only for a short time, but I can't keep it ;A; Maybe it'll find a new, nice owner~

It's onesided femSeth/Fado goodness. With lots of hurt and self-delusion and onesided heartache and all the good stuff 8D

Cut for cracky weirdness~ )



You know you're a horrible bro fangirl when reading "Haydnstraße" makes you grin like an idiot.


I'll be over in my little fangirling corner now...



Have I already mentioned that I'm planning an angst fest? 8D Because I do. And there can only be one protagonist for said angst fest 8D And Gloombox will appear as well. Because om nom nom purple angst.

I haven't forgot the prompts, of course. They will just follow later.
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So, I believe my piece for the [ profile] fe_contest  is pretty... finished, I guess. Anyone up for being my guinea pig test reader? I want to check if the tense switch works the way I want it to work beforehand. Holler "I"

Also, Moulder/Hayden story? You look good 8D Info heavy, I feel, but good.


Okay, okay, you really shouldn't let my mind stroll. It always comes up with crack. I was contemplating my above mentioned Moulder/Hayden story and mentioned in it a cousin of Hayden who was supposed to be marked as Frelian and Renais. Without thinking much while writing (because I never think much while writing) I gave her dark green hair. But, then I noticed "Waaaaaaaaaaait. Green is not  Renais-only. Frelia has it as well." That, of course, only added crack fuel to the fire in my head. Cue theorizing about the ~special and close~ relationship between Frelia and Renais (yes, Fado/Hayden was definitely involved and made everything delicious). Which then turned into this:

Frelia/Renais is totally an on-and-off couple with cute bantering. Grado is jealous because he's in love with Renais as well and Renais is a flirty country but doesn't mean it seriously and only loves Frelia. Jehanna stands on the side and is all like "... Dude, whatever" while Rausten is all like ";^; Celibacy sucks." because Rausten is really naughty and kinky deep inside.

Oh lawd. I ship it.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffff. Okay, gonna stop now.

Well, almost. If I had more people to ship him with, Fado would totally be my fandom bicycle. Seriously, in my head he has an amazing chemistry with everybody. Fffffffffffffffffffffff.

Okay, now I'll be quiet.
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First I was thinking about self-analyzing myself again, but I don't believe anyone wants to read how I (incoherently!) ramble about why I can write certain characters but not others XD and how I always put something of myself into the characters (most of the time just a really tiny thing. Just a little quirk, maybe). And don't worry, I always check if it fits the characters personality. But, as I said, no one would want to read that.

Instead I tried to stop associate the voice of the singer of Turisas with Fado because the voice just fits Fado. (And the mental picture of Fado with their face painting is just rolftastic. Add a kilt and you have Braveheart in red/black XD)

Oh, and I have Viggy angst for you (on dreamwidth). Because Viggy angst is my favourite flavour of angst. Originally that was supposed to be the meme fill of raphi´s prompt "smile", but then I thought it didn't fit and raphi probably wouldn't want Vigarde angst anyway. And Lucius had been my first idea anyway (well, then I forgot it, got inspired with Viggy angst, wrote it, and then remember Lucius and wrote that one).

And since I'm on the topic of Vigarde... You know, I don't particular care if people read my (bro) stuff. I just put it out there and people can decide if it's their cup of tea or not (and enjoy it silently or not. As long as they have fun, I don't care 8D). And still it feels kinda... weird to post all my bro stuff on It's all very irrational and contradictory but... sometimes I wonder what people think when they see my bro stuff. Something like "that strange person writes about minor characters nobody cares about, lol". It does not exactly bug me but... AGH! I don't know. It feels weird. I'm wondering if I should even bother posting there sometimes because sometimes I believe no one cares anyway. But then I also don't really care if other people care at the same time >:/ This is such a strange weirdness and I know it's contradictory but I still feel both feelings. Aaaah, why so complicated? Oh well, feelings are rarely logical or coherent or make sense. *sigh*

Oops, now I did self-analyze without planning it XD Oh, and I'm kinda sick. Dammit. I have to hold a presentation tomorrow >:/


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