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I'll be without internet for the next nine days (vacation in Canada) so if I'm even less active, you know why. :D
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So, I won't be home for a week. My parents invited me to a little cruise through Belgium with a houseboat. I'm not sure if I'll have internet so don't be surprised if I don't reply the next seven days.
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We (my family and I and my grandpa) went to visit my new great cousin. The daughter of one of my many cousins. She is pretty cute and very calm. She slept the whole time. Heh, many of my older cousins, as in those over 25, are having kids by now. Now my grandpa starts to make jests about me being ready to marry and said today I should hold my cousin to "remember how it feels" (my youngest cousin was born when I was a teenager). I just laugh and nod, because I know he isn't serious and his jests are only because he wants to see as many great-grandchildren as he can. He's becoming 90 this year. I don't really want to tell him that I don't want any children (at the moment, who knows if I decide differently in the future). I mean, it doesn't bother me after all. Inwardly I lol, actually, because I'm soooooooo far from having a relationship or kids XD

It isn't worth the hassle of explaining things.

Also, I discovered a few weeks ago that, if I would be interested in a romantic/sexual relatioinship at all, I would be bisexual. Soooooo, I'm pretty much asexual at the moment. But, as always, change can always happen so I would call myself (if I would call myself anything) a temporarily asexual XD

Which I don't because all that is very silly. I'm just being me. 8D


11/8/12 21:23
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Now I'm home alone :( My parents and little brother are off to Canada, Nova Scotia, and I have to stay here and write a term paper. Bäh. At least now I have time to try some new dishes out. But when I went into the living-room earlier, I immediately noticed that Jiji, Le Cat, already feels the absence of my father. She was so. damn. cuddly.

Also, Binding of Isaac is far too addictive D8


By the way, for the fluff bingo... I'll write Kieran/Leanne for it. 8D Awesome. Also, since I'm already on this topic. I looked at Kieran's "support" lines of FE 10 and I daw'ed. They were surprisingly cute, especially the A rank. Also, Leanne is awesome, js.

Another by the way, I'm convinced that in all pairing constellations with Leanne (apart from Naesala), Leanne is the kinkier one. >8D There's just something beneath that nice smile...
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It's kinda awkward to write porny fic while sitting next to your aunt and grandma playing canaster. Even more awkward that your aunt knows that you write fanfic and speculates that you're just writing fic because you're hammering on your keyboard. Even more and more awkward when she jokingly says that you're writing about them.


Awkward. >> (I just said, "Yeah, no, not really")

('Twas Vigarde/Minna, btw. They're cute)

Also, completely different than that above:

My brother's wedding went well. Everything was pretty cool and stuff and the food was yummy. There were fireworks at the very end, as a surprise for the bride. And I was able to leave at the exact right time; I'm feeling good today and not emotionally exhausted and depressed. It feels like I was slowly approaching my limit. At max half an hour away from my breaking point. So I'm pretty content with how things went. 8D (Otoh, now I know that feeling markers for my level of energy is hard, very hard >/ )

Also, my little brother and I should never be allowed to sit in the first rows of a church during a mass. We cannot keep our mouths shut (but then the song texts were hilarious, dammit. Oh, yes, I want to be set on fire by God's love. Burning to death is so fun). Good thing we had to sit in the back so we could leave before the couple to hold the banner.
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My brother's wedding is tomorrow. I'll have to gather my things so I won't run out of energy too early. I've got Creeper, my MP3 player, I'll take a book and put some videos on Creeper. And I'll (hopefully) regularly get away from the throng. I should survive the wedding with that. Hm, yes. Hopefully tomorrow it won't be as hot as today >> I'm wearing long pants after all.

Also, ate SO TASTY ice cream today; melone and raspberry. Fucking expensive, but so hnnnnnnn that it was worth it. I love melone ice cream.

Also wrote a bit. With Minna as main character. I like her.

So tired

6/5/12 20:12
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Today was my brother´s civil wedding (the one at the church is on the 26th) and while it was kinda nice, I'm so exhausted :( Though I'm kinda wondering why because while it was long (~ 6 hours), most of the time was listening or eating. Still, sitting there, surrounded by people is just tiring. Annoying. I really don't want to think about the 26th, because that will be the big feast and be even longer. So not looking forward to that aspect.

(Kinda nice, because it was just not my taste. They were happy with everything and that's what really counts. And I'm not someone who gives a fuck about weddings and doesn't really want one herself. Just don't need it.)

Also, finished that little Asthar&Mirania piece I've written. Will post it maybe later or tomorrow.
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Hehehe 8D I just made a Creeper keychain for my little brother´s birthday on the 18th. I never know what to give my brothers and normally it's some chocolate but the Creeper chain was just a spontaneous idea. I feel like Minecraft (and Harveys Neue Augen and Edna bricht aus) brought us closer together again so the Creeper fits (the Creeper is just the most awesome mob :D). And he has NO knick-knack on his keys at all D: That cannot be!


Unrelated to that, I had a strange dream last night (additionally, "I" was a Zael lookalike and my father was a perfect mixture of Asthar and Fado. SO much lol); it was hot the whole time and I almost broke down because of the heat twice. And what happens today? I go shopping with my mom and IT'S SO HOT EVERYWHERE D: It was hell to stay in the shops. But my mom was awesome and bought me shorts so I could change out of my jeans. Damn you, weather.
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Chasing a mouse your cat just brought in to play at 00:15? Sounds like the most perfect night sport.

Poor mouse was still perfectly okay and even fought back. Pretty awesome. It felt actually nice when I caught her between the door and my leg (my skin didn't touch her); such a tiny adorable animal <3 It's outside now, safe would be said too much, but Jiji never brought more than one mouse at once.
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I planted new flowers in the front garden today and I noticed once again that dirty hands make me happy. But not any dirt, just earth. I dunno why, just looking at the sticky black earth and the dirt underneath my fingernails make me happy XD So weird.

Some relative of mine died last week (I thiiiink he was my greatuncle, but I really have no idea. We are a big family, but aren't particular close) and I'm travilling to Hamburg with my grandpa, who lives right next to us, on Wednesday. I'll only be gone until Thursday night, though. Not that it would noticable... So lazy lately...

Though the thought of travelling alone with my grandpa and being in Hamburg "alone" with relatives that I'm not close enough to feel completely safe, does make me uncomfortable. Admittedly, it does take long until I feel comfortable around people. Especially persons who fall in the weird Second Category of People, who make me the most nervous and anxious. Hng. But I'll try to be strong.

On much happier news, I do love to write the conflict I see between Fado and Ephraim.

On another small note; I fucking love my default icon. It manages to portrait how I feel most of the time so well.
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OM NOM NOM, köttbullarna 8D Today's my Dad´s 54th  birthday, so I made lunch. Mmmh~~ Also, I lovelovelove au gratin potatoes. Best thing after potatoes croquettes. Potatoes <3 (Wallace would be proud of me XD)

Apart from that, I'm trying to get my music from my IPod on my EeePC, but Apple seemingly doesn't like that >8I So many hoops to jump through.

Edit: Finally, finally it works 8D Yay
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So, decided to try out a paid dreamwidth account (for the icons 8D). 2 months for 6$ (or 4,60€) sounds well enough for now.

Also, Ma? Yeah, maybe I do burp relatively often (have nothing against it, also nothing against it if others do). But you do not need to say "OMG y u burping so much!!!!oneeleventy!" I burp. I do not burp as often as you seem to think. Also? You burp just as often as I. And yet you claim it ain't so. Ohmygod,firstworldproblems but annoying -n-

Also, downloaded Paper Mario (N64) for my Wii. It's a really cute game. I'm not much of a Jump'n'Run fan (and I'm not particularly good at it), but this dash of RPG elements is fun. And your companions 8D Goombas are so freaking cute and Boo <3 Snarky ghost girl, yay. Adorable.

However, the running back and forth is really tedious, because Mario is so sloooooooooooooooooow DX Otherwise it's Yay 8D

Also, I made the icon from a screenshot of a shirt I bought 8D <3 GameOne, my favourite show~ Gamesgamesgamesgames

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Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. XD It is kinda funny, though.

Alright, Jiji (our cat) and I were cuddling. The nice kind of cuddling (though her lovingly nipping my nose was a bit unpleasant if sweet), where there is a huge amount of purring, hand-licking and head-rubbing and little claws in thighs. Suddenly we hear a noise from the bathroom. I was first unsure but it sounded like a cat jumped on the ground from the windowsil (there's her cat flap leading into our garden). We sit there for a moment, both straining our ears. After we heard a few more strange noises, I stand up (and set Jiji on the ground) and we walk over to the bathroom. I threw open the door. And see a black cat startle and escape through the cat flap. In the same moment, Jiji jumps forward, up through the cat flap and then I only hear hissing.


The black cat burglar is a semi-stray cat from the neighbourhood (he's probably related to Jiji, since both formerly "belonged" to the person who kept cats but didn't take care of them so they were kinda stray) and he has stolen Jiji´s food every now and then. I've never seen her chase him, though XD

And she got a bit of tuna when she came back a minute ago. All is well again.
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Taking a shower is just so nice :)

Also, I kinda want to write origfic right now. With airships, because airships are fun. Though I don't think I'll write anything, because it's far more fun to imagine some awesome scenes than writing them and all the stuff around it. So I'm mostly derping around.

I also kinda think that I have to do more. I mean, yesterday and today I almost didn't do more than surfing the net and playing Okami (so awesome <3). Haaaa, I'm even worse than normal when my parents aren't here; they're in Berlin visiting the newest addition to our extended family. A bit early born twins (girl and boy). If I'm right and not mixing things up, they're my second-grade cousins. Or something.

ALSO. What is this, dictionary? Where does "cousin-german" come from? I mean, wat. Why does it mean "first cousin"? I'm confused.
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Alright, I posted my Secret Santa fill for blankspectrum. I'm still kinda insecure about it, but I do like it. I hope he/she likes it :( (And I feel like I'm getting unreasonably worked up about it...) Anyway, it's at my writing journal and of course in the exchange comm. I'll post it to some time later.

Otherwise, I really, really want to give my mum her present RIGHT NOW D8 Because I like it so much and I think she'll love it and somehow this all sounds selfish in my head because I want to see her being happy about it. But maybe I just got it all backwards.

Also, GameOne continues to be awesome and still has problems loading their videos. Goddammit, you cockteases (or whatever the plural of that word is)

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What is so magical about Starbucks that I can only write there? No shiny internet access with my computer there, I guess. Anyway; I'm semi-content with my Secret Santa gift :/ The worst part is fretting about the possibility that the recipient doesn't like it and that I'm therefore messing it up. Gargl.

Also, big brother´s birthday today. It's always unfortunately to have a birthday close to a gift-exchanging holiday. You normally get a little less presents. *loves presents. Also likes giving presents*

Also also, Zedernbrot from Gundel <3 Citrony goodness.
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Sooo. I finally finished the Christmas present for my mother (a calender with our own pictures) and now only my little brother is left. He's getting some chocolate.

I already wrote a few drabbles for the prompts from a few days ago and while I'm not yet satisfied with them, I'm happy that I could write at all.

Also, you can still leave your adresse here so that I can send you a Christmas card :3
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For some time now I kinda wanted to make a post about our cat, Jiji, and how she came to us (because I got old pictures from my father), but I was always too lazy. Now, I have a video :3 A video of Jiji and her two kitten boys from 2008. Shortly before they moved in here, I believe. So you get that video. Yay kittehs~ 8D

The boys´ name were Sushi and Maki (not my decision), but I don't know which is which.

Also, the camera woman apologises for her lacking camera holding skills. I rarely use cameras.

Edit: Cannot embed media because evil. Here have a link:
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Finished Secret of Mana with my lil brother 8D It was fun~~~~~ Andandand ;A; Why did I not remember that the end is really sad actually? Haaaaaaaaaaagen and Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite ;A; Y u dying? I wanna save you.

After that I played a bit Zelda: Majora´s Mask because I downloaded that for my Wii 8D Creepy. Definitely creepy with such an awesome soundtrack. Also, very depressing with lots of sad stuff :( And yet lovely.

Also, Happy Birthday, Self. 23 years old now. And still feeling like yesterday, except moar happy because of the stuff written above 8D
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Going to beat Secret of Mana later with my bro. Just started doing the Mana Death Star.

Also, started some writing which is heavily inspired by "The Clockyard" starring Ephraim and Lyon. Not sure how that'll turn out, but I like it so far.


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