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Posted the first three scenes of the Last Story AU!! I finally pulled a title out of my ass found a title: Step out of Line. A line from a Blind Guardian song, lol. But what am I supposed to do; never post it at all because I'm unable to title something? XD Anyway, will also later post at when I may upload documents again. is bitchy again.
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Yes, I posted my Tia/Hilda story <3 I still love it so much.

If you're interested:

Also, I do need to make a Tia Icon, me believes. Just Selan is not enough.

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So, I actually did post the first chapter of my Fado Survives AU; Clinging to Life. I'm not in the mood to talk about it. Kinda tired again. Gonna nap.
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A strange day. I got a strange bad mood but then I still managed to have a little win :) Makes me happy again.

I also wrote lol'fic. XD The prompt was just too good; A dirty book is rarely dusty. Staring Fado and others. Just so fitting~

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Writing Serra is really hard. But kinda fun. Also, convenient link is convenient. 8D

Also, I do have some kind of idea for the fe_contest (messed up Seth->Fado and Seth/Eirika), but... I don't reeeeeeeeally want to write it :/ While playing around with these two pairings is fun in general, this idea is just. I dunno. It doesn't sing to me yet. Meh.

But. I made a rocking lasagna last Saturday 8D So delicious omg.

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Soooooooooo. I'm gonna delete [personal profile] crimsonmorgan . I've found that having a fic comm is much more comfortable than two personal journals. Logging in and out every time I post something. It's annoying me. Therefore all my fics are going to be posted on [community profile] viridian_dream  from now on.

- if you want to friend/suscribe, be warned; I "imported" all 103 entries yesterday and today. It miiiiiiiiight clog your reading page.

- everyone I had only friended with crimsonmorgan, I friended again with this account. Jsyk.

- feel free to add my comm if you want.
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I wrote a Wallace drabble. I iz happy. It's here on and dreamwidth. It was fun. And for [community profile] fic_promptly .


1/12/11 21:19
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Am in posting spree. More or less. Here have the fill for the Renning&Geoffrey prompt from waaaaaaaaay back: and dreamwidth.

Also a very short Fado/Hayden fill for 100 Lovers. Also on and dreamwidth.
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Have Vigarde&Lyon angst fic. With the last [ profile] fe_contest challenge theme. I love it. Here on and dreamwidth.
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OMG littleLyon is such a squishybag. Which you can see in this drabble that I wrote for raphi because derping about little, squishy Lyon is fun; A Tale of Twins. Also on dreamwidth.

Also, Viggy angst is the best angst.

Aaaaand I bought a new PS2 controller so I can play some moar FFXII. It's time for Vosslerßs betrayal.
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Yay, finally posted some bro stuff again. Which was rotting on my computer because the first part was horrible. It's... kinda good now. I'm contented enough with it. Am still loving the second part, because it shows what I think about Frelia´s and Grado´s relation with each other. And Vanya because Vanya is a fun bastard >8D It's posted on and dreamwidth.

Somehow my head is very much filled with Viggy angst. If it's filled at all. Normally it's very... empty and numb.
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It's true. I really can only write in Starbucks. Yay.

So, I wrote Lucius fic for a prompt from waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back. And I really like it. I'll maybe post it later. I'm in a "Throw All the things out" mood. We'll see.



Just ordered a new akku for my Eee PC. My akku is so annoying and the warning system doesn't work properly anymore because the akku is slowly dying. Gargl.

Also, I've decided that I kinda love my Lucius fic 8D


Daughter of Edit:

Posted Lucius story "A Bowl of Kindness" (such a boss at finding titles /sarcasm) on and dreamwidth. Am still loving it.
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Posted my Fadia/Vigarde story on and dreamwidth. I still love it though it kinda makes me uncomfortable in my current state of mind.


Things have happened in rl, but I don't feel like talking about it. Suffice to say, I'm not in a particularly good state of mind at the moment (restless and hopeless would be fitting adjectives). If I'm very quiet or only talk about nonsense, this is why.


Also, have I ever told you that I hate the sounds a cat makes when she's cleaning herself? Because I do. It makes me a bit sick. Stupid, loveable and cute cat.
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Zombie Action with Eirika and Fado with some extra Seth 8D Weeeeeeeeeee. I really like how it turned out.

On ffnet and dreamwidth.
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Oh man, I just wrote a short drabble ;A; So proud of myself. Maybe painting the hallway earlier was a good way to raise my mood. Might post another drabble later to celebrate this (with some Fado/Hayden. Fado just can't stop flirting. 8D ModernFado, that is. Which reminds me that I have to watch out when writing him; he tends to get out of hand, in contrast to Hayden and Vigarde.)

No real news on the search for a psychiatrist. :/ Also, am sick. Probably flu or something. At least I think that I sound strange/funny when I'm coarse so everything is kinda okay.


Here it is 8D: on dreamwidth and Flirting Fado is just fun. And general broness XD
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My literature teacher is pretty much amazing *o* She said that my term paper could wait with all that England business. I'm so fucking relieved~ 8D (So relieved that I wrote a bit about bros XD)

Also, I suddenly remembered that I still had some prompts to write from way back. And that I had one finished but now looking at it... I really don't know what I wanted to say with it. Maybe I didn't want to say anything, idk. It confuses me a bit XD It's here: Duessel and someone else - don't forget.

Aaah, that's all for now. I post so much lately...


Alright, now I finished reading the script from FE6 as well (I think I've read all of them now). And I have to say, there are a good handful of people I like; Marcus (there was not enough of him >8I Even though I do like Merlinus, I wish Marcus had taken his place), Douglas, Lalam, Roy, Miledy/Gale (;A;), Yuno/Zealot, Thito/Klein, Mordred, Niime&Hugh (he's so dorky XD). But the most important thing....

I am incredibly fascinated by Desmond (which is more FE7, but eh). So incredibly fascinated. How he can love Guinevere and her mother so much and yet hate Zephiel and his mother, and what happened between him and his "wives"... *o* Tehehehe~ Ah, the shiny~ (Btw, I need to google his face or something, because I can only remember him having long blond hair and somehow that results in me picturing him like a blond Vigarde XD)

However, I have to say that I find Elibe as a whole not a very interesting continent. It's just... I dunno. I don't find the countries terribly interesting (apart from maybe Bern thanks to Desmond), but other than that? Nah. But that's actually not so different when it comes to the other FEs apart from Magvel. I neither find Archanea nor Jugdral particularly interesting in regard to history and culture, Tellius depends on my mood (and if I'm interested it's mostly Crimea). But Magvel? I nom that shit up. Gawd, I love Magvel <3
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So. Posted my Moulder->Hayden story, Part 1 just now. I'm kinda happy how it turned out~ On and dreamwidth. And on dreamwidth it actually has links to the original text of the prayer I used. likes to nom links. Ney ney ney.

It turned out really long. Over 7500 words. :D Moar slash in the future. Also femslash.

Apart from that, I still feel good today, yay~
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I'm a bit in pain today so I'll keep it short. I've wrote a little Lucia&Geoffrey sibling fluff ficlet (on and dreamwidth) and something for Lufia 2. Because Lufia 2 is awesome (also on and dreamwidth). Weee.

Also, here have a song I love at the moment. The refrain is so schmissig.

It was surprisingly hard to find a video with decent audio quality. Hm.

Edit: First I've wanted to watch the FE OVA but it was boring. Therefore I'm watching Doremi. I've watched it ages ago and it's still adorable XD I've always like Sophie the best~
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Finally posted the first part of my Fadia/Vigarde longfic that will probably never be finished. Rofl. Here at and dreamwidth. Goodness, why do I love those two so much?

Anyway. In general I'm in a rather bad mood at the moment. Pretty miffed. For unspecified reasons.

Anyway (again. I love that word). I've just noticed that I always forget to post my stuff on [ profile] emblemfic, but I'm too meh at the moment to care. Not that I would believe that anyone is interested in my stuff anyway.

Man, why am I such a downer today? Seriously, self.

Maybe something more interesting: Am I the only one who noticed this about the Magvel world map?

Cut because I can )

Also, shiny new headcanon about Fado is shiny.
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So, posted a little Fado/Hayden piece (on and dreamwidth) I need more practice with writing Slash (wait, does this actually get capitalized? Oh English, why you have so little capitalization?). It doesn't go as smooth as I want it to go yet.


First I wanted to talk about stuff, but in the end I decided that that stuff is unnecessary and is pretty uninteresting. So I'll shut up now. 8D


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