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Buy this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame: LiEat 1-3

It's so fucking cute and awesome and beautiful. The two main characters are so cool, the minor characters are all unique and well-developed. Which it needs, because it's more about the story and characters and less about battle.

Did I mention that it has pretty art? Because it has.

It's also not particularly long, but every episode has good and bad endings. The episodes loosely connected (mostly by 2 being a month after 1, 3 several months after 2) so you should probably play it in order.

It's also pretty cheap and the game's worth it.


3/4/14 22:07
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You know, I buy Darksiders 1 yesterday (7€, not bad) and while it installs/loads I play Lufia 2 to pass the time. And what happens, obviously?

I spent the night playing Lufia 2. 8D (What can I say, Lufia is just superior)

And wrote a Tia/Hilda piece. Don't ask me why. For some reason it seemed like a good idea and now I love it. The conversation in Tanbel isn't even shippy. Nothing, just two textboxes of banter about Guy and Maxim.

But Hilda would be a great match for Tia. Hilda's an inn owner (probably together with Guy, I guess, but she manages it almost on her own) and Tia owns a shop. Tia might not want to live in Elcid after Maxim's death and Tanbel is so close! And she could easily work in the inn and Hilda knows what Tia went through, because she was also involved at one point. And Hilda is not a warrior so Tia doesn't have to worry. They could happily manage the inn together.


(That's pretty much what my fic is. It's so cute. I love them.)

And now that I'm replaying Lufia, I gotta say I love almost all of the characters. Maxim, Tia and Selan are amazing. Guy is cool too. Dekar is stupid, but alright. I don't remember much about the others (oops) now, but they were alright as well. I'm astonished that I fell in love with the game all over again.

PS: Also bought the new Subway to Sally album. Love it <3

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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this Last Story AU is turning into a monster, what have I done to myself? Wrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy?

PS: Shipping Asthar/Mirania like I'm paid to. Damn.
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuu, this AU is growing faaaaar too much, Curse You!

Also, I'm a total Asthar/Mirania shipper now. Dayum.
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That Last Story AU... you know, it's not Asthar who's the problem... it's me. Somehow, against my will, all conversations between Mirania and Asthar end up shippy. I don't know what exactly I'm doing here.

But I find that I actually like it 8D
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You know, I was thinking earlier:

In a Modern AU of The Last Story, Mirania would be an environment activist and Asthar would be an ex-soldier-turned-environment activist and it would be glorious.

It really would.

This idea was brought to you by a re-newed obsession with TLS after finding new fanart. (Still so little with Asthar ;A; )
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Is there any way to make me love The Last Story even more?

YES THERE IS. By making me find out there are ADDITIONAL, MISSABLE convos with Syrenne, Lowell and ASTHAR.

And I just played them and OH MY GOD how can I love you so? Syrenne, you're so much more awesome than I thought and Lowell got more depth and ASTHAR IS RIPPING MY HEART OUT Spoiler )

Also, the dude at the castle door who drops a very subtle hint on where I'm supposed to go to trigger the next chapter? That was adorable. I like hearing that Asthar was worried about Zael <3
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Ahahaha, I'm really active, now am I? >> And that even though I've wanted to be more active again, sigh. Anyway.

1. I'm not writing much fanfiction at the moment. Every now and then I continue with Clinging To Life (and I'm at the Jehanna chapter, yay), but otherwise, not much. Though I did start playing The Last Story again a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Etrian Odyssey 4 and thought "Damn, I want to write fic for this game, it's so awesome", but no inspiration D:

2. Etrian Odyssey 4 is awesome.

3. I finished a term paper :D Finally. 2 years after the course, but hey, the teacher said the deadline would be the end of my studying. And it's drawing closer :( I'm a bit scared.

4. I still need to write one term paper >:(

5. Etrian Odyssey 4 is still awesome.

6. The second female Landsknecht is really, really, REALLY cute. She kinda looks like Red Riding Hood. So cute <3

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Why is the soundtrack of The Hobbit so beautiful *.* I get goosebumps almost every time. Forget Ennio Morricone and all those famous film music artist. Howard Shore is the awesome dude.

And also this:

I really shouldn't listen to it anymore because every time I get all like OMG I NEED THE REST OF IT NOW. GIVE ME ALL THE MOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIES. (Yes, I do stress the v in this case. Just because)

ALSO, THORIN, Y SO SEXY? (Not Richard Armitage. I find him terribly unsexy without his Thorin costume).

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I love Sully. Take my heart, all of it.

Oh wait, no, only take half of it. Palne gets the rest of it.

Damn you, ladies, you're awesome.
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One reason why I love FE:

They have awesome sidecharacters.

I'm pretty sure most of you know that I love sidecharacters. They're the salt in my fandomsoup. It doesn't matter if they only have a few lines or are supporting characters that turn up two or three times. They might even die before the story takes place.

There only need to be a few lines that hit exactly my lovebuttons.

Yes, I've heard of how King Hayden dotes on his precious little daughter.

Do you realize how much your words would fill Father's heart with grief? -- Are we speaking of the same man? Our father will likely outlive us all.

There, it's that easy. They just need one bit of characterisation to make me want to imagine the rest of them.

And FE has just many such moments. In no other medium have I met that many awesome sidecharacters. (And I until now I've only been able to get into gaming fandoms. Never in book fandoms o_o)

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I really haven't said yet that Pellew is the best man ever?

Because he is.

I really shouldn't stay up until almost 3 in the morning because I can't stop watching the TV series. Someone stop Pellew from being so awesome.

Or rather not. Nobody could manage that anyway.
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Pick ten characters, then answer the questions.

1. Fado
2. Hayden
3. Vigarde
4. Geoffrey
5. Tana
6. Asthar
7. Izzy
8. Seth
9. Bastian
10. Calista

It's just as fun as the last time )
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Also, I did again tear up when Theoden broke down in front of Theodred´s grave. The way he tries to hold back the tears ;w; It gets me every time. Damn you, actor whose name I don't remember. You're awesome.

Also, why did it take me so much time to write my one fe_fest prompt? I could pack SO much characterisation in there. It was so much fun to write. (Though at some passages it feels a bit clumsy. Have to rectify that later) I almost forgot about this prompt -- but at least not as much as I forgot the contest; I didn't even notice that the prompt had already been up! Anyway, much fun was had today with writing.

PS: Theoden, I love you. You're awesome. I also love Eomer because he's ~hmmm~


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After for some time having no Seth OTP (because I very much lost interest in Seth/Eirika and then in the two of them separately (Bros took over my whole mind)), now I've noticed "Yes, I have one".

I ship one-sided Seth/Fado like burning.

I was bored and read through some of my old stuff, including the two Seth/Fado pieces I wrote, and suddenly! There was my love for the pairing again and it instantly became my new Seth OTP. :D Yay~ And to celebrate that I instantly wrote some delicious Sophia/Fado, because sexswapping is awesome and I hadn't done that yet (and sexswapping in general for quite some time). Oh, it was fun~~
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[Icons] 5

The Last Story: Asthar x5

+ 2 gifs :D

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut )

You won't believe how long it took to make them D: And they're still faaaar too big for userpics. *sadface* Still, if you take them, I would really appreciate credits.
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I've just finished "The Last Story". And it was amazing 8D The beginning was a bit hard, because it takes some time to get used to the battle system (it's easier with a Classic Controller, imo), but after the first hour or two the story picks up. And boy, it does. It seems so "innocent" at first and then things happen (and awesome characters appear; Asthar (<3 See Icon) and Therius). There's a little romance, but it's not too strong, imo. At times I even forgot about it and catagorized the interaction between the two as friendshippy, which is good, imo. Gives the relationship more depth. The synchro is also good. And twists. Nice twists.

The animation is good, overall, apart from most mouth animation. It can be... quite strange at times (again see icon). Smiles are often strange (poor Therius, he got the worst). I don't know if it was just my Wii or if it's normally, but there was some lagging, especially during cut scenes that were no mini-movies. That was sad because during emotional or important scene it was distracting. The colouring of the whole world is rather dark (mostly brown, dulled white, grey, black, etc.), which is fitting because the situation the world is in is not particularly good.

The music is really good. I've bought the Special Edition with a soundtrack and it's really pretty. Nobuo Uematsu did great work. Very pretty.

Now some very biased opinions:

- *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* General Asthar <333 Hit so many "this will be a favourite" spots it's ridiculous. That he got a sexy voice certainly helped.

- Oh god, how did I love to run into people XD Because you don't just get caught by their box, but no! you actually run them over and push them to the side and sometimes they yell at you and stuff. XD SO hilarious. How easily something like that can bring the Evil out of me~

- Two main characters with eyepatches. Do I have to say more?

- Syrenne and Lowell seemed very stereotypically and boring at the beginning, but in the end I love them very much. So cute those two~

Fazit: Would definitely recommend it to other RPG loving people (and you could very probably write issue-fic about the war-traumatized people in this 8D)
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Minecraft is so fucking addictive 8D And no, it's not just the fact that I'm building Renais Castle at the moment :3 Have I already told you that my little brother is awesome? Because he is 8D
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Alright, I just finished "Bloody Jack", a neat light read. It's about Mary "Jacky" Faber, whose parents and sister die when she's small and she has to live on the streets. She meets a bunch of other street kids and joins their group. After years of living on the streets, she leaves, dons the persona of a boy and enrolls on a ship as a ship´s boy.

And yes, it is fun 8D Even as someone who doesn't like first person, Jacky is a good narrator and interesting. Especially since L.A. Meyer tried to write in a very colloquial "street urchin" way; crude at times, not grammatically correct, etc. And it creates a great atmosphere. Also, the story is gritty at times; there's no glossing over the nasty sides of the 18th century. Death, hunger, sickness, violence are all present -- though not excessively! -- and handle well, imo.

Of course, in a crossdressing story a little love story cannot be missing. Towards the beginning and middle it is relatively light, but becomes stronger towards the end. A few times I thought it was coming off too strong, but then, it is first person and Jacky is in love. But it wasn't too distracting.

ALSO. Because I must fangirl a minor character. The Captain. I guess it is mostly the fault of the description, but I very probably would've liked him anyway. But as soon as he was described I just thought "Hesounds like a mix of Hayden and Gilliam". And so he CANNOT be anything but awesome 8D

Lol, I'm so easy to get sometimes. Anyway, it was a good quick read (a good reading flow and wide spacing of lines and letters) and fun. I won't read the second book of the series, though, since the plot of that one doesn't interest me. I just want to read books about pirates or marines now.


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