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Hmmmmmmmm, I want to write. I'm out of my slump, more or less (TMI: my period is also almost over. Coincidence? I don't know), but I don't know what to write.

So, friends' list. If you have some prompts, give them to me. The usual suspects are Fire Emblem (6/7, 8, maybe 9/10), Last Story and Lufia 2. You probably know who I normally write, but you can also prompt people I normally don't write. I think I'm in the mood for a bit of a challenge. If you don't know my typical characters, just check the tags here.

PS: Good thing you posted that ad on Fandom_Secrets, raphi. I almost forgot about Nagamas! Finally gotta think of some prompts.

PPS: Yessssss to my new Tia icon. She's so cute and awesome.

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I can only say it was fun. After the failure that were 11 and 12, I was hesitant about looking forward for Awakening. But it was fun -- no fanfic material because everything I want was already in it (Oh the family supports <3)

But it's really strange that the kids stay. Does that mean that two completely identical people exist in the same time? Isn't that... a problem? i dunno, I'm no fan of time travel, but it feels... wrong.

Still loving Sully and Palne.
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While 'Morgan' is one of my favourite names, I do love 'Linfan' as well. It's pretty awesome.

(For some reason 'Morgan' was localized to 'Linfan'. I have no idea why.)
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I love Sully. Take my heart, all of it.

Oh wait, no, only take half of it. Palne gets the rest of it.

Damn you, ladies, you're awesome.
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1. Eirika: I needed a position for her where she wouldn't be involved in the fighting (fitting for pre-game Eirika), but she still needed to be part of the crew. Making her someone completely uninvolved didn't make sense since they wouldn't take a visitor with them on a scouting mission. She might've been a carpenter/ carpenter's mate, but that didn't feel right for her. I see her thought process more like this: she wanted to be involved in the same "career" as her brother and father to be with them (because it was not unusual that a mission would last several months/years) and she didn't want to be alone at home. But she didn't want to be directly involved with the fighting since she hates violence. Therefore she picked up a profession where she could help them best; as a surgeon/ surgeon's mate. It fits her, imo, and gives her an excuse for being on board.

2. Why is Seth captain of a frigate and Ephraim of a man-of-war? Well, I did want to keep the class difference kinda intact. Fado is an admiral and a lord; Ephraim is a smart captain, has a good background and was in a few good battles. He had many friends (his own and his father's) who helped him rise quickly. Seth didn't have as much luck (though he is Fado's protege) and is so still captain of a frigate.
(I do know that canon!Ephraim is still far too young for a captain of a man-of-war, but hey, artistic licence. It's a Kinda Fantasy Nautical AU anyway)

3. There is still magic involved. In the first version, which grew too big for an contest entry, there is more magic towards the end and the Demon King is involved. Here, obviously, is not yet the time. And, admittedly, in the other AU version, the bracelets don't exist. There are other reasons for the war.

4. It's not an original Age of Sail AU mostly because it doesn't play in our world. I thought about letting things happen in the English waters, but finally decided against it because it didn't feel right. FE is fantasy. It doesn't belong into the real world. In my opinion/ feeling at least. But the rules of the AoS British Navy generally apply (apart from the no-women rule). And the uniforms. Hmm~ Navy uniforms.

I've probably forgot things I wanted to say, but eh. 8D
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Gangrel will be renamed as Ganondorf.

Validar will be renamed as Dschafar.
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I can submit something for the fe_contest after all~ The idea I had did manifest completely and I "re-wrote" a canon chapter. It was terribly fun. 8D But I might need a beta this time >:/ There are a few phrases that seem strange. I can't say what, but something feels un-grammatical.
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So, I crippled my fic down to 6400 words and I can't cut it down further. It's already bordering on "I could never post this, what is this, where is my fic?". So. I don't think I'll enter the contest after all :( Sadness. Oh well, maybe next time.

But then I can add back now the scenes I hated to cut out. That makes me happy again 8D
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The AU for the fe_contest is shaping up nicely. Everything starts to line up. I need to make some changes, obviously, some smaller, some bigger and I do start to question characterisation, especially Eirika, but circumstances are different and I try to keep her true... But I'm also pretty much out of practice with her and Seth. Too much brokings.

Still, I think it'll be good. Or at least fun.

And it was far too fun to write how they find Vigarde's body. 8D

DA2 is still the king of meh, but the fighting system is fun so I'm still playing. I do hope, though, that DA3 will be more like DA:O.

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One term paper gone, two still left. And one BA paper.


At least I have an idea for the Fe_challenge this time?

(Viggy's expression is pretty much my expression right now)
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One reason why I love FE:

They have awesome sidecharacters.

I'm pretty sure most of you know that I love sidecharacters. They're the salt in my fandomsoup. It doesn't matter if they only have a few lines or are supporting characters that turn up two or three times. They might even die before the story takes place.

There only need to be a few lines that hit exactly my lovebuttons.

Yes, I've heard of how King Hayden dotes on his precious little daughter.

Do you realize how much your words would fill Father's heart with grief? -- Are we speaking of the same man? Our father will likely outlive us all.

There, it's that easy. They just need one bit of characterisation to make me want to imagine the rest of them.

And FE has just many such moments. In no other medium have I met that many awesome sidecharacters. (And I until now I've only been able to get into gaming fandoms. Never in book fandoms o_o)

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Hahhh, I'm so lazy about writing this blog-thingie lately... So... bored, actually. Even though things are looking good. The little work at the centre for elderly people is pretty fun and it feels good doing it. Thanks to the decision to deal with Fado's depression in my AU inspires me like crazy so I've actually finished the fifth chapter in a record time.


Still feeling so lazy. There were several friends' entries I wanted to comment on but then there was laziness. Ugh.

Also, FemaleRightsActivist!Ephraim who campaigns for Eirika so that she can truly take his place as a ruler is actually pretty fun and cool (at least to me it sounded like pure joking on his part that Eirika should take his place. I'm guessing on a male-heir-only policy as well.)
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Hm, the depression aspect in my Fado AU is much stronger than I planned. I like it. It's oddly fascinating. And a little bit of a catharsis.


11/8/12 21:23
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Now I'm home alone :( My parents and little brother are off to Canada, Nova Scotia, and I have to stay here and write a term paper. Bäh. At least now I have time to try some new dishes out. But when I went into the living-room earlier, I immediately noticed that Jiji, Le Cat, already feels the absence of my father. She was so. damn. cuddly.

Also, Binding of Isaac is far too addictive D8


By the way, for the fluff bingo... I'll write Kieran/Leanne for it. 8D Awesome. Also, since I'm already on this topic. I looked at Kieran's "support" lines of FE 10 and I daw'ed. They were surprisingly cute, especially the A rank. Also, Leanne is awesome, js.

Another by the way, I'm convinced that in all pairing constellations with Leanne (apart from Naesala), Leanne is the kinkier one. >8D There's just something beneath that nice smile...


26/6/12 19:47
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Soooooooooo, found out my extreme lack of motivation and strong inactivness was the result of a depressed phase :/ It was triggered by trying to make a presentation about a book I dislike. I just really got it today. I'm kinda proud that I almost immediately went to my professor and talked with him. He was pretty understanding and let me change my topic for the presentation and now I have more time. I think now that it was more of a combination of sucky circumstances than the book itself. Still, I'm happy that this is resolved.

And I finished a Marcus fic I started ages ago and wrote even a new one about -- who would've guessed -- angsty Viggy&Lyon. Maybe I post the one with Marcus later or tomorrow.
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Madam should stop bringing in so much mice. And if she does, could she at least either bring mice who are very much alive or who are very much dead. It's always so sad to euthanise them. Poor, cute mice. And she never cleans up after herself. Otoh, that way we can at least find them... But still.

On an entirely other note;

I was writing/thinking a bit about the Fado AU and was wondering... does Fado know of Ephraim's wish to just be a mercenary? I'm not sure what Ephraim would do because both sounds plausible to my ears: did Ephraim hide the wish because his father would disapprove and he doesn't want that stress (tongue-lashing, stricter rules, stricter lessons, less freedom, etc.)? Or did he tell him (maybe during a fight, or because he had that wish from the very beginning, or because he didn't feel like he should feel ashamed for that, etc.)?

I'm not too sure in my writing of Ephraim so what do the other Ephraim-writers think?
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It's kinda awkward to write porny fic while sitting next to your aunt and grandma playing canaster. Even more awkward that your aunt knows that you write fanfic and speculates that you're just writing fic because you're hammering on your keyboard. Even more and more awkward when she jokingly says that you're writing about them.


Awkward. >> (I just said, "Yeah, no, not really")

('Twas Vigarde/Minna, btw. They're cute)

Also, completely different than that above:

My brother's wedding went well. Everything was pretty cool and stuff and the food was yummy. There were fireworks at the very end, as a surprise for the bride. And I was able to leave at the exact right time; I'm feeling good today and not emotionally exhausted and depressed. It feels like I was slowly approaching my limit. At max half an hour away from my breaking point. So I'm pretty content with how things went. 8D (Otoh, now I know that feeling markers for my level of energy is hard, very hard >/ )

Also, my little brother and I should never be allowed to sit in the first rows of a church during a mass. We cannot keep our mouths shut (but then the song texts were hilarious, dammit. Oh, yes, I want to be set on fire by God's love. Burning to death is so fun). Good thing we had to sit in the back so we could leave before the couple to hold the banner.
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My brother's wedding is tomorrow. I'll have to gather my things so I won't run out of energy too early. I've got Creeper, my MP3 player, I'll take a book and put some videos on Creeper. And I'll (hopefully) regularly get away from the throng. I should survive the wedding with that. Hm, yes. Hopefully tomorrow it won't be as hot as today >> I'm wearing long pants after all.

Also, ate SO TASTY ice cream today; melone and raspberry. Fucking expensive, but so hnnnnnnn that it was worth it. I love melone ice cream.

Also wrote a bit. With Minna as main character. I like her.
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Also, I did again tear up when Theoden broke down in front of Theodred´s grave. The way he tries to hold back the tears ;w; It gets me every time. Damn you, actor whose name I don't remember. You're awesome.

Also, why did it take me so much time to write my one fe_fest prompt? I could pack SO much characterisation in there. It was so much fun to write. (Though at some passages it feels a bit clumsy. Have to rectify that later) I almost forgot about this prompt -- but at least not as much as I forgot the contest; I didn't even notice that the prompt had already been up! Anyway, much fun was had today with writing.

PS: Theoden, I love you. You're awesome. I also love Eomer because he's ~hmmm~



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