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Why has summer finally come? Y U TORMENTING ME SO, WEATHER? I hate you.

I want winter back D8

And my poor piggies. We already lost one piggy to a heatstroke years ago.  D8 *worryworryworry* Thankfully we have a portable A/C, but still... I don't want them to get a cold either.
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And it doesn't matter which position I assume, it always hurts and I just want to hurl. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG?
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My brain seems to have shut off and tunes everything out ever since I've started playing Etrian Odyssey. Y u doin this to me, brain? ;A; But Etrian Odyssey is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. I hate you. (Also played through HeartGold and started Ruby. I hate you as well.)

More hate for my lecture on literature of realism. I just. Why do I have such an aversion to modern (relatively) literature? B:<

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How can one fucking unbelievable nightmare shake me so much that I can't continue sleeping and have to check the window all the time?

And there were fucking lava T-Rex(es?). T-Rex. Consisting of lava. Spitting lava. Sounds strange and should make it clear that something like that could never happen, but it felt so fucking real. And when I tried to look for my family those fucking T-Rexes were just tumbling and falling over everything and cut off my way, spit lava and goddammit I woke up panting because I ran the whole time and was tired!

Shit! And I didn't found my family. It leaves a very bad taste in my mouth :(

I need to look at some fluff to calm down.

(First the rain thundering against my window so that it's so loud I can barely hear myself and now that nightmare. A successful night.)
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Crack, oh my lawd, I love crack XD Will later post a crack  bro drabble XD That's what I get for choosing a prompt that couldn't end differently. Fffffffffffffffffffff.

Also, wrote a drabble for raphi´s Harken prompt. After dinner I'll edit the post (hopefully) with some musing about Harken. 8D


alkgjldbuisoagf Computer viruses HAET D8< So annoying. I want to SLAP the people who are programming them. Really, really hard. So freaking annoying. At least I've always been able to save my fics and pics, which are the most important things on my pc (that and my uni notes, of course). Grrr. The drabble will come later, just to spite the virus. >8I


Dädä, here's the drabble. It's completely silly and it has bros in it. What could be better? 8D and dreamwidth.
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Why are there politics in my Hayden&Innes piece? Not sure if like. (And a bit moar Frelia. Geography, I still dislike you greatly and thinking of names? Ugh DX) And it somehow wants to turn out much longer than I thought. (And it will end with blindHayden, yay~ Urhm? Yes...)

Anyway, trying to block out tomorrow. I don't want to meet those people. Not that I have much of a choice, probably. Ugh. Block it out, block it out, block it out [rinse and repeat] (Great, whole day will suck)
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Shocking revelation: The tips of my hair touch the end of my shoulderblades. HOLY SHIT, I'VE NEVER HAD HAIR THAT LONG. Why yes, I had a boy´s cut for about half of my life. Long hair is just impracticable and I hated it for most of my life 8D But I kinda like it now. But only if it's in a ponytail.

Still sick >:[ And it's hot and humid here and that's the WORST. COMBINATION. EVER. And it really sucks to drink while your nose is stuffed so you can't breathe through through your nose while drinking and you feel like you're drowning lkidhfjag Hate.

I don't know how FE 11 manages to bore me so much. Just one chapter. I played just one chapter and I already want to play something else. And now I'm being petty; the art and design is so unbelievably fugly. Ugh. /says the person whose favourite graphics are all from SNES games.

Alright, now lunch, then Swedish homework and then lying around being sick. Yay /sarcasm Might look at my writing again but I don't think I'll like anything at the moment.
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Now I know why I felt so weird earlier. It was the sign of an oncoming summer headache. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Massive headache at the moment. Summer should go die in a hole, seriously. So much hate. It's the same every year. I have most of my headaches during the summer months. That's why I could never live in a hot country. Argh.

Was at an ERASMUS meeting earlier, nothing new was learnt.

Wrote angsty Vigarde because I like that flavour of angst.

I also have to write a fucking application letter until... tomorrow. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-- Hate it so much. Something about application letters is just annoying as fuck and I don't even want to get started on how you have to write them. I mean, I have no idea what to write! They ask for "working in a team" and I say "I prefer working alone". Great! Being able to work independently, yes, that I can do. Showing initiative, yeah, I could probably do that, maybe. Dedication? Shall I show you all my hobbies that I ditched after two years each? Yeah, shows perfectly well how dedicated I can be. Gawd, I hate this so much. I'm so, so tempted to just ditch this course. Bah. But I probably won't because I know myself. Shit.

I hate being so gloomy. I want a Knoll Doll so it can absorb all my gloom.
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Urgh, the virus on my writing computer pisses me so much off that I have no intention whatsoever to write. And I have no real want to research about pirates anymore. The virus attack makes me paranoid. Damn it. Hope that will change as soon as I completely erased everything on the compi and then restart it. No documents are lost (yet) so at least that is something positive. Still, my mood borders on bad.

Ugh, why so gloomy, self?


I really, really, really want to hear the pirate bros sing that song:

And I don't mean just in my head/fic. I really want to hear them. D8 Fangirl level reaches a critical level. 8D Well, okay, fic with drunk bros (pirates or not) would still be awesome.

11. Gaming system of choice

Nintendo. The Gameboy is my favourite and SNES is very close on second place. I am still a Nintendo fangirl. I still get the N-Zone even though I have more PS2 games. Nintendo is just... love <3 8D And is my childhood, tru fax.

Memeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee )
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Fuck that shit! I just got a nice little virus attack on my writing computer. After all my pirate research and everything else and I just want to KILL google and fuck, now this computer makes nonsense as well AND I WANT TO HIT SOMETHING. I suspect that skype has some kind of responsibility on this one as well but I can't prove it. Wanting to send something through my firewall? Not anymore. My distrust in things like that just skyrocketed through the roof up to the sun. Fuck. that. shit.

No more pirates for today. I'm in rage.

Alright, if I can't save my uni notes and my pirates notes, I'm seriously breaking something. Let's hope for the best. Also, I'm sorry, raphi, that I left Skype yesterday so suddenly. But that virus almost didn't let me do anything.

Ugh, I might have to completely clean my writing pc. It doesn't seem like my writing was infected but it is still annoying. And damn, it looks like it. No rage anymore, just annoyance and disappointment. I hate you, internet. And the fucktards that write viruses etc.
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You know, today is the first time ever that I wish that I failed this exam. It was horrible. I had no idea what I was writing, there is no coherence and I have no point. I really wish that I don't pass this exam. That way I could take another course next semester and no bad grade taints my end note (Introduction to Middle High German doesn't count because that grades doesn't matter to my final grade). I hate this course.

Now to nicer things; my headcanon regarding Fadia and Vigarde grows very nicely. They are already occupying prompts on my Lover's challenge table. At least that's a positive thing.

Also, I thought about random things concerning the brokings:

- AU!Fado loves cheesy horror comics and stories, also cheesy romance and fantasy novels (Partially because he really likes cheesy stuff and partially because overly cheesy things amuse him).
- In-game Fado still likes romance stories and occasionaly fairy tales

- AU!Hayden likes sci-fi, fantasy and sometimes romance stories as well as tragic stories. He also likes non-fictional books about history, psychology and politics.
- In-game Hayden likes manuals (i.e. non-fictional books) and fairy tales (he developed a liking after starting to read/ tell them to his children)

- AU!Vigarde loves adventure novels, likes fantasy and occasionally sci-fi. He is not fond of pure romance novels. He also occasionally reads thrillers. He hates newspapers because he doesn't like the style their written in but he still reads them every day.
- In-game Vigarde doesn't read often but if he does it's pretty diverse. His favourites are manuals on warfare and related topics.

Alright, random facts time is over. Let's hope that I fail the exam.

Edit: If I were in Detective Conan fandom, I would be a hardcore Takagi/Sato shipper. Takagi is probably the most adorkable character I've ever seen and his crush on Sato is just too cute. And if I remember correctly she liked him back <3 (One-sided is still cute.)


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