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I was thinking about how far they would go to accomplish something, mostly win a fight/war. (That was kinda a left-over musing from the Vigarde&Lyon fic Sacrifices.) I was musing about both of them, because I love to compare Hayden with Innes (and Fado with Ephraim), because they are canonically quite similar in personality. What mainly prompted this musing was a Subway to Sally song, though, "Die Schlacht".

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to don
keusche Unschuldsmiene zeigen;  (a chaste and innocent air;
sich in wahrer Demut üben,   (practice living in true lowliness,
schüchtern sein und ganz bescheiden. (acting shy and meek)

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to
Freunde morden und verraten; (murder friends and betray them;
man muss lügen und betrügen (you have to lie and cheat,
man muss sähen böse Saaten.
(you have to sow the seeds of evil.) Subway to Sally - Die Schlacht

The translation is not the best, because it's almost impossible to keep the rhythm intact (and you really cannot replicate the grammatical structure of the verses into English. The grammar systems are too different). So, this whole thing sparked my wondering:

What would Hayden and Innes be willing to do to reach their goals? Edit: I'm not thinking straight today so I merged two different situations into one. The "would they sacrifice family" thought is actually separate from the "how far would they go" thought. Go, me >> To clarify further; the "would they sacrifice family" assumes a "sacrifice one person or hundreds of others will die/suffer horribly" situation.

And I came to the conclusion that under almost no circumstance Hayden would betray his family and friends. If his "friends" gave him reason to, he might (only if no other possible solution works). Hayden would never (and I mean never) sacrifice his family. For nothing. He might sacrifice his friends if he is pressed to do it (it would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he would). His family is Hayden´s big weakness, though, especially Tana and his wife. He would rather put himself (and everybody else) in danger than his daughter and wife (Innes is a bit of an exception since he's a soldier. He's more prepared to sacrifice a soldier. Yes, Tana is a soldier as well, but, well, Hayden doesn't truly accept it in his heart.)

He would lie and cheat. As long as he considers his cause good and justified, he would have absolutely no problems with that. The same with provoking disputes; though he would try to not let it grow out of control.

Hayden would put on a false act to get what he wants/needs. He would probably not like it, but he would rock it. He is a good actor.

Now, Innes on the other hand... He is the same in regard to lying/cheating and putting on a false act (though I believe he wouldn't be as good as Hayden at acting innocent).

So, what about sacrificing friends and family? I took me long to come to a conclusion. But in the end... yes, I believe Innes would sacrifice them. He wouldn't particularly like it, of course, and he would try to find another solution, but in the end he would do it. Innes would go farther than Hayden.

(But to counterbalance that; I believe that Hayden is more conniving and back-stabbing than Innes. Innes tends to be more honest, because he wasn't taught as much as Hayden to be conniving (with the strong conflicts with Grado back then, Hayden was highly encouraged to be... mean to them))


Unrelated to that, I'm kinda wondering if it's strange that I never assign specific songs to characters. Maybe because I tend to never listen to the lyrics (the only thing that is important for me is that the melody is nice and that the sound of the voice is nice and fits) and if I do, only if they're fun or creepy. I mean, I rarely listen to German music (and then it falls under the mentioned categories) and I don't bother to pay attention to lyrics in other languages. And honestly... I hate it when I understand the lyrics. They always distract me from the music itself and therewith take all my enjoyment away. That's the reason why in general I hate German music. I do not want to know what you're singing about. Normally it's cheesy or stupid or nonsensical or just plain horrible. If the lyrics are in a different language, I at least don't notice how horrible the lyrics are. >8X

Alright, enough ranting for today.


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Am in posting spree. More or less. Here have the fill for the Renning&Geoffrey prompt from waaaaaaaaay back: and dreamwidth.

Also a very short Fado/Hayden fill for 100 Lovers. Also on and dreamwidth.
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So. Posted my Moulder->Hayden story, Part 1 just now. I'm kinda happy how it turned out~ On and dreamwidth. And on dreamwidth it actually has links to the original text of the prayer I used. likes to nom links. Ney ney ney.

It turned out really long. Over 7500 words. :D Moar slash in the future. Also femslash.

Apart from that, I still feel good today, yay~
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Because I feel like it. I don't think you can call it meta (Why do I ALWAYS write meat first?), but whatever. Headcanon tiems~

BroKings related so feel free to skip~ (I might have to think more about Marcus another time. Because Marcus. Also, I should stop writing him first as "Marcus" and then "Markus" and then the other way again. Plz stop to be confused, self.)

So, I felt like saying a few words about their parents, mostly their fathers because they have the biggest influence as of yet on them. Yes, family times again~

Cut for teel deer about families. Grado is always so.... hnhnhnhn~ )

I feel like I might post Moulder/Hayden Part 1. I haven't editted for a while now, but I do feel it's mostly finished. Hm. Also, Marcus writing now, plz.

Edit: Lj-cuts, stop fucking things up.
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So, posted a little Fado/Hayden piece (on and dreamwidth) I need more practice with writing Slash (wait, does this actually get capitalized? Oh English, why you have so little capitalization?). It doesn't go as smooth as I want it to go yet.


First I wanted to talk about stuff, but in the end I decided that that stuff is unnecessary and is pretty uninteresting. So I'll shut up now. 8D
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So, I believe my piece for the [ profile] fe_contest  is pretty... finished, I guess. Anyone up for being my guinea pig test reader? I want to check if the tense switch works the way I want it to work beforehand. Holler "I"

Also, Moulder/Hayden story? You look good 8D Info heavy, I feel, but good.


Okay, okay, you really shouldn't let my mind stroll. It always comes up with crack. I was contemplating my above mentioned Moulder/Hayden story and mentioned in it a cousin of Hayden who was supposed to be marked as Frelian and Renais. Without thinking much while writing (because I never think much while writing) I gave her dark green hair. But, then I noticed "Waaaaaaaaaaait. Green is not  Renais-only. Frelia has it as well." That, of course, only added crack fuel to the fire in my head. Cue theorizing about the ~special and close~ relationship between Frelia and Renais (yes, Fado/Hayden was definitely involved and made everything delicious). Which then turned into this:

Frelia/Renais is totally an on-and-off couple with cute bantering. Grado is jealous because he's in love with Renais as well and Renais is a flirty country but doesn't mean it seriously and only loves Frelia. Jehanna stands on the side and is all like "... Dude, whatever" while Rausten is all like ";^; Celibacy sucks." because Rausten is really naughty and kinky deep inside.

Oh lawd. I ship it.

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffff. Okay, gonna stop now.

Well, almost. If I had more people to ship him with, Fado would totally be my fandom bicycle. Seriously, in my head he has an amazing chemistry with everybody. Fffffffffffffffffffffff.

Okay, now I'll be quiet.
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Dear Cat,

this is my book and my coffee drink. Stop rubbing your face all over it. It's still all mine.


the person who feeds you and is thankfully not covered with cat hair at the moment


Decided that FemHayden´s name is Eira. It's pretty 8D Maybe I'll write the Fadia/Eira story later, hm. BTW, FemVigarde´s name is totally Victoria (because Viggy = Vicky, oh yes XD) Aaaaaaaaand as soon as I have a title for my [ profile] 10_orders  fics I'll put the first Bro AU part up (The cheating arc is three parts long. And then we also have fluff/shenanigans)

Edit: Scratch writing or posting. I just got "Odin Sphere" and will be playing now foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Self, stop fangirling about the Staufer. Especially stop fangirling about their shenanigans they did for keeping their rule which are often quite cruel. Still, Konstanze was a bamf and Heinrich VI <3 All bastards.


Sea Scallops, so tasty <3 With rosemary sauce and polenta and green asparagus <3 Oh, and the köttbullar a few days ago 8D I so do have to make them again <3
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So, back from a dinner with the whole family, which means most family from my mother´s side. Which is huge. Our family is too big. (My ma has three siblings who each have at least two children and some of them also already have children. Far too much) It was a bit boring -- though my little brother and I were derping and towards the end talking about video games, which is fun (and now he'll let me play Assassin´s Creed on his pc 8D), so it was not that bad. The best thing was the yummy food. Hm, food~
Also, a cousin of mine (she's my, I believe, third oldest cousin. Or second oldest.) is pregnant with twins so yay~ They were trying to get children so it's a happy occasion. Though two at once is pretty much... Oh well.

Apart from that: WHY IS IT SO FREAKING HOT DDDDDDDDDDD8 Ugh. Ughughugh. Never again will I live in a ceiling apartment. Seriously. Horrible.

Oh, and btw: I was staring at my desktop background earlier (while we tried to install Assassin´s Creed on my laptop, which didn't work *sadface*), when I noticed just how much Innes looks like Hayden. Especially the area of his eyes. The nose not, of course (insert theory about how Fado broke Hayden´s nose and that's why it looks like it does), but the eyes... and the general form of his face a bit. Not as much as the eyes though. They will look really alike when Innes becomes Hayden´s age. (Which makes Innes a bit more awesome, I guess 8D *is shallow*)
And as a second btw; Innes´ glove is REALLY cool. Just saying.
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Just wrote a short Valter --> Hayden drabble. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. I'm a bad person XD Will be posted later, I have class in a few minutes. Writing Valter shouldn't be that much fun, should it?


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I have the theory that Hayden´s nose has that strange bump/form/whatever because Fado broke it when they were younger and it didn't heal properly because they hadn't access to magic/medicine at the moment.

Have a picture )

I'm debating if it would be worth thinking about writing the story. Though it does contain some serious growing up on Fado´s part (and on Hayden´s part as well, actually). And I do want to shoehorn Viggy into it as well, because of awesomesauce (and I would actually kinda need someone to keep the two together since they are on their own in the story). The big question would be; why is Viggy there at all XD And how can I believable handwave the fact that they're cut off from their group. Oh my. (But it is fun. Well, Hayden has to run around with a broken nose, which is not so fun for him at least) Okay, I do have a small idea on how to excuse Viggy´s presence, but stiiiiiiiiiiiiill. Hm. More thinking is necessary.
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I've noticed that I ship Fado/Hayden in all forms; m/m, f/m, f/f. Everything is awesome. Which lead me to the conclusion that Fado is definitely bi with a preference for women. Because boobs. Boobs (gotta love the sound of it). Now, the same is not true for Hayden. I see him as straight; he is not attracted to men or the male physic in general (the reverse is true if he's a girl). Fado is the only exception. He is fadosexual, so to speak 8D

Since we're on the topic of FemHayden. Still no good name yet. I thought of Halida, but I don't really like the sound. :( (Oh, and that is a real name even. Surprised me.)

Ya know. That icon wasn't supposed to sound/look shippy. But in conjunction with this post it kinda does XD

Edit: I'm reading a dissertation about a ship´s surgeon from the end of the 18th century and his observation about the spreading of diseases on ships and it's terribly interesting. Hopefully I can use some bits in my pirate AU 8D Also, it gives me a better feel for life on a ship.

Edit 2:

I want to ask you a favour of you all. I want to write a few characterization practice drabbles with the brokings, but I need a few lines they can react to. So would you just give me a random line (not as a narrator but a line of dialog)? Nothing cracky, please, because I want to train my srs characterization. (If you can't come up with something non-cracky, oh well, give me the crack 8D)

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The Moulder/Hayden story turns out to be more difficult than I want it to be. But writing about religion is so awkward D8 And I must be some kind of masochist, because even though I know it makes me uncomfortable to write religious people, I still want to write that Mansel story >< Oh dear. Also, that story somehow is very wordy. The first scene barely started and I already have over 2000 words XD Fffffffffffffff. Maybe it'll become part of the 100 lover challenge. It would fit, I guess.

I know it shouldn't bug me as much as it does... but the fact that so many princes/princesses in FE land have so few siblings strikes me as so strange. And I know it is silly and I should stop comparing it to reality, because it's fantasy. But when I hear about Karl der Große and his second wife who were married for 11 years and had 9 children or Karl´s brother Karlman who had already 4 children when he died at 20, then I'm wondering... what would those FE kings and queens do if their only child suddenly succumbs to some plague or so? Why are they risking something like that? Sense, it makes none. And it definitely shouldn't bug me that much >> Sigh.

Also, Tana <3

Edit: What I forgot earlier; I had an idea for the [ profile] fe_contest  , but I forgot it again :( And it was Hayden&Fado friendship. *sad face* Hopefully it comes back later.
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So, I've decided to post my writing exercise now. It was mighty fun, even though the ending was surprisingly hard XD There was just no good breaking point. So I added a bit Hayden&Tana adorbs. YOU KNOW ME. I CAN'T RESIST 8D Anyway, comments would be lovely.

And next thing will either be another battle scene exercise or a characterization exercise 8D
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I continued my battle scene exercise today and it went well 8D I was so in the flow that the end took a different turn than I planned XD But it's all well~ A few closing paragraphs are still missing (because you can't have Hayden and Tana in a training´s fic WITHOUt some family adorbs. NO, THAT IS NOT POSSIBLE 8D) Hm, it was so much fun that I'll maybe write another one~ With young bros this time~

Sports, I hate you. Ugh.

Hm, I think I've wanted to write more, but I forgot what it was. Hm...

OH WAIT. Yeah, I also wrote some short German original thingie. It felt really strange to write in German again. Hm. Not sure if I like that...
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Because I have nothing better to do than reading supports during a lecture 8D (omg, still so boring).

Anyway. First one is pretty normal and not earthshaking like the other one, but rofltastic nethertheless!

Artur: So this is a wyvern...
Cormag: Hey, what's going on here? Don't get too close now. It may look calm now, but it's got a dangerous
side. Like me.
Artur: S-sorry! Oh, the name is Artur.

Cormag, that sounds like a bad pickup line XD "He's dangerous, just like me *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*" Ffffffffffff, did Viggy teach you nothing? XD

BUT! That is nothing against what I found in the Moulder/Vanessa A support.

Just a little context; in the B support Moulder tells Vanessa the little Innes story about the show archer and how Innes beat him. It is obvious at the end of this support and in the beginning of the A that Moulder knows that Vanessa has a crush on Innes. And then this comes:

Vanessa: Father... Thank you again for the other day.
Moulder: Hmm? Oh, you mean that story?
Vanessa: Yes.
Moulder: Ah... You know, you remind me of myself, twenty years back.
Vanessa: Huh?
Moulder: Oh, never mind... ... Good luck to you, Vanessa. I don't know where this will lead, but I'm sure the prince knows your feelings.

O.O What does that mean? How are they connected? The topic is still "crush on the Frelian prince". Which means that Moulder had a crush on a Frelian Prince as well. Now, if we remember the quote in the Gilliam/Moulder support, namely that Hayden´s coronation was approximately 15 years in the past... That would make Hayden the Frelian Prince, who Moulder had a crush on. o///o And according to my headcanon, Hayden and Aileen are already married (and I think Innes is already born).

What is this...

XD That is awesome! (And since Moulder would be in his teens if I assume that Moulder is in his early to middle 30s in game and there is no pornstache yet, so it doesn't go into DNW territory) OMG, drama and ZOOM, god, that is awesome XD Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I kinda want fic about that.

Okay, stop fangirling, self 8D So. Much. Want. (I like one-sided crushs.)
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I shouldn't squee that hard at reading "You got Hayden", should I XD Just picked up my SS and noticed that I was somewhere in the Lagdou Ruins and thought "Hey, let's continue~" And then, a room later, I got that message 8D Damn, my fangirling gets worse and worse. Hayden~ (I squeed for a second time, albeit less loud, when I saw that he brought a snow jewel with him. Money~)

AND OF COURSE, I immediately employed him~ Hayden~ (Also, did you noticed that he looks kinda pissed on his battle portrait? Why u pissed off, Hayden?) AND then I noticed that I put him in a team with Tana XD A Father-Daughter Kickass Team~ Ffffffff and now I want fic badly where they fight together and Hayden is a Bamf and notices that his little girl is all grown up and a Bamf as well~ Innes can come too~

Hayden: Children, I'm so proud of you ;A; *huggedyhug* But don't forget to watch out, Tana, and changed your underwear daily and--

Tana: DAAAAAAAD, you're embarrassing meeeee~

Hayden: *does not care and rambles on*

And, good god, it would be awesome and you know it. And then ZombieFado appears and everyone is confused and Hayden is all like "Dude, what are you doing here? o.O"

Fado: "Hayden, old buddy. How are you? 8D Say, have you seen my hand? I kinda lost it somewhere~"

Hayden: "... It's crawling around the corner."

Fado: "Aaah~ Oh, well. Good thing I can't bleed to death XD"

Oh god, I should stop now. XD
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Nn, trying to find a name for Fem!Hayden because I think I need some femslash in my life. But there are no pretty names with H D8 Also, the fact that "Hayden" is an unisex name was not only surprising but also completely unhelpful, because I can't let her have it. I would be compleeeeeeeeeeetely confused by that (and everbody else probably as well). I fear I then have to use my "H" name default name; Helena or Helen(e). D8 Do not really want.

Ah, names, I hate you.

So, now off to breakfast and then mowing the lawn.
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Wow, there's much going on on my flist. But I will not add to the WTF!

No, I had a (wonderful) dream tonight. I dreamt that I had a Hayden doujinshi and I wanted to make icons. But then I woke up and noticed that I don't have a Hayden doujinshi ;°; Much sadness was had. Well, there was also the part with the fucked up Uni courses, but, uhm, how does my brain come up with philosphy? Somehow, lately, my dreams all feel like videogames.

Alright, that's all. I mean, it's not like anything already happened today! I just woke up.

I want a Hayden doujinshi. And I want more Hayden icons.

Thong!Valter in heels is scaaaaaaaaaary. Pic later.
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Yay, writing fic is fun~ 8D Also, why is it that I can write a Hayden+Tana tea party but not a Geoffrey+Lucia+Elincia tea party? So strange. Anyway, that reminds me that I still have to colour that pic for [ profile] fe_fest . After I tried yet again to make a Fadia/Vigarde icon. Damn you, my art skills. You are lacking *shakes fist*

Soooooooo, apart from that I did more or less nothing today 8D Procrastinating~ Is bad. >[ Bad self.


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