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Mirania loves to eat and Asthar loves to cook. In this regard they definitely fit well.

Also, Asthar using cooking to calm down from unsettling memories and nightmares? I like it. (And if Mirania with him, all that food won't just waste. Also good.)
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I've finished Xenoblade Chronicles just now. First I wanted write a real long entry about the good sides and the bad sides, but now... no. I don't feel like it. I'll only say a few things;

- the writing is cheesy and during most cut scenes I had the feeling that I've read that dialogue somewhere else before

- the characters are mostly types (poor Reyn is the most obvious example) (I only found Melia and Riki fun)

- I wouldn't have paid the 40€ for the story because it's cliché and not in the "seen it before but done in a new way"

- the hundreds of side missions are fucking addictive and the best part of the game

- gameplay is sometimes awesome, sometimes frustrating

- the Nopon are the cutest things ever

- the Emperor seemed to be such a nice guy

- I finished the game with 133 hours and a few minutes and lvl 99. The side missions are really fucking addictive

It's a good game. Not necessarily one that I would recommend but fun enough.


Now for the more fun part of this post. Even though I'm not terribly inspired by things lately, I was thinking about the Fado Survives AU and what would happen when he arrives in Grado with Ephraim and how he'd react to Knoll´s news. To make it short, he is sad that Vigarde´s name was sullied like that and goes to Vigarde´s study to apologize to him (well, his ghost or something). And then I've wanted Fado to find something that he could take with him; some personal belonging that was dear to Vigarde as a memento. Aaaand there comes the new headcanon:

I've wanted it to be something small that Fado could carry with him easily. And something that wouldn't draw much attention to it. I came up with a ring. And I came up with a tradition about rings because it's fun. (Alright, main motivation was that I liked the image of Vigarde wearing many rings). The tradition is that the wearing of rings is used to symbolize friendship and many other relationships. For example, every person from Grado wears a ring representing their parents. That's seen as a sign that one belongs to a family and loves said family. If that ring is not worn, it's obvious that this person has seperated themselves from their family. The second important ring is the one signifying one´s spouse. The third important ring is the one signifying one´s children. Those three are standard. Rings symbolizing close friends are very common and are much more varied than the standard ones. In general it doesn't matter what the rings are made of, apart from bronze. Bronze is only used for family members/friends that are dead.

I dunno, I find it fun 8D
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I was thinking about how far they would go to accomplish something, mostly win a fight/war. (That was kinda a left-over musing from the Vigarde&Lyon fic Sacrifices.) I was musing about both of them, because I love to compare Hayden with Innes (and Fado with Ephraim), because they are canonically quite similar in personality. What mainly prompted this musing was a Subway to Sally song, though, "Die Schlacht".

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to don
keusche Unschuldsmiene zeigen;  (a chaste and innocent air;
sich in wahrer Demut üben,   (practice living in true lowliness,
schüchtern sein und ganz bescheiden. (acting shy and meek)

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to
Freunde morden und verraten; (murder friends and betray them;
man muss lügen und betrügen (you have to lie and cheat,
man muss sähen böse Saaten.
(you have to sow the seeds of evil.) Subway to Sally - Die Schlacht

The translation is not the best, because it's almost impossible to keep the rhythm intact (and you really cannot replicate the grammatical structure of the verses into English. The grammar systems are too different). So, this whole thing sparked my wondering:

What would Hayden and Innes be willing to do to reach their goals? Edit: I'm not thinking straight today so I merged two different situations into one. The "would they sacrifice family" thought is actually separate from the "how far would they go" thought. Go, me >> To clarify further; the "would they sacrifice family" assumes a "sacrifice one person or hundreds of others will die/suffer horribly" situation.

And I came to the conclusion that under almost no circumstance Hayden would betray his family and friends. If his "friends" gave him reason to, he might (only if no other possible solution works). Hayden would never (and I mean never) sacrifice his family. For nothing. He might sacrifice his friends if he is pressed to do it (it would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he would). His family is Hayden´s big weakness, though, especially Tana and his wife. He would rather put himself (and everybody else) in danger than his daughter and wife (Innes is a bit of an exception since he's a soldier. He's more prepared to sacrifice a soldier. Yes, Tana is a soldier as well, but, well, Hayden doesn't truly accept it in his heart.)

He would lie and cheat. As long as he considers his cause good and justified, he would have absolutely no problems with that. The same with provoking disputes; though he would try to not let it grow out of control.

Hayden would put on a false act to get what he wants/needs. He would probably not like it, but he would rock it. He is a good actor.

Now, Innes on the other hand... He is the same in regard to lying/cheating and putting on a false act (though I believe he wouldn't be as good as Hayden at acting innocent).

So, what about sacrificing friends and family? I took me long to come to a conclusion. But in the end... yes, I believe Innes would sacrifice them. He wouldn't particularly like it, of course, and he would try to find another solution, but in the end he would do it. Innes would go farther than Hayden.

(But to counterbalance that; I believe that Hayden is more conniving and back-stabbing than Innes. Innes tends to be more honest, because he wasn't taught as much as Hayden to be conniving (with the strong conflicts with Grado back then, Hayden was highly encouraged to be... mean to them))


Unrelated to that, I'm kinda wondering if it's strange that I never assign specific songs to characters. Maybe because I tend to never listen to the lyrics (the only thing that is important for me is that the melody is nice and that the sound of the voice is nice and fits) and if I do, only if they're fun or creepy. I mean, I rarely listen to German music (and then it falls under the mentioned categories) and I don't bother to pay attention to lyrics in other languages. And honestly... I hate it when I understand the lyrics. They always distract me from the music itself and therewith take all my enjoyment away. That's the reason why in general I hate German music. I do not want to know what you're singing about. Normally it's cheesy or stupid or nonsensical or just plain horrible. If the lyrics are in a different language, I at least don't notice how horrible the lyrics are. >8X

Alright, enough ranting for today.
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Have been feeling kinda melancholy and down the whole day. Painting my grandpa´s chairs and showering hasn't helped, which it has before. Fuck. Therefore I kinda hate the world a bit right now. It would definitely better if my creativity hadn't died, but I don't know how I could change that.

However, I feel good enough to ramble a bit about decomposition. In Renais. Just because. Mostly because Fado.

Cut because... because. )

And now I can't think of more to ramble about. Fffffffff, I wish I could write. ;A;
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I thought I managed to get rid of that "head shake" tic years ago. I do not think that it's a good sign that it came back in the last days.

*angsts a bit*

Also, tried to write earlier but it was more of a fight with myself than fun. :( Uuuuuuuuuuuh. I'll maybe try again later.

Random headcanon minute of the day:

Fado is missing one incisor and one back tooth. Hayden isn't missing any. About 2/3 of the Magvel knights are missing at least one tooth. Duessel and Gilliam are definitely missing at least one, I just don't know which.
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Because I feel like it. I don't think you can call it meta (Why do I ALWAYS write meat first?), but whatever. Headcanon tiems~

BroKings related so feel free to skip~ (I might have to think more about Marcus another time. Because Marcus. Also, I should stop writing him first as "Marcus" and then "Markus" and then the other way again. Plz stop to be confused, self.)

So, I felt like saying a few words about their parents, mostly their fathers because they have the biggest influence as of yet on them. Yes, family times again~

Cut for teel deer about families. Grado is always so.... hnhnhnhn~ )

I feel like I might post Moulder/Hayden Part 1. I haven't editted for a while now, but I do feel it's mostly finished. Hm. Also, Marcus writing now, plz.

Edit: Lj-cuts, stop fucking things up.
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I shall not ship Duessel/Vigarde. I shall not ship Duessel/Vigarde. I shall not ship Duessel/Vigarde. I shall not ship Duessel/Vigarde. I shall not...

Too late XD Ngl, this is fun. Non-shippy friendship is also awesome 8D Do want.

Also, what is your headcanon age for Duessel? I have the feeling that he's a few years older than Vigarde. Maybe around 52-54. Hm, I'm just also wondering how old Marcus is. He looks so old and tired in FE6.... Especially in his official art. And haggard. :(

Oh, and I don't know if I ever shared this pic with you, but it's sweet and I just feel like posting a pic:

Read more... )
Edit: OMG, I just stumped one of my toes and it hurts like hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllll. DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD8 I hate this sick feeling you get when the pain creeps through your body up to your brain. So. Disgusting. HOMG, just the recollection of that feeling makes my stomach turn again. DDDDDDDX Also, my toe bleeds a bit. Hopefully it's not broken. Argl. The pic is a tiny bit appropriate now. Painnnnnnnnnnnnn.
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A thought, or rather question, hit me in the shower just now (no, the shower is not related to the question):

Did Lyon know what would happen to his soul? Or rather; did he sell his soul to the Demon King in order to receive whatever he wanted (confidence, strength, respect and one of the twins, I believe)?

I don't believe there is anything in canon that hints at one of them, does it? And it would change many things, wouldn't it? Well, maybe Lyon didn't completely know what it means to sell one´s soul (and by that I don't mean the technical stuff, but the real life consequences and changed feelings and everything. Words and explanations can never fully describe reality).
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Because I have nothing better to do than reading supports during a lecture 8D (omg, still so boring).

Anyway. First one is pretty normal and not earthshaking like the other one, but rofltastic nethertheless!

Artur: So this is a wyvern...
Cormag: Hey, what's going on here? Don't get too close now. It may look calm now, but it's got a dangerous
side. Like me.
Artur: S-sorry! Oh, the name is Artur.

Cormag, that sounds like a bad pickup line XD "He's dangerous, just like me *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*" Ffffffffffff, did Viggy teach you nothing? XD

BUT! That is nothing against what I found in the Moulder/Vanessa A support.

Just a little context; in the B support Moulder tells Vanessa the little Innes story about the show archer and how Innes beat him. It is obvious at the end of this support and in the beginning of the A that Moulder knows that Vanessa has a crush on Innes. And then this comes:

Vanessa: Father... Thank you again for the other day.
Moulder: Hmm? Oh, you mean that story?
Vanessa: Yes.
Moulder: Ah... You know, you remind me of myself, twenty years back.
Vanessa: Huh?
Moulder: Oh, never mind... ... Good luck to you, Vanessa. I don't know where this will lead, but I'm sure the prince knows your feelings.

O.O What does that mean? How are they connected? The topic is still "crush on the Frelian prince". Which means that Moulder had a crush on a Frelian Prince as well. Now, if we remember the quote in the Gilliam/Moulder support, namely that Hayden´s coronation was approximately 15 years in the past... That would make Hayden the Frelian Prince, who Moulder had a crush on. o///o And according to my headcanon, Hayden and Aileen are already married (and I think Innes is already born).

What is this...

XD That is awesome! (And since Moulder would be in his teens if I assume that Moulder is in his early to middle 30s in game and there is no pornstache yet, so it doesn't go into DNW territory) OMG, drama and ZOOM, god, that is awesome XD Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I kinda want fic about that.

Okay, stop fangirling, self 8D So. Much. Want. (I like one-sided crushs.)


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