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Icons [10]

Odin Sphere: Mercedes (4), Ingway (1), Gwendolyn (2), Kornelius (2), Gwendolyn&Griselda (1)

Whoop! )

Ingway's is official art, the Gwendolyn&Griselda one I got from o'neill and I unfortunately do not know where I got the rest from. If someone knows, do tell me!

Also, very basic icons XD I've never been a great icon maker.
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[Icons] 5

The Last Story: Asthar x5

+ 2 gifs :D

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut )

You won't believe how long it took to make them D: And they're still faaaar too big for userpics. *sadface* Still, if you take them, I would really appreciate credits.
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[Icons]: 15
The Last Story: 13 Asthar, 2 Asthar&Zael

Cut because it's too awesome )

Comments and credit are welcome but not necessary. Have fun with them 8D

(Btw, I so want to have Asthar´s blue cloak. It's just so... awesome 8D)
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Who would've thought that Rammstein would inspire me to write Innes&Tana siblingness (almost cute siblingness at that!) for the "Blanket" prompt for [ profile] penandpaper71 . XD FFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffff and I totally forgot how awesome Rammstein are. Oh my~ (And no, of course, I couldn't keep from making a comment or two on Hayden. You know me. But it does fit! 8D) Yay siblings~

Will be posted tomorrow-ish. Have to edit it first.

BTW, you can still make prompts if you want to.


I'm just leaving this here:

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Icons [19]

Turisas (19)
Cut for the Power of Metal )

Comments and credit are lovely, but not necessary. Have fun with the icons!
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Icons [17]
Fire Emblem: Lyon (3), Knoll (10), Valter (4)

Icons, shiny icons )

Icon post

6/3/11 14:10
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It was time to finally make some icons out of the FE8 game novel art~ Also, two special icons 8D

Icons [14]
Fire Emblem: Canas, Marth&Lyon, Myrrh (2), Kyle (2), Forde, Ewan&Tethys, Ephraim (2), Eirika (2), Artur (2)

Iconsssss )
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Icons [4]
Fire Emblem: Vigard (2), Lucius (2)

Oh yes.
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Fire Emblem/Pokemon [19]: 
Vigarde, Seth, Nino, Ninian, Nils, Lyon, Ismaire, Hayden, Forde, Ewan, Fado, Ephraim, Eirika, Knoll (6)

Shiny iconssss )
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Mmmmm, wrote fic today 8D Took me hours. Fail, self (and it's barely three pages long. OTOH, I really like how it turned out). I also started to post my first lover's challenge prompt. Which can be found at or at dreamwidth. Yay~

Unfortunately, I did not work on my [ profile] fe_fest prompt. I've already decided to switch to art for one (and the pic looks really cute, if I may say so) and I fear I have to do the same with the other one. Maybe I can even make a comic out of it (brokings~). Well, we'll see.

Unf, nothing else happened today. I really have to come up with a topic for my term paper, but I really can't think of anything D8 *Epic No Face* And deadline is 15. 3. Damn....

Edit: Kent and Sain derping, y/y?

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Making those other creepy icons motivated me to make moar :3

As always the art is not mine (exceptions are icons 1-4) so you don't have to credit me. (But do have to hunt down all the sites again D:)

Icons [28]
Fire Emblem:
Lyon (3), Seth (2), Seth/Eirika (2), Forde (2), Franz, Fado (2), Vigarde, Vigarde+Selena, Knoll, Knoll/Lute, Artur/Tethys, Tana (2), Geoffrey+Lucia, Ephraim/L'Arachel, Bastian, Duessel
Pirates: Alestorm (4, from "Black Sails at Midnight"), Blackbeard
Iconz~ )
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Hi, new bro friend <3

Here have some icons to celebrate that: (Geoffrey has to counterbalance the creepiness)

Fire Emblem [3]:
Geoffrey, Valter, Valter+Narshen

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Welcome, my new friends 8D

Sooooo, I scaned the beautiful art from the FE 8 Game Novel by Takase Mie and Suzuki Rika. It's awesome and you are free to make icons. :D If the link doesn't work, scream and I will see what I can do. I haven't found out how to Zip the ordner yet. Sorry! Will find out in the future!

BUT! That is not the only thing I have for you. Since I got awesome Vigarde art, I made the icons I wanted to make days ago (but which I couldn't do because I had no art). Since Renning is awesome and I had the perfect background for Lyon, I made some for them as well.

Icons [4]
Fire Emblem: 1 Renning, 1 Lyon, 2 Vigarde

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No, seriously. He doesn't even have OFFICIAL ART. It makes me a sad fangirl. He, Hayden and Fado are the Bad Touch Trio of Magvel, says my headcanon.

Here, have some icons. There are some with Ismaire as well because on first glance I always think "Seth´s mama :D". Bad plot bunnies.

Fire Emblem:

[7] Sacred Stones: 2 Hayden, 1 Vigarde, 1 Ismaire, 1 Fado+Hayden, 1 Fado+Ismaire

Ismaire is pretty~ :D


14/10/10 18:12
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Everything apart from the hair from deviantArt.

Edit: More Derp.


The last one scaressss usssss.
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Icons [24]
Fire Emblem 8; 4 Seth,1 Eirika, 4 Kyle, 2 Seth/Eirika, 1 Kyle/Lute
Fire Emblem 9/10; 5 Geoffrey, 1 Renning, 1 Geoffrey/Elincia, 1 Geoffrey/Elincia/Lucia, 2 Bastian/Lucia, 2 Geoffrey/Zelgius
This happens, when I'm bored and thinking that I need more Geoffrey icons )
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First ma doodle of Fem!Geoffrey. I like drawing her. I decided to call her Joan.

Joan's under here )

Now to the icons:

[03] Monty Python´s Flying Circus; Spam x3

Apart from that, no news. Apart from the fact that I hate my writing today. Everything sounds boring. Though, no matter what I read today it's boring. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood. Well, thanks to Joan I feel a bit better.
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I thought I make some icons before I leave tomorrow.

Icons [44]
* [19] Fire Emblem; 2 Farina, 2 Harken, 2 Vaida, Amelia, Ewan, 2 L'Arachel, Natasha, 2 Syrene, Ashnard, 3 Geoffrey, Lucia, Mist
* [9] Hetalia; 2 Austria, 2 Chibitalia, 2 HRE, HRE/Chibitalia, 2 Hungary
* [13] Monty Python's Flying Circus (2nd season); Various, including the Spanish Inquisition
* [3] Golden Sun;
1 Venus Djinn, 1 Mars Djinn, 1 Merkur Djinn
Icons under here )
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Icons: 3
[3] Yggdra Union 2; Durant, Yggdra, Durant/Yggdra

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Icons: 28
[13] Fire Emblem; Bastian, Lucia, Geoffrey, Elincia, Kent, Lyn, Sain, Seth, Eirika (also Seth/Eirika, Kent/Lyn, Bastian/Lucia, Geoffrey/Elincia)
[8] Hetalia; 2 Germany, 2 Prussia, 2 North Italy, 2 South Italy
[7] Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The icons are shy )


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