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Hmmmmmmmm, I want to write. I'm out of my slump, more or less (TMI: my period is also almost over. Coincidence? I don't know), but I don't know what to write.

So, friends' list. If you have some prompts, give them to me. The usual suspects are Fire Emblem (6/7, 8, maybe 9/10), Last Story and Lufia 2. You probably know who I normally write, but you can also prompt people I normally don't write. I think I'm in the mood for a bit of a challenge. If you don't know my typical characters, just check the tags here.

PS: Good thing you posted that ad on Fandom_Secrets, raphi. I almost forgot about Nagamas! Finally gotta think of some prompts.

PPS: Yessssss to my new Tia icon. She's so cute and awesome.

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Yes, I posted my Tia/Hilda story <3 I still love it so much.

If you're interested:

Also, I do need to make a Tia Icon, me believes. Just Selan is not enough.


3/4/14 22:07
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You know, I buy Darksiders 1 yesterday (7€, not bad) and while it installs/loads I play Lufia 2 to pass the time. And what happens, obviously?

I spent the night playing Lufia 2. 8D (What can I say, Lufia is just superior)

And wrote a Tia/Hilda piece. Don't ask me why. For some reason it seemed like a good idea and now I love it. The conversation in Tanbel isn't even shippy. Nothing, just two textboxes of banter about Guy and Maxim.

But Hilda would be a great match for Tia. Hilda's an inn owner (probably together with Guy, I guess, but she manages it almost on her own) and Tia owns a shop. Tia might not want to live in Elcid after Maxim's death and Tanbel is so close! And she could easily work in the inn and Hilda knows what Tia went through, because she was also involved at one point. And Hilda is not a warrior so Tia doesn't have to worry. They could happily manage the inn together.


(That's pretty much what my fic is. It's so cute. I love them.)

And now that I'm replaying Lufia, I gotta say I love almost all of the characters. Maxim, Tia and Selan are amazing. Guy is cool too. Dekar is stupid, but alright. I don't remember much about the others (oops) now, but they were alright as well. I'm astonished that I fell in love with the game all over again.

PS: Also bought the new Subway to Sally album. Love it <3

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I'm a bit in pain today so I'll keep it short. I've wrote a little Lucia&Geoffrey sibling fluff ficlet (on and dreamwidth) and something for Lufia 2. Because Lufia 2 is awesome (also on and dreamwidth). Weee.

Also, here have a song I love at the moment. The refrain is so schmissig.

It was surprisingly hard to find a video with decent audio quality. Hm.

Edit: First I've wanted to watch the FE OVA but it was boring. Therefore I'm watching Doremi. I've watched it ages ago and it's still adorable XD I've always like Sophie the best~
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Terranigma <3 I shouldn't have started playing you again. I'll have to force myself to do other things than just playing now <3 But I love this game so much 8D Games with topics like self-sacrificing are just... there's something really compelling about them. Illusion of Time and Lufia 2 had something similar going on; I wasn't too much of a fangirl for Illusion of Time since there were a few instances (i.e. dungeons) that were really no fun, but the relationshps between the hero and his companions and between the companions themselves were fun. I remember liking the romance Lance and the blue-haired girl had (his name is the only one I remember XD). Aw, and the death of the piggy D8

Oh, and Lufia 2 <3 I loved all of the characters. And the relationship between Maxim and Selan was a bit sudden (there was a built-up, but it was still hm-hm); I didn't expect the marriage (mostly because I've never seen a marriage in a game XD). But I really liked it. I did like Tia as well, but it would've never worked with her and Maxim. They just expected different things from life and if they had come together, one of them would've had to more or less give up such a huge part of their personality... Maxim never wanted to be a shop owner and would've been dead unhappy with staying inside all day. And Tia was no warrior who loved to travel around and slay monsters. Some people might be able to live with such differences, but those two did not belong to that group. And honestly, it was awesome that Tia decided for herself that that was not what she wanted and left (after the first big adventure was over) to return to the life she had before.

And the Guy and Dekar bromance, ffffffffff. They were fun~

What was I talking about again? Oh, Terranigma, yes. Also awesome. By the way, maybe I didn't notice it before but... did the translators insert the gay ram couple? I mean, the way the living ram talked about his "companion"? It very much sounded like they were a couple. Hmhm. The ram couple is such a sad part anyway. ;A; I want to save the living ram. But it is impossible and I have to leave him behind to either starve or freeze to death.

But the main topic is sacrificing and self-sacrificing so that was to be expected ;v; Still. Poor ram.

Hnnnn. Anyway, I feel like maybe writing fic for Terranigma. Maybe.

Edit: Somehow Fluffy reminds me a bit of Kyuubei. Especially *Spoiler* since the first Fluffy is pretty evil, actually. How he and the Elder try to force Melina to kill Ark... Not nice. Well, that and the fact that they are using Ark to gain control of the Light World. *Spoiler End*
Why is this song so short? ;A; I could listen to it for hours. )


On another topic; I'm just watching Asterix (the cartoon movies) and it makes me nostalgic ;3 I watched that quite a bit when I was younger. And read the comics. Yay Asterix and Idefix and Obelix and Miraculix~