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Madam should stop bringing in so much mice. And if she does, could she at least either bring mice who are very much alive or who are very much dead. It's always so sad to euthanise them. Poor, cute mice. And she never cleans up after herself. Otoh, that way we can at least find them... But still.

On an entirely other note;

I was writing/thinking a bit about the Fado AU and was wondering... does Fado know of Ephraim's wish to just be a mercenary? I'm not sure what Ephraim would do because both sounds plausible to my ears: did Ephraim hide the wish because his father would disapprove and he doesn't want that stress (tongue-lashing, stricter rules, stricter lessons, less freedom, etc.)? Or did he tell him (maybe during a fight, or because he had that wish from the very beginning, or because he didn't feel like he should feel ashamed for that, etc.)?

I'm not too sure in my writing of Ephraim so what do the other Ephraim-writers think?
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Chasing a mouse your cat just brought in to play at 00:15? Sounds like the most perfect night sport.

Poor mouse was still perfectly okay and even fought back. Pretty awesome. It felt actually nice when I caught her between the door and my leg (my skin didn't touch her); such a tiny adorable animal <3 It's outside now, safe would be said too much, but Jiji never brought more than one mouse at once.
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Oh god, I just had to laugh so BADLY. I was playing with Jiji. She likes to play with those cat fishing rods from time to time, especially if she's lying on a chair and the bait is partially hidden behind the table cloth -- much clawing and biting the cloth 8D Anyway, she got a little wild and I told her that she would slip off the chair. Which she did a few moments later and she clawed at everything just to stay on the chair. XD It looked so funny. And then. Almost the same thing happened again a few moments later, this time she hang on the table cloth XD It looked so hilarious though that probably doesn't come through in writing.
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I have a cat sleeping on my back 8D And it's so nice and warm 8D Unfortunately my computer is hungry and wants power and I can't stand up 8D Because Jiji is so nice and warm~~ /all in sing-song voice

Jiji is in the icon~
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Poor Jiji had to get her shots today :( She was really brave and only cried pitiably on our way to the vet (thankfully her praxis is very close so it's less than 5 minutes with the car). But she's always completely still as soon as we step into the praxis. During the exam she's almost frozen and doesn't bite or hiss or flees. A vet´s dream. XD Poor Jiji. But now she's safe until next year 8D


Why is it so adorablllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle? 8D

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Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. XD It is kinda funny, though.

Alright, Jiji (our cat) and I were cuddling. The nice kind of cuddling (though her lovingly nipping my nose was a bit unpleasant if sweet), where there is a huge amount of purring, hand-licking and head-rubbing and little claws in thighs. Suddenly we hear a noise from the bathroom. I was first unsure but it sounded like a cat jumped on the ground from the windowsil (there's her cat flap leading into our garden). We sit there for a moment, both straining our ears. After we heard a few more strange noises, I stand up (and set Jiji on the ground) and we walk over to the bathroom. I threw open the door. And see a black cat startle and escape through the cat flap. In the same moment, Jiji jumps forward, up through the cat flap and then I only hear hissing.


The black cat burglar is a semi-stray cat from the neighbourhood (he's probably related to Jiji, since both formerly "belonged" to the person who kept cats but didn't take care of them so they were kinda stray) and he has stolen Jiji´s food every now and then. I've never seen her chase him, though XD

And she got a bit of tuna when she came back a minute ago. All is well again.
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For some time now I kinda wanted to make a post about our cat, Jiji, and how she came to us (because I got old pictures from my father), but I was always too lazy. Now, I have a video :3 A video of Jiji and her two kitten boys from 2008. Shortly before they moved in here, I believe. So you get that video. Yay kittehs~ 8D

The boys´ name were Sushi and Maki (not my decision), but I don't know which is which.

Also, the camera woman apologises for her lacking camera holding skills. I rarely use cameras.

Edit: Cannot embed media because evil. Here have a link:
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Posted my Fadia/Vigarde story on and dreamwidth. I still love it though it kinda makes me uncomfortable in my current state of mind.


Things have happened in rl, but I don't feel like talking about it. Suffice to say, I'm not in a particularly good state of mind at the moment (restless and hopeless would be fitting adjectives). If I'm very quiet or only talk about nonsense, this is why.


Also, have I ever told you that I hate the sounds a cat makes when she's cleaning herself? Because I do. It makes me a bit sick. Stupid, loveable and cute cat.
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My nose is being ridiculous again. It bled yesterday and twice today. Ffffffffff. Why u so sensitive to cold? Or rather dry cold? Hah, at least I know how to take care of that. It's still annoying.

Anyway, I wrote some zombie goodness today 8D Yay~ After Ephraim had to deal with ZombieDad, it's now Eirika´s turn. Also, ambiguity is fun :>

Because Jiji likes to play "Baby" sometimes )
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I'm lying on my stomach on the couch and who comes in? Our cat. And where is she dozing now? On my back. XD Feels funny and nice. Daw~ (Also, my father is jealous now XD)

Will probably edit this post later with derpings about Fado&Ephraim. It's too hard to properly write in this position.
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Kitteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh )

Also, here have an awesome gif I found yesterday XD

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I HATE CLEFT SENTENCES! Please go die in a hole, kthnxbai.

Edited to say: I also hate English paragraphs. Please die in a fire, kthnxbai.


Jiji loves to kill her toys. Especially the new cat fishing rod (or whatever you call those things); she loves chasing and licking feathers. :3

But now, BROKINGS! 8D

I haz moar drabbles~ If there is strange wordage again, do tell me :3 (I think you should be able to comment with your lj accounts over there... at least I think I enabled it...) (New Edit: I also posted it on now.)

I think Hayden may be my favourite king at the moment. Maybe because we actually know about him. He's the only king who really has some screen time and doesn't die. And then there is also Tana´s C support with Syrene <3 I love the lines about Hayden <3 (The drabble "Core" is actually inspired by those lines). Hayden is awesome~ He can be glad that his children aren't the main characters, otherwise he would've died at the beginning of the game~ Innes´ birth was probably like this:

Nurse: Sir!
Hayden: What is it!?
Nurse: It's a minor character.

Gotta love him. Fado and Vigarde are very close on second place though. Ismaire has her own tier~
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Tons of snow out there. I can't go to uni today... OTOH that means that I have more time to colour my [ profile] fe_exchange  pic, but OTOH I like the class I'm missing ;.; Shucks.

Also, regarding the pic: NEVER AGAIN WILL I DRAW TARTAN SOCKS OR INDIVIDUAL PYJAMAS. Seriously, self, what were you thinking? And five persons to draw? I am mad.
Here're two nice snowy pictures and a cat~ )

And this happens far to often:

A WILD CAT APPEARS IN FRONT OF YOUR FEET! What will trainer morgan do?
Trainer morgan uses Curse: "Damn you, cat, do you want me to trip over you? I nearly kicked you!"
The attack has no effect on WILD CAT!
WILD CAT uses Puppy Eyes.
Trainer morgan is paralyzed.
Trainer morgan is defeated.


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