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Write "My" Character
+ Comment to this post with your most-often written, most-headcanon'd, or favorite character.
+ I will respond with a short drabble focusing on that character.
+ Please repost this meme so I can see how you write "my" character!

Off topic; I don't waaaaaaaaaant to go to Swedish course. Feeling so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But I'll go anyway.

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Five questions meme.

If you care to, ask me five questions in the comments, and I will answer them. Anyone can ask.

I reserved myself the right to not answer questions that are uncomfortable. Otherwise, you can ask anything.

Wrote a bit with Fadia and Vigarde today. This seems to be the only productive thing I did today. And a bit of building in Minecraft.

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After trying to write something with Fadia and Vigarde (a very strange thing -- strange to write at least), I noticed "Hey, I haven't asked for prompts for quite some time". So here, have a meme.

Give me a character or pairing and a prompt and I'll write a drabble for you.

Fandoms can be FE7-10, Last Story, Lufia or Secret of Mana. You don't have to prompt my favourite characters, but also characters you think I could/should try out (though that might take a bit longer >>)

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Pick ten characters, then answer the questions.

1. Fado
2. Hayden
3. Vigarde
4. Geoffrey
5. Tana
6. Asthar
7. Izzy
8. Seth
9. Bastian
10. Calista

It's just as fun as the last time )
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1. My "gods, I hate you so much, let's fuck right now" ship:
2. My fluff ship:
3. My weird ship:
4. My lame ship that I love anyway:
5. My illegal ship:
6. My master/slave ship:
7. My morally questionable ship:
8. My ship that is totally cliché but I don't care:
9. My more-than-family-love ship:
10. My ménage à trois:
11. My "too bad it can never happen" ship:
12. My friends-with-benefits ship:
13. My "first time" ship:
14. My "they're both so deliciously mean" ship:
15. The ship that everyone loves but I don't:
16. The ship that I'll rip my eyes out with a spoon if it happens:
17. The ship I can't believe I read and liked:
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Send me a character name and some numbers, and I will tell you:Questionssss )

Lol, after reading those questions I feel like answering all of them for certain ~favourites~ anyway.

PS: Apart from this, the day sucks already >8( I woke up in a bad mood. Not happy about this.

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So, I am in a deep low, writing-wise and emotionally-wise, which is not unconnected. Since the emotionally-wise cannot be helped easily, I shall concentrate on the writing low. (Maybe a writing high would also have affects on my emotion low) So, flist, I need your prompts.

Give me a character and a situation/one word prompt and I'll try to write a drabble. Unfortunately there is no guarantee that I'm actually able to fill it, but I'll give my best!
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Have to call a therapist later. Feeling a bit queasy. ;w;

Here, have a meme:

Give me a character, and I will tell you 5 things I like about them.
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I think I should be able to write three sentences, shouldn't I?

Meme ganked from [ profile] xirysa

1.) Give me a pairing.
2.) Give me an AU setting.
3.) I will write you a three-sentence fic.
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You know, guys... it's only today and then tomorrow... and the day after that day I'm leaving...

;A; 8D D8 8D

I'm still in a good mood (though I had a dream tonight in which I bawled my eyes about leaving. Huh) and am more or less looking forward to it. We'll probably all cry at the airport. I've packed a few packets already with books and stuff (and if they get lost, I'll be pissed forever). Oh man.

On a lighter mood; I wrote Vigarde/Fadia angst, woot! Only without a proper beginning. Oops.

Heh, to distract me some more, I have stolen this meme from raphi and xirysa aaaaaaaand someone else, but my memory is shitty so I forgot ;A;

Give me a pairing, and I'll answer the following. If it so moves you, give me a few pairs.

1.) What they most commonly do during sex (if they are the sexing type)
2.) Who has prettier (or just more attractive) hair
3.) What they argue about most often
4.) Who'd cope best if the other one died
5.) The happiest plausible happily-ever-after I can think of for them
6.) The most tragic possible ending for them
7.) What I enjoy most about their dynamic
8.) What I find difficult to write about them
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Comment here with ICE CREAM~ and I'll pick 5 icons of yours for you to talk about on your journal. (Because I have no waffles but ice cream. Yummy~)

Iconssssssss )
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/has been playing Secret of Mana the whole day. Am still not bored of it 8D

Also, here has meme (stolen from raphi)

Name a character and I will give the following for that character.

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

Multiple request possible, of course.

(Also, lj, what the fuck is going on? You're annoying me)

PS: I need the Secret of Mana soundtrack in my life. It makes me so happy 8D
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Ganked from raphi and xirysa

If I made Cinderella, the audience would immediately be looking for a body in the coach.
— Alfred Hitchcock

When I write a story, what do readers immediately look for?

(Let's see if I can guess the "typical things" I write XD)
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I didn't plan to do this meme because I only have one fandom, but I'm so freaking bored ;A; (And trying to avoid doing my term papers, oh boy) Snagged from thira and raphipuff.

Cut for length and rambling at times )



(Weeee, wasted quite some time with this 8D)
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The Brokings have completely taken over my inspiration (they and their spawn).

Therefore, give me some prompts about other characters. I have to force myself out of my confinement. >8I Fresh ideas, yay~

So, prompt away. (Multiple prompts are possible, of course)

(In Extremo in a few hours 8D *is bouncy* I so need to get a T-shirt 8DDDDD)

Edit: Just found out that there's a Trabant in Seisen. Roflmao-ing forever XD Such an unfortunate name. His nickname shall be Trabbi. (And his hair reminds me of Valter)
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My tiny!Innes and Hayden writing has to be interrupted for meme 8D

Questions from the raphipuff:

Cutcutcutcutcut )

Questions from 'thira:

Moar cutcutcutcutcut )

Thanks to Princess!Fado I probably can only ask crack questions. XD If you want 'em.
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Reply to this post, and I will list three things I love about you. Maybe more than three. Then you can repost to your own journal and spread the love—we all need love.


A day is only complete when you embarrassed yourself in public. By snorting and laughing about a horribly hilarious mental picture. For the sake of you brains, I'm gonna keep it to myself. XD And yes, once again, bro-related. Oh lawd.
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Soooooooo, because I'm a bit bored and want to spam your flists >8D I'ma gonna do the WIP meme that I didn't do when you all did it. Because I'm a boss, clearly ;P And because I kinda want to have a little overview over what I've started and haven't finished yet.

Magvel )

Lover's Challenge )

10 Orders )

Hmm, I barely have any recent fic about Tellius. Well, the bros are eating my brain. XD And I can't resist them.
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Give me a prompt consisting of one word, and I'll do my best to write a 500-word minimum piece based on this prompt. If you have specific characters/universe or a certain genre in mind, please feel free to mention them as well.

(Which reminds me that there is still an unfilled "write my character" drabble request, iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih)
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Stolen from here ;P

1 - Canon OTP

Bros/bro wives. And Hayden/Fado which has totally become canon. In their teen years. Also, Ashnard/Almedha is twisted and awesome.

2 - Laguz/Beorc 

I... don't really like them >> But Naesala/the world is totally THE THING. Everybody loves him, kay ;P

3 - One Pairing To Rule Them All

Vigarde/Fadia, obviously. They rule the world with broness. Nobody could stop them. Oh, and Dracula/Demon King and Valter/Demon King.

4 - Femslash

Fadia/FemHayden (who still has no name, sadness). Otherwise, there is a severe lack in this department :<

5 - Laguz/Laguz

Birdie orgie, clearly. Apart from Rafiel, who is monogamous with Nailah.

6 - Angst Ship

Craaaaaaaaaawling-- Lyon/everyone. Lyon/Ephraim is really intriguing, actually. Well, apart from that I'm not that into angst at the moment :>

7 - Cute Ship

Fado/Catalina. Cute, funny and naughty, what could you want more?

8 - If Only (x didn’t die) 

Let me get the bros again... :D Apart from them I really have difficulties coming up with characters who died... Izzy should've been saved. :<

9 - Slash

Bros~ Everywhere~  Apart from them Geoffrey/Seth is still guilty pleasure.

10 - Branded/Branded

Uhm, Branded are not interesting :> But if Branded/Non-Branded is allow, I vote for Lyon/Pelleas because of the squish.

11 - Total Crack Favorite 

Aren't most of my pairings crack? Valter/the world, Viggy/the world and Geoffrey/Ike, oh yes.

12 - Foe Yay

Geoffrey/Ike 8D And maybe Innes/Ephraim and Demon King/the Divine.

13 - Cargo(Item) Ship

Flux and Lightning are totally doing it.

14 - Deliciously Guilty Ship

... Geoffrey/Lucia.

15 - Noncanon OTP

My bro pairs are all noncanon. And I love them all :> Curiously, my other OTPs are semi-canon. Hm. I think I need more crack in my life.


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