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I've seen "The Legend of Princess Kaguya" by Ghibli tonight with my dad. It was a very, very beautiful movie. The art is just gorgeous. The story is a bit sad, but definitely something you should watch if you can. I'd recommend it. Also, beautiful music.

In other news, I'm addicted to Pokemon Alpha Saphire.
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And one word could already describe what I thought of that movie.


Just No.

And now the long version... )

So, all in all.... I wouldn't see this movie again. :/

PS: Thorin is still a sexy mofo.

PPS: I remembered the line, but it's because of a German Comedian using that line in one of his programmes and in the movie it sounds just as hilarious and stupid. I don't think I could translate the context.
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I saw The Hobbit again today with friends. I think I like the scene with Saruman even more now 8D <3

Also, I just saw the thumb of this Thorin art on deviantArt and in the first moment i thought "Hey, who drew Vigarde?" XD Without looking closer, it does look a bit like Viggy.

Ugh, still have to do things for uni. Not in the mood for it.
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Was in The Hobbit with the family today and I have to say: I really liked it. (Hated that we went to a 3D screening because my eyes hate 3D. And it really added nothing to the experience). There were a few things that I wasn't too happy about (the change in the troll scene, Fili/Kili/and Thorin's lack of dwarfishness and Bombur's comic-ness, the strange timing of the move of Angmar into the castle, and a few others). Also, something is bugging me about Bilbo's actor. Something about him is so very un-Bilbo to me. But I reeeeeally cannot pinpoint what it is.

I lovedlovedloved that the stone giants were there 8D SO AWESOME. I loved the mention of them in the book. They're such a nice folklore in the book.


I love Skyward Sword. I can't remember any other Zelda where I liked almost all the dungeons. They're so much fun. The Wii handling is a bit strange doesn't work at some times but it's still good. And I ~love~ what they did with Link's and Zelda's relationship. They had sweet scenes. And Bado had a great growth. I had feared he would always be that two dimensional ~enemy~ but I was surprised. So happy~