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Myyyyyyyystic Quest Legeeeeeeeeeend )

Also, on another note; I'm curious. I'm wondering how are folks on my flist pronouncing loan words, especially German ones. Like "verboten" or so.
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I'm generally not a big fan of game soundtracks. Most of the time they don't appeal to me. In the case of Gameboy games, the sound is always on mute anyway. When I play other games, then I either listen to my MP3-Player or to Let's Plays.

There are only three exeptions and those three soundtracks I downloaded (a small exception is Last Story, because those are from the extra CD and are cut scene tracks); Secret of Mana, Lufia 2 and Mystic Quest Legend.

I don't really know why it is like this. Those three soundtracks just grab me. They are fun and interesting and, to me, sound far better than newer soundtracks. For example, the persona games, FF12 or Xenoblades. Even The Last Story outside of the cut scenes! All of their soundtracks are incredibly boring to my ears (and Xenoblade has the ~fantastic~ extra of characters shouting during the fights so you can't hear anything of the battle tracks anyway (God, how I HATE that (there were other games that did that as well, but I don't remember their names))). I always give the tracks a chance, I do. But they either bore me or annoy me (looking at you, Persona games). I just cannot listen to them.

Admittedly, when playing Lufia 2 I also listen to other things by now -- mostly because I've played through it SO often and I know the tracks almost by heart. But I NEVER mute the sound when playing Secret of Mana. I just love the soundtrack. All of it fits so well and those songs I really do know by heart and could immediately tell you in which regions they play. They're fantastic. And while I haven't played Mystic Quest Legend for quite a while now, the music is still awesome. The battle sound is just so excellent.

Hm. Maybe I should get out my cane and wave it at all the younglings loving those new soundtracks. (I love SNES games so much)

On other news:
I'm kinda contemplating something for the fe_contest (because due to some wonder I didn't overlook it and remember it) and I do kinda want to write a crossover. My first instinct was Canas and something with dark magic that would cross FE7 and 8 (and would have the DK). Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Not sure if I want to. Hm.
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Weeeeeeeee, I bought a new Alestorm CD :D I just randomly found it in Saturn~ I knew I should've looked for a new one earlier. This one already came out in 2011. But I almost NEVER check if new CDs from my favourite bands are out. I'm kinda a stupid fan, lol.

Also, watching Let's Plays is just too... addictive.

Am also replaying HeartGold, also because of a Let's Play. ... I hate you *shakes fist*
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Lol, the last few weeks I had the feeling that I was barely writing/posting any stories! But when I look at my writing comm, lo and behold!, gurl, look at all this stuff you're posting (most of it is [community profile] fic_promptly 's fault anyway :P)

Gawd, I just love Seth->Fado. It's so.... delicious~~~~ I kinda want to prompt it on the fe_fest, but it always makes me feel weird if it's obvious that I wrote the prompt >< (And there is already one prompt that is... obvious.)

Also, dried apple rings <3 Om nom nom.

Alsoalso, OMG, I just randomly decided to listen to In Extremo again today. After like months of not listening to them. And after the first few accords I'm like "HOMG Y HAVE I EVER STOPPED LISTENING TO THEM NON-STOP?". Fffffffffffffffff. Anyway, now I kinda want to listen to Rammstein. Yay 8D

Yay 8D

22/1/12 12:43
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"Elisabeth - The Musical"(Vienna Production) is just so fucking awesome. I love Lucheni. So awesome. And all of the singers are great, actually. Franz Joseph´s actor has such a nice voice; not too dark, but pleasantly velvet-y. A voice that sends shivers down your back when lowered. Aiaiaia. Also, Der Tod. Ein Zuckerschneckchen. Elisabeth herself is also pretty awesome. Her duets with Der Tod are just so Hnnn. I think I need to watch the DVD again.

Snarktastic Lucheni. 8D

The songs are all awesome as well; Kitsch, Augustinerkirche, Marktplatz in Wien, Wiener Kaffeehaus, Budapester Generalwiese etc. So many gems there 8D

Here, have a sample:

In other news; finished "Emperor´s Edge". A very fun read. Amaranthe is fun, Books is awesome, Maldy is also great and Hollowcrest is still a villain I'd like to do bad things to him. Which is a sign of my liking him. 8D

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Oh man. Oh Man! I've just been hit by such a nostalgia slap. Somehow I remembered the Lego Piraten Hörbuch and immediately googled it. I still have a few of the casettes, but not all. Oh god, and the moment I hear the intro music, my heart sped up and I'm all "8DDDDDDDDDD *squee*" and my skin tingles happily. Also, the guy voicing Captain Roger is a famous voice actor, but I can never remember his name. Also, Captain Roger is awesome. 8D He's like, the epitome of what a pirate is supposed to be to me (and how he should sound like~~~)


Oh, and since I'm just on topic (and because Captain Roger kind of reminds me of him); I always thought Dagobert Duck, also known as Scrooge McDuck, was the best Disney character. I loved his stories the most. Then Tick, Trick and Track, also known as Huey, Dewey, and Louie (strange names) and Grandma Duck was also fun. 8D




This song is really awesome 8D

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Fucking Subway to Sally because they're awesome. >8D (Quality of the videos is varying, unfortunately. Eh, whatever.)

So much music 8D )
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Downloaded 5 CDs yesterday. Let me say just one thing...


That's all.
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I'm a bit in pain today so I'll keep it short. I've wrote a little Lucia&Geoffrey sibling fluff ficlet (on and dreamwidth) and something for Lufia 2. Because Lufia 2 is awesome (also on and dreamwidth). Weee.

Also, here have a song I love at the moment. The refrain is so schmissig.

It was surprisingly hard to find a video with decent audio quality. Hm.

Edit: First I've wanted to watch the FE OVA but it was boring. Therefore I'm watching Doremi. I've watched it ages ago and it's still adorable XD I've always like Sophie the best~
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This song makes me want to spin around and around and around and around until I fall. XP Also, Saltatio Mortis, yay~
Edit: FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffff, I fear I need more Saltatio Mortis in my life. Dammit.

Edit2: I've wanted to finish the Marcus-fic I started, but I totally forgot that my family and I are going to the firework today, shoot. By the way, is bi-annual a word? And it does mean something that regularly happens twice a year (though I think we have fireworks even three times a year? I actually can never remember it. But I do know that we have it at least twice) This year we will be on a ship and watching the firework from the water. Nice. And you have to order the cards at least a year before the actual event XD So popular even though it happens every year, guys. Fireworks get boring after seeing them every year. I've grown so indifferent about it (and then you also have fireworks on New Year´s Eve (Silvester is shorter, dammit)...).
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Guys? Guys, Flogging Molly is awesome. Thank you,, for showing me the shiny 8D
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Who would've thought that Rammstein would inspire me to write Innes&Tana siblingness (almost cute siblingness at that!) for the "Blanket" prompt for [ profile] penandpaper71 . XD FFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffff and I totally forgot how awesome Rammstein are. Oh my~ (And no, of course, I couldn't keep from making a comment or two on Hayden. You know me. But it does fit! 8D) Yay siblings~

Will be posted tomorrow-ish. Have to edit it first.

BTW, you can still make prompts if you want to.


I'm just leaving this here:

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Go and listen to all their songs. They're awesome >8D

Nnnnnnn, take also one of my favourite Rammstein songs. "Ich will" is also awesome.
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Unf, I'm home again. Arrived at 0:44, approximately and am eating supper now :3 Hm, instant noodle soup~ The concert was fun. The first band, Abrea, Atrea or whatever, I can't remember their name, was generic metal, nothing interesting. The second band Turisas was awesome :3 Fins just know how to do great metal. And Battle Metal at that! Try to say "battle metal" out loud; it sounds funny XD The Vier Apokalyptischen Reiter were good, but Turisas was better~

Also, since it's already a new day practically, here's the next meme day:

4. Your guilty pleasure game

Ffffffffffffffffff, I don't have one. I don't have one that sucks and I play it nethertheless because it has something special. Or at least I haven't heard that the gamer population hates a game I love. So, no. No guilty pleasure game XD (I'm so boring~)

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the rest of da questions )
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3. Most underrated game

Gee, I don't know. I'm not uptodate with what other people play. Persona could get more fans, because it's awesome. And Fire Emblem of course 8D Also, the new Castlevania´s may not have the elaborate and for ingame sprites kinda impracticable design, but they're still fun. Also, maybe Tales of Fantasia. I have to replay that one again, actually. So, I dunno 8D Moar SNES games plz.

Insert witty cut text about the rest of the questions )

Also, am going to a concert of the Vier Apokalyptischen Reiter and two other bands later~ With a friend of mine. Yay~ I don't have even one CD but a t-shirt. Lulz. But Metal is always good~
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I can't decide which version I like the best.

Also, maybe I'm just paranoid, but I kinda have the feeling that my self-analyzing post has something to do with the review post on the anon meme :/ Which would suck, because I'm asking myself if it sounded like I was whining (which I certainly wasn't). I was just looking at myself and thinking about who I am and how I act/ react to things. But I'm probably mostly paranoid.
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Out of my head. Now. Stop making me want to write Lyon. And Viggy. Though I don't need you in my head to want to write Viggy. And I can't blame you for my Haydenmania, shoot.

So, no, I don't want to write Valter pestering Lyon and calling him princess and Viggy as a overworked daddy consoling Lyon. And the Aileen-babies-Ephraim idea is also still there.

Damn, new list of things that I want to write:

- Homecoming; Innes and Tana come home, family reunion, Tana angsting over her parents (like in her supports with Syrene) and family cuteness in the end (have already started this one)
- Lyon gets called princess and tries to defends himself (he's about 10)
- AIleen babies Ephraim, he's all embarrassed but also kinda likes it because Aileen is Super Mum and nobody can really feel uncomfortable being babied by her because she has Da Moves. Or something.

IN EXTREMO, WHY SO AWESOME? I LOVE YOU. I can't stop listening and Zigeunerskat, Gold, Viva la Vida, Sterneneisen, Zauberspruch VII, Unsichtbar and Schau zum Mond are so AWESOME!
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I want to write fic about the Frelian family. Like sooooooooooooooooo much. Hayden, Aileen, Tana and Innes. So much ><! Tomorrow when I'm awake again. Hopefully, I won't have forgot what I wanted to write tomorrow XD The chance is quite high. ALSO! Just re-read my cracky apple FE7 fic. God, I kinda want to write another one XD I lovelovelove personification. I do it in real life and I find it very amusing in writing. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn XD

Also, some day I have to write Valter.

And to write more Fadia/Vigarde. I have it in my head, but no motivation to write >[ Argh, Uni, you're destroying my muse and will DX



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