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I can only say it was fun. After the failure that were 11 and 12, I was hesitant about looking forward for Awakening. But it was fun -- no fanfic material because everything I want was already in it (Oh the family supports <3)

But it's really strange that the kids stay. Does that mean that two completely identical people exist in the same time? Isn't that... a problem? i dunno, I'm no fan of time travel, but it feels... wrong.

Still loving Sully and Palne.
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While 'Morgan' is one of my favourite names, I do love 'Linfan' as well. It's pretty awesome.

(For some reason 'Morgan' was localized to 'Linfan'. I have no idea why.)
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I was thinking about how far they would go to accomplish something, mostly win a fight/war. (That was kinda a left-over musing from the Vigarde&Lyon fic Sacrifices.) I was musing about both of them, because I love to compare Hayden with Innes (and Fado with Ephraim), because they are canonically quite similar in personality. What mainly prompted this musing was a Subway to Sally song, though, "Die Schlacht".

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to don
keusche Unschuldsmiene zeigen;  (a chaste and innocent air;
sich in wahrer Demut üben,   (practice living in true lowliness,
schüchtern sein und ganz bescheiden. (acting shy and meek)

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to
Freunde morden und verraten; (murder friends and betray them;
man muss lügen und betrügen (you have to lie and cheat,
man muss sähen böse Saaten.
(you have to sow the seeds of evil.) Subway to Sally - Die Schlacht

The translation is not the best, because it's almost impossible to keep the rhythm intact (and you really cannot replicate the grammatical structure of the verses into English. The grammar systems are too different). So, this whole thing sparked my wondering:

What would Hayden and Innes be willing to do to reach their goals? Edit: I'm not thinking straight today so I merged two different situations into one. The "would they sacrifice family" thought is actually separate from the "how far would they go" thought. Go, me >> To clarify further; the "would they sacrifice family" assumes a "sacrifice one person or hundreds of others will die/suffer horribly" situation.

And I came to the conclusion that under almost no circumstance Hayden would betray his family and friends. If his "friends" gave him reason to, he might (only if no other possible solution works). Hayden would never (and I mean never) sacrifice his family. For nothing. He might sacrifice his friends if he is pressed to do it (it would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he would). His family is Hayden´s big weakness, though, especially Tana and his wife. He would rather put himself (and everybody else) in danger than his daughter and wife (Innes is a bit of an exception since he's a soldier. He's more prepared to sacrifice a soldier. Yes, Tana is a soldier as well, but, well, Hayden doesn't truly accept it in his heart.)

He would lie and cheat. As long as he considers his cause good and justified, he would have absolutely no problems with that. The same with provoking disputes; though he would try to not let it grow out of control.

Hayden would put on a false act to get what he wants/needs. He would probably not like it, but he would rock it. He is a good actor.

Now, Innes on the other hand... He is the same in regard to lying/cheating and putting on a false act (though I believe he wouldn't be as good as Hayden at acting innocent).

So, what about sacrificing friends and family? I took me long to come to a conclusion. But in the end... yes, I believe Innes would sacrifice them. He wouldn't particularly like it, of course, and he would try to find another solution, but in the end he would do it. Innes would go farther than Hayden.

(But to counterbalance that; I believe that Hayden is more conniving and back-stabbing than Innes. Innes tends to be more honest, because he wasn't taught as much as Hayden to be conniving (with the strong conflicts with Grado back then, Hayden was highly encouraged to be... mean to them))


Unrelated to that, I'm kinda wondering if it's strange that I never assign specific songs to characters. Maybe because I tend to never listen to the lyrics (the only thing that is important for me is that the melody is nice and that the sound of the voice is nice and fits) and if I do, only if they're fun or creepy. I mean, I rarely listen to German music (and then it falls under the mentioned categories) and I don't bother to pay attention to lyrics in other languages. And honestly... I hate it when I understand the lyrics. They always distract me from the music itself and therewith take all my enjoyment away. That's the reason why in general I hate German music. I do not want to know what you're singing about. Normally it's cheesy or stupid or nonsensical or just plain horrible. If the lyrics are in a different language, I at least don't notice how horrible the lyrics are. >8X

Alright, enough ranting for today.
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I really hate Giruvegan. While it is kind of a high of the story, it doesn't feel like it. It feels like the story is falling in a hole of suck. Also, the dungeon is very un-fun.

Related to that, the whole thing with the Occuria is... I dunno. It's kinda nice that the whole thing is really ambiguous. You can't say that one side is completely right or wrong. It's also, imo, not "easy" to root for one side of it; Dr. Cid and Vayne have destroyed to countries and killed countless people to get the nethezite and try to get rid of the Occuria, but Ashe and the Occuria also want to destroy and kill all of Arcadia. And Ashe, well, is really hard to sympathise with. Her hate and wish for revenge makes sense, of course, and she has every right to be angry. But now she has seen so much pain and sorrow that was caused by the thirst for nethezite and yet she still continues and yearns for it. Is still power-hungry.

I really can't understand or relate to her. She seems to blindly run straight forward into her doom (and everybody else´s doom) and doesn't seem to care. I find her really unlikeable.

Rather a good thing that she's not the protagonist.

Also, Vaan and everybody else continues to be awesome. And Ondore needs to appear and talk more.


Re-read the Viggy&Lyon angst. Am loving it very much. Much of my headcanon of Viggy´s father and his upbringing was poured into it.
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I always start to theorize and think about the bros (mostly) and I never write it down here when I have the time because I'm too lazy. Oi. Hm, but today I willlllllllllllllllll.

So, because, Gramis. Gramis is fun. The whole house Solidor is fun. What has that to do with the bros? Quite easily. Gramis was forced to sentence two of his sons to death because of his third son, Vayne. You see where I'm going with this?

So, what would Fado, Hayden and Vigarde do if for some reason they had to sentence their children to death?

(They would all adhere to the law and imprison them and speak judgement)

Fado: He would organise a flight for Ephraim and Eirika. In secret and with the help of Seth and a few of very carefully hand-chosen knights. If Ephraim was sentenced, Fado would arrange everything so that Ephraim could become a mercenary, new name and all. (Kyle would accompany him. Why, yes, I do picture Kyle following him~). I haven't thought too much about Eirika yet, because I cannot really see her doing a crime that would warrant death sentence.

Hayden: He would, with Innes´ help (regardless of which child is accused), find ways to official get his kid out of the death sentence. With legal and illegal means. I believe Hayden would do much for his kids, even use means that he despises or believes are very wrong.

Vigarde: He would kill Lyon. Not only because I believe that people would watch his every move more closely and it would be extremely hard to get Lyon out there, but also because I really believe that Vigarde would follow through with it. He would certainly not like it and suffer very much because of it, but he would still do it because Lyon has committed a crime and has to be punished for it.

Not gonna lie, I kinda want to write derp fic about Ephraim committing a stupid crime and having to leave his family forever and being forced to become a mercenary. His dream would get a nasty aftertaste. >8D


On the FFXII front:

- I really can't remember why I ever found Vaan annoying. I adore him now. I more or less adore all characters now (still have my problems with Ashe and hate Vayne with passion) 8D

- Game needs more Ondore and his sexy, sexy voice.

- Am again shipping Basch/Penelo. And Vaan&Penelo work really well as friends/siblings. So much fun.

- Those Arcadians have far too sexy accents.

- This is the first FF where I genuinely like the characters. In all the other FF games I've played (X, XII, parts of VIII, IV and II) I never liked more than maybe one character. But here? Totally different. But, hm, Final Fantasy never really managed to suck me in anyway. The Tactics Advance series was fun, though. Loved it.

- Am contemplating if I should get a Fran icon. Such a sexy woman and her voice and accent are reeeeeeeeally nice as well.
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Finally posted the first part of my Fadia/Vigarde longfic that will probably never be finished. Rofl. Here at and dreamwidth. Goodness, why do I love those two so much?

Anyway. In general I'm in a rather bad mood at the moment. Pretty miffed. For unspecified reasons.

Anyway (again. I love that word). I've just noticed that I always forget to post my stuff on [ profile] emblemfic, but I'm too meh at the moment to care. Not that I would believe that anyone is interested in my stuff anyway.

Man, why am I such a downer today? Seriously, self.

Maybe something more interesting: Am I the only one who noticed this about the Magvel world map?

Cut because I can )

Also, shiny new headcanon about Fado is shiny.
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I went to see HP 7 with my family yesterday. I've wanted to make a post about it but forgot it. Not a surprise, though, since I wasn't impressed.

The movie was okay, overall. I've never had any feelings about the movies apart from disinterest and mild annoyance when they advertised the movies (but other movies get that annoyance as well). I never liked the actors or the acting (apart from Michael Gambon. He's awesome. And the actress who plays McGonagall) so I was like "Who cares". Besides, my short HP fan phase was already over when the first movie came.

Anyway, back on topic. The movie and action in the movie was mediocre. The duel between McGonagall and Snape was awesome because McGonagall kicked ass. She was awesome throughout the movie. Snape however... oh gawd, it was so horrible. I cringed almost at every scene he was in. And his memory scene... I liked that scene in the book; it was the only scene I re-read because it was cool. But in the movie it was so... horrible. They made Snape look so... pathetic. Not that he hasn't some patheticness in the book, but how they put it into pictures... any other aspects of his personality that were shown in the book just disappeared. Ugh. Ughughugh.

There were a few others scene where I found that the book was much better, but I don't remember them anymore. It was... not very memorable. The epilogue was pretty hilarious though. They didn't really look older; they just looked like teenagers dressing up. Pretty funny.

Helena Ravenclaw reminded me of Arwen.
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Since I'm a loser who can't think of an awesome ending I've finished the Lyon piece for raphi (<3), here have some links to and dreamwidth. ;A; Crappy ending is a bit crappy. Sorry.

Also, it's quite hilarious to notice that a story labelled "ViggyAngst" stands almost directly next to "LyonAngst" XD Ffffffffffffffffffffff. I'm sorry, Grados~ But you angst so prettily~

But now back to Airship Bros, contest piece and maybe even some Hayden&tinyInnes stuff.

Edit because I always forget at least half of what I wanted to say:

Zombies. I was thinking about Zombie Apokalypse (I suddenly jumped to the topic via thinking about what kind of weapons the Air pirate bros and bro wives would have; Hayden - sniper, Viggy - machine gun, Fado - two small arms, Catalina - also small arms, but more than just two, Aileen - pump gun, Minna - bazooka (special edition)) and all "Yay 8D Let's have fun in my head~" and UNSURPRISINGLY the happy fun times turned into serious AU contemplating. Oh lawd. I can never let the crack just be crack but always turn it into SRS FUN BSNS. Which ended kinda with the constellation in the games ;A; Hayden and Aileen are the only survivors. And Hayden has to shoot both Viggy and Fado because they turned into zombies. Sadness ;A;


It's hilarious how well the chorus of "Airship Pirates" fits the bro pirates XDDDDDDDD Loling forever. (And yes, "Death of the Hero" fits Magvel (especially Ephraim and Lyon, y/y?) like a glove XD (Damn you, English, for not having awesome fitting proverbs >8I German obviously is better than you.)

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I don't know how anyone ever could produce something so horrible and drenched in failsauce like Dragonball Evolution. It... it has so completely nothing to do with Toriyama´s Dragonball series it's hilarious (in a very, very bad way). There is just SO. MUCH. FAIL in there I don't even. (Oh hai, every character but Goku is Asian. Goku looks so terribly European it's not funny. Yes, he's technically an alien, but come on! In his original design he doesn't look much different than the others! And he doesn't even have his tail! And Mutenroshi ;A; A middle-aged dude. With no turtle shield. At least he could keep his shirts. >_> Also, the fighting outfits look ridiculous; somehow this kind of stuff only looks good on paper XD) So much failsauce. At least Chichi looks cute.

Oh, and one thing: GOKU FREAKING ASKS HIS GRANDFATHER HOW TO ASK OUT GIRLS. ON DATES. REAL DATES. ;A; That's.. I don't even. Goku. Who has no interest in women whatsoever and has no idea how they work? Did they miss all the slapstick in the manga? (It was already quite surprising that Goku managed to sire some children.)


Damn it, I've wanted to say more...

Oh! Yeah. The Innes+Hayden piece looks good, quite good. Strangely, I still don't really like Innes. Or Lyon. Even though I write much about him. It's really, really bizarre that I either write about my most favourite characters (Bro kings <3) or characters that I don't like (Innes, Lyon and Ephraim (Ephraim just at the moment. We have a little fall out.)) lately. :/ But maybe that's just because they're, well, closely related to the bros. I don't know. It feels strange. Oh well, I do kinda like Innes in the Frelian family setting and yet... Hn. Undecided.

Which reminds me; Oops, have to finally come to a decision on how my contest piece should end and the Lyon piece for raphi.
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Am just trying to finish that piece for raphi (bad raphi for giving me ideas <3). Oh Lyon, it is so fun to torture you~ /no, stop thinking naughty things. I know you do/ Though I feel that I shouldn't only show his perception. Maybe I have to write something from Viggy´s perspective as well. I feel that if I let the "Viggy acts aloof around Lyon" stand on its own, it might read like I believe that he doesn't love Lyon at all. Which I don't believe. It's just very complicated and Viggy is mostly unable to really show what he feels for Lyon. Haaah, this complicatedness is what makes that relationship so interesting.

And the "old" Fadia/Vigarde thing raphi also gave me the idea for somehow manages to be about the Viggy-Lyon relationship as well (well, to be fair, there's also a bit Fadia-the twins. Though more Fadia-Vigarde). Mmhm, I'll have to see what I can do about that. (Not gonna lie old people semi-romance is fun)

// start of rambling about Fado/Hayden so feel free to skip

Questions about BrOTPness... )

Off topic but: WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, YOU STUPID WASP. NO, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUILD A FREAKING NEST IN MY ROOM. I do love wasps and bees and stuff, BUT NOT IN MY ROOM. Just dare to come back. I'll smite you.

Also Off Topic; why does the middle finger of my right hand hurt? And only that one? Strangeness, your name is finger.
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wrote again today. Something seems to be wrong with me XD Mostly because, uhm, I was bad again. And poor Viggy was/is my target. I really try to come up with happy tiems for him and Minna, but... ;A; it doesn't work. Oh well, at least they get some kind of happy end :D And there is no bro wives death in crackland. Nope, there is a far better medical treatment. None has to die~

By the way.

I was thinking about "squish" earlier. Because it is a pretty word :D and I like thinking about words. Just say it out loud, it is pretty: squiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish. Or squissssssssssssssssssssssssh. Depending on the situation. So, I was thinking "Yeah, everyone calls Lyon squishy and when I look at him squishy fits. Just because of the sound. So it is

Lyon = squish

But then. What association would I have when I think about squish independently from Lyon? And that was

the sound when you step on a frog and squash it (word choice completely intentional 8D)

So. That made me laugh and frown. Mostly because if squish = Lyon and squish = stomped on frog, is the logical conclusion

Lyon = stomped on frog?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, if you look at him... squishy frog. Oh yes.
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I was just reading a passage about Madam Duval not wearing her widow´s garments (and the note about the custom) when a question popped up.

Are people in FE even allowed to remarry?

I'm not too sure about FE7 since I haven't played it in forever, but I think the king of Bern did remarry. If so, then it is probably possible in Elibe (or at least it is possible for kings/men). However, if we look at Magvel?

Ismaire - husband is definitely dead and she rules alone. It is said that he died when Joshua was young so it was quite some time ago. Why has she not remarried? Or rather, did the people urged her to remarry and she refused? Or could she not remarry?

Fado - Eirika always talks about meeting her father and brother again in the 1. - 9. Chapter. She never mentions a mother so the conclusion that she doesn't have one anymore makes sense. It is not clear when her mother has died, though I personally take it -- since she never comes up anywhere (and Eirika and L'arachel talk about their respective parents in their B support) -- that Lina died early so that the twins don't really remember her. Which would also mean that she died at least 10 years and more ago. Why has Fado not remarried? Did he not want to or was he not able to?

Vigarde - The hardest to pinpoint; I find it obvious that Minna is dead. Otherwise Lyon would've had someone to go to and it definitely would have come up when it came to Viggy´s zombieness. Because she would've noticed that one. So. Viggy is single as well. Though you could argue that he didn't have the nerves and/or interest in remarrying since he was such a workaholic. On the other hand, his health was not the best and Lyon was not exactly cut out to be a great emperor and maybe Viggy could've had another son. But, nothing happened.

(Aileen is still alive and kicking so we can ignore Frelia. Which makes me sad D8 Moar Frelia.)

I can't remember if there was anything in PoR or RD that could give us any clues about widow customs so that one remains a bit "?".

Hm... Thoughts?
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I could never end the ghost story positively. The end doesn't work D8 Epic sadface. Oh, Viggy...


Regarding the German course I've talked about earlier. I would have to learn how to do videos for that, methinks. And I don't even know if anyone would be interested. Aaaaah, questions, questions, doubts and more questions. But it might be fun... So indecisive.

Also, I'm cold. It's raaaaaaaaaaaaining ouside 8D


I can think of several reason why I don't like it when my grandparents from Berlin come over. But the fact that I notice more and more now that I grow older (and a bit more receptive to that kind of thing) is that... Overlooked Middle Child feeling. I'm not sure if it's solely the fact that I'm the only girl and have two brothers (my parents have told me that both my grandpa and grandma favour boys/sons/grandsons over girls/daughters/granddaughters) or if it's just the general feeling of "Oh, he's the oldest and has entered adult life fully" and "Oh, he's the youngest and look at his accomplishments". And I'm kinda lost in the middle. It's not that I particularly care about their attention; I do like them, but... their views and their quirks are not that endearing. And yet, their treatment makes me go :/ Ugh, it shouldn't bug me that much.

On a happier note; Cazalla is a glorious bastard 8D So happy with his introduction; truly a valteresque villain. (And he has a beard, which is an instant win 8D) Also, this books shows/-ed my that I don't want to illustrate/mention anything concerning the hygiene on ships. No, no.
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Oh lawd, ghost story~ With Fado and Catalina and Minna as ghost trying to save Viggy because the rest of the DK´s magic keeps him tied in the real world and can't enter the ghost realm. And as the super bro and she-bros they try to free their bro. And Mansel would appear and be pretty cool, because he's Mansel and L'arachel´s parents XD Oh lawd~

Also, I found out my Guitar Hero microphone can be used as a normal micro on my computer 8D Fun~

Which reminds me... I've been toying around with that idea for a few days now... And now that I have a functioning micro, I even could do it. Ya know, I was wondering I could maybe make a little "German 1" internet course. Like, I'd look up easy exercises (there are enough self-teaching books out there) and make voice posts with spoken samples. In contrast to those books it would be free and probably in a closed community or something (I mean a community where you have to be a member to see the posts. Wait, does something like that even exist? ... Yeah, I haven't really looked into that one yet XD). I dunno. I don't even know if I could do it. It was just an idea.
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Uni was mostly ick today (not the Swedish course. That one was good :3) So, we'll not talk about that but Fire Emblem~

Teel deer about Frelia, Duessel, the twins and Lyon and other little things ahead )

Alright, that's all for today~ Feel free to add your thoughts.

P.S: Self, please stop walking into door handles. I don't want any more bruises on my elbow.

P.P.S: Goddamn, I'm so unfit. But sports are pure haaaaaaaaate D8< Ugh. Ughughugh.

P.P.P. S: Thoughts on religion are not completely clear and ordered yet. But I can say one for relatively sure; Magvel does not have a clear cut monotheism yet. It is still mostly polytheistic. And yes, that does include Rausten. Explanations for that will follow some time in the future 8D
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My lecture on Religion and Superstition in Early Modern Times gives me more respect for the church as a social institution. I already had a vague idea of its meaning for many people as a big community, but I think now the idea is more clear. And since it's on a non-religious level, I feel able to understand it. So my opinion on the church is better now. (I still cannot feel much respect for missionaries because my/anybody´s belief is not your fucking business and I find it terribly rude and pretentious).

And I want to write my Mansel story even more now 8D Also, I will make a meta post on [ profile] magvel  about religion and my new but not-yet-fixed headcanon for it.
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I can't decide which version I like the best.

Also, maybe I'm just paranoid, but I kinda have the feeling that my self-analyzing post has something to do with the review post on the anon meme :/ Which would suck, because I'm asking myself if it sounded like I was whining (which I certainly wasn't). I was just looking at myself and thinking about who I am and how I act/ react to things. But I'm probably mostly paranoid.
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What do you think about "person X from canon A fell into canon D" stories?

Yesterday or so I was listening to my LotR soundtrack again and I remembered a "story idea" I had quite some time ago. It was no real plotting involved because I just wanted to doze while listening to the music. I wanted to try what kind of images would pop into my head if I kept my mind blank and well... in the end Geoffrey somehow fell into Middle Earth and stuff happened (found by elves, nobody understands him, they take care of his wound (he got one) and then send him away, he wanders into Rohan and stays there, two years pass and then the fellowship appears). Though I didn't want to ask if anyone would be interested in that story because I'll probably never write it down anyway (but a Geoffrey with long hair and a beard is yummy), but something else. I just noticed that I never gave Geoffrey a reason why he fell into Middle Earth (and I never thought about the how as well, but eh.). He has no purpose there. He is no "chosen" or some dreck like that. His presence changes (more or less) nothing. The original story just happens and he adds almost nothing. Now I'm wondering... If you saw a story with a plot like that... would you expect the main character to be a "chosen"/special someone/some destined hero? And what would you think at the end of the story if the conclusion is just "The universe (aka the author) just wanted to fuck up your life and your stay in that world was completely meaningless"? (Then you could of course add some characters who believe that the newcomer has to be someone special because of his special circumstances but in the end it's clear that they're just wrong. And that everything was meaningless.)

It just interests me. (Mainly because I find that "Hi thar, you are the chosen one, derp derp" boring I just wrote "broing". That is so not true and overused. Especially in Fire Emblem 8D)

Ah, also, would anyone be interested in a broking comm? I know there are other comms dedicated to certain pairings and stuff and they seem to die rather quickly so I'm wondering if it would be worth it.
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I was thinking lately. (Yeah, I know, what a surprise!)
Namely about Lucia and Bastian´s ending. It says that they never married but had a live-long affair. This leads me to some questions about Crimea (and those two).

Cut to save everyone's flists )

Soooo... I have no answers? Thoughts, anyone?

I fear my train of thought is not too coherent. Please tell me if something doesn't make sense.


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