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I need to stop writing fanfic and start doing more constructive stuff.

But Odin Sphere prompt, hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.

Curse youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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Icons [10]

Odin Sphere: Mercedes (4), Ingway (1), Gwendolyn (2), Kornelius (2), Gwendolyn&Griselda (1)

Whoop! )

Ingway's is official art, the Gwendolyn&Griselda one I got from o'neill and I unfortunately do not know where I got the rest from. If someone knows, do tell me!

Also, very basic icons XD I've never been a great icon maker.
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So, my dear friends, I just finished Odin Sphere. WIth the good ending. And boy, if that is the good ending, I do not want to see the bad one D: So sad if with a happy outlook.

Anyway, I would definitely rec this game. It's fun, the battle system is easy and yet fun, the art is incredibly beautiful (I lovelovelove the design of the forest where Velvette and Ingvay are living) and the syncro is great. The story is engaging and interesting. I found it a bit confusing in the beginning because of the crossing of the different timelines, but it's still fun and is so intriguing when you combine them in the end.

A negative thing is also the design in a few places; Velvette´s outfit (because, damn, she's fighting in lingerie and the way she's walking? Questionable.) and the horrible breast design of the fairy queen and the fire spirits. Those are... kinda nasty. "Balloons" is all I can say. But they do bounce funnily the whole time.

Feeding the characters with all kind of beautifully designed food is fun if a bit tedious at times, because it takes a while to get the recipes and you never have enough space to carry all the ingredients you need XD And the voices of the Pooka girls in the café and restaurant are horrible. So grating. However, it was still overall a fun aspect.

Also, I would advise anybody to play through the books at least twice so that the characters comfortably can level up. If you get them over level 40 with a few antidots, elixiers and roasted lambs in their bags, then the last villains will be no great problem. And since you can easily skip all cutscenes on your second playthrough, it won't take so long (and because you're already strong you can really, really rush through the first through chapters)

So go and buy that shit 8D
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Bro update: Last part of the Uni AU on and dreamwidth 8D

Another strange thing, loosely connected to the bros... I had a really, really strange dream again. I got three guinea pigs. Which all looked like the bros (Fado was not turquoise but Viggy´s fur was definitely slightly bluish). Which was hilarious even in my dream. Then suddenly I noticed that Fado was not Fado but Fadia. XD I was highly amused. And I separated them then since I thought "Wouldn't want her to get pregnant". But then there was a time skip and surprise, surprise, Fadia was pregnant XD And I spend a long time debating who would be the father and which constellation would be more awesome and it was hilarious. In the end, they were both fathers XD Oh lawd, what does that mean (I do hope that it was some kind of prophetic dream because, dude, bro piggys, do want).

Also, there were two cute rats and one alien dog. With stripes. And I called [ profile] hooves  over because "ZOMG, the dog has stripes and looks like a zebra!" Roflmao, strange alien dog. But she didn't like it because the dog had yellow rings on its fur :( XD


In less than two months I will go to England. HOLY SHIT, SO SCARED RIGHT NOW ;A; DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT.

Edit 2:

Am battling my depression caused by aforementioned angst with pretty art *o* There are so many gorgeous Odin Sphere pieces on deviantArt. Prettiness~ (And Gwendolin and Velvette seem to be favourites. With Mercedes on third 8D Happiness~)

Edit 3:

Writing Viggy angsting about Lyon and dark magic helps as well 8D (Because I didn't cover that angst topic yet XD) And it will contain the "image" I got from "Isabella". Not too sure if it will be really creepy, though.
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My mother just told me I'm like furniture XD In a very loving way. Like furniture that will be shipped to England and then be missed for months. Daw. (Though now I'm wondering what kind of furniture)

ALSO. This site. I'm not sure if it's just hilarious or hilarious and a teeny bit scary XD They're birds with arms, after all.

Another also, I won't get the good Odin Sphere ending D8 Not the right order of characters ;A; I've already seen Oswald vs. Onyx and ohwzpeonivu3ew so sad ;______; I don't want to see it again (but I forgot to save, d'oh!) Oswaaaaaaaaaaaaaald (I forgot that you are cute. Why did I do that? 8D)

And I found out how to write the å 8D Without having a Swedish keyboard. Happiness~ (Also, exam in two days!)
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Gwendolin is indeed awesome 8D She's so strong I can rush through her book like woah XD (I've just finished Velvette´s book and wanted to play someone good for once~) Oh lawd, that reminds me; Velvette and her chains dhngfuairhjf Hate. So annoying. It kinda fits that I hate both Kornelius and Velvette for their suckiness. Oh, and Ingway. I'm not sure if I still like you. You're kinda batshit. Hm. (Btw, I really don't like what they did to King Valentin in her book. In that conversation with Odin. How dare he show some "regret". Really, it didn't really fit :/)

Oh, and thank goodness that they included a timeline! (Which I only discovered now XD) Because often it was not cleary when what happened in comparison to the other books.

Tomorrow I might finish it. We'll see.

Also, Gwendolin is really, really cute 8D And I lovelovelove her outfit.

And computer, stop getting that strange Trojaner. It annoys me that I always get double-apostrophes and double-^s. Seriously. I don't know what to do, but I will find a way to keep you out >8I
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Hm, finally posted and finished my little original piece (it's here if anyone is interested and can read German. Original fiction is always in German.) Oh man, the weirdness that is writing in your own mother tongue. I'm slightly bothered by that weirdness.

Also, zombie-ness for [ profile] fe_contest  ... Don't feel like writing at the moment :( Nnnnnnnn, patience, self. You still have time (I think).

Ffffffffffffffffffffffffff, Velvette. You are hilarious. Your walking animation is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfff. No way. Stiff. Legs are ALWAYS straight like a straight stick while walking. And don't get me started on the position of your upper body, ffffffffffffffffffffff. Also, Kornelius was there >:8 Nn, I do dislike him more than I thought. But his speech is the most purple one... ALSO. Gwendolin/Oswald is awesome 8D Sweet but with mindfuck. Perfect XD Andandand, Odin is an awesome bastard. One with a great and interesting characterization. I am happy 8D
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I have to say that Medesa/Mercedes is awesome. Her character development was lovely. A naive and too trusting princess who becomes a kickass queen 8D And she is really cute (her pigtails are so cute~) 8D Gwendolin is still my favourite because of the mindfuck in the Valkyrie society and the family angst. I can't decide if I like Gwendolin´s lance or Mercedes´ bow more because while it is terribly fun to smash enemies with an awesome lance, being able to fly around and shoot enemies from afar is great as well (and the flying works really, really well. Only stupid thing was that my PS2 froze two times during her run >:/ ).

Oswald is good (and less angsty than I feared he would be 8D) though his speed annoys me a bit. Makes it hard to move with him because he always walks too far. And he can't block >8I Not funny. Which means that Kornelius is the only one I dislike at the moment (sorry, but his angst was annoying).

Aaaaaaaand, the revelation who the frog was was awesome 8D His voice was familiar but I didn't recognize it~ And I do ship it, I believe. At least a lil' bit.

Oh, and Odin? Awesome XD At least he feel really feels Odin-nesque~

But I really don't understand the name changes. Why was the Queen of the Netherworld renamed to Ophelia? Odette is pretty as well (and since we're on the topic of the queen; holy shit, batman, those boobs! Fanservice like woah. And the look a bit like balloons as well. Not that Queen Elfaria fares any better in regard to boob fanservice -.- At least the King of Fire Country runs around shirtless as well (though I personally think he looks a bit ugh))

So, am off now to look for Mercedes iconage 8D And maybe some more Moulder/Hayden writing later~ (Now with relevant icon 8D)
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Okay, I just woke up from a strange dream (nothing new here -.-). And I really, really don't know how my brain came up with it (since the dream wasn't FE related anyway), but.... Tana/Vigarde. I mean... really, brain? What's up with that?

So, after I squicked myself a little bit out with that one (though I normally love pairings with an age difference, 31 years are a liiiiiiittle bit much), I somehow needed to turn that into something acceptable for my brain. So to save my brain from leaking out of my ears, I decided that littleTana might have had a little crush on Vigarde. Just a really innocent little crush. (But I am fascinated by the thought how Hayden would react, roflmao. I don't believe he would like it too much XD) Which she soon grew out of. Phew, brain is saved 8D


My brain seems to be in a strange mood today; it turns EVERYTHING in something disturbing (though "Waidmannsheil" really invites such thoughts. But really, the DK? *shudders*). Maybe I should sleep all day XD Oh wait, no, that would make everything worse, acutally DX Uhm, textbooks it is then.


Played some more Odin Sphere and I love Mercedes/Medesa (I really, really don't get why they re-named her. I prefer Mercedes to Medesa.). The frog is pretty cool until now (and if he turns into a human later on, I miiiiiight ship it :D)
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Alright, my inability to come up with a good title for the [ profile] 10_orders  fics is getting ridiculous. Seriously, if I can't come up with one in the next hour, I will just take one completely unrelated, idiotic and maybe even hilarious phrase and be done with it >8I

Also, I hate Kornelius. I hate fighting with him. He can't spring. Really. I want Gwendolin back D8 Oh, and I do want to play with Medesa (I believe that was how her name is spelt) because she looks cute /shallow for the moment 8D


Oops, I prove myself a liar once again. I still need to do a few minor edits on the first story and it's so late now (and I have much to do tomorrow) so it will take some more time. (At least then there will be a bit more time for title thinking, oh joy).
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Gwendolin 8DDDDDD So awesome. Your ending was extremely mushy and cheesy (and boy, my TV was covered with cheese XD) and damn I almost felt embarrassed by the cheesiness, but HNnnnnnnnnnnn still awesome and cute. Issues they still have but they will battle them and win. Hell yes.

Now the Pooka Prince. I still haven't completely warmed up to him because it feels pretty different to play with him. Gwendolin was just pure awesome and I loved her attacks. Kornelius still has to prove himself. (And I wanted to play Velvette now anyway >[   8D)

Played it until 3 in the morning XD Good thing that I only have one lecture in the afternoon XD Yay. Later there will definitely be moar Odin Sphere >8D
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Odin Sphere is all kinds of awesome <3 I hate and love the Hack&Slay battle system. It's so horrible <3 Oh, and the pretty~ The backgrounds and character design is gorgeous. But I believe my TV is definitely too small to proper display the pretty. Gwendolin and her issues with her father Odin are just delicious <3 Roflmao, instant love here. (And she is damn pretty and cute: See icon 8D I had to buy new icon space but it was definitely worth it) Oh, and Velvette. I have seen much of her yet, but I believe I'll like her 8D

Now, off to make salmon tartar because hungry 8D


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