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Did they make Shinies just not-so-rar-anymore or what? Because...


And is it ever cool. The blade is BLOOD-RED. Soooooo awesome. I really need a nickname for it.

Appropriate tag is so appropriate, lol.

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It's a Driftloon. <3
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And here I thought I was silly for semi-shipping femSeth/Fado but nowwwwwwwwwwwwww. Fado/Seth, fuck yeah! 8DDDDD So shiny~~~ (Joined serenesforest JUST for that pic. Because someone said Fado. Oh my XD It was so fucking worth it 8DDD)

All thoughts about Harken are now erased from my mind. Fado has taken over again, fffffffffffffffffffffffffu-- 8D


Totally writing slightly creepy Seth/Fado and Seth/twins. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, yes. 8D


Correction: totally WROTE Seth/Fado creepiness 8D I r happy. No, this might not become my favourite Seth pairing, what are you talking about?
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Soooooooooooo 8D "Crack pairing" as prompt is awesome. Crack pairings are incredibly fun. Unfortunately I had no spontaneous ideas. Though... is it ~really~ unfortunate? 8D

Unfufufufufufufu >8D Of course it isn't! And why? 

Because now it's time to get out the character list and the random number generator 8DDDDD Fear the results!

Here you get my first list (it was so much fun I need to make another one just for the lulz); I don't know how many pairings I got because I didn't mark them on the list with numbers but with the non-letter symbols on my keyboard 8D (Punctuation and that Gedöns)

I had way too much fun with this XD )

Second list because there are a few nice things in it as well 8D

This IS inspiring 8D )
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Louise is adorable. (In a way an exaggerated Aileen, actually. In regard to being motherly at least.)

And her support with Pent is adorable. Just as her support with Erk 8D

Bad raphi, showing me all the shiny.



The musical episode of Scrubs is still one of the best XD

Also, ahgiewnf why is the English voice of the janitor so sexy?


Is Elphin actually blind? I somehow always assumed that he was. I don't even know why. Hm.
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Knoll&Duessel B support

Knoll: It is possible, General. Possible and, at times, easy. Just think of it: If you knew a storm was coming in advance, you could evacuate everyone in its way. If you could see what was to come, you could help those who might have died.

You know, it would be AWESOME if we got some Final Destination plot twist. That Death is all like "NO WAY YOU FUCKERS" and even more catastrophes come because Lyon and the others prevented the people to die from the first one. And they continue to save them and with every prevented catastrophe, Death sends an even bigger in response 8D And in the end everyone dies because the last earthquake is so big that Magvel is swallowed by the sea.

That would be awesome. (And the angst that would be had XD)
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Weeeeeeeee 8D I finally submitted something to [ profile] fe_contest  again. It feels like I haven't participated for, like, ages XD And now with zombieness~ I r happy.

And I finished the probably second to last scene of the Hayden&Innes piece and worked a bit on the last part of the Uni Bro AU. I really need to finish that one (it also has a bit of Vigarde angst XD But finally a different kind of flavour, unrelated to Lyon.) Maybe I'll later start on the new Vigarde angst? Hmhm. (So much Vigarde in my journal lately, huh. Maybe I need a bro journal theme...)


I HATE HEAT. Seriously. I could never live in a hot country. I almost immediately get heat headaches if the heat crosses a... a heat border or something. At least it started to rain a short time ago so it's not as hot anymore. I still have a slight headache though. (I was a bit drenched XD)
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Can I say that this thread about Fandom History amuses me greatly? XD I can't believe that my crack managed to become so "well-known". The Brofluence, it spreads >8D (And CeilingValter, oh my!) Ffffffffffffffffffffff. This is kind of awesome XD

But! Still hating on Zombie Apokalypse ;A;


Self, stop mixing up "hat" and "head". You think the right thing, but type the wrong one. Stop it. The same thing happens with "hand" and "head". Enough is enough. Wondering if Fado puts down his head is wrong. I should hope he keeps that thing on his shoulders. His hat however... (no, the tricorn will stay foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr)


Posted short air pirate snippet on dreamwidth because.... uhm, I'm bored. XD
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So, there was a Mediavistik Day at my university today. It was quite awesome. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I learnt a few things:

1. I need moar Mediavistik in my life. Like, seriously.

1.2 I need definitely moar heraldry in my life. Very, very much.

2. Thanks to the horrible, horrible Winter Verlag, I want moar books. On history, linguistics and other stuff. Unfortunately, they are expensive. And I still have too much books to read ;A;

3. I buy faster than I read. A problem. (A lovable problem, though)

4. I want to sing a few Minnelieder. Because there was a short presentation about Minnelieder where we sang. And it was pretty 8D But it wouldn't sound as nice because the choir sounded awesome~

5. The professor who is giving the lecture on the Karolinger is awesome and his voice~ So pleasant~ I could listen to him all day. And, well, he teaches exactly about the time period I love. Awesome~

Other learnings that have nothing to do with the Mediavistik Day:

6. My contest piece is evil. Everytime I think it through it has another ending. And I like all of them ;A; The tone always changes a bit and I like all the changes. But I can't decide >< Evil.

7. I want to write Hayden+tiny!Innes. Kinda like the prompt on the long forgotten [ profile] fe_fest . Because yay family fics 8D


9. There is no point nine, but I like odd numbers. 8D

10. Need to buy Abney Park CDs. Like now (ie. later) 8D

11. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, no even numbersssssssssss >8I


Now, to distract me from the scary, I make a meme:

Challenge me!
Give me the weirdest situation you can think of, a crack prompt so impossible your brain breaks when you think about it and/or challenge me to write in a different writing style. I will make them happen!

I would prefer FE8 or 9/10 though, since just writing FE7 characters would be a challenge ;P Of course, drabble length.

Die Pest

2/7/11 11:41
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You know, I find it quite fascinating how a plague like the Black Death can be deadly and horrible (the westerneuropean population sank from 75-80 million people to 20-40 million in 1430) and yet trigger change. I want to think it's horrible, but when I think of the invovations they were forced to do due to the lack of workers... I can't. I'm not entirely sure how to think about that. But it is... fascinating. (And just think about Magvel! How much potentionally could change after the earthquake (and a following plague because I can't get it out of my head)!)

The first wave in 1340s was incredible. The average percentage of people dying was 40-60%. That's half of the population in average :O jhpgaeibnvkla what, what, in case of a "mild" plague only 20-25% percent die? Oh boy.

And to bring more interesting and fascinating facts; the losses in London in 1348, Februar-April (estimated percentage of losses; 25-50%):
- deaths: 2000 deaths in those two months
- 34 burials in average per day
During the high of the plague in the months Juni-September; average number of deaths: 290 per day

Holy. Shit.

I am fascinated. /off to read more
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You know what I want to write right now?

A Fire Emblem 8 theatre script.

But not just a boring, serious theatre script, oh no. With Fado and Vigarde as snarky, awesome commentators. They ridicule and comment on the story and are in general snarky bitches. Because we all know they are. The characters inside the story are taking everything serious, but Fado and Viggy are just... bro. Highlighting strange things. Just making fun, breaking the fourth wall, acting goofy. Fado mostly (who is also anachronistic) and Vigarde tries to stop him from making fun of everything but often he joins him in commenting.

Okay, mostly I want to write Fado and Vigarde being snarky and ridiculing everything. IT WOULD BE AWESOME, OKAY. (What? Oh no, we didn't talk about Brecht in class today, what are you thinking.)
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This is all [ profile] rethira 's fault, oh yes.

Cut for squishyyy )

I think there was something else I wanted to say, but I forgot :D Now, back to Fado/Catalina, because yay~
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Because I have nothing better to do than reading supports during a lecture 8D (omg, still so boring).

Anyway. First one is pretty normal and not earthshaking like the other one, but rofltastic nethertheless!

Artur: So this is a wyvern...
Cormag: Hey, what's going on here? Don't get too close now. It may look calm now, but it's got a dangerous
side. Like me.
Artur: S-sorry! Oh, the name is Artur.

Cormag, that sounds like a bad pickup line XD "He's dangerous, just like me *wink, wink, nudge, nudge*" Ffffffffffff, did Viggy teach you nothing? XD

BUT! That is nothing against what I found in the Moulder/Vanessa A support.

Just a little context; in the B support Moulder tells Vanessa the little Innes story about the show archer and how Innes beat him. It is obvious at the end of this support and in the beginning of the A that Moulder knows that Vanessa has a crush on Innes. And then this comes:

Vanessa: Father... Thank you again for the other day.
Moulder: Hmm? Oh, you mean that story?
Vanessa: Yes.
Moulder: Ah... You know, you remind me of myself, twenty years back.
Vanessa: Huh?
Moulder: Oh, never mind... ... Good luck to you, Vanessa. I don't know where this will lead, but I'm sure the prince knows your feelings.

O.O What does that mean? How are they connected? The topic is still "crush on the Frelian prince". Which means that Moulder had a crush on a Frelian Prince as well. Now, if we remember the quote in the Gilliam/Moulder support, namely that Hayden´s coronation was approximately 15 years in the past... That would make Hayden the Frelian Prince, who Moulder had a crush on. o///o And according to my headcanon, Hayden and Aileen are already married (and I think Innes is already born).

What is this...

XD That is awesome! (And since Moulder would be in his teens if I assume that Moulder is in his early to middle 30s in game and there is no pornstache yet, so it doesn't go into DNW territory) OMG, drama and ZOOM, god, that is awesome XD Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff. I kinda want fic about that.

Okay, stop fangirling, self 8D So. Much. Want. (I like one-sided crushs.)
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Am looking at country names at the moment; "Mageland" and "Deepwyvern", fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff XD You're killing me.

"Cummington" and "Badcock" are names that shouldn't exist XDDDD WhatisthisIdon'teven, "Cockburn". Painful.

Also, I'll start working on those drabbles when I found a suitable amount of surnames for my navy soldiers 8D (No, giving Hayden the surname "Christensen" shouldn't be as snort-worthy as it is. Just as thinking every time I see the actor´s name "That's the wrong Hayden, damn you people" is pretty... fangirly. XD)
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I sold my soul to skype. I'm - surprise, surprise - crimsonmorgan. XD

Also, because of skype my little writing motivation disappeared. D8 Curse you! *shakes fist*

Also, am in the Swedish course :B Yay~
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So, I've been derping again 8D Mostly about the Lagdou Ruins and the dudes and dudettes you get. I've developed a theory (might be cracky~)

So, essentially, there is a room with a buckload of magic and this magic creates a phantom of whoever the person who first enters this room wants to see. There is no real reason for why the magic does this. It's just its natural reaction to the desire hidden in the person entering the room. It's neither evil nor good. It just takes a form because. Well, the person entering really gives it a form; the magic is just there and waits to be formed. Also, it doesn't have anything to do with reviving corpses. I doubt that Fado´s corpse lies in the Lagdou Ruins. It's like the phantoms the shamans summon. That's why Hayden appears as well; it's not the real one and now he exists twice. 8D

Now the individual persons:

Fado - after some thinking I'm still not sure which of the twins wants him back the most. Ephraim almost makes more sense with his "I don't wanna be a king" thing going on, but I already want him bring back Lyon (8D) and I don't want to assign him two persons. I think Eirika misses her father and would love to have him back. I think she made her peace with Lyon´s death and wouldn't wish for his return. So, I tend to give him to Eirika.

Lyon - Ephraim wants him (raphi´s fault, obviously)

Hayden - Some daddy issues of Tana again? I don't know 8D Also, I kinda want to write fic about how Tana takes the double back home and the real Hayden is all weirded out XD (Also, Aileen~)

Grado Gerenals - Cormag would want Glen back, I guess. Selena, maybe Duessel? Riev, >> urm, Knoll? For whatever reason. Valter, Karel, Valterette, I? XD. Caellach, beat me. Joshua already gets Izzy.

Ismaire - Joshua wants his momma back? Oh yes XD

And nobody wants Viggy back ;A; Come to me, Viggy!

Also, the magic only takes form superficially. If you remove the clothing the body of the phantoms would be completely black like a black blob. They're just painted blobs. And they disappear in thin air if they're killed.

So, I'm quiet for now. Maybe there will be a self-analyzing later on again.
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I feel completely uninspired by the new [ profile] fe_contest  prompt as of yet. We'll see if that'll change in the future. The chance is not high since I seem to be unable to fill prompts lately.

BUT. That's not the awesome thing that makes me go ZOOMOMFGYAY.

I finally got my student ID from Canterbury~ 8D Now it's official that I reallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreallyreally go to Kent in September~ ZOOM! 8D So happy that I could burst!

Oh, and I'll probably post the Sacred Stones Mood Theme I tinkered later. 8D

EDIT: In Extremo are still made of awesomesauce.

Also, I've wanted to work on my paper like a BOSS, but then I found this again and now I'm lost and giggling like mad.


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