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Have been playing it for hours. Damn Pokemon and their addictiveness.

PS: Am I the only one who thinks that the Boy Skins are always either plain boring or ugly? And the Girl Skins either meh or pretty? I like them 8D
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We (my family and I and my grandpa) went to visit my new great cousin. The daughter of one of my many cousins. She is pretty cute and very calm. She slept the whole time. Heh, many of my older cousins, as in those over 25, are having kids by now. Now my grandpa starts to make jests about me being ready to marry and said today I should hold my cousin to "remember how it feels" (my youngest cousin was born when I was a teenager). I just laugh and nod, because I know he isn't serious and his jests are only because he wants to see as many great-grandchildren as he can. He's becoming 90 this year. I don't really want to tell him that I don't want any children (at the moment, who knows if I decide differently in the future). I mean, it doesn't bother me after all. Inwardly I lol, actually, because I'm soooooooo far from having a relationship or kids XD

It isn't worth the hassle of explaining things.

Also, I discovered a few weeks ago that, if I would be interested in a romantic/sexual relatioinship at all, I would be bisexual. Soooooo, I'm pretty much asexual at the moment. But, as always, change can always happen so I would call myself (if I would call myself anything) a temporarily asexual XD

Which I don't because all that is very silly. I'm just being me. 8D


11/8/12 21:23
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Now I'm home alone :( My parents and little brother are off to Canada, Nova Scotia, and I have to stay here and write a term paper. Bäh. At least now I have time to try some new dishes out. But when I went into the living-room earlier, I immediately noticed that Jiji, Le Cat, already feels the absence of my father. She was so. damn. cuddly.

Also, Binding of Isaac is far too addictive D8


By the way, for the fluff bingo... I'll write Kieran/Leanne for it. 8D Awesome. Also, since I'm already on this topic. I looked at Kieran's "support" lines of FE 10 and I daw'ed. They were surprisingly cute, especially the A rank. Also, Leanne is awesome, js.

Another by the way, I'm convinced that in all pairing constellations with Leanne (apart from Naesala), Leanne is the kinkier one. >8D There's just something beneath that nice smile...
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The awkward moment where a good half of the Starbucks crew greets you by name and ask if you want your regular ._. I go there far too often. Buuuuuut the shop is directly between my two departments D: Omnomnomnom.

Also, dabbled a bit. Little FE these days, a bit more interest in Etrian Odyssey. So addictive that game. Not as bad as The Binding of Isaac, though. 8D The game is so fun. I'm not particularly good at it, but it's fuuuuuuuuuuuun. Weeeeeeee. (And an awesome Let's Play by a guy who sounds very cute)

Apart from that, had some serious stress these last days. Had to finish a presentation on the same day as I had to hold it. I'm such a hero /sarcasm. Also, a few exams. Gotta have to study more. I'm far too lazy. <<
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Pick ten characters, then answer the questions.

1. Fado
2. Hayden
3. Vigarde
4. Geoffrey
5. Tana
6. Asthar
7. Izzy
8. Seth
9. Bastian
10. Calista

It's just as fun as the last time )
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The awkward moment when you see a guy at a concert and think "Hm, he's cute". Then you throw a second glance at him and notice "Wait, the hair length, the nose, the form of his face, beardless....

He looks like the younger version of a certain favourite character."

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffff-bwahahaha. XD Oh man.
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Hm, I completely forgot to make this post yesterday (i.e. I was too lazy).

'Cause I got a new MP3 Player 8D My old IPod Nano (4th gen, I believe) decided to retire. The screen froze every damn time I activated the screen. Even the reset screen froze. And the guy from the Apple shop said that nothing could be done. So I bought a Sony Player.

No way I buy that new Nano. Apart from the fact that it looks ugly, I tested the handling with my Dad´s Nano and there is hate all around. The touch thing is annoying (not in general, but here it just doesn't work well).

I have to admit that the colour of my new player was the main reason I bought it (I did look what it can do, of course. Wouldn't want to buy shit)

8D And it has a beautiful and fitting name~~

It's called Creeper.


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Hehehe 8D I just made a Creeper keychain for my little brother´s birthday on the 18th. I never know what to give my brothers and normally it's some chocolate but the Creeper chain was just a spontaneous idea. I feel like Minecraft (and Harveys Neue Augen and Edna bricht aus) brought us closer together again so the Creeper fits (the Creeper is just the most awesome mob :D). And he has NO knick-knack on his keys at all D: That cannot be!


Unrelated to that, I had a strange dream last night (additionally, "I" was a Zael lookalike and my father was a perfect mixture of Asthar and Fado. SO much lol); it was hot the whole time and I almost broke down because of the heat twice. And what happens today? I go shopping with my mom and IT'S SO HOT EVERYWHERE D: It was hell to stay in the shops. But my mom was awesome and bought me shorts so I could change out of my jeans. Damn you, weather.
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A strange day. I got a strange bad mood but then I still managed to have a little win :) Makes me happy again.

I also wrote lol'fic. XD The prompt was just too good; A dirty book is rarely dusty. Staring Fado and others. Just so fitting~

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I'm not sure if that was intentional (and if we remember that this is the gaming industry), but...

Did the developers KNOW what the player ~might~ think when the growing of friendship is depicted by cutesy pink hearts flowing around?

And did they know just WHAT they are suggesting when the smiley signifying the highest ~friendship level~ is a thumping pink heart with eyes that turn into hearts?

I just. I lol'ed so much when I saw that smiley. Oh, yes~~~ Shulk and Reyn are such ~close~ ~~friends~~ So many hearts~

Icon so freaking fitting it hurts.
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Lol, the last few weeks I had the feeling that I was barely writing/posting any stories! But when I look at my writing comm, lo and behold!, gurl, look at all this stuff you're posting (most of it is [community profile] fic_promptly 's fault anyway :P)

Gawd, I just love Seth->Fado. It's so.... delicious~~~~ I kinda want to prompt it on the fe_fest, but it always makes me feel weird if it's obvious that I wrote the prompt >< (And there is already one prompt that is... obvious.)

Also, dried apple rings <3 Om nom nom.

Alsoalso, OMG, I just randomly decided to listen to In Extremo again today. After like months of not listening to them. And after the first few accords I'm like "HOMG Y HAVE I EVER STOPPED LISTENING TO THEM NON-STOP?". Fffffffffffffffff. Anyway, now I kinda want to listen to Rammstein. Yay 8D

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My brother is marrying in May and I just bought a fucking awesome purple tie because I'll go in a fucking suit >8D Well, pinstriped pants and a fucking striped vest. Gonna rock that thing. / doesn't like dresses


30/1/12 20:33
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MeGusta-Chris: Could you peel another orange for me, Wolf?

Trollololol-Wolf: Of course, dear Chris!)

Nobody will understand this but YESSSSSS XD Lol forever.

Source here

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Tortillas rock my goddamn socks. I've started to replace bread and Brötchen with it XD It's just so much tastier and feels lighter. OM NOM NOM.

Some more things:

- Ashnard is like Zephiel just without the issues to explain his crazy demeanor. He might even be the love child of Zephiel and Valter. ... *would ship Zephiel/Valter just for the lulz. Doesn't believe they would like each other, though*

- I have the feeling that there's an influx of Ephraim/Lyon stories lately. Am I alone in the impression?

- The Fado Survives AU is so unbelievably fun 8D

- I kinda want to post all the things. Lol, silly self, they're not finished yet. XD

- Needs more GameOne in the world. Also, I'm not a fan of RPF, but dude, I would ship them. Casually. If Wolf would just stop flirting with all the guys, I wouldn't ship anyone XD
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(from deviantArt, by cookiemagik-d4nv7g8)

Y so angry, Innes?


Also, kinda plan on posting my Eira/Fadia piece. Maybe. Feel so lazy. Also, still have some Viggy stuff lying around that could get posted.


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