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So, after almost a whole month, Tristan finally got a new cage buddy. Say hello to Tasha!
OMG, a cute piggy behind the cut!!! )

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As you might know, you shouldn't just have one guinea pig. In freedom, they live in herds. Sooooooooooooooooo. I needed to get another one 8DD
Cut because there's just too much cuteness )

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Yaaaaaaaaaaaay, started on the entry for the fe_contest. I like it. Icon slightly relevant.

Also, piggy pics later.
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Only two because I don't want to stress her too much yet. Her name is Teddy, btw. I'm not feeling the name yet, but I always called our piggys by nicknames anyway. Nicknames like "Piggy" or "Stinker". lol

PS: I think FE 13 gets released in April here. Jsyk.

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The piggy is here 8DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD She's cute but obviously still shy. But I do hear her nibbling on her cucumber. That's good.

Also, Dragon Age gives my thoughts a "British" accent. It's hilarious. (But that always happen when I see/listen to things where there is mostly one dominant accent)