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Roflmao, gotta love those generators. I love those cusses XD

Anyway, will later make a post on [ profile] hangmans_vault  with an updated map and a few words about the islands and maybe the towns.


If anyone hasn't have and wants a dreamwidth journal, I just got five invite codes. Just comment if you want one.
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So, I made a separate comm for my pirate AU 8D It's called [ profile] hangmans_vault , which is the name of Izzy´s tavern. But nobody calls it that anyway; they all say "let's go to Izzy´s". It's just the name the tavern had for, like, ages. So, all my pirate meta will go over there~ Am still trying to get everything over there~

Also, wrote some Fado/Catalina drabbles during class 8D God, I love those two~


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Hm, I managed to write quite a bit today, which makes me happy 8D The Moulder/Hayden story develops quite nicely (even though I'm not entirely sure in which direction I should take it... And I need to write a prayer, I think D8 Nnnnnnnn, I fear that letting them pray silently would look strange. Ugh, of course, I have to put myself in such horrible spots.) And I managed to write two Mansel characterization drabbles 8D Unfortunately (or not?) they both have the same feeling... "I hate you" and "When are you coming home?" somehow ended both on an adorbs note... (But Mansel&L'Arachel? There is no other way XD) Apart from that, a paragraph here and there.


No Ephraim for me. I no longer feel that the person I wrote there is Ephraim. I have to review canon myself before I can continue anything with him in it. I feel I'm too much influence by other people and I have to regain my feeling for him.

Alsoalsoalso, I outlined pirate shenanigans a bit more 8D Still haven't written anything, but not I at least know which island are which and how the routes look like. BTW, I fear/think that the story will be more Hayden-centric. It would feel kinda unnatural to alternate between Hayden- and Fado&Viggy-chapters. So, more Hayden 8D (Nope, clearly not biased here)

And since we're on the topic of AUs. Viking bros, do want. (Uther can come to.)
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It annoys me so unbelievably much that I seemed to have lost the little plot of my pirate AU I had. >( Gargl.

Also, I can't find my Edda. Which also kinda annoys me, but at least I still have the Reclam booklet. But still. My Edda >(
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The dissertation about seamen diseases is quite lovely and makes me want to include them in the pirate AU badly. And I think I will. Definitely 8D Nothing better than killing off seamen, ain't it. Though the question is how to incorporate it. It would mostly happen during travels on sea and one solution would be logbook entries as "chapters". Or chapters where logbook entries and prosa are combined. Though I don't know if that would work... from a dramaturgical viewpoint at least. I would have to test it, I guess... (Not that I have written anything for it yet anyway).

Apart from that, let me repeat my request from the last post:

I want to ask you a favour of you all. I want to write a few characterization practice drabbles with the brokings, but I need a few lines they can react to. So would you just give me a random line (not as a narrator but a line of dialog)? Nothing cracky, please, because I want to train my srs characterization. (If you can't come up with something non-cracky, oh well, give me the crack 8D)
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I've noticed that I ship Fado/Hayden in all forms; m/m, f/m, f/f. Everything is awesome. Which lead me to the conclusion that Fado is definitely bi with a preference for women. Because boobs. Boobs (gotta love the sound of it). Now, the same is not true for Hayden. I see him as straight; he is not attracted to men or the male physic in general (the reverse is true if he's a girl). Fado is the only exception. He is fadosexual, so to speak 8D

Since we're on the topic of FemHayden. Still no good name yet. I thought of Halida, but I don't really like the sound. :( (Oh, and that is a real name even. Surprised me.)

Ya know. That icon wasn't supposed to sound/look shippy. But in conjunction with this post it kinda does XD

Edit: I'm reading a dissertation about a ship´s surgeon from the end of the 18th century and his observation about the spreading of diseases on ships and it's terribly interesting. Hopefully I can use some bits in my pirate AU 8D Also, it gives me a better feel for life on a ship.

Edit 2:

I want to ask you a favour of you all. I want to write a few characterization practice drabbles with the brokings, but I need a few lines they can react to. So would you just give me a random line (not as a narrator but a line of dialog)? Nothing cracky, please, because I want to train my srs characterization. (If you can't come up with something non-cracky, oh well, give me the crack 8D)

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So, finished my map 8D It's here if you want to look. It's still pretty big even though I sized it down like woah. But if I'd make it even smaller, you couldn't really see everything. And no names yet 8( Ugh, names.

ALSO. Nnh, meme time. I should get back into writing mood~

Write "My" Character
+ Comment to this post with your most-often written, most-headcanon'd, or favorite character.
+ I will respond with a short drabble focusing on that character.
+ Please repost this meme so I can see how you write "my" character!

If you don't have one you think of as "yours" that I might know, or you're not sure, feel free to leave it blank and I'll choose the character I associate with you.
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So, I'm trying to draw a map of my as-of-yet still unnamed "Carribean Islands". I really need a name soon. Will later raid the internet and see if Name Generators are just funny or even helpful XD

Also, meme? Uhnnnn, I dunno. Not in the mood 8/ First map.

Ugh, brain. Card =/= map. Switch to English, please.
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15. Post a screenshot from the game you're playing

Silent Hill 2, at least theoretically, because I'm a chicken. I should play it again.

HOMGHOMGHOMG, the first thing I find when I google Tales of Phantasia is pretty art 8D

Otherrrrrrrrr questions )

Second meme:

Leave a comment here (even if you're not on my f-list) and I'll tell you one thing I love about you.

Also, will make a reminder post on [ profile] magvel  later after I've changed to my main computer. Also, have worked a bit on pirates 8D Moar later.
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When I'm trying to fall asleep my brain often wanders and yesterday it decided to contemplate bro pairings - what a surprise! 8D So, I came to some conclusions; some of them astound me.

First; Fadia/Vigarde and Fadia/Hayden are awesome. I love them both. Though for several reasons I always choose Fadia/Vigarde. (Fadia and Hayden often had situtations where it was easy to transgress from "friends" to "lovers" but they always decided against it.)

Second; Fadia/Fem!Hayden is awesome. My brain decided that and even came up with an adorbale confession scene >< Both are cute~ But. I can't see Fadia/Fem!Vigarde. I tried but it doesn't work. Strange. But not as strange as point 3.

Third; I can neither see Fado/Hayden nor Fado/Vigarde. For unknown reasons I can't see any maleslash there. I tried but my mind always goes blank. Very strange. Maybe I just prefer the platonic broship. But then, it's nice that it's not always about romantic love, isn't it.

I conclude that I'm still in a "het and gen" phase, but "femslash" is sneaking in as well. At least fembroslash 8D

Also, the positions on the navy and pirate ship are more or less fixed now:

Navy )

Pirates )

Also, I've decided that the pirate story will have a third person narrator who is omniscient, but concentrates on a few characters; namely, Hayden, Fado and Viggy, maybe Tana and there might be a few scenes with Aileen (but I'm not sure about them yet). Hayden and Fado&Viggy are definitely the main characters, everyone else will only get the focus in special scenes. 8D
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Still thinking about pirates, because pirates are unf. So, I have to decided on who will just appear temporarily and who will be a fixed part of the crew. Which makes this whole thing more serious than any large project I've ever started D8 Gilliam and Moulder HAVE to appear because they're underloved :,( Also, Duessel will be a pirate. Can't let Viggy, Knoll and Lyon be pirates and leave Duessel out, can I. Gilliam will probably Hayden´s right hand and Moulder the surgeon. Did I say Syrene was part of the navy already? I think there was something... Well, she is.

Also, names for the islands, navy, pirate ship, navy ships, towns, countries, etc. And I'm so bad at coming up with names! >< Also, let's not forget the OCs... Though they're much fun 8D Also, the islands/country will probably be modelled after the Carribean, so I have to look the geography up and draw my own map 8D Yay~ More research about ships will be necessary but I already rent a book about that.

Unfortunately... Plot! Come at me. Let me write you doooooooooooown. Don't be so untoward. (I like that word XD It sounds nice~)

Also, sports? Go die in a fire. I hate you.
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I have a plot XD God, I really have a plot (no end yet, but hey, it's still more than I thought I would ever have) More on ships later. And a bit about the pirates, probably.

For now... I hate modern literature DX God, I hope the seminar becomes more interesting soon or I have a problem. Uni makes me hate literature. Or at least literature that I formerly only disliked. Mostly because I HAVE to take a course about modern literature. I hates yous.
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Womenfolk on ships: Women were allowed to become sailors; Fire Emblem allows women to become soldiers so why should I change that. It's more interesting that way. And yet, most of the sailors are men. Becoming a sailor was just a very shitty job. The work was hard, physically extremely taxing, the pay was (in comparison to all the work) also shitty and the chance that you lose a limb or die due to nasty illnesses was quite high. Women often could do better on land. Men, partly, as well, but for both sexes the family background decided what kind of jobs they could do. For men from a good background becoming a sailor was more a prestige thing; you go to sea for a few years and leave when you're a commander. They raise in the ranks more quickly (after 2 years of serving as a normal soldier they could be promoted). Men from a poor background in contrast mostly choose to become sailors if they found nothing better (or if they really like to go to sea and fight for Great Justice). The job was shitty but it was still a hundred times better than living on the street with no roof over their heads.  Also, they needed to serve for at least 4 years before they could get promoted and even then that may not happen because all the "gentleman sons" have already taken all officer posts. Back to the women; in general the rules are the same for them, but if you have an mysogynistic asshole as a captain, then your only hope is to transfer to another ship if you want to become an officer before your 30th birthday. The pay is the same as well.

On that note; you have to be at least 16 to get hired. Mostly people from poor backgrounds apply at that age, because they finish school in the same year. People from a better background have school until the age of 18 (then they can also go to uni, but it is rare that someone with university degree becomes soldier; there are FAR better jobs for them).

The treatment of women on board mostly depends on the individual they interact with, but the general tone is "we accept you, we don't think you're as capable as we, prove yourself". On good ships there is no (open) hostility, because the captain makes and enforces the rules and besides, the sailors normally have better things to do than molesting/harassing the female sailors. Also, sexual harassment is punishable, but the type of punishment itself is not fixed and always up to the captain. The sleeping arrangements officially are that males and females are separate, which means every group should have its corner. In reality that is not really doable and the only thing they do is avoiding to sleep too close together.

Also, additionally to that I finally know how I can include Aileen in the marine. As you maybe already noticed I let facts about the British Navy and their rules flow into my own rules and system. I will also adopt the situation that sailors that lose a limb during their service get nothing when they resign because of that (no compensation: they would have to beg on the street and stuff). Aileen as the overly compassionate person she is cannot stand that and has created a society that takes care of those invalids for the first months/year and helps them to adjust. She herself acts mostly as a doctor and helps the patients directly, someone else takes care of the paperwork. But she also organizes things and when she follows Hayden into country XYZ she continues her work over there.

Now for something a bit different:

I really need a govenor for the island Hayden arrives on (and lives on, or rather where Aileen then lives). But there is no Magvel character that would fit there, methinks. I would have to work with OCs as well. He needs to be strict; he has the island he rules directly in control. In contrast to other towns and islands, this one is extremely safe (which is extremely relative; they find corpses everyday, but the count is much lower than on other islands). He is powerful on his island. However, the pirates prove to be stubborn and the navy soldiers he has are.... not the best, hence why Hayden comes. The govenor is humorless, a srs bsns person and has to be at least as old, but better older, than Hayden. He is intelligent, though not in the sense of book-smart but "I have life experience and am a bright person" smart. If you know what I mean. Hnnn, I don't think that anyone on Magvel fits the personality (it can still be changed but in general that is the direction I wanna take it)

ALSO, my last point. I definitely have to include a hanging. Probably in the beginning to set the tone. My pirates are criminals and they get hanged without a trial (at least on that island because the govenor says so. If they are caught on a pirates ship, they are pirates, is his stance). That'll be fun.

Fffffffffffffffff, I still have more so another post will come later.
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Mansel - Admiral of the Fleet; he stays at home in blabla country and is everybody´s boss (mostly Hayden´s, but you know what I mean)

Hayden - Full Admiral (he needs a Vice-Admiral and a Rear-Admiral, but there are no candidates yet. Gilliam would be a choice but I want him to be a pirate in a kilt XD) had his own squadron at home and gets transferred to country XYZ where pirates are doing naughty things. Mostly because Hayden is famous for smartness and being good at capturing pirates. Country XYZ would be modelled after the Carribean. Because all pirates come from there XD Also, islands. And he has a pipe 8D
He is also the captain of his own ship. So he doesn't have an extra captain for the ship he's travelling on. The other ships of his squadron have their own captains. (Hayden just likes the responsibilities of being a captain) But he also has a second-in-command who helps him, because being an admiral and a captain would even be for Hayden too much. I may assign Moulder that role. Just because he deserves it.

Tana - Midshipmen, shortly before her promotion as a Master´s Mate; Tana fought surprisingly long with her father before she was allowed to become a sailor. Hayden was all frowny in the beginning but when it became clear that Tana was a natural talent he was grudgingly okay with it. They've never sailed together because, uhm, bias would definitely be there XD. However, in the beginning of the as-of-yet not existing story, she sneaks on board (another midshipmen has to resign suddenly and she takes his spot; why she is allowed to stay has yet to be found out 8D) so she can have adventures.

Innes - Rear-Admiral; he doesn't appear in the story. He is doing things somewhere else.

Aileen - nurse/doctor; she follows Hayden and Tana after she finds out that Tana left. She was not amused by that and almost worried herself sick. Still very emotional and ass-kicking.

Fado - Captain. Has been a pirate all his life; it's more or less family business. He has been captain for more than ten years at least. He has an extreme cool tricorn. He denies that he is the owner of the cheesy romance novels on board; everybody knows that they are his. Teasing is only allowed when both parties are drunk. Only Catalina is allowed to tease him when sober.

Viggy - Lieutenant/Quartermaster/the dude who steers the ship (Fado´s second-in-command) First I wanted to give him his own crew, but then I would have to juggle two pirate crews. Also, I want my BFFs together ;A; Besides, Viggy is too often distracted by boobs to efficiently lead a ship. Oh yes. (The complete distribution of Viggy´s and Fado´s rights/duties is not fixed yet ;P)

Seth - Master; he navigates. And has an eyepatch and is married to Eirika. I ship it on a ship XD /is shot

Ephraim - Master´s Mate; learns the way of the pirate (navigation) from Seth. However, he would rather be a gunner. But Fado wants him to become a captain later as well and he should know what the Master is talking about. (First lances and now cannons?)

Knoll - Surgeon; second Viggy spawn. He is very good at his job and wears glasses.

Lyon - Surgeon´s mate; in general a bit useless because he gets seasick so often. Everybody hopes he grows out of it soon. (He's been on board for two years.) Before that he stayed on the shore because he was even more sickly than Knoll. (Knoll got better while living on ship; Viggy hopes it works with Lyon as well) (Epic love story with Ephraim? XD)

Eirika - might become a Boatswain, not sure yet; loves to be on sea. Married to Seth and probably wears the pants in that relationship. Fado was unsure if it would be smart to take a married couple on board, but nothing negative has happened yet.

Izzy - "Tavern wench"; she owns the tavern in the pirate´s hometown. Everybody loves and fears her. Her husband died years ago on sea. Joshie rather wanted to become a mercenary, but he writes home. Not regularly, but hey, at least something.

Catalina - practically the town mayor. The real mayor is lazy and so she takes care of everything. Everybody is okay with that because she is much more capable than he. Also, the town is pretty small so there is not that much to do anyway.

Minna - no specified job; she's very sickly, but she has some medical knowledge. Sometimes she also helps Ismaire with the tavern (mostly bookkeeping). Also, since she is one of the few people in that town with a higher education, she teaches. (She moved with her parents from blabla country to country XYZ when she was about 16, maybe)

Cormag - probably Commander or Captain of one ship under Innes´ command; does not appear in the main story 8D (Yeah, I don't like writing him XD So obvious~)

Gilliam - Quartermaster; either pirate or marine.  I don't know yet, but the position is perfect for him :3

Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, I probably forgot someone or something, but that is what I've got until now 8D Piratessssssss~


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