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1. Eirika: I needed a position for her where she wouldn't be involved in the fighting (fitting for pre-game Eirika), but she still needed to be part of the crew. Making her someone completely uninvolved didn't make sense since they wouldn't take a visitor with them on a scouting mission. She might've been a carpenter/ carpenter's mate, but that didn't feel right for her. I see her thought process more like this: she wanted to be involved in the same "career" as her brother and father to be with them (because it was not unusual that a mission would last several months/years) and she didn't want to be alone at home. But she didn't want to be directly involved with the fighting since she hates violence. Therefore she picked up a profession where she could help them best; as a surgeon/ surgeon's mate. It fits her, imo, and gives her an excuse for being on board.

2. Why is Seth captain of a frigate and Ephraim of a man-of-war? Well, I did want to keep the class difference kinda intact. Fado is an admiral and a lord; Ephraim is a smart captain, has a good background and was in a few good battles. He had many friends (his own and his father's) who helped him rise quickly. Seth didn't have as much luck (though he is Fado's protege) and is so still captain of a frigate.
(I do know that canon!Ephraim is still far too young for a captain of a man-of-war, but hey, artistic licence. It's a Kinda Fantasy Nautical AU anyway)

3. There is still magic involved. In the first version, which grew too big for an contest entry, there is more magic towards the end and the Demon King is involved. Here, obviously, is not yet the time. And, admittedly, in the other AU version, the bracelets don't exist. There are other reasons for the war.

4. It's not an original Age of Sail AU mostly because it doesn't play in our world. I thought about letting things happen in the English waters, but finally decided against it because it didn't feel right. FE is fantasy. It doesn't belong into the real world. In my opinion/ feeling at least. But the rules of the AoS British Navy generally apply (apart from the no-women rule). And the uniforms. Hmm~ Navy uniforms.

I've probably forgot things I wanted to say, but eh. 8D
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Hahhh, I'm so lazy about writing this blog-thingie lately... So... bored, actually. Even though things are looking good. The little work at the centre for elderly people is pretty fun and it feels good doing it. Thanks to the decision to deal with Fado's depression in my AU inspires me like crazy so I've actually finished the fifth chapter in a record time.


Still feeling so lazy. There were several friends' entries I wanted to comment on but then there was laziness. Ugh.

Also, FemaleRightsActivist!Ephraim who campaigns for Eirika so that she can truly take his place as a ruler is actually pretty fun and cool (at least to me it sounded like pure joking on his part that Eirika should take his place. I'm guessing on a male-heir-only policy as well.)
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Man, man, man, I haven't posted here in forever, did I? Well, there was some stress lately since semester is now over and there were some last minute presentations (which was almost completely my fault for procrastinating). And I still have an essay to write -- which should be no big problem, it's only 750 words -- and a 20 page term paper. >.> So not happy about that since I only have time until September, the 1st. And I have no topic yet :D Awesome. Only not. Oh well.

Furthermore! I bought Pokemon Black on... Saturday and have already played for over 50 hours. So you know what I spent my time with >> But the game is so fun 8D I mean, lately I did get again into Pokemon due to some Let's Plays and so I wanted something new. Back when Black/White were released I was pretty critical, because the Pokemon I've seen then looked pretty stupid. But now I found super cute and super powerful ones ( >D my Matrifol/Leavanny is a KILLER) and I love them.

I really liked that they tried something different with the story, though some things were a bit disappointing in the execution. I didn't like how they wrapped it up. It felt a bit rushed. But I'm loving that you still have several places to explore after the first playthrough 8D

Also, strangely enough, this was the first Pokemon game where I had only a 5 Pokemon team for the most time. :/ I had a Rabigator/ Krookodile for a while, but I already have Sedimantur/Boldore and Karippas/Carracosta, which are both rock so I didn't also want a Ground Pokemon. AND. For the longest time I didn't find any good Water Pokemon. oO That was disappointing. Normally it takes forever until I find a Fire Pokemon I like.

Anyway, love the game. Maybe I'll even buy Black 2.
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I'm generally not a big fan of game soundtracks. Most of the time they don't appeal to me. In the case of Gameboy games, the sound is always on mute anyway. When I play other games, then I either listen to my MP3-Player or to Let's Plays.

There are only three exeptions and those three soundtracks I downloaded (a small exception is Last Story, because those are from the extra CD and are cut scene tracks); Secret of Mana, Lufia 2 and Mystic Quest Legend.

I don't really know why it is like this. Those three soundtracks just grab me. They are fun and interesting and, to me, sound far better than newer soundtracks. For example, the persona games, FF12 or Xenoblades. Even The Last Story outside of the cut scenes! All of their soundtracks are incredibly boring to my ears (and Xenoblade has the ~fantastic~ extra of characters shouting during the fights so you can't hear anything of the battle tracks anyway (God, how I HATE that (there were other games that did that as well, but I don't remember their names))). I always give the tracks a chance, I do. But they either bore me or annoy me (looking at you, Persona games). I just cannot listen to them.

Admittedly, when playing Lufia 2 I also listen to other things by now -- mostly because I've played through it SO often and I know the tracks almost by heart. But I NEVER mute the sound when playing Secret of Mana. I just love the soundtrack. All of it fits so well and those songs I really do know by heart and could immediately tell you in which regions they play. They're fantastic. And while I haven't played Mystic Quest Legend for quite a while now, the music is still awesome. The battle sound is just so excellent.

Hm. Maybe I should get out my cane and wave it at all the younglings loving those new soundtracks. (I love SNES games so much)

On other news:
I'm kinda contemplating something for the fe_contest (because due to some wonder I didn't overlook it and remember it) and I do kinda want to write a crossover. My first instinct was Canas and something with dark magic that would cross FE7 and 8 (and would have the DK). Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Not sure if I want to. Hm.
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I'm kinda pleased that I could write and finished a bit of fic lately. Starbucks/Mensa are so magically. Or maybe I just cannot write inside my home. Anyway, I kinda finished the second part of the Moulder->Hayden three-parter and am really happy with it (what, no, I do not love to insunate that Hayden also does dirty business, oh no). Funtimes.

Apart from that, I got a new green purse at an medieval fare last Sunday 8D Greeeeeeeeeen. With stripes <3 I love stripes.

Am sooooooo hungry right now, it's not funny. Gotta get food. Maybe Tortilla again. They're almost replacing bread for me by now.
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I've finished Xenoblade Chronicles just now. First I wanted write a real long entry about the good sides and the bad sides, but now... no. I don't feel like it. I'll only say a few things;

- the writing is cheesy and during most cut scenes I had the feeling that I've read that dialogue somewhere else before

- the characters are mostly types (poor Reyn is the most obvious example) (I only found Melia and Riki fun)

- I wouldn't have paid the 40€ for the story because it's cliché and not in the "seen it before but done in a new way"

- the hundreds of side missions are fucking addictive and the best part of the game

- gameplay is sometimes awesome, sometimes frustrating

- the Nopon are the cutest things ever

- the Emperor seemed to be such a nice guy

- I finished the game with 133 hours and a few minutes and lvl 99. The side missions are really fucking addictive

It's a good game. Not necessarily one that I would recommend but fun enough.


Now for the more fun part of this post. Even though I'm not terribly inspired by things lately, I was thinking about the Fado Survives AU and what would happen when he arrives in Grado with Ephraim and how he'd react to Knoll´s news. To make it short, he is sad that Vigarde´s name was sullied like that and goes to Vigarde´s study to apologize to him (well, his ghost or something). And then I've wanted Fado to find something that he could take with him; some personal belonging that was dear to Vigarde as a memento. Aaaand there comes the new headcanon:

I've wanted it to be something small that Fado could carry with him easily. And something that wouldn't draw much attention to it. I came up with a ring. And I came up with a tradition about rings because it's fun. (Alright, main motivation was that I liked the image of Vigarde wearing many rings). The tradition is that the wearing of rings is used to symbolize friendship and many other relationships. For example, every person from Grado wears a ring representing their parents. That's seen as a sign that one belongs to a family and loves said family. If that ring is not worn, it's obvious that this person has seperated themselves from their family. The second important ring is the one signifying one´s spouse. The third important ring is the one signifying one´s children. Those three are standard. Rings symbolizing close friends are very common and are much more varied than the standard ones. In general it doesn't matter what the rings are made of, apart from bronze. Bronze is only used for family members/friends that are dead.

I dunno, I find it fun 8D
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Why have these last days been so strange? I somehow was pretty much in a bad mood all the time. :( And today I just had some kind of mood whiplash. First bad, then good, then bad and now neutral with a tendency to bad. So annoying. And it makes me restless. I can't concentrate on anything. Apart from maybe playing Xenoblade. I mean, I still don't particularly like the story, but the many side missions are just addictive. Also, Riki is just adorable. Nopon look so cute and I just want to hug them. And I want a plush Nopon 8D Also, Melia is cute.

I want to play Minecraft soooooooooooo baaaaaaaaaaaaaaadly D8 I hope my lil brother lets me play soon. He's awesome, you know? Though you could almost say he's repaying what I and our big brother did when we were younger. We let him play with the games we bought as well. It's still pretty nice 8D

I also have the sudden urge to rewatch the BBC Miniseries of Emma. Strange.

On yet another note, I'm wondering if it would motivate me if I would post the first chapter of the Fado Survives AU. Though I don't know if I would even get feedback and then I couldn't go back and change something. *sigh* Probably I will do nothing.

Anyway, I'm gonna level my guys to lvl 100 later. I think that's the level cap, but I don't know. And since I'm level 93 already, it's pretty much my duty. Principles, I haz them.
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Alright, I just finished "Bloody Jack", a neat light read. It's about Mary "Jacky" Faber, whose parents and sister die when she's small and she has to live on the streets. She meets a bunch of other street kids and joins their group. After years of living on the streets, she leaves, dons the persona of a boy and enrolls on a ship as a ship´s boy.

And yes, it is fun 8D Even as someone who doesn't like first person, Jacky is a good narrator and interesting. Especially since L.A. Meyer tried to write in a very colloquial "street urchin" way; crude at times, not grammatically correct, etc. And it creates a great atmosphere. Also, the story is gritty at times; there's no glossing over the nasty sides of the 18th century. Death, hunger, sickness, violence are all present -- though not excessively! -- and handle well, imo.

Of course, in a crossdressing story a little love story cannot be missing. Towards the beginning and middle it is relatively light, but becomes stronger towards the end. A few times I thought it was coming off too strong, but then, it is first person and Jacky is in love. But it wasn't too distracting.

ALSO. Because I must fangirl a minor character. The Captain. I guess it is mostly the fault of the description, but I very probably would've liked him anyway. But as soon as he was described I just thought "Hesounds like a mix of Hayden and Gilliam". And so he CANNOT be anything but awesome 8D

Lol, I'm so easy to get sometimes. Anyway, it was a good quick read (a good reading flow and wide spacing of lines and letters) and fun. I won't read the second book of the series, though, since the plot of that one doesn't interest me. I just want to read books about pirates or marines now.
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I... really kinda want to post the first chapter of my Fado Survives AU. There's this strange feeling of "I MUST POST ALL THE THINGS D8". Not exactly sure, why, but hnnnnnnnnnn. I never ever post long stories before I completely finish them because in case I need to go back and change something, I can't do that if the chapters are already posted.

Besides, I generally lose interest in stories relatively quickly, so I'm not sure if I can ever finish this anyway (not that I have ANY idea how or when this would end. It's not like I have ANY true story in mind. It's more... character interactions. Well, my OCs might generate some minor sidestories, but still...). But I also kinda want to post it now so that there would be at least one (longer) story with Fado as the main character :(

So torn.

I also kinda love this story. <3 Hnnnnn.
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What is the "coming of age" age in the Fire Emblem games? Is it closer to our CA, 18, or closer to the more medieval one, about 14-16? Do you believe that it's always the same or differs from continent/country to continent/country? What about the Laguz races? It's obvious that they live far longer than beorc, but which age would approcimately be the equivalent?

At the moment I kinda tend more to 16. For Magvel, especially, mostly because Amelia. This is probably just my impression, but she doesn't seem to be 18. Maybe 17 or 16. But she's already a soldier. So is she an adult already or does the Gradian army employ children as soldiers? (Could actually be, having a war and all).

Tellius seems to have a higher CA. I still find Lucia´s and Janaff´s support not that clear if she needs a chaperone because she's not old enough or because she's a woman. Could be, of course, but Lucia seems to be in her 20s to me.

What are your thoughts?
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It is fun. It has some obvious flaws, but it's still fun 8D I still would rather have Minecraft D8 Want to buiiiiiiiiiild

- the graphics are neither particularly ugly nor particularly pretty and I don't really care, but everybody´s sausage fingers still make me lol.

- related to the graphics, what is up with the characters movements? Many video game characters have a strange walk, but many other games show that you can do better by now. Another point; could the game designers finally stop making the characters... billowing (I cannot truly describe the movement) in cut scenes? I believe they try to show that they're breathing, but if you're breathing, your whole body does not move.

- again related to the above point, why does it look like the characters are pushing their groins forward in cut scenes? It looks awkward.

Spoilery points )

Also finished the strange, Abney Park inspired Lyon fic. After ~ignoring~ it for, like, months, I completely forgot how I wanted to end it; I only recall a sad ending and a happy ending, that was very strange. So. Just gave it another sad ending. 8D Ololol

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I bought Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday and after playing it exactly 11 hours, I have to say...
Cut for spoilery rambling )

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So, I was reading Serra´s supports yesterday because I wanted to write something with her and... ;A; Her supports with Hector and Lucius. So sad. Also Serra/Lucius is so adorable *ships it* Btw, I found the Serra/Oswin support has a strange... vibe. A "Oswin acts like a dad to her". Picturing Serra calling him "Daddy~~" is eeeew XD Anyway, Serra = awesome. Well, her supports with Matthew and Erk were actually really grating, but the rest makes them up. Florina&Serra was especially cute.

Aaaaaaaaaaaalso. ;A; I wish there were some kind of fandom for Zombies in Wonderland, a Wii download game. It's so fun and relaxing and the characters are prettily designed. And I really want Alice/Rotkäppchen fic. (Problem is, of course, that Alice and Rotkäppchen are just characters you get after finishing the story a few times and therewith have not even one line. They only have their design ;A;) Fffffffffffffff-- Do want.

Fine, maybe I have to start fandom >:8

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Send me a character name and some numbers, and I will tell you:Questionssss )

Lol, after reading those questions I feel like answering all of them for certain ~favourites~ anyway.

PS: Apart from this, the day sucks already >8( I woke up in a bad mood. Not happy about this.

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8D Books <3

So, I've bought three new books; "On Stranger Tides", "Bloody Jack #1" and "The Emperor´s Edge". I've started with E´sE first, because of the pretty cover 8D And it's fun so far. Am only on page 90 because I'm so lazy at the moment. Amaranthe is fun (and makes me think of Nightwish), though, and Hollowcrest as well. Books seems to be an interesting character as well. The others... have potential. Sespian is the only one who I'm still "meh" about. But he gets points for having a cat 8D

But. Why those overly complicated fantasy names D8 Oh god, how I hate this. Akstyr. Maldyiuserghilehbzuo. Whatisthisidon'teven. The first one doesn't even resemble a name and how am I supposed to pronounce it? And the other one is too long and complicated so he's gonna be Maldy. Names, you slay me.

8D Now off to bed.
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I've finished Okami.


And it was awesome. There were, overall, things that irked me (about which I've ranted already), but honestly? The story is so fun and everything -- landscape, characters, the gameplay -- are so charming and alluring that those failures are easy to cope with. Only during long cut scenes it gets noticable.

The magic system needs a moment of familiarisation, but afterwards the drawing of the symbols is easy. Especially since often enough you only need to connect two "dots" (like drawing a line between a fire and your target). The vine magic is the only one that's tricky sometimes, because even though you seem to have done everything correct, it doesn't work (very frustrating if you try to fly from flying downwards-looking flower to downwards-looking flower).

The riddles in the dungeons are often very well constructed and relatively easy to solve if you remember your magic. Sometimes jump passages are a bit tricky because the camera refuses to move every now and then or because Ammy´s jumping is a tad hard to estimate (god, those papers you had to blow up in the air so you could walk over them ><)

The dungeons themselves are not just beautiful but really diversified. One is underwater, in one you're shrinking to the size of Issun, another one is a plant and one even the innards of a human! The dungeons are definitely one big strength of the game.

The enemies are neither too hard nor too easy and some of them are really mean :> Sometimes it'd hard to guess how to kill them because they block all your standard attacks. Good thing; you can find tipps in the bestiarium after you beat the first monster.

The best part, imo, are the sidequests and searching for the clovers. It was just so awesome to suddenly spot the green light and all get excited because "Digging! 8D" and "Yay, Soon better stats 8D"

Also, pretty music. I'm not much of a fan of game music, but it was pretty and never annoyed me. :3 Definitely a beautiful, great and worth to play. I would always recommend it.
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I remember one comment in my journal about how it was kinda stupid of Fado to stay back to get himself killed while Eirika and Seth flee. And well, if we take what he says about his reasons at face value, I agree. His death is pretty much pointless. But after some thinking I don't believe him completely.

Yeah, I do believe that he wanted to know why this was happening (and to accept the guilt if it was his fault). But that wasn't his main reason. I believe he mostly wanted to buy time for Eirika. I mean, what would've the Gradian army done if neither king nor princess where in the castle? They immediately send their troupes after them. And if the king stays back and distracts the Gradian army for a (albeit) little while? Until they notice that the princess isn't there (and when they notice that they need her; we don't know if Lyon/the DK already knew that there was a fake stone in the temple and that they would need the twins), Eirika might already be far away or at least hidden. So Fado sacrifices himself for Eirika.

Thoughts? Arguments?


24/12/11 23:00
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Sooooooooooooooo. I got the Thor DVD for Christmas 8D And some awesome books. But. I've just watched the movie again and now that I have time and (sometimes) the concentration to watch it more closely, I've... noticed things.

- Thor/Jane seems pretty sweet now. I really liked their awkward conversations. It felt like they could truly happen like this in real (well, kinda...)

- WoobieLoki is so... gawd. Well, I do see that he had some hardships and stuff, but he's still Loki. In most of his scenes after (and partially before) Thor´s banishment there was always this... maliciousness in him. He hates, he is hurt, he is strong and doesn't care if he hurts others (apart from maybe his mother and Odin, though maybe not for... "good" reasons). He's not a weak little boy who gets bullied by everyone but his mom; he is mad and he feels he is wronged (which he is in some ways) and he doesn't care how many his trying to change this affect other people. Genocide and fraticide are no small things and he didn't seem to particularly care. Loki is not helpless damsel. (Also, writing Odin as the Big Bad Guy who is at fault for every little thing that went wrong with Loki? Goddamit I hate that trope. It's not that easy.)

- Anthony Hopkins just looks like he is a nice person. Something about makes him seem nice. Strange.

- The scene when the Jotunns invaded the room with sleeping Odin and Frigga draws a sword and kills an Ice Giant? So awesome 8D

- Idris Elba as Heimdall is fucking awesome. Haters gonna hate elsewhere.

- Chris Hemsworth´s smile 8D 8D 8D So shiny.
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I've sent the Christmas Cards today :3 I have no idea how long the shipping takes at this time of the year, so sooner is better than later.

Unrelated to that, I really kinda want to write a Fado Survives AU. My only excuse and reason is Game Needs Moar Fado and the whole thing is mostly... pointless.


But moar Fado~ Also, Fado with only one arm, because headcanon says that he loses his sword arm in the fight with Vigarde. The fun potential is high with this one.  Unfortunately the laziness of this writer is also high...

Well, we'll see...

Even more unrelated to the above stuff; Lego Piraten makes me rofl. I mean, we are talking about PIRATES. So even though Willy´s dad was hanged for crimes he didn't do, he was still a pirate and a criminal. He stole gold. He is a bad guy. Really. And you cannot tell me that Roger is a "good" guy. He is also a pirate, not just an "adventurous daredevil". Lol. It's okay, really, you make it clear that almost everybody in these audio books is corrupt or a criminal in some way. Pirates are good.

PS: I still want Roger/Baddog slash sooooooooooo badly. :(


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