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Hehehe 8D I just made a Creeper keychain for my little brother´s birthday on the 18th. I never know what to give my brothers and normally it's some chocolate but the Creeper chain was just a spontaneous idea. I feel like Minecraft (and Harveys Neue Augen and Edna bricht aus) brought us closer together again so the Creeper fits (the Creeper is just the most awesome mob :D). And he has NO knick-knack on his keys at all D: That cannot be!


Unrelated to that, I had a strange dream last night (additionally, "I" was a Zael lookalike and my father was a perfect mixture of Asthar and Fado. SO much lol); it was hot the whole time and I almost broke down because of the heat twice. And what happens today? I go shopping with my mom and IT'S SO HOT EVERYWHERE D: It was hell to stay in the shops. But my mom was awesome and bought me shorts so I could change out of my jeans. Damn you, weather.
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"Händy" might be the cutest things I've seen today XD I don't know if my mother or my grandpa wrote it like that, but eeeeeek, it looks so adorable~

Yeah, most people pronounce the "a" of "Handy" like an "ä", but seeing it written like that? Adorbs.
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What is the "coming of age" age in the Fire Emblem games? Is it closer to our CA, 18, or closer to the more medieval one, about 14-16? Do you believe that it's always the same or differs from continent/country to continent/country? What about the Laguz races? It's obvious that they live far longer than beorc, but which age would approcimately be the equivalent?

At the moment I kinda tend more to 16. For Magvel, especially, mostly because Amelia. This is probably just my impression, but she doesn't seem to be 18. Maybe 17 or 16. But she's already a soldier. So is she an adult already or does the Gradian army employ children as soldiers? (Could actually be, having a war and all).

Tellius seems to have a higher CA. I still find Lucia´s and Janaff´s support not that clear if she needs a chaperone because she's not old enough or because she's a woman. Could be, of course, but Lucia seems to be in her 20s to me.

What are your thoughts?
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I bought Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday and after playing it exactly 11 hours, I have to say...
Cut for spoilery rambling )

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Lol, the last few weeks I had the feeling that I was barely writing/posting any stories! But when I look at my writing comm, lo and behold!, gurl, look at all this stuff you're posting (most of it is [community profile] fic_promptly 's fault anyway :P)

Gawd, I just love Seth->Fado. It's so.... delicious~~~~ I kinda want to prompt it on the fe_fest, but it always makes me feel weird if it's obvious that I wrote the prompt >< (And there is already one prompt that is... obvious.)

Also, dried apple rings <3 Om nom nom.

Alsoalso, OMG, I just randomly decided to listen to In Extremo again today. After like months of not listening to them. And after the first few accords I'm like "HOMG Y HAVE I EVER STOPPED LISTENING TO THEM NON-STOP?". Fffffffffffffffff. Anyway, now I kinda want to listen to Rammstein. Yay 8D

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Oh gawd, galls, guess what my dad just found in the basement (the freaking cold basement >:( ). My old GameBoy Colour 8D Nostalgia~~~~

Oh, Nintendo, you have been in my life for so long XD /nerd

I sold my very first Game Boy on a flee market years ago (it was blue). Then I go my first neon green GBC, but it was stolen! In a hotel >:E Together with my Pokemon Blue edition. A sad holiday. Then I got the purple see-through GBC that my dad just found. And then my GBA, which is also still have. Then my DS, one from the first edition that was released almost ages ago now and is still very much alive and kicking. And finally my blue 3DS. I love you all <3

And don't get me started on my SNES that I inherited from my older brother, which still works and is also kicking ass, our N64, that we sold on a flee market as well, my Gamecube, and the Wii. <3

The oddball that is my PS2 was well received, though. My Nintendo consoles are all very nice~

Awww, my heart~

Unfortunately I only have two GBC games left; Zelda; Four Seasons and Pokemon Crystal. Okay, my dad also found a Moorhuhn game, which was his, I have to say!, but that game.... sucks. XD

PS: Am I the only one that thinks that the scratches on the GB screens are a sign of a long ~friendship~ They make me feel fuzzy. Especially the ones on my GBA. I had a strange love for that console
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You know, the quickest way to turn me off an author is to tell me that his/her book has "strong female characters". I love awesome characters as much as everybody else. But I am so fucking annoyed by all the stressing on ~strong female characters~ Those people are right, yes, we need more female role models. I, however, am a person who has never had a role model and very probably will never have one. So I do get annoyed when people always talk about "needing a character to look up to/identify with". Fine. You want that. I do not give a fuck, I just want an interesting character. As long as I like them I do not care what is between their legs. I want to read a story. I'm not interested in the sex of the characters.

Often enough those characteristics that make a character strong are utterly boring. And they're all the same. Yes, yes, everybody should always be able to solve their problems on their own and kick ass and get themselves out of their dire situations/lifes.I don't want to see them winning, sometimes. Sometimes (quite often lately) I want weak characters. Characters who lose, who suffer/die because they cannot help themselves (or get help), who give up, who cannot take it anymore.

Goddamnit. Most of the strong characters are just so fucking boring.

Also, the synopses of those books almost always sound just as boring.

Edit: Also, no fucking teen heroes anymore. I cannot stand that. More protagonists in their late twenties and maybe early 30ies, please. Also with beards and long hair, lol XD

/is picky

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So, I randomly started playing FFXII again yesterday and I have to say it's still fun. And quite some things changed, especially my view on the characters. Which I will tell you in list form.

Long list is long. )

I think I might need a Basch icon. Edit: Ha! I knew I had one lying around 8D

Edit2: Why has my ps2 controller brokennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn D8 Gotta get a new oneeeeeeeeee. I'm kinda surprised (and happy) that it even lasted so long, though. I bought it years ago and it was already second-hand then. Oh well ;m;
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... but I spontaneously rememebered a post from some time ago about pairings and the stuff they do in bed. And I said about Pent/Louise that they don't strike me as particularly kinky. Then these thoughts stumbled through my brain:

They aren't but if Pent found a "Kinky Stuff for Mages with Magic. In Bed" book, he would totally go to Louise and say: "Darling, I need your assitance in an experiment."

"Of course, my Lord Pent. What kind of experiment is it?"

"I found this book about sex practices involving magic and I need to test if they work. In the name of science."

"Oh my, of course I'll support you in every way possible."

"Excellent. We'll meet 10 o'clock sharp for our first experiment. And since we don't want to lose any time, please do not wear anything. It would distort our results."

"... I love it when you talk science-y to me."

"You may call me 'professor' if it's beneficial to our cause."

"Oh yes, Professor Pent."



No, I do not know why I thought about that while sweeping the parking range. XD


Edit because I have more random thoughts:

I was genderswitching fun in my head just because and somehow it turned... serious. I was wondering... If for some magical reason Ephraim and Eirika would switch their sex, would OrigEphraim take the chance and flounce off? Would he be totally like "Oh hey, sis, now you're the male heir. I'll be off doing mercenary stuff. The girl parts? Doesn't matter, I just want to be free"? Or would he accept that he has a job to do now (as in he has accept his legacy he can avoid) and stays king/queen?

What would you say, flist? What would your Ephraim do?

I'd say, if he's turned before the war, he would probably flounce. After the war, a clear (if wistful) "no". He has inherited his father´s place and he can't just hand it to his sister like this.

A related thought:

If OrigEphraim and OrigEirika were "born" genderswitched, they would still be Eirika and Ephraim, just the other way around. Normally I always use either a variation of the original name or a name that has similar sounds, but it wouldn't make too much sense with Eirika and Ephraim, would it? It would probably be confusing in a fic, but it would be logical.

Also, I do believe if the same happened to Innes and Tana, they would also be Tana and Innes, because I can see Hayden and Aileen deciding "If we have a boy, he's Innes and if it's a girl, Tana". Which they did. And if "Innes" were a girl, he would be named Tana.

Yes, random and confusing. Yay 8D
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I've just started a new all-girls run of Dragon Quest IX (with the girls designed after Catalina, Aileen and Minna and, uhm, a fourth person), and I immediately want to slash Catalina with that blue-haired girl who takes you in after your crashing on earth. For no reason. oO Strange. And I even kinda want to write it. Tztztz, very strange.


I believe a system where a subordinate is physically not able (due to magic) to disobey, resist or just do anything against a superior is kinda fucked up and creepy. Just my thoughts.
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You know what I just noticed?

I could turn Eira (FemHayden) into a pegasus knight.

Normally I leave the class of the genderbent characters like they were (Fadia and Victoria are still awesome generals and Eira would stay a ranger), but, you know, Frelia is pegasus country and princess as pegasus riders are really not unusual...

Otoh, right now, I want Eira using a crossbow on a pegasus because awesome. I really don't know XD

Or maybe Eira just really can't use lances and is awesome with bows and therefore has decided to just become an archer/ranger. She still can ride a pegasus though and owns one. The possibilities...
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The "Old, single man adopts a child and they are an adorable family unit" is a trope that appears in most FE games, isn't it?

And I fall for it every time, goddammit.

But it's so cute~ FE4 has Hannibal and Corple (or Sharlow), FE6 Douglas and Lalam, FE7 Marcus and Lowen (yes, that counts for me. And they're the funniest duo), FE8 Duessel and Amelia. I don't think there was something like that in 9/10 and I can't think of such duos in the other games. Daw, so squishy cute~

I actually like most of the replacement kids more than the... how would you call them anyway? Originals? Anyway, it doesn't mean too much, because until now I don't have too many reasons to like anyone as of yet. Celice is fun at times, Oifey feels like Seth-lite (why did they call him tactician at the beginning? Though, as I see it, it was more like at 14 he was a knight-in-training and since he was not ready to enter battle, he was concentrating on strategy and was good at it. That's why he could only be the "tactician". He was only 14, though, and still didn't know or could do too much. I believe he did more background organizing rather than battle arrangements. And in the second part he's a bit more like Seth; does know his shit, but there are "professionals" (Innes and Levin) who can do that better than him so he concentrates on other things. He's more of a advisor, if at all. So.) Oh, and I do like Shanan. He is also fun at times.


How did "Schnaps" turn into "schnapps"? Where did the second "p" come from? o.O
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Every time you say the name "Marth", the Sailor Moon theme will play in my head.

"Starlord Marth"... you can't tell me that it's just me seeing that. I swear I'm not obsessed with Magical Girls, but those last two days the POTENTIAL and all the implications just jumped at me... Loling forever. (Also still loling at Blume, ffffffffffffffffffff. Why didn't he have Blüte and Knospe as children? XDDDDDDDDDD)


I'm only skimming Mystery of the Emblem (because I'm re-formatting it again) but from what I saw, Jeigan is awesome. Woot. I've already liked him before (out of principle because everywhere I saw him mention he was hated for, well, being a Jeigan. Of course I had to like him. Same with Marcus in the beginning, really. Now I love him for having a fun and awesome personality, of course) and no I even have a reason to like him~ XD
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Could it be that the Sacred Stones do not all have the same "abilities"? I mean, if Rausten´s stone is able to imprison the DK in the end of the game alone, why did they need the other ones? Doesn't make too much sense, does it?

So, what if RS (Rausten´s stone) is the only one who can seal? GS (Grado´s stone) maybe enhances the carrier´s strength? FS maybe enhances the carrier´s wisdom? What if they all were used for different things and customized for the carrier?

(If that makes you think of Magical Girl series and costumized ~stones~ that transform the carriers, then your mind is in the same places as mine. And no, my mind has not yet decided if there are versions for boys and girls or only for girls. .... My mind is a very funny place at the moment.)

Also, since I just started to play SS yet again... I once again noticed that both Fado and Hayden kinda look annoyed in-game while Vigarde seems to smile. Uh-oh, the ebil is on his face.

Also, I am not wondering what should happen if Eirika hadn't come in time and saved Tana and how Grado might try to use Tana to blackmail Hayden. I am not sure yet if he would sacrifice her or not. Maybe he would. No, I am not having fun with this, what are you talking about? >8D


Castle Renais:

I didn't notice before that we have a pic of it... It looks so much like a Schloss rather than a Burg. 16th or 17th century. Oh, and pretty. Reminds me of the Heidelberg Castle ;u;

Edit2: Something is strange about Selena´s in-game portrait. Something looks... off. Either the eyes or the form of her face. I'm not sure...


Funny occurence of the day: Ephraim tries to kill mage. Mage almost kills Ephraim. Kyle tries to kill mage. Mage instead almost kills Kyle. Half dead Forde tries to kill mage. Mage finally dies.

Guys. You are truly AWESOME fighters. I'm so impressed by you guys.
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I thought I managed to get rid of that "head shake" tic years ago. I do not think that it's a good sign that it came back in the last days.

*angsts a bit*

Also, tried to write earlier but it was more of a fight with myself than fun. :( Uuuuuuuuuuuh. I'll maybe try again later.

Random headcanon minute of the day:

Fado is missing one incisor and one back tooth. Hayden isn't missing any. About 2/3 of the Magvel knights are missing at least one tooth. Duessel and Gilliam are definitely missing at least one, I just don't know which.
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So, first I wanted to make a rambly post in which I go back to the Eirika/Innes support and examine what exactly I dislike about them (to have a reflected opinion about them), but I was waylaid by Fado-ness in the Eirika/L'Arachel support and doting-Hayden-ness in the Tana/Eirika support. Now I'm grinning like an idiot again and cannot think clearly enough for reflected rambling. The Curse of Being A Horrible Fangirl D8

Therefore I could only collect more or less curious things that made go "...Huh?" or "XD".

Read more... )
Maybe I'll just go read moar Duessel supports. The one with Amelia is so cute ;A; (And the Ephraim one for ~shenanigans~ 8D)

Edit: I need to find a name for Vigarde´s father... I've written things about him and yet I still have no name for him XD Hm, I feel like something Russian could fit. 8I Yeah, feels like Russian. But I'm perfectly open for other things 8D

Also, lj, stop fucking up my format when I edit things. It's highly annoying.
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Finally posted the first part of my Fadia/Vigarde longfic that will probably never be finished. Rofl. Here at and dreamwidth. Goodness, why do I love those two so much?

Anyway. In general I'm in a rather bad mood at the moment. Pretty miffed. For unspecified reasons.

Anyway (again. I love that word). I've just noticed that I always forget to post my stuff on [ profile] emblemfic, but I'm too meh at the moment to care. Not that I would believe that anyone is interested in my stuff anyway.

Man, why am I such a downer today? Seriously, self.

Maybe something more interesting: Am I the only one who noticed this about the Magvel world map?

Cut because I can )

Also, shiny new headcanon about Fado is shiny.
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Oh man. Oh man, I think the Douglas&Lalam support might be the cutest support I've ever read. XD So adorbs. I just want to hug both of them.

And the fact that my mind always substitutes Douglas with Duessel (because I have no mental image of Douglas and only vaguely remember that they looked somewhat similar) makes me think that Duessel needs his Lalam as well XD Because that would be adorbs. Can he adopt Amelia? It's not completely the same but there ARE similarities 8D Homg, do want. So awesome.

Also, the relationship Zealot and Yuno have is kinda sad :( Well, the whole arrangement with their daughter at least. I find it incredibly sad that he'll probably be away most of her childhood and that they might never truly get to know each other. Of course, it doesn't necessarily mean that their relationship will be strained and that the daughter won't like/accept him, but it could happen as likely as she might look up to him because he sacrifices much for their family. :( Sadness.

Oh well, after saving all the supports, I'll first look for Mordred and Elphin stuff. 8D

Edit: The Hugh&Niime support is awesome 8D It truly is. Though her saying that Hugh´s father Canas was "trying to seem bad, but was too kind" confuses me. Canas tried to look bad? Wut? Anyway, it's still adorbs.
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Soooooooooooo 8D "Crack pairing" as prompt is awesome. Crack pairings are incredibly fun. Unfortunately I had no spontaneous ideas. Though... is it ~really~ unfortunate? 8D

Unfufufufufufufu >8D Of course it isn't! And why? 

Because now it's time to get out the character list and the random number generator 8DDDDD Fear the results!

Here you get my first list (it was so much fun I need to make another one just for the lulz); I don't know how many pairings I got because I didn't mark them on the list with numbers but with the non-letter symbols on my keyboard 8D (Punctuation and that Gedöns)

I had way too much fun with this XD )

Second list because there are a few nice things in it as well 8D

This IS inspiring 8D )


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