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I just watched Thor again (or rather selected scenes *coughOdinisaBamfcough* and the more often I watch that movie, the less I like Loki. He's a bubbling well of W.T.F. Just one thing that bugs me so very much; just why the fuck did both Beginning!Thor and Loki think that genocide would please Odin? He said several times that he wanted peace. In the scene where they were kids, later after the first attack and so on. WHY DID YOU TWO ASSHATS THINK GENOCIDE WOULD MAKE HIM PROUD OF YOU? ARE YOU STUPID?

I guess the answer is in both cases yes >8/ No sympathy for either of you.

Also, in the scene where Thor is captured by SHIELD and Loki comes to tell him Odin died? I hate Loki so much. I do not give a fuck why he might have done that. That was such an asshole move that I just cannot.

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I just.

Want to rant so much about Xenoblade because it could be a great game, but it just...

It finally picks up, but it's far too late. I just don't care.

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You know, the quickest way to turn me off an author is to tell me that his/her book has "strong female characters". I love awesome characters as much as everybody else. But I am so fucking annoyed by all the stressing on ~strong female characters~ Those people are right, yes, we need more female role models. I, however, am a person who has never had a role model and very probably will never have one. So I do get annoyed when people always talk about "needing a character to look up to/identify with". Fine. You want that. I do not give a fuck, I just want an interesting character. As long as I like them I do not care what is between their legs. I want to read a story. I'm not interested in the sex of the characters.

Often enough those characteristics that make a character strong are utterly boring. And they're all the same. Yes, yes, everybody should always be able to solve their problems on their own and kick ass and get themselves out of their dire situations/lifes.I don't want to see them winning, sometimes. Sometimes (quite often lately) I want weak characters. Characters who lose, who suffer/die because they cannot help themselves (or get help), who give up, who cannot take it anymore.

Goddamnit. Most of the strong characters are just so fucking boring.

Also, the synopses of those books almost always sound just as boring.

Edit: Also, no fucking teen heroes anymore. I cannot stand that. More protagonists in their late twenties and maybe early 30ies, please. Also with beards and long hair, lol XD

/is picky

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I do love you. You're an awesome game and yeah, goddamn, you managed to pull me in again. You made things up.

I still have two major gripes, though:

1. Stop repeating everything over and over and over and over again; - an old story, - where we have to go, - why something happened, - what just happened three seconds ago.

2. Issun, I know it's not your fault. But. THAT'S NOT AN IDIOT BALL YOU'RE CARRYING THERE, THAT'S AN IDIOT AMBOS FALLING ON YOUR HEAD AGAIN AND AGAIN. Goddamit! How long does it take you to get that after we went through that Ghost Gate, we're in the past! We were told before that this could happen. Sakuya was a little girl, the tree was a sapling, nobody recognized us. What MORE do you need? Do the writers really think the players are so stupid? Man, you annoy me sometimes.

I will still continue playing. Because you rock, Okami.

PS: I LOVE searching for the clovers 8D So much fun. Oh, and making everything bloom. So awesome 8D


10/1/12 00:11
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You are a lovely game. You are really pretty and the element of the ink and the drawing is awesome. At the beginning it was hard to draw a circle with a pad, but I learnt quickly. The first arc with Susano was fun, if at places a bit slow because it's impossible to make the dialogue run faster and you people tend to repeat things over and over again. But I could live with that.

Then. The fight against Orochi on the island seemed like an ultimate boss fight, as in afterwards the game is over. I was sad when I thought that. The game would've been really short. However, I went into that fight and it was fun, if annoying (fucking Orochi).

Then I saw that, Hey! Game's not over yet. I was all "Yay! 8D". And the game continued to be fun. I learnt new techniques, did more quests and the innovative levels, like the one where you shrink were awesome.

However. You little fuckers. You could fool me once -- I was able to laugh about Orochi and the "Olololol, that's the last fight *wink wink*" attitude the first time. I wasn't annoyed then. The second time however...

Are you fucking kidding me? I went and killed the Water Dragon because I fucking wanted to make the quest at the restaurant on the beach. And what do you do? You force me to go to the Oni Island and fight the fox. And I think the whole time "wtf? If the game's over afterwards, how am I supposed to do that quest!!! >8(". And I was not happy. The Oni Island was a fun dungeon, but my bad mood prevented me from enjoying it to the fullest.

And then I beat the fox and surprise, surprise. The game isn't over yet. Am I happy about it?


Because I am angry. Because you made me think that I couldn't finish that quest before the end of the game. Because your litte ~trick~ prevented me from enjoying the game. And you know what, I probably won't be able to forget that. Because my brain likes to work that way. Goddammit.

tl;dr Okami, bad narrative choices, fuckers.
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I was thinking about how far they would go to accomplish something, mostly win a fight/war. (That was kinda a left-over musing from the Vigarde&Lyon fic Sacrifices.) I was musing about both of them, because I love to compare Hayden with Innes (and Fado with Ephraim), because they are canonically quite similar in personality. What mainly prompted this musing was a Subway to Sally song, though, "Die Schlacht".

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to don
keusche Unschuldsmiene zeigen;  (a chaste and innocent air;
sich in wahrer Demut üben,   (practice living in true lowliness,
schüchtern sein und ganz bescheiden. (acting shy and meek)

Manchmal muss man, um zu siegen (In order to win you sometimes have to
Freunde morden und verraten; (murder friends and betray them;
man muss lügen und betrügen (you have to lie and cheat,
man muss sähen böse Saaten.
(you have to sow the seeds of evil.) Subway to Sally - Die Schlacht

The translation is not the best, because it's almost impossible to keep the rhythm intact (and you really cannot replicate the grammatical structure of the verses into English. The grammar systems are too different). So, this whole thing sparked my wondering:

What would Hayden and Innes be willing to do to reach their goals? Edit: I'm not thinking straight today so I merged two different situations into one. The "would they sacrifice family" thought is actually separate from the "how far would they go" thought. Go, me >> To clarify further; the "would they sacrifice family" assumes a "sacrifice one person or hundreds of others will die/suffer horribly" situation.

And I came to the conclusion that under almost no circumstance Hayden would betray his family and friends. If his "friends" gave him reason to, he might (only if no other possible solution works). Hayden would never (and I mean never) sacrifice his family. For nothing. He might sacrifice his friends if he is pressed to do it (it would haunt him for the rest of his life, but he would). His family is Hayden´s big weakness, though, especially Tana and his wife. He would rather put himself (and everybody else) in danger than his daughter and wife (Innes is a bit of an exception since he's a soldier. He's more prepared to sacrifice a soldier. Yes, Tana is a soldier as well, but, well, Hayden doesn't truly accept it in his heart.)

He would lie and cheat. As long as he considers his cause good and justified, he would have absolutely no problems with that. The same with provoking disputes; though he would try to not let it grow out of control.

Hayden would put on a false act to get what he wants/needs. He would probably not like it, but he would rock it. He is a good actor.

Now, Innes on the other hand... He is the same in regard to lying/cheating and putting on a false act (though I believe he wouldn't be as good as Hayden at acting innocent).

So, what about sacrificing friends and family? I took me long to come to a conclusion. But in the end... yes, I believe Innes would sacrifice them. He wouldn't particularly like it, of course, and he would try to find another solution, but in the end he would do it. Innes would go farther than Hayden.

(But to counterbalance that; I believe that Hayden is more conniving and back-stabbing than Innes. Innes tends to be more honest, because he wasn't taught as much as Hayden to be conniving (with the strong conflicts with Grado back then, Hayden was highly encouraged to be... mean to them))


Unrelated to that, I'm kinda wondering if it's strange that I never assign specific songs to characters. Maybe because I tend to never listen to the lyrics (the only thing that is important for me is that the melody is nice and that the sound of the voice is nice and fits) and if I do, only if they're fun or creepy. I mean, I rarely listen to German music (and then it falls under the mentioned categories) and I don't bother to pay attention to lyrics in other languages. And honestly... I hate it when I understand the lyrics. They always distract me from the music itself and therewith take all my enjoyment away. That's the reason why in general I hate German music. I do not want to know what you're singing about. Normally it's cheesy or stupid or nonsensical or just plain horrible. If the lyrics are in a different language, I at least don't notice how horrible the lyrics are. >8X

Alright, enough ranting for today.
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Damn you, Tales of the Abyss, why do you have a story hole? The start of the war made the whole story so... slow. It's starting to bore me :( (Jade and Natalia are still rocking everything, but still).

That said... all the talk about how "OMG we're killing humans!" is starting to annoy me. It's just... I do not give a fuck. The world hasn't managed to become interesting. The towns are prettily designed, but the world seems so... empty at times. Lifeless. The people we meet (apart from Peony, who is fun and very shippable with Jade) are just so bland. I just do not care if I kill humans.

Which, btw, is not a problem that only TotA has. ToS was very similar. Not as bad, but my level of care was still pretty low. Now, if that would happen with, say, Ivalice in FF12, heck yeah, I would care and be sad if I had to kill innocent dudes. But here... yeah no.

Oh, and reformed!Luke/Tear and Natalia/Asch have the potential to be adorbs.


Btw, I might need a Natalia icon and a Fragile Dreams icon.


I kinda wanted to babble about Hayden and Innes, but. Feeling so lazy. Maybe later.


This is getting long... )
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So, I just finished FF12. And Gabranth and Larsa are so SQUISHY 8D So adorbs~~~~ And Basch and Gabranth <3

There are really very few cases where I truly enjoy killing a villain. In most cases I actually don't care that much. But killing Vayne was so fun >8D That smug bastard. So much hate for him. Also, I'm still not exactly sure what his motives were. Was it really just power hunger? That would be really boring, actually, but I don't have the feeling that he truly buys that "history back in the hands of man" shit. Oh well. I don't care about him anyway. Larsa is so cute~

Also, now Balthier is back on my list of FF characters I adore 8D In the beginning he was meh, but he gets better.

Basch is still too sexy for words. Though Vaan is now my favourite character in the game. Tehe. Ah, it was fun to replay it. Though now I'll have nothing to play until my 3DS and Tales of the Abyss arrives. And Fragile Dreams because OMG THERE IS FRAGILE DREAMS AND IT'S AFFORDABLE AND WANTWANTWANTWANT I mean, wat?

Edit because I always forget half of what I want to say:

I've downloaded the first Phoenix Wright game for the Wii. I'm only at the second case, but my opinion on it is already.... torn. Because for me the game consists of three things: a bit fun, a bit rage and a bit squick. Fun is fun. Rage because GODDAMN NO I DO NOT WANT YOU TO SAY THIS, BRING UP THE THING SHE/HE SAID THEN AND NOT THIS STUPID ÜAHSGPLKDÖBGFS (oh and the thing with April May in the court? Where all the men go "AW SUCH AN ADORABLE AND SEXY ~GIRL~ COULD BE NOTHING BUT INNOCENT"? Fuck that. It is so incredibly stupid and such a stupid plot device. I want to burn it, burn it forever. You want to tell me that 1. all of the men fall for her bad acting and 2. all the men present are totally into that type of woman? I find that unbelievable, especially since this is a fucking murder case. Take this seriously, fuckers.). Squick because I have such an embarrassment squick. And long motivational speech (TM) squick. And sometimes a more general holding speech squick. And Phoenix Wright is full of that. AND unfortunately it is also hilarious is Phoenix is embarrassed/refuted/put down a bit, but it also squicks me like whoa. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.
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This post is just an excuse to use my new icon. Why are the Golden Sun Djinns so cute? 8D

Also, since I'm playing GS 1 and 3 at the same time (always swapping if I have enough of 3), I'm just noticing how superior the first game is. It might not look as good (though I would argue that. I like the style of the first two more than the style of the third) and the battle system has one big flaw (the characters will only attack the monster you chose for them and if they die before they could hit it, they just defend and don't switch to another monster), overall it is more fun. The battles are harder than in the third game. I was actually surprised by that. The dungeons are both good, but feel shorter in 3. I'm not sure if they really are shorter or if you just get through them more quickly. And that even though I know the GS1 dungeons almost by heart (Just like the dungeons of Lufia 2 and Secret of Mana :P).

Also, the ending of GS 3 is highly unsatisfying. The whole game is pretty unsatisfying, really. GS 1 has a good and interesting cliff hanger. GS 3 just annoys me. I'm not sure if I'll buy GS 4, even though they've finally reach the interesting part... Hn.

Also, no matter how often I play GS 1, I always, really always, have to use the Water of Life I got in Vault in the fight against the Giant Squid on the ship to Tolbi. Always. And in most cases I have to use it on Ivan. In more rare cases on Mia.

Also, Isaac is cute. I really love his design (not in 3. He looks horrible in 3. Garet as well, for that matter)
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Real life first: I've been to a psychiater today. It was.... okay. I'm not too sure if I like her yet. I'll see how the next few meetings go and decide then.

Now, today I come with a rant. A rant about Golden Sun 3: Dark Dawn and why it sucks. As a sequel to the other games and on its own. All of the following is only my opinion, of course. Also, full of spoilers.

Long rant is long )


Golden Sun 3 could be a good game. Maybe if they had taken more time or looked at the old games more often and maybe thought a bit more about the plot, it were better. Unfortunately they didn't.

So, to cheer us up after such a long rant, here have a link to some Golden Sun 1 4koma 8D
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Have I already told you lately that I hate people who write viruses? Because I do. And I kinda start to hate my writing computer because he caught the same virus he caught just a few days ago again. Seriously. What kind of fail is that!?


Also, 17th September. You are coming closer and closer. *flail*

On another, Fire Emblem related note: I kinda hate my Innes piece. I like the first scene and I love the last, as of yet not written scene, but the stuff in between is so hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. I'm not sure if it's Innes, if it's Hayden, if it's my writing or the fact that this doesn't feel right. Argl. This makes me very unhappy.

Ugh, such a wasted and sucky day. Also, I don't manage to care about [ profile] fe_contest at the moment. Too annoyed and unhappy. Blargh. (I like "Blargh" and "Argl". Might be my favourite words next to "also" and "anyway")
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Now I know why I felt so weird earlier. It was the sign of an oncoming summer headache. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Massive headache at the moment. Summer should go die in a hole, seriously. So much hate. It's the same every year. I have most of my headaches during the summer months. That's why I could never live in a hot country. Argh.

Was at an ERASMUS meeting earlier, nothing new was learnt.

Wrote angsty Vigarde because I like that flavour of angst.

I also have to write a fucking application letter until... tomorrow. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-- Hate it so much. Something about application letters is just annoying as fuck and I don't even want to get started on how you have to write them. I mean, I have no idea what to write! They ask for "working in a team" and I say "I prefer working alone". Great! Being able to work independently, yes, that I can do. Showing initiative, yeah, I could probably do that, maybe. Dedication? Shall I show you all my hobbies that I ditched after two years each? Yeah, shows perfectly well how dedicated I can be. Gawd, I hate this so much. I'm so, so tempted to just ditch this course. Bah. But I probably won't because I know myself. Shit.

I hate being so gloomy. I want a Knoll Doll so it can absorb all my gloom.
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Ugh, Wakaba. Your sight still manages to piss me off every time. I just hate characters like her. It creeps me out.

I still want to pet Miki. And I still want a pet Valter.

Still don't like Zelos or Valtome. But Miki is adorbs. Zelos is a creeper, btw.

Btw, something that I noticed early; Utena´s hair cut really looks like Eirika´s. But Utena is nothing like Eirika (and Eirika is more awesome), so she didn't get her name. But Utena´s uniform would look BEAUTIFUL on Eirika. Oh yes.

Sorry, Zelos, totally not buying the story that you are the prince. Besides, you start to annoy me as well. >:/

Rofl, I still love the intermission ladies. Willhem Tell, oh lawd. I had to read that in grade... 7, 8 or 9, I think. I can't really remember. I think I disliked Tell. But, what a surprise, I liked his family XD And in an exam we had to write a letter as one of the characters from the story and I chose Tell´s wife. I got an A. It was fun~ Hmhm, I think I also kinda liked the villain and found his death kinda boring. I want my villains to have interesting deaths.
Hm, I was never a big Schiller fan. I disliked "Die Räuber"  at first because I hated Karl, such a spoilt idiot. I immediately liked Franz and, honestly, I was rooting for him all the time. Karl was ugh. I mean, you get a letter from your father, who disowns you out of the blue and you never question it and just become a criminal to "show him"? You're not a grown man studying at the university, you're a damn child! Yeah, I know your father spoilt you rotten, but that you have no trust, no ability to think for yourself and the stupidity to become a thief and murderer and whatnot just because you're pissed? OMG, so much hate. And yes, I know you were a child and so spoilt and got so much attention that you didn't notice that your brother was completely neglected. I can understand that. I would never fault you for that because you were also a child and probably didn't understand it. But that you still treat your brother so bad now that you're grown up, is disgusting. Oh goddamn, I still wish that Franz had won and taken over the estate (what he did to his father was understandable, but I don't condone it. It is still wrong no matter the reasons). Unnnnnnnnnn, Franz.

Edit: Aww, I don't have "Wilhelm Tell" :( But I do have "Die Räuber" 8D And it's full with notes XD Hm, happy reading.

Which reminds me; I kinda want to re-read Goethe´s "Faust" as well. I love "Faust". Mostly because of Mephistopheles, because he's a magnificent bastard. Though I'm still a bit miffed about the end of "Faust II". Oh well. Oh gawd, but now I have a flashback to "Die Leiden des jungen Werthers". OMG, so bad >< The most boring -- Okay, no cursing that early, plz. But I really had to fight through it and I hae no idea why people were so impressed by it that they killed themselves as well. Ugh. Anyway, I'm not a big fan of Goethe anyway.

Back to Utena; am I supposed to feel for Anthy or Utena at the end of the 11th episode? I just want Valter back. Besides, I now want to re-read "Dir Räuber" and "Wilhelm Tell". I hope I still have them >>

Also, Lucius and Etzel could totally be FTM trans*, couldn't they? At least Lucius´ body looks so feminine...

Rofl, somehow this post turned into a literature rant more than a comment on Utena XD
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this is fanfiction. And this is the uni work you still have to do. Now, what is more important and should be worked on now? No, no, that is wrong. Fanfiction was the wrong answer. Yes, I know you love Fadia/Vigarde and it is fun to write. No, I know what I wrote yesterday. The excuse that you would forget the plot again when working on my paper is not valid. Mostly because I say so. Also because the paper is kinda more important than fanfiction even if you don't want to believe me. Therefore, stop thinking about bros and fanfiction and start uni work. And no, you are also not allowed to edit fanfiction. That's almost as bad as writing fanfiction.

And don't start derping on the internet now.

Seriously. Log out. Now.

Have a nice day,
the rest of me.
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"Knight´s Contract" is a new Hack'n'Slay game. It's not a game genre that I care about. But there is a reason why I am highly amused and slightly WTF about it.

The gist is; the game dudes (developers, I don't know what they're called) decided to use Goethe´s Faust and some of its characters and Rapunzel. The fact that Rapunzel appears in a game with the Faust characters as the main characters is already amusing enough. But I have more of a "problem" with this: the four main characters are Rapunzel, Doctor Faust, Gretchen and Heinrich.

There is one problem with that.

FAUST´S FIRST NAME IS HEINRICH. Heinrich = Faust. So, what happened there? Why is Dr. Faust the villain and Heinrich the dude you play? And where is Mephistopheles? He's my favourite character >[ (Not that I would buy the game.)
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I just read a fav pairing thread in the serenesforest forums. It was lulz-worthy. More than 20 pages about  Ike/Elincia vs. Geoffrey/Elincia. It was so ridiculous and funny and I had to stop reading twice to catch my breath after laughing to much. No, really. The theories of the Ike/Elincia shippers were so batshit and pulled directly out of somebody´s ass that I can't even. Every time I read one of their post my mind went "OMG, Elincia is such a horrible person!" , then the more sane people "Ah, Elincia is not so bad after all", then again "God, she is such a bitch!". It was... god, it was so funny.

Now, I don't want to say that Ike/Elincia is not a valid pairing. I don't like it and I see no evidence for a relationship. I do see her crush in FE9. I do not see anything coming from Ike that may indicate any special feelings. He almost treats her the same way he treats Mist. Then in FE10 Elincia and Ike barely interact. And that is a sign for their twu wuv? THEY HAVE A SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN FE9 AND FE10 AND DURING 10? AND ELINCIA WOULD LEAVE CRIMEA A FEW MONTHS AFTER ASHERA'S DEATH TO FOLLOW IKE? Really, this and the fanfic this person had written made me lose all respect for Elincia. Really. And the icing on the cake? They suggested that Elincia would cheat on Geoffrey and have a secret affair with Ike? I admit that I thought about that once as well (Just the other way around; married to Ike, cheating with Geoffrey). I have no problem admiting that but I noticed that this is OUT OF CHARACTER for Elincia. She has grown in RD. FE9!Elincia would probably consent to a forced marriage and may be seduced by her love. But not ass-kicking, a-spine-having FE10!Elincia. So why turn her into a spineless, cheating person? Why undo the events in RD part 2? If Elincia just gives up her kingdom a few months after Ashera's death, then Lucia´s sacrifice (or attempted sacrifice) and the lesson Elincia learned, were COMPLETELY SUPERFLUOUS! Do not undo her character development.
And just for the record; Elincia is not a price that any male character "deserves". She herself decided who she wants to marry. I mean, if you don't get the Geoffrey/Elincia A support they don't marry anyway! So she either takes Geoffrey or RandomMan#7 as husband. And no, she would not marry Geoffrey for political reasons if she doesn't love him. Ass-kicking FE10!Elincia has a spine and would never want to hurt Geoffrey like that. Either she marries him because she loves him or she doesn't marry. I can't believe that they think that FE10!Elincia is such a disgusting person.

Also; GEOFFREY IS NOT A PANSY! Why is the sentence "What's the point of living without you?!" the sign for him being a pansy? CONTEXT MATTERS! It's his reaction to Elincia's DEATH! Of course he will be distressed. He loves her. His feelings will overwhelm him! I think that is a clear sign of his love. Ike's reaction to her death? "Elincia! Open your eyes, Elincia!", don't see any special feelings here, but if someone does, it won't argue it. It is a valid opinion.
"Elincia: Ugh...aaah... Sorry... I... I'm...
Ike: Elincia! You don't have to do this! Just get out of here!
Elincia: My noble Ike... All...your plans...
Ike: Don't speak. Leave it all to me. You use all your strength to make sure that you survive. Do it for the people of Crimea.
Elincia: All right, Sir Ike. ...I know you can do it. I'll be waiting." Jupp, I so can feel the strong romantic feelings. But, if people can see it, then it's a valid opinion. But do not try to force other people to see it as well. Besides, basing a pairing on death quotes is stupid anyway.

It was still mostly funny to read that :D It was so much fun how the other people ripped their theories apart and they still thought that everyone else was wrong. Delusional people can be so much fun.


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