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So, after [personal profile] zombieallomorph 's post with the quote from Naomi Novik' "Uprooted", I immediately bought it. And it's awesome. I started it yesterday at about 8 pm and couldn't stop reading until I finished it at 4 am. I loved the magic system (though the magic word did sound a bit ridiculous to me at times, but that's always a danger of inventing spells) and I freaking loved the Wood. I love it when the bad/evil things in a book are so present and actually dangerous. Also, the Corruption is a great way to keep the tension between the characters high and adds a horror layer to the Wood. Especially since we see how horrible it is.

Cut for spoilery talk )

In other news, my leg is starting to feel almost like before the break. It's still missing strength, but I can feel how it becomes stronger every week. Also, I might start a voluntary social year soon. I'm excited.

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I'm finally feeling a bit more like myself so I guess I could post a quick update on my foot situation.

- I still haven't had that OP. I still got them steel sticks in my foot to keep it stable. But! It seems that my foot is finally ready on Thursday. I'm so happy I could piss myself (which is reeeeeally unpleasant in reality. Believe me, I had the misfortune to test that.)

- This week and a half really messed with my head/emotions. I'm still taking Sertralin for my depression, which I couldn't from the day of the accident to yesterday. And it was really terribly noticable. Homesickness, pain, inability to walk and do anything that you can't do/reach from a wheelchair are one hell of a mix.

- One night I had no roommates. First I thought it would be nice.  Then the night came. I had a really strange apocalyptic dream that felt nastily real. When I wake up, everything is dead silent. Literally. No sound in my room, no sound outside the window and no sound in the hallway. And how often do you think that happens in a hospital? That was one terrifying night.

- I miss our cat and my piggiessssssssss. I want to cuddle them so bad. And hear all the whining and squeaking and purring.

- I'm burning through so many books right now compared to the last months. But I still need that distraction from the boring and depressive situation. Maybe I'll do a little post about the books later, because some were fun and worth rec'ing them.

- I'm so, so glad I feel better now (I can take my Sertralin again) and am in practically no pain. I've got a new roommate who's nice. And, the best, it seems like the OP is finally scheduled and will not be delayed again.


13/5/15 12:46
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I broke my left foot. And because I'm such a perfectionist, it's a complicated break and one bone did a pirouette. At the moment I have some metal sticks in my foot to keep it stable and they plan to do the OP on Monday. Let's all hope that the swelling goes down even more or I have to wait. And it's really, really horrible not being allowed to stand up.

Also, why is this room so waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarm.
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I've seen "The Legend of Princess Kaguya" by Ghibli tonight with my dad. It was a very, very beautiful movie. The art is just gorgeous. The story is a bit sad, but definitely something you should watch if you can. I'd recommend it. Also, beautiful music.

In other news, I'm addicted to Pokemon Alpha Saphire.
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I've got a 1,7 for my term paper, yesssssssssssssssssssssss.
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Woooooohooooooo, I've got new glasses. Pics later :D
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Ui, sudden storm and hail oO What's up, weather?

Also, unggggggggh, eyes on term paper, gurl. Not on fanfiction.

Edit: Lol, half an hour later, the sun is shinning.
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So, I'm back home again. Since Wednesday, really, but time zones, man. They're harsh.

Also, I want to write more again. And I saw one Asthar prompt on [community profile] fic_promptly , begging me to fill it ...

Soon. 8D

(Gotta find it again first, oop.)

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I'll be without internet for the next nine days (vacation in Canada) so if I'm even less active, you know why. :D
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So, after almost a whole month, Tristan finally got a new cage buddy. Say hello to Tasha!
OMG, a cute piggy behind the cut!!! )

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I'll be gone from the 10th till 20th of June (vacation with family) and I don't know if I'll have internet access. Just so you know.

Also, leaving my guinea piggy behind with my grandfather makes me uneasy. But then, leaving the house also makes me slightly uneasy. :( Shitty depression and fear of loss.
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PS: Only not really. I don't particularly like parties. But I like the gif.


25/6/13 17:55
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On my way to the library there was a strange group of people just standing around and singing. I was already wondering if there was some kind of event, but then I actually heard what they were saying. They were actually singing Christian songs and some dude was blabbering about "yeah, let's pray to God. Our god of salvation". And I was all like "Lol. Seriously?" There were a few onlookers but most of them had some kind of "Dafuq" expression. It was pretty hilarious, especially since the dude looked so serious. XD Reeeeally embarrassing. And it was no surprise that he was speaking English. I didn't recognise any accent, but there is no way a German would've done something like that. (And they had little name cards around their necks. Seemed like people on a "missionary tour" or something) I reeeeeally love that around here it's viewed as impolite to talk about your own religion in public. And asking if someone is religious is also generally considered rude. In my opinion, we should become completely secular. It's so much more pleasant.
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Why has summer finally come? Y U TORMENTING ME SO, WEATHER? I hate you.

I want winter back D8

And my poor piggies. We already lost one piggy to a heatstroke years ago.  D8 *worryworryworry* Thankfully we have a portable A/C, but still... I don't want them to get a cold either.
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So, I won't be home for a week. My parents invited me to a little cruise through Belgium with a houseboat. I'm not sure if I'll have internet so don't be surprised if I don't reply the next seven days.
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One term paper gone, two still left. And one BA paper.


At least I have an idea for the Fe_challenge this time?

(Viggy's expression is pretty much my expression right now)
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You know, I actually do have things I could post about but every time I'm then at my computer I'm just like "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy, let's just play Dragon Age/Minecraft/anything else". Or write a bit Fado AU stuff. Because that's always fun.


One thing though.

First: lately I've read the best name ever: George Gaylord Simpson.

And that was actually that man's name. Best. Name. Ever.

Second: I was reading and reading and reading and a wild archdeacon appear. I, however, read archdemon instead. And everything was hilarious.

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Only two because I don't want to stress her too much yet. Her name is Teddy, btw. I'm not feeling the name yet, but I always called our piggys by nicknames anyway. Nicknames like "Piggy" or "Stinker". lol

PS: I think FE 13 gets released in April here. Jsyk.


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