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Finished Secret of Mana with my lil brother 8D It was fun~~~~~ Andandand ;A; Why did I not remember that the end is really sad actually? Haaaaaaaaaaagen and Spriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite ;A; Y u dying? I wanna save you.

After that I played a bit Zelda: Majora´s Mask because I downloaded that for my Wii 8D Creepy. Definitely creepy with such an awesome soundtrack. Also, very depressing with lots of sad stuff :( And yet lovely.

Also, Happy Birthday, Self. 23 years old now. And still feeling like yesterday, except moar happy because of the stuff written above 8D
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Going to beat Secret of Mana later with my bro. Just started doing the Mana Death Star.

Also, started some writing which is heavily inspired by "The Clockyard" starring Ephraim and Lyon. Not sure how that'll turn out, but I like it so far.
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I've just played Secret of Mana with my lil' brother for almost, what, 5 hours straight XD Lots of fun was had. And we're at about the middle, maybe. Or a bit over it even. Would be awesome if we can finish it tomorrow 8D I haven't done anything with him for quite a long time, really. Hmhm~

I've finally connected my Wii with the internet so I can finally download old games. SoM being the first one, of course. I can never get enough of that game. I think it's probably No. 1 on my "Most Often Played Game" list. I know the dungeons by heart and even know where which monsters are XD Oh boy. I love this game. (Also, soundtrack, nnnnnnh. Love it. It's nothing special, but it never fails to cheer me up (Or make me want to play it again. Just like Terranigma tracks.))
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I totally misread "Emperor Vandole" as "Emperor Vigarde" XD Roflmao. Well, if I think about what later happens to him, it's not THAT off...

Also, raphi, have you seen this new Duessel art? So pretty~
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HOMG, I just got my welcome folder from Kent 8DDDDDDDDD So excite~ Now I can enroll~

I'm actually really excited. With fear. Is that a good sign? Hopefully 8D

(Also, I've said it before but I really do hate the people who write Trojans and viruses and send them around. Go... not die in a fire, but step on a lego. A nasty lego.)

Now back to Secret of Mana. PS: I downloaded the soundtrack 8D It makes me happy~
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/has been playing Secret of Mana the whole day. Am still not bored of it 8D

Also, here has meme (stolen from raphi)

Name a character and I will give the following for that character.

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

Multiple request possible, of course.

(Also, lj, what the fuck is going on? You're annoying me)

PS: I need the Secret of Mana soundtrack in my life. It makes me so happy 8D
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Secret of Mana, why do I love you so much? I can replay you so often and you never get boring. (Am on a "OMG SNES 8D" trip lately) I really, really want to write fanfiction for you in the future. A novelization, strangely enough, because my mind is often filling up the "fighting spaces" with conversation and character development. Because awesome 8D And maybe a biiiit introspection~

Only thing that's always hard is naming the characters. Do they have default names, anyway? Before I can name the girl and the sprite, they're just "GIRL" and "SPRITE". I have to research that later. 8D Today I named him "Marcus" and her "Elea", which is short for Eleanora, because I semi-ship those two and yeah, fffffffffff, now I would get Marcus/Eleanora. XD And I called the SPRITE Fanta... because I'm soooo~ funny. (It actually is hilarious to read it 8D) Another funny thing is that in German Dyluck, the guy GIRL is in love with and wants to marry at the beginning, was called Harken.... which then results in Eleanora/Harken and Marcus/Eleanora.

Yeah, I'm more amused by that than I probably should 8>
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I just played some Secret of Mana. God, I love that game <3 (Chrono Trigger was just too boring.) I have a ROM on my computer and the original SNES cartridge, but the SNES one has a strange bug :( The weapons sometimes don't level up, which is very annoying...
Anyway, I love that game <3 Even if I don't like the English translation. Where is my whacky and nerdy humour? I want my Dingelchen, the sprite hating her name because it sounds like an illness (My brothers and I loved to call her flu, plague and any other illnesses that have short enough names~), goblins who watch Lindenstraße (Insert here some very popular RL daily soap) and all the other awesome stuff. English translators, you really disappoint me. Hah, in the old days the German translators had a beautiful, nerdy sense of humour.

Also, what's up with the name Dyluck? I prefer Hagen. Besides, I always read Duck instead of Dyluck. Poor guy.

Did anyone notice that small "discussion" on ffnet about authors who flood the site with drabbels and "push other people´s fic downwards", or -- even worse! -- push all that good fic on the next side? It... makes me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it's just the persons involved, but ... something reeks. And it ain't the drabbles. On that note; stop hating on the drabbles.

Another important thought: Bastian would look AWESOME with a tricorn and an eyepatch. Just sayin'

*Note to self: Get a pirate icon and a Secret of Mana icon*


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