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I need to stop writing fanfic and start doing more constructive stuff.

But Odin Sphere prompt, hnnnnnnnnnnnnnng.

Curse youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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Ugh, this Last Story AU. It's becoming so looooong. So big that I should start doing a bit of research regarding environmentalist organisations. But I'm laaaaaazy.

Also, I was thinking about posting the first three scenes (it's a kind of slice-of-life type of fic), but I have no idea how to call it. I mean, how do I title?

(Or summaries? Eep. Fail, self. Fail.)

Asthar/Mirania is still adorable.
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Ahahaha, I'm really active, now am I? >> And that even though I've wanted to be more active again, sigh. Anyway.

1. I'm not writing much fanfiction at the moment. Every now and then I continue with Clinging To Life (and I'm at the Jehanna chapter, yay), but otherwise, not much. Though I did start playing The Last Story again a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Etrian Odyssey 4 and thought "Damn, I want to write fic for this game, it's so awesome", but no inspiration D:

2. Etrian Odyssey 4 is awesome.

3. I finished a term paper :D Finally. 2 years after the course, but hey, the teacher said the deadline would be the end of my studying. And it's drawing closer :( I'm a bit scared.

4. I still need to write one term paper >:(

5. Etrian Odyssey 4 is still awesome.

6. The second female Landsknecht is really, really, REALLY cute. She kinda looks like Red Riding Hood. So cute <3

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Why is the soundtrack of The Hobbit so beautiful *.* I get goosebumps almost every time. Forget Ennio Morricone and all those famous film music artist. Howard Shore is the awesome dude.

And also this:

I really shouldn't listen to it anymore because every time I get all like OMG I NEED THE REST OF IT NOW. GIVE ME ALL THE MOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIES. (Yes, I do stress the v in this case. Just because)

ALSO, THORIN, Y SO SEXY? (Not Richard Armitage. I find him terribly unsexy without his Thorin costume).


25/6/13 17:55
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On my way to the library there was a strange group of people just standing around and singing. I was already wondering if there was some kind of event, but then I actually heard what they were saying. They were actually singing Christian songs and some dude was blabbering about "yeah, let's pray to God. Our god of salvation". And I was all like "Lol. Seriously?" There were a few onlookers but most of them had some kind of "Dafuq" expression. It was pretty hilarious, especially since the dude looked so serious. XD Reeeeally embarrassing. And it was no surprise that he was speaking English. I didn't recognise any accent, but there is no way a German would've done something like that. (And they had little name cards around their necks. Seemed like people on a "missionary tour" or something) I reeeeeally love that around here it's viewed as impolite to talk about your own religion in public. And asking if someone is religious is also generally considered rude. In my opinion, we should become completely secular. It's so much more pleasant.
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Gangrel will be renamed as Ganondorf.

Validar will be renamed as Dschafar.
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The AU for the fe_contest is shaping up nicely. Everything starts to line up. I need to make some changes, obviously, some smaller, some bigger and I do start to question characterisation, especially Eirika, but circumstances are different and I try to keep her true... But I'm also pretty much out of practice with her and Seth. Too much brokings.

Still, I think it'll be good. Or at least fun.

And it was far too fun to write how they find Vigarde's body. 8D

DA2 is still the king of meh, but the fighting system is fun so I'm still playing. I do hope, though, that DA3 will be more like DA:O.

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You know, I actually do have things I could post about but every time I'm then at my computer I'm just like "Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy, let's just play Dragon Age/Minecraft/anything else". Or write a bit Fado AU stuff. Because that's always fun.


One thing though.

First: lately I've read the best name ever: George Gaylord Simpson.

And that was actually that man's name. Best. Name. Ever.

Second: I was reading and reading and reading and a wild archdeacon appear. I, however, read archdemon instead. And everything was hilarious.

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Hahhh, I'm so lazy about writing this blog-thingie lately... So... bored, actually. Even though things are looking good. The little work at the centre for elderly people is pretty fun and it feels good doing it. Thanks to the decision to deal with Fado's depression in my AU inspires me like crazy so I've actually finished the fifth chapter in a record time.


Still feeling so lazy. There were several friends' entries I wanted to comment on but then there was laziness. Ugh.

Also, FemaleRightsActivist!Ephraim who campaigns for Eirika so that she can truly take his place as a ruler is actually pretty fun and cool (at least to me it sounded like pure joking on his part that Eirika should take his place. I'm guessing on a male-heir-only policy as well.)
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Weeeeeeeee, I bought a new Alestorm CD :D I just randomly found it in Saturn~ I knew I should've looked for a new one earlier. This one already came out in 2011. But I almost NEVER check if new CDs from my favourite bands are out. I'm kinda a stupid fan, lol.

Also, watching Let's Plays is just too... addictive.

Am also replaying HeartGold, also because of a Let's Play. ... I hate you *shakes fist*
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Hm, I completely forgot to make this post yesterday (i.e. I was too lazy).

'Cause I got a new MP3 Player 8D My old IPod Nano (4th gen, I believe) decided to retire. The screen froze every damn time I activated the screen. Even the reset screen froze. And the guy from the Apple shop said that nothing could be done. So I bought a Sony Player.

No way I buy that new Nano. Apart from the fact that it looks ugly, I tested the handling with my Dad´s Nano and there is hate all around. The touch thing is annoying (not in general, but here it just doesn't work well).

I have to admit that the colour of my new player was the main reason I bought it (I did look what it can do, of course. Wouldn't want to buy shit)

8D And it has a beautiful and fitting name~~

It's called Creeper.


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Minecraft is so fucking addictive 8D And no, it's not just the fact that I'm building Renais Castle at the moment :3 Have I already told you that my little brother is awesome? Because he is 8D
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Oh gawd, galls, guess what my dad just found in the basement (the freaking cold basement >:( ). My old GameBoy Colour 8D Nostalgia~~~~

Oh, Nintendo, you have been in my life for so long XD /nerd

I sold my very first Game Boy on a flee market years ago (it was blue). Then I go my first neon green GBC, but it was stolen! In a hotel >:E Together with my Pokemon Blue edition. A sad holiday. Then I got the purple see-through GBC that my dad just found. And then my GBA, which is also still have. Then my DS, one from the first edition that was released almost ages ago now and is still very much alive and kicking. And finally my blue 3DS. I love you all <3

And don't get me started on my SNES that I inherited from my older brother, which still works and is also kicking ass, our N64, that we sold on a flee market as well, my Gamecube, and the Wii. <3

The oddball that is my PS2 was well received, though. My Nintendo consoles are all very nice~

Awww, my heart~

Unfortunately I only have two GBC games left; Zelda; Four Seasons and Pokemon Crystal. Okay, my dad also found a Moorhuhn game, which was his, I have to say!, but that game.... sucks. XD

PS: Am I the only one that thinks that the scratches on the GB screens are a sign of a long ~friendship~ They make me feel fuzzy. Especially the ones on my GBA. I had a strange love for that console
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(from deviantArt, by cookiemagik-d4nv7g8)

Y so angry, Innes?


Also, kinda plan on posting my Eira/Fadia piece. Maybe. Feel so lazy. Also, still have some Viggy stuff lying around that could get posted.

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Writing OCs is so much fun, only finding names for them is a pain in the ass.


ALSO, I bought arm warmers with stripes <3 I love stripes. All of my socks are with stripes. I have not even one unicolour pair 8D (Thanks to this I never get anybody else´s socks in my heap of fresh clothes 8D) I think I need an icon with pretty stripes to show my love for colourful stripes.

Alsox2, there are still three bloodstains on my bed sheet that look like a face with a huge nose XD I cannot bring myself to change my bed sheet because it's funny. (I had nosebleeding again)
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So, in other news.... I found something very strange out.

Very rarely I get "possessive" of pairings. With means that I only like one pairing of certain characters. Seeing them paired with other characters sends a strange feeling of... sadness mingled with a whiff disappointment over me. I don't know why that is. I have no reason to be sad or disappointed. The feeling is still there, however strange and unnecessary I think it is. I kinda was okay with that until now, because it was only one pairing.

But now... I do not ship it anymore. I lost practically all my interest in that couple. And yet... whenever I see them paired with someone else, this sadness/disappointment comes back D8 And I don't know why! It doesn't make sense :( Is this sentimentality? Some leftovers, because said couple was the reason why I started writing fanfiction? It's kinda... ridiculous. Any ideas how I could change that? :(

On a "happier" side: as soon as I want to gleefully tear a character down and want to do horrible things to them, they have risen to the rank of a "favourite character". It's the special ~priviledge~ of my favourites. Somehow I don't think that they would be happy about this 8D

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There is no Okamiden in Germany anymore. ;A; Nowhere. (Only super expensive on Amazon) *cries forever*

On a happier note; I bought lime green and light grayish blue nailpolish 8D Yay, green. Not a fan of nailpolish in general, but I'm always up for green nails.
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Oh god, I'm so stupid. I was at the gas station yesterday to fill up my ma´s car. And I paid with my prepaid card. And I forget the damn thing on the counter. >:c I've only noticed half an hour ago and drove to the gas station, but they did find it. :c I left my name and number, but I'm not sure if they'll find it. Anyway, I called the bank to block the card and now I get a new one.

Still, that was amazingly stupid >>
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I'm kinda shaky today. I had a nightmare, which was pretty nasty. Especially since I woke up when I couldn't take it anymore, but was still tired and fell asleep again and the dream continued then. Very evil.

And then I also wrote Vigarde&Lyon angst that made me even more shaky. Sucks. But. There is a cat next to me, so I'm feeling better. If anyone's curious, I was writing what was supposed to be my fill of the last [ profile] fe_contest prompt, but I didn't feel like writing then. Somehow, it didn't feel so horrible in my head :( Poor Viggy and Lyon.


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