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Hmmmmmmmm, I want to write. I'm out of my slump, more or less (TMI: my period is also almost over. Coincidence? I don't know), but I don't know what to write.

So, friends' list. If you have some prompts, give them to me. The usual suspects are Fire Emblem (6/7, 8, maybe 9/10), Last Story and Lufia 2. You probably know who I normally write, but you can also prompt people I normally don't write. I think I'm in the mood for a bit of a challenge. If you don't know my typical characters, just check the tags here.

PS: Good thing you posted that ad on Fandom_Secrets, raphi. I almost forgot about Nagamas! Finally gotta think of some prompts.

PPS: Yessssss to my new Tia icon. She's so cute and awesome.

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Posted the first three scenes of the Last Story AU!! I finally pulled a title out of my ass found a title: Step out of Line. A line from a Blind Guardian song, lol. But what am I supposed to do; never post it at all because I'm unable to title something? XD Anyway, will also later post at when I may upload documents again. is bitchy again.
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Ugh, this Last Story AU. It's becoming so looooong. So big that I should start doing a bit of research regarding environmentalist organisations. But I'm laaaaaazy.

Also, I was thinking about posting the first three scenes (it's a kind of slice-of-life type of fic), but I have no idea how to call it. I mean, how do I title?

(Or summaries? Eep. Fail, self. Fail.)

Asthar/Mirania is still adorable.
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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this Last Story AU is turning into a monster, what have I done to myself? Wrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy?

PS: Shipping Asthar/Mirania like I'm paid to. Damn.
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Fuuuuuuuuuuuu, this AU is growing faaaaar too much, Curse You!

Also, I'm a total Asthar/Mirania shipper now. Dayum.
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Mirania loves to eat and Asthar loves to cook. In this regard they definitely fit well.

Also, Asthar using cooking to calm down from unsettling memories and nightmares? I like it. (And if Mirania with him, all that food won't just waste. Also good.)
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That Last Story AU... you know, it's not Asthar who's the problem... it's me. Somehow, against my will, all conversations between Mirania and Asthar end up shippy. I don't know what exactly I'm doing here.

But I find that I actually like it 8D
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[personal profile] oneill , it's your fault that I actually start to write something for that Last Story AU I was talking about earlier (aka in some earlier post). The image didn't leave me alone XD Aaah, it's fun but it's a setting that I really have no idea about (and am too lazy to research, oops). But it'll stay a small thing anyway.
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You know, I was thinking earlier:

In a Modern AU of The Last Story, Mirania would be an environment activist and Asthar would be an ex-soldier-turned-environment activist and it would be glorious.

It really would.

This idea was brought to you by a re-newed obsession with TLS after finding new fanart. (Still so little with Asthar ;A; )
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So, despite everything, I've started a new "project". I'm trying to make a game script of The Last Story. I'm so tired of the fact that I need to watch a walkthrough if I just need to find a few lines or a scene. Especially when I'm not sure in which chapter it is. I find it easier to search through text. It's hard, though, because TLS is much more visual than, say, Fire Emblem. :q A bit of description of what happens in the cutscene has to be there.

And while I'm talking about cutscenes: I never noticed before how many this game has D: A small nightmare to transcript. Oh well, we'll see how far I get with it.
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Is there any way to make me love The Last Story even more?

YES THERE IS. By making me find out there are ADDITIONAL, MISSABLE convos with Syrenne, Lowell and ASTHAR.

And I just played them and OH MY GOD how can I love you so? Syrenne, you're so much more awesome than I thought and Lowell got more depth and ASTHAR IS RIPPING MY HEART OUT Spoiler )

Also, the dude at the castle door who drops a very subtle hint on where I'm supposed to go to trigger the next chapter? That was adorable. I like hearing that Asthar was worried about Zael <3

So tired

6/5/12 20:12
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Today was my brother´s civil wedding (the one at the church is on the 26th) and while it was kinda nice, I'm so exhausted :( Though I'm kinda wondering why because while it was long (~ 6 hours), most of the time was listening or eating. Still, sitting there, surrounded by people is just tiring. Annoying. I really don't want to think about the 26th, because that will be the big feast and be even longer. So not looking forward to that aspect.

(Kinda nice, because it was just not my taste. They were happy with everything and that's what really counts. And I'm not someone who gives a fuck about weddings and doesn't really want one herself. Just don't need it.)

Also, finished that little Asthar&Mirania piece I've written. Will post it maybe later or tomorrow.
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So, I decided to just jump into it and made a comm: lazulis_island. On lj. I've decided that will one of my exercises in fighting my fears. >:)

Please join if you want to 8D
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As I'm prone to do when I'm sitting in the bus. Mostly because after having the deep-seating need to write Last Story fanfic for a while now, I actually did it this morning (not finished yet, the beginning is missing), but it made me think.

There's no comm for The Last Story. But I want to have a comm where there might be discussion and fic, but I'm too insecure to just make one :( I'm doubting that I could do it and would feel like a total loser if nothing more than the opening post or so would ever be posted there. I mean... I really want one and would probably post my fic there... but I would feel horrible if I were the only one. :( But I feel silly for thinking that.

Am I overthinking things again?
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[Icons] 5

The Last Story: Asthar x5

+ 2 gifs :D

Cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut )

You won't believe how long it took to make them D: And they're still faaaar too big for userpics. *sadface* Still, if you take them, I would really appreciate credits.
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[Icons]: 15
The Last Story: 13 Asthar, 2 Asthar&Zael

Cut because it's too awesome )

Comments and credit are welcome but not necessary. Have fun with them 8D

(Btw, I so want to have Asthar´s blue cloak. It's just so... awesome 8D)
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I'm replaying The Last Story because of a certain person for no character-specific reasons. And a certain spoilerific event still makes me go ;A; and D:< because I want to strangle the cause of said event. Grrr.

And a fic about younger Therius and his first travels/lessons/happenings with General Asthar would be the most glorious thing ever. Those two are so awesome it hurts.

Unrelated to that; I don't know how I could always overlook it, but I did found a fic on my compi that is SO old. Well, old old. From the time I still did that ~bro thing~ I mean, I take them more seriously now, but that was from the time where everything was silly. And dude, the fic is kinda embarrassing because it's so silly. On the other hand, I did lol at it XD I so have no idea what to do with it. I'm undecided if I would feel too embarrassed to post it on my writing com. (The silliness about Viggy´s kids come up and they're in the Lagdou Ruins and they come back from death and stuff. Goddamit, that was far too fun XD)

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I so wish that The Last Story comes out in the US after all. I want a fandom so badly ;A; I just can't find anything for it. Needs bigger audience.
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I've just finished "The Last Story". And it was amazing 8D The beginning was a bit hard, because it takes some time to get used to the battle system (it's easier with a Classic Controller, imo), but after the first hour or two the story picks up. And boy, it does. It seems so "innocent" at first and then things happen (and awesome characters appear; Asthar (<3 See Icon) and Therius). There's a little romance, but it's not too strong, imo. At times I even forgot about it and catagorized the interaction between the two as friendshippy, which is good, imo. Gives the relationship more depth. The synchro is also good. And twists. Nice twists.

The animation is good, overall, apart from most mouth animation. It can be... quite strange at times (again see icon). Smiles are often strange (poor Therius, he got the worst). I don't know if it was just my Wii or if it's normally, but there was some lagging, especially during cut scenes that were no mini-movies. That was sad because during emotional or important scene it was distracting. The colouring of the whole world is rather dark (mostly brown, dulled white, grey, black, etc.), which is fitting because the situation the world is in is not particularly good.

The music is really good. I've bought the Special Edition with a soundtrack and it's really pretty. Nobuo Uematsu did great work. Very pretty.

Now some very biased opinions:

- *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* General Asthar <333 Hit so many "this will be a favourite" spots it's ridiculous. That he got a sexy voice certainly helped.

- Oh god, how did I love to run into people XD Because you don't just get caught by their box, but no! you actually run them over and push them to the side and sometimes they yell at you and stuff. XD SO hilarious. How easily something like that can bring the Evil out of me~

- Two main characters with eyepatches. Do I have to say more?

- Syrenne and Lowell seemed very stereotypically and boring at the beginning, but in the end I love them very much. So cute those two~

Fazit: Would definitely recommend it to other RPG loving people (and you could very probably write issue-fic about the war-traumatized people in this 8D)


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