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One term paper gone, two still left. And one BA paper.


At least I have an idea for the Fe_challenge this time?

(Viggy's expression is pretty much my expression right now)
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Puh, I haven't been around much lately. Things were a bit stressfull, with that 20 page term paper breathing down my neck. Otherwise I managed well on my own those three weeks my family was in Canada. Jiji was with me so things were okay 8D

Now I finally can relax a bit and I do no longer hate everything. Yay~ 8D Now there's only this one project left, but I really like this one so it's not so bad.

Hm, need to write more again, but my muses are kinda gone at the moment. They're probably on vacation as well.

Oh well~
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Man, man, man, I haven't posted here in forever, did I? Well, there was some stress lately since semester is now over and there were some last minute presentations (which was almost completely my fault for procrastinating). And I still have an essay to write -- which should be no big problem, it's only 750 words -- and a 20 page term paper. >.> So not happy about that since I only have time until September, the 1st. And I have no topic yet :D Awesome. Only not. Oh well.

Furthermore! I bought Pokemon Black on... Saturday and have already played for over 50 hours. So you know what I spent my time with >> But the game is so fun 8D I mean, lately I did get again into Pokemon due to some Let's Plays and so I wanted something new. Back when Black/White were released I was pretty critical, because the Pokemon I've seen then looked pretty stupid. But now I found super cute and super powerful ones ( >D my Matrifol/Leavanny is a KILLER) and I love them.

I really liked that they tried something different with the story, though some things were a bit disappointing in the execution. I didn't like how they wrapped it up. It felt a bit rushed. But I'm loving that you still have several places to explore after the first playthrough 8D

Also, strangely enough, this was the first Pokemon game where I had only a 5 Pokemon team for the most time. :/ I had a Rabigator/ Krookodile for a while, but I already have Sedimantur/Boldore and Karippas/Carracosta, which are both rock so I didn't also want a Ground Pokemon. AND. For the longest time I didn't find any good Water Pokemon. oO That was disappointing. Normally it takes forever until I find a Fire Pokemon I like.

Anyway, love the game. Maybe I'll even buy Black 2.
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My brain seems to have shut off and tunes everything out ever since I've started playing Etrian Odyssey. Y u doin this to me, brain? ;A; But Etrian Odyssey is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. I hate you. (Also played through HeartGold and started Ruby. I hate you as well.)

More hate for my lecture on literature of realism. I just. Why do I have such an aversion to modern (relatively) literature? B:<

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So, I'll be gone for the next three days, approximately. My parents wanted to make a spontaneous short vacation with me because I'll leave for England in a few weeks and then will be away from home for months. So we make a last short family vacation (without my two brothers XD). I might take my Eee PC with me for once, because it's only three days so maybe I'll write a bit... Hmhm. We'll see.

I still have to write those term papers, but I cannot find even one thing that is remotely interesting D8 20th century literature, why do you suck so much? And why are you so political, I hate politics and recent history and I don't even. Why are you requirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrred?
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You know what is even worse than a normal presentation?

A surprise presentation.

Maybe you remember a few posts ago I talked about being sick and not being able to hold a certain presentation? I emailed the teacher and he said "Okay, I'll do your stuff". However, now, a few minutes before the lecture starts I hear "Oh, hey, we haven't even reached your part yet. You'll hold it today :D" And I'm like "WAIT D8 But I don't have my material with me!!1!" Well, it ended with me taking hastily notes while another presentor finished their chapters. And then I, just with my notes and without my pretty powerpoint presentation, have to face the class without a clear plan and a bit rambling. Oh joy (thankfully it was not that bad contentwise since my topic was quite easy)

HOWEVER. The really bad part about this?

Normal presentation = my English becomes bad (granted, my German tends to get a bit bad during presentations as well, mostly as in me forgetting very basic words)
Surprise presentation = my English gets doubly bad 

Really, apart from that it was almost okay. But the funny part? My presentation is not finished yet. However, in two weeks (next week is free) there is the last ERASMUS meeting before going abroad, which takes place at the same time as my lecture. And I really, really want and need to go to that meeting. It's so bad it's hilarious ;A; (Only ray of hope; I have a co-presentor so I can ask her to finish my part)

BUT. Now enough depressive things. Let's distract ourselves with bros.

I still have no title for the 10_orders collection. "21th Century Boys" popped in my head earlier, though there are two problems about that; there will also canon pieces in the collection (ruling 21th century out) and the bros will not always be boys. And I haven't found another good title yet.

Therefore I'm tempted to just call this whole thing "In Which The Bros Are Doing Brotastic Stuff But Sometimes They Aren't Bros But Have Boobies Instead Of Dingdongs". Unfortunately that title is a bit long. Shucks.

Oh, and on an almost unrelated note:

Hayden going blind when about 60 = headcanon, oh yes
Innes going blind = headcanon, hell yes! (Yes, I do find it hilarious to make archers (who are, in Innes´ case, openly proud about their archerness) go blind. I'm a bad person)
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Nnnh, forgot yesterday to upload the Viggy angst on Had to finish the presentation I'm supposed to hold today. However, I feel really sick :X I'm not sure what to do now. I don't know if I can hold it at all. Bah. Maybe I'll write to the teacher. (I hate summer colds. I believe I'm getting feverish even)

Edit: That's it, I'm staying at home. My stomach makes studpid shenanigans and now I'm also a tiny bit dizzy.

While trying to distract myself from my running nose (or stuffed, depending on the time of the day apparently), I was thinking a bit about the [ profile] fe_contest  and decided that I'll run with creepy Zombie story. Because yay creepy and yay zombieFado. Not as awesome as pirate vampires though XD

Also, I've noticed that I really like to write in present tense. It's really... I don't know. I like the directness. I always feel that it happens now at this second. Very differently to past tense. And I like the more obvious play with time. If you write in past tense you can't just jump into "present" or "future" but have to always write in past tense even though you're talking about the future (or so). But when in present tense... I really love what I could do in the Lucius piece for example. The past was written in past tense, the present was written in present tense. Captain Obvious has invaded my writing and I like it.

On the other hand, when I write in past tense I practice remembering the past forms of verbs, expecially the irregular ones, so from that point of view past tense is better :3
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So, finished my prompts for the little meme back then. Which you can find at dreamwidth and somewhere on (too lazy to look there). (You can still give me more prompts if you want. Here or at the other post.)

Then I've updated my bro and Mansel (and theoretically Izzy) characterization drabbles; here the "I hate you" fill for Mansel and then the "When are you coming home?" fills for the bros and their wives and Mansel and L'Arachel. 8D I love the bro wives <3

Apart from that; my neck hurts. It's kinda stiff and the muscles protest against something. And it's not like anything happened that could've prompt this. :/ Just, I woke up yesterday and it hurt. Maybe it's a result of the nightmare from yesterday (I was almost dying all the time again. And the second part was not that much better >:I ) Or I've started to grit my teeth while sleeping again. Nnnnnnnnnnn, do not want.

Alright, back to business. Preparing a presentation, that is. You know how much fun that one is.


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Now I know why I felt so weird earlier. It was the sign of an oncoming summer headache. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Massive headache at the moment. Summer should go die in a hole, seriously. So much hate. It's the same every year. I have most of my headaches during the summer months. That's why I could never live in a hot country. Argh.

Was at an ERASMUS meeting earlier, nothing new was learnt.

Wrote angsty Vigarde because I like that flavour of angst.

I also have to write a fucking application letter until... tomorrow. FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-- Hate it so much. Something about application letters is just annoying as fuck and I don't even want to get started on how you have to write them. I mean, I have no idea what to write! They ask for "working in a team" and I say "I prefer working alone". Great! Being able to work independently, yes, that I can do. Showing initiative, yeah, I could probably do that, maybe. Dedication? Shall I show you all my hobbies that I ditched after two years each? Yeah, shows perfectly well how dedicated I can be. Gawd, I hate this so much. I'm so, so tempted to just ditch this course. Bah. But I probably won't because I know myself. Shit.

I hate being so gloomy. I want a Knoll Doll so it can absorb all my gloom.
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I have a plot XD God, I really have a plot (no end yet, but hey, it's still more than I thought I would ever have) More on ships later. And a bit about the pirates, probably.

For now... I hate modern literature DX God, I hope the seminar becomes more interesting soon or I have a problem. Uni makes me hate literature. Or at least literature that I formerly only disliked. Mostly because I HAVE to take a course about modern literature. I hates yous.
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<3 I'm gonna upload your birthday pic later (and edit this entry then), am at Starbucks at the moment.

Squishiness~ )

Also, [ profile] xirysa , your brithday pic is gonna be late, because I'm stressed at the moment with my paper and that jizz. But it will contain Wallace-y goodness. Look forward to that.

And now, back to the library.

Edit: Hello. I'm a zombie. Nice to meet you. I am tired. I think I need to read "Boobs" and "Beer Tree" again, because they make me happy.
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OMG >< I really wrote almost four pages for my paper. I'm so proud~ And that is more than I managed for my last topic. Yes, I changed my topic four days before I have to hand that thing in >< God, I am so smart /sarcasm Well, but I did manage to write for it far more than the other one... Oi, I'm not completely out of the woods yet.


Characterization post about Viggy and Lyon later. I finally remembered what I wanted to say about them 8D But first food, then derping~

ALSO, Thira, why did I not know that we have a hot, passionate affair? 8D I am unbelievably amused by that XDDDD
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What is this, I'm not working on my paper? WHAT A SURPRISE D8< Argh!

Anyway. First I wanted to rant about my grandpa and his stupid racism and latent misogyny, but it's not worth it. Really, I'm just enjoying the few times when I know what to retort and how he shuts up then. (Yes, I'm an asstard.)

Therefore, here a meme ganked from [ profile] raphien . Let's hope that I'm finally be able again to fill prompts 8D

Give me a pairing (romantic or platonic), and then give me an everyday setting (coming home from work, waking up in the morning, going grocery shopping, etc.) and I'll write a short drabble involving said pairing in said situation. You can ask for pairings that have already been requested, and be as creative as you want with the situations!

Also, have to edit the Duessel in apron fic sometime. Unfortunately, Lyon and Knoll make my writing a bit choppy /understatement I mean, Fadia/Vigarde flows fine, but Knoll and/or Lyon? Oi!
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Here, let me hypnotise you with this .gif:

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this is fanfiction. And this is the uni work you still have to do. Now, what is more important and should be worked on now? No, no, that is wrong. Fanfiction was the wrong answer. Yes, I know you love Fadia/Vigarde and it is fun to write. No, I know what I wrote yesterday. The excuse that you would forget the plot again when working on my paper is not valid. Mostly because I say so. Also because the paper is kinda more important than fanfiction even if you don't want to believe me. Therefore, stop thinking about bros and fanfiction and start uni work. And no, you are also not allowed to edit fanfiction. That's almost as bad as writing fanfiction.

And don't start derping on the internet now.

Seriously. Log out. Now.

Have a nice day,
the rest of me.
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So, I completely forgot to post my happy Knoll fic on, which I did now XD. And here's also a link to the new chapter of my lover's challenge, which contains sexy times (Geoffrey/Elincia sexy tiems). I've wanted to post it, but I forgot. So no surprises here XD

Now, let's go back to my paper and work like a BOSS. And then Daddy Vigarde.

Oh, almost forgot another thing. Yesterday, shortly before falling a sleep, I had a fic idea. Unfortunately I already forgot half of it. But it was about Fado and Vigarde and their last fight in Renais Castle. With Fado being awesome and Viggy being all zombie-like. And halfDK- Lyon being clingy and dependent. Fun tiems.

EDIT: WHAT IS THIS? WHY CAN "VANITY" MEAN WASHSTAND IN AMERICA? I... I am so tempted to use this meaning and fuck everyone over. Just for the lulz. PS: Oxford Dictionary says it's a "dressing table" in North America. WTF?
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Wow, there's much going on on my flist. But I will not add to the WTF!

No, I had a (wonderful) dream tonight. I dreamt that I had a Hayden doujinshi and I wanted to make icons. But then I woke up and noticed that I don't have a Hayden doujinshi ;°; Much sadness was had. Well, there was also the part with the fucked up Uni courses, but, uhm, how does my brain come up with philosphy? Somehow, lately, my dreams all feel like videogames.

Alright, that's all. I mean, it's not like anything already happened today! I just woke up.

I want a Hayden doujinshi. And I want more Hayden icons.

Thong!Valter in heels is scaaaaaaaaaary. Pic later.


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