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I've got a 1,7 for my term paper, yesssssssssssssssssssssss.
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Ahahaha, I'm really active, now am I? >> And that even though I've wanted to be more active again, sigh. Anyway.

1. I'm not writing much fanfiction at the moment. Every now and then I continue with Clinging To Life (and I'm at the Jehanna chapter, yay), but otherwise, not much. Though I did start playing The Last Story again a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Etrian Odyssey 4 and thought "Damn, I want to write fic for this game, it's so awesome", but no inspiration D:

2. Etrian Odyssey 4 is awesome.

3. I finished a term paper :D Finally. 2 years after the course, but hey, the teacher said the deadline would be the end of my studying. And it's drawing closer :( I'm a bit scared.

4. I still need to write one term paper >:(

5. Etrian Odyssey 4 is still awesome.

6. The second female Landsknecht is really, really, REALLY cute. She kinda looks like Red Riding Hood. So cute <3

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One term paper gone, two still left. And one BA paper.


At least I have an idea for the Fe_challenge this time?

(Viggy's expression is pretty much my expression right now)
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I saw The Hobbit again today with friends. I think I like the scene with Saruman even more now 8D <3

Also, I just saw the thumb of this Thorin art on deviantArt and in the first moment i thought "Hey, who drew Vigarde?" XD Without looking closer, it does look a bit like Viggy.

Ugh, still have to do things for uni. Not in the mood for it.
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Hui, I didn't post anything for a while, did I? Even though some things did happen. But I was lazy 8D

- Held my first presentation yesterday. It actually feels really awesome to know that I can relax for the rest of the semester. 8D I won't have to fret about it anymore~

- Got my grade for the brochure I designed for my mother's doctor's office. An A 8D Yay~ (It does look cool)

- I decided to do some voluntary work at a centre for elder people. First day is on the 9th

- I'm curious to know how my OMG Paper (TM) was graded, but I'm scared 8( Asking for grades on my papers is really horrible. It's alright with exams and stuff, but for some reason, term papers are... difficult. But I managed to just walk into the Seniorenzentrum and ask to do some voluntary work. I should be ableeeeeeeeeeeee... But Evil Paper is Evil.

- Got Rune Factory 2 and Okamiden for DS on my birthday 8D Both are freaking addictive. But. Why are either the translators or the beta-readers/-players of those Harvest Moon-type games so freaking horrible? So many mistakes, words that are fitted into sentences where they don't fit, wrong names, etc. It's really sad.

PS: The new design of the LJ friend's page is fucking ugly.
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Puh, I haven't been around much lately. Things were a bit stressfull, with that 20 page term paper breathing down my neck. Otherwise I managed well on my own those three weeks my family was in Canada. Jiji was with me so things were okay 8D

Now I finally can relax a bit and I do no longer hate everything. Yay~ 8D Now there's only this one project left, but I really like this one so it's not so bad.

Hm, need to write more again, but my muses are kinda gone at the moment. They're probably on vacation as well.

Oh well~
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The awkward moment where a good half of the Starbucks crew greets you by name and ask if you want your regular ._. I go there far too often. Buuuuuut the shop is directly between my two departments D: Omnomnomnom.

Also, dabbled a bit. Little FE these days, a bit more interest in Etrian Odyssey. So addictive that game. Not as bad as The Binding of Isaac, though. 8D The game is so fun. I'm not particularly good at it, but it's fuuuuuuuuuuuun. Weeeeeeee. (And an awesome Let's Play by a guy who sounds very cute)

Apart from that, had some serious stress these last days. Had to finish a presentation on the same day as I had to hold it. I'm such a hero /sarcasm. Also, a few exams. Gotta have to study more. I'm far too lazy. <<


6/7/12 10:33
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Write "My" Character
+ Comment to this post with your most-often written, most-headcanon'd, or favorite character.
+ I will respond with a short drabble focusing on that character.
+ Please repost this meme so I can see how you write "my" character!

Off topic; I don't waaaaaaaaaant to go to Swedish course. Feeling so lazyyyyyyyyyyyyy. But I'll go anyway.

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My brain seems to have shut off and tunes everything out ever since I've started playing Etrian Odyssey. Y u doin this to me, brain? ;A; But Etrian Odyssey is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. I hate you. (Also played through HeartGold and started Ruby. I hate you as well.)

More hate for my lecture on literature of realism. I just. Why do I have such an aversion to modern (relatively) literature? B:<

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In the morning I kinda wanted to make a rambly meta-y post, but now I just. I want everything to end or just stop. I'm just. So angry again and everything is annoying and I just want to curl up and never stand up again. Can't the whole world just stop moving? I'd appreciate it.

Fuck you, day.

Teaches me to take my anti-dep more regularly. Stupid head, who forgets all the important stuff.

Only positive thing today was that I suscribed to the next Swedish course.
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My literature teacher is pretty much amazing *o* She said that my term paper could wait with all that England business. I'm so fucking relieved~ 8D (So relieved that I wrote a bit about bros XD)

Also, I suddenly remembered that I still had some prompts to write from way back. And that I had one finished but now looking at it... I really don't know what I wanted to say with it. Maybe I didn't want to say anything, idk. It confuses me a bit XD It's here: Duessel and someone else - don't forget.

Aaah, that's all for now. I post so much lately...


Alright, now I finished reading the script from FE6 as well (I think I've read all of them now). And I have to say, there are a good handful of people I like; Marcus (there was not enough of him >8I Even though I do like Merlinus, I wish Marcus had taken his place), Douglas, Lalam, Roy, Miledy/Gale (;A;), Yuno/Zealot, Thito/Klein, Mordred, Niime&Hugh (he's so dorky XD). But the most important thing....

I am incredibly fascinated by Desmond (which is more FE7, but eh). So incredibly fascinated. How he can love Guinevere and her mother so much and yet hate Zephiel and his mother, and what happened between him and his "wives"... *o* Tehehehe~ Ah, the shiny~ (Btw, I need to google his face or something, because I can only remember him having long blond hair and somehow that results in me picturing him like a blond Vigarde XD)

However, I have to say that I find Elibe as a whole not a very interesting continent. It's just... I dunno. I don't find the countries terribly interesting (apart from maybe Bern thanks to Desmond), but other than that? Nah. But that's actually not so different when it comes to the other FEs apart from Magvel. I neither find Archanea nor Jugdral particularly interesting in regard to history and culture, Tellius depends on my mood (and if I'm interested it's mostly Crimea). But Magvel? I nom that shit up. Gawd, I love Magvel <3
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HOMG, I just got my welcome folder from Kent 8DDDDDDDDD So excite~ Now I can enroll~

I'm actually really excited. With fear. Is that a good sign? Hopefully 8D

(Also, I've said it before but I really do hate the people who write Trojans and viruses and send them around. Go... not die in a fire, but step on a lego. A nasty lego.)

Now back to Secret of Mana. PS: I downloaded the soundtrack 8D It makes me happy~
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Innes... We have a strange relationship. I do like you in a way and yet... you bug me. Hmhm. It's just like Lyon. By writing you you start to -- not interest me, but hm, endear is also the wrong word. You somehow maybe make me like you. In a way.

It's all very complicated.

Anyway, Aileeeeeeeeeeeeen D8 I've not even planned to let you appear in person and yet somehow you turned up. Yes, Innes was supposed to learn something from you as well (because he can't only learn from his father when he also has an awesome momma 8D) butbutbutbutbut, not with you present DDDD8 Oh gawd, how am I suppose to finish the scene now. qginjakgdsjh (And this thing is getting long, roflmao)

Also, Swedish exam was good 8D

Two term papers ;A;

(Mood only because I wanted an Innes pic XD)
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Abney Park is evil, very very evil. Because:

- I want more air pirates
- I want to write porny things about them (Fffffffffff, yeah, I don't even)
- "Death of Humanity" for some reason makes me want to write about possessed Lyon slowly losing his humanity and being the DK in the end because he forgets that he ever was a human (which could contradict his death speech, if I remember correctly)
- Zombie Apokalypse and all the horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE things my mind comes up with. And I hate my mind for that.
- It makes me NOT want to finish my contest piece >8/ Evil.
- "Dear Ophelia" and "Isabella" make want to write something creepy. About someone (most often Viggy, which is not fair and doesn't exactly makes sense) singing to a sleeping person. In a creepy way. And acting creep. IDEK.

There soon will be exams. Well, only two, actually. Still. Oh gawd, and two 12-15 page long essays. In two fucking months, probably, because I'll leave for England in September ;A; It does not make me a happy camper (I wouldn't be a happy camper anyway XD). At least the teacher from one of the lectures with essay said that we can hand them in whenever we want. So I could finish that one in England. A tiny speck of light at the horizon.

PS: I love my new tag XD Indeed, the brofluence is everywhere.

PS2: I really fear that I have to write Zombie Apokalypse to get it out of my head ;A; Sadness.
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So, there was a Mediavistik Day at my university today. It was quite awesome. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I learnt a few things:

1. I need moar Mediavistik in my life. Like, seriously.

1.2 I need definitely moar heraldry in my life. Very, very much.

2. Thanks to the horrible, horrible Winter Verlag, I want moar books. On history, linguistics and other stuff. Unfortunately, they are expensive. And I still have too much books to read ;A;

3. I buy faster than I read. A problem. (A lovable problem, though)

4. I want to sing a few Minnelieder. Because there was a short presentation about Minnelieder where we sang. And it was pretty 8D But it wouldn't sound as nice because the choir sounded awesome~

5. The professor who is giving the lecture on the Karolinger is awesome and his voice~ So pleasant~ I could listen to him all day. And, well, he teaches exactly about the time period I love. Awesome~

Other learnings that have nothing to do with the Mediavistik Day:

6. My contest piece is evil. Everytime I think it through it has another ending. And I like all of them ;A; The tone always changes a bit and I like all the changes. But I can't decide >< Evil.

7. I want to write Hayden+tiny!Innes. Kinda like the prompt on the long forgotten [ profile] fe_fest . Because yay family fics 8D


9. There is no point nine, but I like odd numbers. 8D

10. Need to buy Abney Park CDs. Like now (ie. later) 8D

11. Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh, no even numbersssssssssss >8I


Now, to distract me from the scary, I make a meme:

Challenge me!
Give me the weirdest situation you can think of, a crack prompt so impossible your brain breaks when you think about it and/or challenge me to write in a different writing style. I will make them happen!

I would prefer FE8 or 9/10 though, since just writing FE7 characters would be a challenge ;P Of course, drabble length.
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Let me just revel for a moment in the feeling that I've got two 1.3 (A-, I believe) in two courses from last semester. And I could've got an  1.0 (A) in one of them if bibliography and I weren't eternal enemies. Why can I never remember the rules and when I look them up still do it wrong? Oh boy. Anyway, still much yay~ (Especially since one was an essay in English and I was praised for my good scientific English. And other things 8D)


Hellfire + a head that lets bro kings sing every song at the moment + realisation that bros do not really fit the song and that "Mansel = Frollo" makes more sense = ouch, my brain. The song really doesn't fit the song (only in a very, very, very, very, very twisted way). It still gives me bad ideas XD

Also, related to Fire Emblem; I've just written the first draft of my contest piece and I might need a test reader in the future. Just to see if my formatting works or not. But that's some time in the future. (If you're interested, though, you can holler "me" already now).

Second point; hqbvasdkfhasn reading about the pest only makes me want to see/write something about a plague in Magvel <3 Killing off at least 1/3 of the population? Sounds like fun (I know, I'm a bad person) Oh well, it's more of a "do want to see" feeling than a "do want to write"~


I've just re-read my Lyon oneshot "Mindpoison" to correct punctuation (and give it new scene breaks because nommed the last ones) and... I still really like it. Vigarde´s characterization would look a bit different today, but I still... do like it 8D
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My Pragmatics course starts in May... I don't know how I should feel about that :8 Well, that means that Thursday is free as well, but, uhm, I want the course now...

Also, figuring out how skype is supposed to work. Unfortunately my computers work against me. Not helping here, ya know. And I always thought you were awesome ;A;

Also, skype is distracting me from writing, because I finally kinda feel like writing. I hate all of you. (<3) There was no crimsonmorgan before me 8D So you can add me if ya want.

7. Your favourite in-game couple

<< Uhm, >> I can't actually come up with a couple were both parts are alive... So, I liked Yuan/Martel, Kratos/Anna, Hayden/Aileen, randomKIng/randomQueen, and more I can't remember. Oh, and Claus/Milard because those two are obviously a couple 8D God, I want easier questions, kay?

Da rest )
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So, registered for a Swedish course. Yay~

Also, just because of that meme I started self-analyzing like whoa again. And I still haven't gotten far >[ Do you know how hard it is to come up with more than "derpy" to describe myself? I can't sum up my personality. Well, maybe I could add "lazy" and "dense" as well. Ugh, it annoys me.

Ugh, of course I'm getting a coffee stain on my beige shorts! Always! There's a reason why I avoid bright clothing >:o

Also, I kinda want to continue my Fadia/Vigarde stuff. So much complicated heart break~

Lunch soon and then Middle High German. Not sure if that'll be fun. I'm so bad at translating...

6. Most annoying character

Marta and Emil, probably. They sucked badly. I was also pretty annoyed by Tidus and Yuna for a while. But I like them now, kinda.

Questionssssssssssssss )
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Nnnn, Tales of Fantasia, I love you~ Fuck Final Fantasy, it's boring. ToF, yay~ I like Cress and Mint and Claus. 8D And Amber, but I haven't met her yet, too bad. Also, I just noticed that I shipped Claus/Milard back when I first played it and now I may also tentatively ship Cress/Mint because of the cuteness. And Nancy/Elwin 8D So awesome~ I love to meet their children later XD I'm normally not such a matchmaker but I try to bring them together every time. Nn, I want fanart of them. No fic yet, but I shall look for it later. Also, I kinda want to search for Terranigma fic. Terranigma is awesome and I should play that one again as well.

Dracula is mean. After dying maybe twenty times I'm fed up (hence why I play ToF 8D) And Silent Hill 2 is not here yet. I am disappoint, Amazon.

Sylph was always my favourite elemental spirit, in ToF and ToS. They're cute~ And Celsius.

Also, I love the game design of those old games. Secret of Mana, Terranigma, Lufia 2, ToF. I love their design more than, say, FE 10, FF 10 and 12 or any other new game. (That's partly the reason why I like the design of FE 6,7 and 8 much more then 9/10) Call me nostalgic, but I want those designs back.

Nnnnnnnnnnnnn, Uni starts again on Monday D8 My free time is ovvvvvvvvvver. Though it looks like Thursday will be completely free and most of my courses are in the afternoon. And I'm going to two history lectures 8D (which I do not have to take and which are the only two morning courses). And I want to make a Swedish course. Yay~
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You know, I'm fucking proud of myself. You remember my much hated paper? The one that through my own stupidity I had to write in five days? I've got a fucking 1.3 (A-) for it. Damn yes baby >D (I guessed that I maybe, MAYBE get a 3.0 or something)

That's another proof that when I feel good about a paper/exam, I sucked and get a bad grade. But if I feel like I wrote shit, then I get good grades. Go figure.

Uhm, now to make this a legit post; two days ago or so I had a dream where Kent and Sain appeared. Kent had two pillows (a brown one and a beige one) that he said goodnight to and even kissed them. Sain had two as well, but I can't remember if he kissed them goodnight as well.

Uhm, yeah... I don't know what that means, but it was hilarious even in dream.


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