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Buy this gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame: LiEat 1-3

It's so fucking cute and awesome and beautiful. The two main characters are so cool, the minor characters are all unique and well-developed. Which it needs, because it's more about the story and characters and less about battle.

Did I mention that it has pretty art? Because it has.

It's also not particularly long, but every episode has good and bad endings. The episodes loosely connected (mostly by 2 being a month after 1, 3 several months after 2) so you should probably play it in order.

It's also pretty cheap and the game's worth it.

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Bought Dragon Age Origins today.

Came home at 19 o'clock.

I just stopped and it's 2:40 in the morning.


Meta, what is meta?

Sleep, what is Sleep?
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Hui, I didn't post anything for a while, did I? Even though some things did happen. But I was lazy 8D

- Held my first presentation yesterday. It actually feels really awesome to know that I can relax for the rest of the semester. 8D I won't have to fret about it anymore~

- Got my grade for the brochure I designed for my mother's doctor's office. An A 8D Yay~ (It does look cool)

- I decided to do some voluntary work at a centre for elder people. First day is on the 9th

- I'm curious to know how my OMG Paper (TM) was graded, but I'm scared 8( Asking for grades on my papers is really horrible. It's alright with exams and stuff, but for some reason, term papers are... difficult. But I managed to just walk into the Seniorenzentrum and ask to do some voluntary work. I should be ableeeeeeeeeeeee... But Evil Paper is Evil.

- Got Rune Factory 2 and Okamiden for DS on my birthday 8D Both are freaking addictive. But. Why are either the translators or the beta-readers/-players of those Harvest Moon-type games so freaking horrible? So many mistakes, words that are fitted into sentences where they don't fit, wrong names, etc. It's really sad.

PS: The new design of the LJ friend's page is fucking ugly.
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Have been playing it for hours. Damn Pokemon and their addictiveness.

PS: Am I the only one who thinks that the Boy Skins are always either plain boring or ugly? And the Girl Skins either meh or pretty? I like them 8D
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Man, man, man, I haven't posted here in forever, did I? Well, there was some stress lately since semester is now over and there were some last minute presentations (which was almost completely my fault for procrastinating). And I still have an essay to write -- which should be no big problem, it's only 750 words -- and a 20 page term paper. >.> So not happy about that since I only have time until September, the 1st. And I have no topic yet :D Awesome. Only not. Oh well.

Furthermore! I bought Pokemon Black on... Saturday and have already played for over 50 hours. So you know what I spent my time with >> But the game is so fun 8D I mean, lately I did get again into Pokemon due to some Let's Plays and so I wanted something new. Back when Black/White were released I was pretty critical, because the Pokemon I've seen then looked pretty stupid. But now I found super cute and super powerful ones ( >D my Matrifol/Leavanny is a KILLER) and I love them.

I really liked that they tried something different with the story, though some things were a bit disappointing in the execution. I didn't like how they wrapped it up. It felt a bit rushed. But I'm loving that you still have several places to explore after the first playthrough 8D

Also, strangely enough, this was the first Pokemon game where I had only a 5 Pokemon team for the most time. :/ I had a Rabigator/ Krookodile for a while, but I already have Sedimantur/Boldore and Karippas/Carracosta, which are both rock so I didn't also want a Ground Pokemon. AND. For the longest time I didn't find any good Water Pokemon. oO That was disappointing. Normally it takes forever until I find a Fire Pokemon I like.

Anyway, love the game. Maybe I'll even buy Black 2.
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The awkward moment where a good half of the Starbucks crew greets you by name and ask if you want your regular ._. I go there far too often. Buuuuuut the shop is directly between my two departments D: Omnomnomnom.

Also, dabbled a bit. Little FE these days, a bit more interest in Etrian Odyssey. So addictive that game. Not as bad as The Binding of Isaac, though. 8D The game is so fun. I'm not particularly good at it, but it's fuuuuuuuuuuuun. Weeeeeeee. (And an awesome Let's Play by a guy who sounds very cute)

Apart from that, had some serious stress these last days. Had to finish a presentation on the same day as I had to hold it. I'm such a hero /sarcasm. Also, a few exams. Gotta have to study more. I'm far too lazy. <<
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My brain seems to have shut off and tunes everything out ever since I've started playing Etrian Odyssey. Y u doin this to me, brain? ;A; But Etrian Odyssey is so fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun. I hate you. (Also played through HeartGold and started Ruby. I hate you as well.)

More hate for my lecture on literature of realism. I just. Why do I have such an aversion to modern (relatively) literature? B:<

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I'm generally not a big fan of game soundtracks. Most of the time they don't appeal to me. In the case of Gameboy games, the sound is always on mute anyway. When I play other games, then I either listen to my MP3-Player or to Let's Plays.

There are only three exeptions and those three soundtracks I downloaded (a small exception is Last Story, because those are from the extra CD and are cut scene tracks); Secret of Mana, Lufia 2 and Mystic Quest Legend.

I don't really know why it is like this. Those three soundtracks just grab me. They are fun and interesting and, to me, sound far better than newer soundtracks. For example, the persona games, FF12 or Xenoblades. Even The Last Story outside of the cut scenes! All of their soundtracks are incredibly boring to my ears (and Xenoblade has the ~fantastic~ extra of characters shouting during the fights so you can't hear anything of the battle tracks anyway (God, how I HATE that (there were other games that did that as well, but I don't remember their names))). I always give the tracks a chance, I do. But they either bore me or annoy me (looking at you, Persona games). I just cannot listen to them.

Admittedly, when playing Lufia 2 I also listen to other things by now -- mostly because I've played through it SO often and I know the tracks almost by heart. But I NEVER mute the sound when playing Secret of Mana. I just love the soundtrack. All of it fits so well and those songs I really do know by heart and could immediately tell you in which regions they play. They're fantastic. And while I haven't played Mystic Quest Legend for quite a while now, the music is still awesome. The battle sound is just so excellent.

Hm. Maybe I should get out my cane and wave it at all the younglings loving those new soundtracks. (I love SNES games so much)

On other news:
I'm kinda contemplating something for the fe_contest (because due to some wonder I didn't overlook it and remember it) and I do kinda want to write a crossover. My first instinct was Canas and something with dark magic that would cross FE7 and 8 (and would have the DK). Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut. Not sure if I want to. Hm.
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I've just finished "The Last Story". And it was amazing 8D The beginning was a bit hard, because it takes some time to get used to the battle system (it's easier with a Classic Controller, imo), but after the first hour or two the story picks up. And boy, it does. It seems so "innocent" at first and then things happen (and awesome characters appear; Asthar (<3 See Icon) and Therius). There's a little romance, but it's not too strong, imo. At times I even forgot about it and catagorized the interaction between the two as friendshippy, which is good, imo. Gives the relationship more depth. The synchro is also good. And twists. Nice twists.

The animation is good, overall, apart from most mouth animation. It can be... quite strange at times (again see icon). Smiles are often strange (poor Therius, he got the worst). I don't know if it was just my Wii or if it's normally, but there was some lagging, especially during cut scenes that were no mini-movies. That was sad because during emotional or important scene it was distracting. The colouring of the whole world is rather dark (mostly brown, dulled white, grey, black, etc.), which is fitting because the situation the world is in is not particularly good.

The music is really good. I've bought the Special Edition with a soundtrack and it's really pretty. Nobuo Uematsu did great work. Very pretty.

Now some very biased opinions:

- *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* General Asthar <333 Hit so many "this will be a favourite" spots it's ridiculous. That he got a sexy voice certainly helped.

- Oh god, how did I love to run into people XD Because you don't just get caught by their box, but no! you actually run them over and push them to the side and sometimes they yell at you and stuff. XD SO hilarious. How easily something like that can bring the Evil out of me~

- Two main characters with eyepatches. Do I have to say more?

- Syrenne and Lowell seemed very stereotypically and boring at the beginning, but in the end I love them very much. So cute those two~

Fazit: Would definitely recommend it to other RPG loving people (and you could very probably write issue-fic about the war-traumatized people in this 8D)
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Minecraft is so fucking addictive 8D And no, it's not just the fact that I'm building Renais Castle at the moment :3 Have I already told you that my little brother is awesome? Because he is 8D
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I bought Xenoblade Chronicles yesterday and after playing it exactly 11 hours, I have to say...
Cut for spoilery rambling )

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So, I was reading Serra´s supports yesterday because I wanted to write something with her and... ;A; Her supports with Hector and Lucius. So sad. Also Serra/Lucius is so adorable *ships it* Btw, I found the Serra/Oswin support has a strange... vibe. A "Oswin acts like a dad to her". Picturing Serra calling him "Daddy~~" is eeeew XD Anyway, Serra = awesome. Well, her supports with Matthew and Erk were actually really grating, but the rest makes them up. Florina&Serra was especially cute.

Aaaaaaaaaaaalso. ;A; I wish there were some kind of fandom for Zombies in Wonderland, a Wii download game. It's so fun and relaxing and the characters are prettily designed. And I really want Alice/Rotkäppchen fic. (Problem is, of course, that Alice and Rotkäppchen are just characters you get after finishing the story a few times and therewith have not even one line. They only have their design ;A;) Fffffffffffffff-- Do want.

Fine, maybe I have to start fandom >:8

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Oh gawd, galls, guess what my dad just found in the basement (the freaking cold basement >:( ). My old GameBoy Colour 8D Nostalgia~~~~

Oh, Nintendo, you have been in my life for so long XD /nerd

I sold my very first Game Boy on a flee market years ago (it was blue). Then I go my first neon green GBC, but it was stolen! In a hotel >:E Together with my Pokemon Blue edition. A sad holiday. Then I got the purple see-through GBC that my dad just found. And then my GBA, which is also still have. Then my DS, one from the first edition that was released almost ages ago now and is still very much alive and kicking. And finally my blue 3DS. I love you all <3

And don't get me started on my SNES that I inherited from my older brother, which still works and is also kicking ass, our N64, that we sold on a flee market as well, my Gamecube, and the Wii. <3

The oddball that is my PS2 was well received, though. My Nintendo consoles are all very nice~

Awww, my heart~

Unfortunately I only have two GBC games left; Zelda; Four Seasons and Pokemon Crystal. Okay, my dad also found a Moorhuhn game, which was his, I have to say!, but that game.... sucks. XD

PS: Am I the only one that thinks that the scratches on the GB screens are a sign of a long ~friendship~ They make me feel fuzzy. Especially the ones on my GBA. I had a strange love for that console
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So, decided to try out a paid dreamwidth account (for the icons 8D). 2 months for 6$ (or 4,60€) sounds well enough for now.

Also, Ma? Yeah, maybe I do burp relatively often (have nothing against it, also nothing against it if others do). But you do not need to say "OMG y u burping so much!!!!oneeleventy!" I burp. I do not burp as often as you seem to think. Also? You burp just as often as I. And yet you claim it ain't so. Ohmygod,firstworldproblems but annoying -n-

Also, downloaded Paper Mario (N64) for my Wii. It's a really cute game. I'm not much of a Jump'n'Run fan (and I'm not particularly good at it), but this dash of RPG elements is fun. And your companions 8D Goombas are so freaking cute and Boo <3 Snarky ghost girl, yay. Adorable.

However, the running back and forth is really tedious, because Mario is so sloooooooooooooooooow DX Otherwise it's Yay 8D

Also, I made the icon from a screenshot of a shirt I bought 8D <3 GameOne, my favourite show~ Gamesgamesgamesgames


10/1/12 00:11
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You are a lovely game. You are really pretty and the element of the ink and the drawing is awesome. At the beginning it was hard to draw a circle with a pad, but I learnt quickly. The first arc with Susano was fun, if at places a bit slow because it's impossible to make the dialogue run faster and you people tend to repeat things over and over again. But I could live with that.

Then. The fight against Orochi on the island seemed like an ultimate boss fight, as in afterwards the game is over. I was sad when I thought that. The game would've been really short. However, I went into that fight and it was fun, if annoying (fucking Orochi).

Then I saw that, Hey! Game's not over yet. I was all "Yay! 8D". And the game continued to be fun. I learnt new techniques, did more quests and the innovative levels, like the one where you shrink were awesome.

However. You little fuckers. You could fool me once -- I was able to laugh about Orochi and the "Olololol, that's the last fight *wink wink*" attitude the first time. I wasn't annoyed then. The second time however...

Are you fucking kidding me? I went and killed the Water Dragon because I fucking wanted to make the quest at the restaurant on the beach. And what do you do? You force me to go to the Oni Island and fight the fox. And I think the whole time "wtf? If the game's over afterwards, how am I supposed to do that quest!!! >8(". And I was not happy. The Oni Island was a fun dungeon, but my bad mood prevented me from enjoying it to the fullest.

And then I beat the fox and surprise, surprise. The game isn't over yet. Am I happy about it?


Because I am angry. Because you made me think that I couldn't finish that quest before the end of the game. Because your litte ~trick~ prevented me from enjoying the game. And you know what, I probably won't be able to forget that. Because my brain likes to work that way. Goddammit.

tl;dr Okami, bad narrative choices, fuckers.
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Today I woke up from a nightmare and my mood was bad.

I derped around the internet and my mood continued to be bad.

After lunch I went into town to go to Starbucks and the fact that it was full made my mood worse.

When I was shopping games, my mood was horrible.

As I was riding the bus back home, I hated the whole world.

When I arrived home, I played Resident Evil 4 for about an hour and my mood is good. Yay for shooting off zombie heads.
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Zenonia is a really, really fun download game for the 3DS. If anyone has one, you should at least take a look at it. 8D It's eating my soul~

In other news, my exchange gift is... hnn :x I'm not too sure about it. It still has no end and well, everything is so argl. I really have no idea. Blargl.


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Fragile Dreams is AWESOME 8D

I love the idea of a boy searching for other human beings in a post-apokalyptic world. Especially since it's not some sort of zombie-infested world (there are monsters, but those are left-behind emotions that took a ghostly form. And birds. Fucking birds. And dogs. And cats with which you can play 8D The dogs are evil, though), but the world... just without humans. All the buildings and cities are fallen in disrepair and everything looks desolate and sad. It's a really sad atmosphere, especially with the items you find. Some special items have a thought or feeling "stored" inside them and tell of their owners last thoughts before their death or another strong memory (The stories of the ripped up picture and of the wedding couple are so hnnnnnnnnn. ;A; Also, did it just sound like that or was the father in love with his daughter-in-law? I'm not sure how to understand this. Ambiguous...)

Seto is cute (though his hair looks ridiculous), but all the other characters look cuter, actually XD Crow had an AWESOME outfit, btw. So cool. And his kiss with Seto was oddly innocent :3 Very cute. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand ;A; Wrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy had the PF had to die? ;A; So sad.

I like the battles. The aiming is a bit difficult at times, but it's still fun. The difficulty level is not high, but fighting is definitely not a key aspect of the game. The atmosphere and the story are much more important.

That said...

THOSE FUCKING ARM MONSTER. YOU ARE SO FUCKING CREEPY >8( God, the first time they surprised me (and all the other times I met them) they scared me so much. Also because they come out of the walls. Grrrr. And that robot that suddenly appeared in the dark in that looooooooong tunnel, oh god, I already thought before "Huh, seeing those fireflies in the dark all the way in front of me looks kinda scary." And then! Suddenly the enemy theme started and that fucking light appeared. I got such a fright. Stupid robot.

Still! An awesome game :3 Can't wait to continue with it (I want to play it more than Tales of the Abyss at the moment 8D)


CROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW DDDDDDD8 ;A; ;A; ;A; Andandandand the story with the two brothers. The last item ;;;;;;;;;;;;A;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry? Also, that whole fucking dam is so scary. Those dolls and their death cry *shudders*

In some aspects the game reminds me of Silent Hill. No music, just normal sounds while everything is peacefull and music/bad noises when monsters approach. ;A; So scary.
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Soooooooooo. Tales of the Abyss came today 8D (I don't have many words about the 3DS; it's like with the movies. If I use the 3D effect too long, my eyes start to hurt).

Until now Luke is a total asshole. If he doesn't change soon, he'll fall into the category of "unlikeable characters". Together with practically all villains now (especially Dist. He's creepy and kinda disgusting *shudders*) I lovelovelove Tear until now. She's really awesome and it's great how she calls Luke out on his douchebaggery. (BTW, is Luke´s treatment of Mieu supposed to be funny? Because it really, really isn't.) Anise is also cute if a bit strange :3

I also love it when they snark at/about Luke. He deserves it for his assholeishness.


Hmmmmm, I kinda want to do that meme raphi posted, but hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. So lazy. :q
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So, I just finished FF12. And Gabranth and Larsa are so SQUISHY 8D So adorbs~~~~ And Basch and Gabranth <3

There are really very few cases where I truly enjoy killing a villain. In most cases I actually don't care that much. But killing Vayne was so fun >8D That smug bastard. So much hate for him. Also, I'm still not exactly sure what his motives were. Was it really just power hunger? That would be really boring, actually, but I don't have the feeling that he truly buys that "history back in the hands of man" shit. Oh well. I don't care about him anyway. Larsa is so cute~

Also, now Balthier is back on my list of FF characters I adore 8D In the beginning he was meh, but he gets better.

Basch is still too sexy for words. Though Vaan is now my favourite character in the game. Tehe. Ah, it was fun to replay it. Though now I'll have nothing to play until my 3DS and Tales of the Abyss arrives. And Fragile Dreams because OMG THERE IS FRAGILE DREAMS AND IT'S AFFORDABLE AND WANTWANTWANTWANT I mean, wat?

Edit because I always forget half of what I want to say:

I've downloaded the first Phoenix Wright game for the Wii. I'm only at the second case, but my opinion on it is already.... torn. Because for me the game consists of three things: a bit fun, a bit rage and a bit squick. Fun is fun. Rage because GODDAMN NO I DO NOT WANT YOU TO SAY THIS, BRING UP THE THING SHE/HE SAID THEN AND NOT THIS STUPID ÜAHSGPLKDÖBGFS (oh and the thing with April May in the court? Where all the men go "AW SUCH AN ADORABLE AND SEXY ~GIRL~ COULD BE NOTHING BUT INNOCENT"? Fuck that. It is so incredibly stupid and such a stupid plot device. I want to burn it, burn it forever. You want to tell me that 1. all of the men fall for her bad acting and 2. all the men present are totally into that type of woman? I find that unbelievable, especially since this is a fucking murder case. Take this seriously, fuckers.). Squick because I have such an embarrassment squick. And long motivational speech (TM) squick. And sometimes a more general holding speech squick. And Phoenix Wright is full of that. AND unfortunately it is also hilarious is Phoenix is embarrassed/refuted/put down a bit, but it also squicks me like whoa. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.


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