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So, after almost a whole month, Tristan finally got a new cage buddy. Say hello to Tasha!
OMG, a cute piggy behind the cut!!! )

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Yes, I posted my Tia/Hilda story <3 I still love it so much.

If you're interested:

Also, I do need to make a Tia Icon, me believes. Just Selan is not enough.

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The AU for the fe_contest is shaping up nicely. Everything starts to line up. I need to make some changes, obviously, some smaller, some bigger and I do start to question characterisation, especially Eirika, but circumstances are different and I try to keep her true... But I'm also pretty much out of practice with her and Seth. Too much brokings.

Still, I think it'll be good. Or at least fun.

And it was far too fun to write how they find Vigarde's body. 8D

DA2 is still the king of meh, but the fighting system is fun so I'm still playing. I do hope, though, that DA3 will be more like DA:O.

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Cat drool on my face, awesome.

OMG, DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED! 8D I'm gonna get a new guinea pig. Though the story behind it is not particularly happy. I've already told you my mother is a doctor. And one of her patients will have to spent the rest of her life mostly in the hospital so she cannot take care of her piggy anymore. She asked my mom if she knew someone who would take it and she said, yes, my daughter would. 8D And I so will. Therefore my dad and I will get it on wednesday. I'm really looking forward to it. <3 Still really sorry for the owner 8(

Also, meta later today. Maybe.
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Hui, I didn't post anything for a while, did I? Even though some things did happen. But I was lazy 8D

- Held my first presentation yesterday. It actually feels really awesome to know that I can relax for the rest of the semester. 8D I won't have to fret about it anymore~

- Got my grade for the brochure I designed for my mother's doctor's office. An A 8D Yay~ (It does look cool)

- I decided to do some voluntary work at a centre for elder people. First day is on the 9th

- I'm curious to know how my OMG Paper (TM) was graded, but I'm scared 8( Asking for grades on my papers is really horrible. It's alright with exams and stuff, but for some reason, term papers are... difficult. But I managed to just walk into the Seniorenzentrum and ask to do some voluntary work. I should be ableeeeeeeeeeeee... But Evil Paper is Evil.

- Got Rune Factory 2 and Okamiden for DS on my birthday 8D Both are freaking addictive. But. Why are either the translators or the beta-readers/-players of those Harvest Moon-type games so freaking horrible? So many mistakes, words that are fitted into sentences where they don't fit, wrong names, etc. It's really sad.

PS: The new design of the LJ friend's page is fucking ugly.
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Have been playing it for hours. Damn Pokemon and their addictiveness.

PS: Am I the only one who thinks that the Boy Skins are always either plain boring or ugly? And the Girl Skins either meh or pretty? I like them 8D
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Puh, I haven't been around much lately. Things were a bit stressfull, with that 20 page term paper breathing down my neck. Otherwise I managed well on my own those three weeks my family was in Canada. Jiji was with me so things were okay 8D

Now I finally can relax a bit and I do no longer hate everything. Yay~ 8D Now there's only this one project left, but I really like this one so it's not so bad.

Hm, need to write more again, but my muses are kinda gone at the moment. They're probably on vacation as well.

Oh well~
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Man, man, man, I haven't posted here in forever, did I? Well, there was some stress lately since semester is now over and there were some last minute presentations (which was almost completely my fault for procrastinating). And I still have an essay to write -- which should be no big problem, it's only 750 words -- and a 20 page term paper. >.> So not happy about that since I only have time until September, the 1st. And I have no topic yet :D Awesome. Only not. Oh well.

Furthermore! I bought Pokemon Black on... Saturday and have already played for over 50 hours. So you know what I spent my time with >> But the game is so fun 8D I mean, lately I did get again into Pokemon due to some Let's Plays and so I wanted something new. Back when Black/White were released I was pretty critical, because the Pokemon I've seen then looked pretty stupid. But now I found super cute and super powerful ones ( >D my Matrifol/Leavanny is a KILLER) and I love them.

I really liked that they tried something different with the story, though some things were a bit disappointing in the execution. I didn't like how they wrapped it up. It felt a bit rushed. But I'm loving that you still have several places to explore after the first playthrough 8D

Also, strangely enough, this was the first Pokemon game where I had only a 5 Pokemon team for the most time. :/ I had a Rabigator/ Krookodile for a while, but I already have Sedimantur/Boldore and Karippas/Carracosta, which are both rock so I didn't also want a Ground Pokemon. AND. For the longest time I didn't find any good Water Pokemon. oO That was disappointing. Normally it takes forever until I find a Fire Pokemon I like.

Anyway, love the game. Maybe I'll even buy Black 2.
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Myyyyyyyystic Quest Legeeeeeeeeeend )

Also, on another note; I'm curious. I'm wondering how are folks on my flist pronouncing loan words, especially German ones. Like "verboten" or so.
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It's kinda awkward to write porny fic while sitting next to your aunt and grandma playing canaster. Even more awkward that your aunt knows that you write fanfic and speculates that you're just writing fic because you're hammering on your keyboard. Even more and more awkward when she jokingly says that you're writing about them.


Awkward. >> (I just said, "Yeah, no, not really")

('Twas Vigarde/Minna, btw. They're cute)

Also, completely different than that above:

My brother's wedding went well. Everything was pretty cool and stuff and the food was yummy. There were fireworks at the very end, as a surprise for the bride. And I was able to leave at the exact right time; I'm feeling good today and not emotionally exhausted and depressed. It feels like I was slowly approaching my limit. At max half an hour away from my breaking point. So I'm pretty content with how things went. 8D (Otoh, now I know that feeling markers for my level of energy is hard, very hard >/ )

Also, my little brother and I should never be allowed to sit in the first rows of a church during a mass. We cannot keep our mouths shut (but then the song texts were hilarious, dammit. Oh, yes, I want to be set on fire by God's love. Burning to death is so fun). Good thing we had to sit in the back so we could leave before the couple to hold the banner.
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After for some time having no Seth OTP (because I very much lost interest in Seth/Eirika and then in the two of them separately (Bros took over my whole mind)), now I've noticed "Yes, I have one".

I ship one-sided Seth/Fado like burning.

I was bored and read through some of my old stuff, including the two Seth/Fado pieces I wrote, and suddenly! There was my love for the pairing again and it instantly became my new Seth OTP. :D Yay~ And to celebrate that I instantly wrote some delicious Sophia/Fado, because sexswapping is awesome and I hadn't done that yet (and sexswapping in general for quite some time). Oh, it was fun~~

So tired

6/5/12 20:12
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Today was my brother´s civil wedding (the one at the church is on the 26th) and while it was kinda nice, I'm so exhausted :( Though I'm kinda wondering why because while it was long (~ 6 hours), most of the time was listening or eating. Still, sitting there, surrounded by people is just tiring. Annoying. I really don't want to think about the 26th, because that will be the big feast and be even longer. So not looking forward to that aspect.

(Kinda nice, because it was just not my taste. They were happy with everything and that's what really counts. And I'm not someone who gives a fuck about weddings and doesn't really want one herself. Just don't need it.)

Also, finished that little Asthar&Mirania piece I've written. Will post it maybe later or tomorrow.
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And so I made another keychain. He turned out a bit chubby XD Also, he's got a leather chain, which I knotted after I took the pictures.

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Eeeeeeeeeeeeee :D I'm making another full body one tomorrow or so and afterwards head only. Happy~ (Also, Fado got kiiiiinda tall and I should've placed his pelvis armour a bit higher.)

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I'm kinda pleased that I could write and finished a bit of fic lately. Starbucks/Mensa are so magically. Or maybe I just cannot write inside my home. Anyway, I kinda finished the second part of the Moulder->Hayden three-parter and am really happy with it (what, no, I do not love to insunate that Hayden also does dirty business, oh no). Funtimes.

Apart from that, I got a new green purse at an medieval fare last Sunday 8D Greeeeeeeeeen. With stripes <3 I love stripes.

Am sooooooo hungry right now, it's not funny. Gotta get food. Maybe Tortilla again. They're almost replacing bread for me by now.
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Just came back from an almost 8 hour long table top game day 8D So awesomely fun. I was second place twice and one time my group lost. Games were Arkham Insanity, Dust and Karibik. So good, even though I'm not particularly good at "real live" strategy games.


Modern Bros would totally love Strategy Tabletop Games. And they would become so SRS BSNS abotu them that nobody but them wants to play XD
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Yesterday was an all around sucky day. Let's forget all about it. -_-


Look here at Jan., 23rd, is National Handwriting Day and to celebrate it you can make your very own font there for free! Out of your own handwriting 8D I did it and it's the best thing ever. You only need this code: CPN4NHD2012. This offer is only today on the 23rd.

So, gogogogogo get your own font 8D 8D 8D


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