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Ugh, this Last Story AU. It's becoming so looooong. So big that I should start doing a bit of research regarding environmentalist organisations. But I'm laaaaaazy.

Also, I was thinking about posting the first three scenes (it's a kind of slice-of-life type of fic), but I have no idea how to call it. I mean, how do I title?

(Or summaries? Eep. Fail, self. Fail.)

Asthar/Mirania is still adorable.
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Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this Last Story AU is turning into a monster, what have I done to myself? Wrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy?

PS: Shipping Asthar/Mirania like I'm paid to. Damn.
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That Last Story AU... you know, it's not Asthar who's the problem... it's me. Somehow, against my will, all conversations between Mirania and Asthar end up shippy. I don't know what exactly I'm doing here.

But I find that I actually like it 8D
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[personal profile] oneill , it's your fault that I actually start to write something for that Last Story AU I was talking about earlier (aka in some earlier post). The image didn't leave me alone XD Aaah, it's fun but it's a setting that I really have no idea about (and am too lazy to research, oops). But it'll stay a small thing anyway.
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Pick ten characters, then answer the questions.

1. Fado
2. Hayden
3. Vigarde
4. Geoffrey
5. Tana
6. Asthar
7. Izzy
8. Seth
9. Bastian
10. Calista

It's just as fun as the last time )
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The awkward moment when you see a guy at a concert and think "Hm, he's cute". Then you throw a second glance at him and notice "Wait, the hair length, the nose, the form of his face, beardless....

He looks like the younger version of a certain favourite character."

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFfffffffffffffffffff-bwahahaha. XD Oh man.
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Hehehe 8D I just made a Creeper keychain for my little brother´s birthday on the 18th. I never know what to give my brothers and normally it's some chocolate but the Creeper chain was just a spontaneous idea. I feel like Minecraft (and Harveys Neue Augen and Edna bricht aus) brought us closer together again so the Creeper fits (the Creeper is just the most awesome mob :D). And he has NO knick-knack on his keys at all D: That cannot be!


Unrelated to that, I had a strange dream last night (additionally, "I" was a Zael lookalike and my father was a perfect mixture of Asthar and Fado. SO much lol); it was hot the whole time and I almost broke down because of the heat twice. And what happens today? I go shopping with my mom and IT'S SO HOT EVERYWHERE D: It was hell to stay in the shops. But my mom was awesome and bought me shorts so I could change out of my jeans. Damn you, weather.
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I'm replaying The Last Story because of a certain person for no character-specific reasons. And a certain spoilerific event still makes me go ;A; and D:< because I want to strangle the cause of said event. Grrr.

And a fic about younger Therius and his first travels/lessons/happenings with General Asthar would be the most glorious thing ever. Those two are so awesome it hurts.

Unrelated to that; I don't know how I could always overlook it, but I did found a fic on my compi that is SO old. Well, old old. From the time I still did that ~bro thing~ I mean, I take them more seriously now, but that was from the time where everything was silly. And dude, the fic is kinda embarrassing because it's so silly. On the other hand, I did lol at it XD I so have no idea what to do with it. I'm undecided if I would feel too embarrassed to post it on my writing com. (The silliness about Viggy´s kids come up and they're in the Lagdou Ruins and they come back from death and stuff. Goddamit, that was far too fun XD)

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Oh god, I just had to laugh so BADLY. I was playing with Jiji. She likes to play with those cat fishing rods from time to time, especially if she's lying on a chair and the bait is partially hidden behind the table cloth -- much clawing and biting the cloth 8D Anyway, she got a little wild and I told her that she would slip off the chair. Which she did a few moments later and she clawed at everything just to stay on the chair. XD It looked so funny. And then. Almost the same thing happened again a few moments later, this time she hang on the table cloth XD It looked so hilarious though that probably doesn't come through in writing.
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"Händy" might be the cutest things I've seen today XD I don't know if my mother or my grandpa wrote it like that, but eeeeeek, it looks so adorable~

Yeah, most people pronounce the "a" of "Handy" like an "ä", but seeing it written like that? Adorbs.
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I'm not sure if that was intentional (and if we remember that this is the gaming industry), but...

Did the developers KNOW what the player ~might~ think when the growing of friendship is depicted by cutesy pink hearts flowing around?

And did they know just WHAT they are suggesting when the smiley signifying the highest ~friendship level~ is a thumping pink heart with eyes that turn into hearts?

I just. I lol'ed so much when I saw that smiley. Oh, yes~~~ Shulk and Reyn are such ~close~ ~~friends~~ So many hearts~

Icon so freaking fitting it hurts.
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Tortillas rock my goddamn socks. I've started to replace bread and Brötchen with it XD It's just so much tastier and feels lighter. OM NOM NOM.

Some more things:

- Ashnard is like Zephiel just without the issues to explain his crazy demeanor. He might even be the love child of Zephiel and Valter. ... *would ship Zephiel/Valter just for the lulz. Doesn't believe they would like each other, though*

- I have the feeling that there's an influx of Ephraim/Lyon stories lately. Am I alone in the impression?

- The Fado Survives AU is so unbelievably fun 8D

- I kinda want to post all the things. Lol, silly self, they're not finished yet. XD

- Needs more GameOne in the world. Also, I'm not a fan of RPF, but dude, I would ship them. Casually. If Wolf would just stop flirting with all the guys, I wouldn't ship anyone XD
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(from deviantArt, by cookiemagik-d4nv7g8)

Y so angry, Innes?


Also, kinda plan on posting my Eira/Fadia piece. Maybe. Feel so lazy. Also, still have some Viggy stuff lying around that could get posted.

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Writing OCs is so much fun, only finding names for them is a pain in the ass.


ALSO, I bought arm warmers with stripes <3 I love stripes. All of my socks are with stripes. I have not even one unicolour pair 8D (Thanks to this I never get anybody else´s socks in my heap of fresh clothes 8D) I think I need an icon with pretty stripes to show my love for colourful stripes.

Alsox2, there are still three bloodstains on my bed sheet that look like a face with a huge nose XD I cannot bring myself to change my bed sheet because it's funny. (I had nosebleeding again)


14/1/12 21:36
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Where's the book about pinjas? I demand a book about pirates and ninjas fighting for... whatever. As long as they're together in one book.
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There is no Okamiden in Germany anymore. ;A; Nowhere. (Only super expensive on Amazon) *cries forever*

On a happier note; I bought lime green and light grayish blue nailpolish 8D Yay, green. Not a fan of nailpolish in general, but I'm always up for green nails.
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Oh man. Oh man oh man oh man. XD It is kinda funny, though.

Alright, Jiji (our cat) and I were cuddling. The nice kind of cuddling (though her lovingly nipping my nose was a bit unpleasant if sweet), where there is a huge amount of purring, hand-licking and head-rubbing and little claws in thighs. Suddenly we hear a noise from the bathroom. I was first unsure but it sounded like a cat jumped on the ground from the windowsil (there's her cat flap leading into our garden). We sit there for a moment, both straining our ears. After we heard a few more strange noises, I stand up (and set Jiji on the ground) and we walk over to the bathroom. I threw open the door. And see a black cat startle and escape through the cat flap. In the same moment, Jiji jumps forward, up through the cat flap and then I only hear hissing.


The black cat burglar is a semi-stray cat from the neighbourhood (he's probably related to Jiji, since both formerly "belonged" to the person who kept cats but didn't take care of them so they were kinda stray) and he has stolen Jiji´s food every now and then. I've never seen her chase him, though XD

And she got a bit of tuna when she came back a minute ago. All is well again.
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Omnomnom, sweet potatoes 8D They make good fried potatoes (btw, when I read "fried" I always think it means "swimming in fat, French Fries-like stuff" >< And I cannot shake off the thought. Which is supported by German since "fried" is "braten" and "deep-fried" is "frittieren"). Also, vegetable dumplings with pumpkin and carrots and zucchini ( <3 Zucchini). Very strange because while I love vegetables, I also love all kinds of meat and generally miss meat when we have a vegetarian meal. Oh meat...

Anyway (and on a completely different topic):

Eirika´s (and Ephraim´s if he has some) kids have to have names starting with "D" >>  << XD Also, Innes´ kid has to get a "J"-name, Joshua´s a "K" name and L'Arachel´s also a "K" name (so one could stick L'Arachel and Joshua comfortably together >XD)


Only Vigarde and Lyon don't fit. Of course they have to do their own thing. Tana defies everything because of her awesomeness.


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