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I just watched Thor again (or rather selected scenes *coughOdinisaBamfcough* and the more often I watch that movie, the less I like Loki. He's a bubbling well of W.T.F. Just one thing that bugs me so very much; just why the fuck did both Beginning!Thor and Loki think that genocide would please Odin? He said several times that he wanted peace. In the scene where they were kids, later after the first attack and so on. WHY DID YOU TWO ASSHATS THINK GENOCIDE WOULD MAKE HIM PROUD OF YOU? ARE YOU STUPID?

I guess the answer is in both cases yes >8/ No sympathy for either of you.

Also, in the scene where Thor is captured by SHIELD and Loki comes to tell him Odin died? I hate Loki so much. I do not give a fuck why he might have done that. That was such an asshole move that I just cannot.



24/12/11 23:00
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Sooooooooooooooo. I got the Thor DVD for Christmas 8D And some awesome books. But. I've just watched the movie again and now that I have time and (sometimes) the concentration to watch it more closely, I've... noticed things.

- Thor/Jane seems pretty sweet now. I really liked their awkward conversations. It felt like they could truly happen like this in real (well, kinda...)

- WoobieLoki is so... gawd. Well, I do see that he had some hardships and stuff, but he's still Loki. In most of his scenes after (and partially before) Thor´s banishment there was always this... maliciousness in him. He hates, he is hurt, he is strong and doesn't care if he hurts others (apart from maybe his mother and Odin, though maybe not for... "good" reasons). He's not a weak little boy who gets bullied by everyone but his mom; he is mad and he feels he is wronged (which he is in some ways) and he doesn't care how many his trying to change this affect other people. Genocide and fraticide are no small things and he didn't seem to particularly care. Loki is not helpless damsel. (Also, writing Odin as the Big Bad Guy who is at fault for every little thing that went wrong with Loki? Goddamit I hate that trope. It's not that easy.)

- Anthony Hopkins just looks like he is a nice person. Something about makes him seem nice. Strange.

- The scene when the Jotunns invaded the room with sleeping Odin and Frigga draws a sword and kills an Ice Giant? So awesome 8D

- Idris Elba as Heimdall is fucking awesome. Haters gonna hate elsewhere.

- Chris Hemsworth´s smile 8D 8D 8D So shiny.
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Seriously, that fill is HILARIOUS.



I completely forgot how fun the theatre script for FE8 is XD Letting Fado and Vigarde make comments on most things is just so much <3 (That and OMG the chemistry they have 8D Fado will flirt with him later on. Foshizzle. Seriously, Fado. Stop having such an amazing chemistry with everyone 8D) Innes is being a meanie face at the moment ;^;
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Ohai, is that a FemSeth/Eirika drabble I see here? Ffffffffff, canon femaleSeth would've been awesome~ Actually, then I might have wanted a strange one-sided crush on Orson on Sophia´s part, ffffffffffffff, no, I don't know why XD

Also, finished the first part of my one-sided Moulder/Hayden story 8DDDDDDDDDDDD

AND, I WILL today post the first part of the Bro Univeristy AU. Seriously. I will search for a title for real now. (I kinda love it 8D Serious crack is the best crack)

Roflmao, GIF time please XD
Cut to save youuuuuu )
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Of course, I would love Odin/Frigga. OF COURSE I DO.  So happy that there are a few prompts over at norsekink. Let's just hope that some other writer likes them as well ;A;

BTW, is awesome. I love you guys.

Also, new Viggy icon. Hm, Viggy~
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Just saw it and IT WAS AMAZING. Thor has the most contagious smile EVER. I had to grin with him every time.

And so. Much. UNF. If you want to know how my ideal guy looks like; Thor is it 8D And Basch from FF12. And movie!Eomer. 8D You can keep your Ephraims and Akios, I want Thor (And Basch. And Eomer.) That beard and that hair 8D Perfect length and style, both of them. Thor´s body is very nice as well, but I don't care about beef that much. (Too much muscles scare me) I would still think him extremely hot if he had been chubby or something. 8D It all depends on the hair and beard.

Cut for spoilers for Thor )

Awesome movie, damn hot main protagonist, watch it. Terribly fun~ And now I have to go on an icon hunt because I NEED GRINNING THOR. Like yesterday. And then I'll re-read Detective Loki 8D and then maybe read some Eomer&Theoden family sheningans, because I kinda feel like it 8D


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