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I saw The Hobbit again today with friends. I think I like the scene with Saruman even more now 8D <3

Also, I just saw the thumb of this Thorin art on deviantArt and in the first moment i thought "Hey, who drew Vigarde?" XD Without looking closer, it does look a bit like Viggy.

Ugh, still have to do things for uni. Not in the mood for it.
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It's kinda awkward to write porny fic while sitting next to your aunt and grandma playing canaster. Even more awkward that your aunt knows that you write fanfic and speculates that you're just writing fic because you're hammering on your keyboard. Even more and more awkward when she jokingly says that you're writing about them.


Awkward. >> (I just said, "Yeah, no, not really")

('Twas Vigarde/Minna, btw. They're cute)

Also, completely different than that above:

My brother's wedding went well. Everything was pretty cool and stuff and the food was yummy. There were fireworks at the very end, as a surprise for the bride. And I was able to leave at the exact right time; I'm feeling good today and not emotionally exhausted and depressed. It feels like I was slowly approaching my limit. At max half an hour away from my breaking point. So I'm pretty content with how things went. 8D (Otoh, now I know that feeling markers for my level of energy is hard, very hard >/ )

Also, my little brother and I should never be allowed to sit in the first rows of a church during a mass. We cannot keep our mouths shut (but then the song texts were hilarious, dammit. Oh, yes, I want to be set on fire by God's love. Burning to death is so fun). Good thing we had to sit in the back so we could leave before the couple to hold the banner.
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Why do I want Captain Roger/Captain Baddog slash? Whywhywhywhywhywhy? And why does it sound so awesome in my head. I'm normally not into enemies-turn-lovers (not that they would ever be a couple. A few flings maybe with lots of hate and snark and arguments and sexual tension and all the good stuff). But thisssssssssssssssss. Want so much. Also, maybe a bit Captain Roger/Rumpott at the side 8D


Rambling about "Lightning Thief" with a few spoilers )
Somehow it bugs me that the designer weren't consistent with Viggy´s beard. Why is it closed under his nose one time but not the other? >8I Irrational bug is irrational.

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I kinda want to write about little!Vigarde and his father Vanya. Vanya more and more becomes an interesting character. He is an ass, but an interesting ass with some good sides. The relationship between him and Vigarde is so... intriguing.They do somehow love each other and yet have so different morals and clash badly later. The awkward position Vigarde is in as someone who was taught to respect and obey his father no matter what. Who is intimidated by him for a long time and battles with himself because he knows/feels that his father does some morally very questionable things (including killing his wife, Vigarde´s mother). Who starts looking up to his father and wanting to fulfil all of his expectations and who later resents Vanya for his cruelty, arrogance and hate for Frelians.

So much fun. But I'm not sure if I'm up to it :q Writing seems so meh. Thinking about it is fun, though...

Also, I haven't forgot that I wanted to talk about Fado&Ephraim. I'm just to lazy to write it down >:8
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Because I feel like it. I don't think you can call it meta (Why do I ALWAYS write meat first?), but whatever. Headcanon tiems~

BroKings related so feel free to skip~ (I might have to think more about Marcus another time. Because Marcus. Also, I should stop writing him first as "Marcus" and then "Markus" and then the other way again. Plz stop to be confused, self.)

So, I felt like saying a few words about their parents, mostly their fathers because they have the biggest influence as of yet on them. Yes, family times again~

Cut for teel deer about families. Grado is always so.... hnhnhnhn~ )

I feel like I might post Moulder/Hayden Part 1. I haven't editted for a while now, but I do feel it's mostly finished. Hm. Also, Marcus writing now, plz.

Edit: Lj-cuts, stop fucking things up.
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After Valter slaugthered those innocent village people, all Vigarde does is strip him of his title and exile him? He just sends the nutjob into another country so he can slaughter there some more? I mean... why was he not sentenced to death? Is that not possible? Had Vigarde a lapse in judgement? Seriously.

Also, still mourning that Viggy is not on the Grado wallpaper. Everyone else is on it but the bloody emperor. ;^; /heavily biased

So, self, now finish the Louise/Pent drabble. 8D Klein wants to be adorable.


I. HATE. SUMMER. Go die in a fire. I hate living in an attic. SERIOUSLY. All the heat gathers there and ghiersgb ndyutgcb so much hate.
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Bro update: Last part of the Uni AU on and dreamwidth 8D

Another strange thing, loosely connected to the bros... I had a really, really strange dream again. I got three guinea pigs. Which all looked like the bros (Fado was not turquoise but Viggy´s fur was definitely slightly bluish). Which was hilarious even in my dream. Then suddenly I noticed that Fado was not Fado but Fadia. XD I was highly amused. And I separated them then since I thought "Wouldn't want her to get pregnant". But then there was a time skip and surprise, surprise, Fadia was pregnant XD And I spend a long time debating who would be the father and which constellation would be more awesome and it was hilarious. In the end, they were both fathers XD Oh lawd, what does that mean (I do hope that it was some kind of prophetic dream because, dude, bro piggys, do want).

Also, there were two cute rats and one alien dog. With stripes. And I called [ profile] hooves  over because "ZOMG, the dog has stripes and looks like a zebra!" Roflmao, strange alien dog. But she didn't like it because the dog had yellow rings on its fur :( XD


In less than two months I will go to England. HOLY SHIT, SO SCARED RIGHT NOW ;A; DAMNITDAMNITDAMNIT.

Edit 2:

Am battling my depression caused by aforementioned angst with pretty art *o* There are so many gorgeous Odin Sphere pieces on deviantArt. Prettiness~ (And Gwendolin and Velvette seem to be favourites. With Mercedes on third 8D Happiness~)

Edit 3:

Writing Viggy angsting about Lyon and dark magic helps as well 8D (Because I didn't cover that angst topic yet XD) And it will contain the "image" I got from "Isabella". Not too sure if it will be really creepy, though.
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My life is full of aaaaaaaaaaaangst. Vigarde aaaaaaaaaaaangst to be precise. Because he doesn't leave me alone :( (It's like I have a mini-Vigarde on my shoulder or something and wants cookies. Aaaaaaaaaaangst cookies) The current one was supposed to be creepyVigarde, but I can't make Viggy creepy. It might have a bit of creepy scenery and stuff and acting, but I personally don't find it particularly creepy. And the ending, oh I love the ending >8D Bitter sweetness, muahahahaha! /hasn't even started with it but still loves it 8D


The Hayden&Innes piece feels longer than it is. lolwut? Maybe because I don't manage to write longer passages at one time. (It's only about 3800 words yet)

It still feels weird to write about characters I don't even like so often. It's all for the bros... 8D That makes me happy again.

Also, guro I found that "guro" is not the adequat description I was looking for (yay, for learning new meanings). "Excessive violence" is better. Go out of my head. I know I could never draw those beautiful pictures so stop torturing me ;w; And I seem to be obsessed with zombies those days >8I Zombiessss~ Oh boy.
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Okay, I just woke up from a strange dream (nothing new here -.-). And I really, really don't know how my brain came up with it (since the dream wasn't FE related anyway), but.... Tana/Vigarde. I mean... really, brain? What's up with that?

So, after I squicked myself a little bit out with that one (though I normally love pairings with an age difference, 31 years are a liiiiiiittle bit much), I somehow needed to turn that into something acceptable for my brain. So to save my brain from leaking out of my ears, I decided that littleTana might have had a little crush on Vigarde. Just a really innocent little crush. (But I am fascinated by the thought how Hayden would react, roflmao. I don't believe he would like it too much XD) Which she soon grew out of. Phew, brain is saved 8D


My brain seems to be in a strange mood today; it turns EVERYTHING in something disturbing (though "Waidmannsheil" really invites such thoughts. But really, the DK? *shudders*). Maybe I should sleep all day XD Oh wait, no, that would make everything worse, acutally DX Uhm, textbooks it is then.


Played some more Odin Sphere and I love Mercedes/Medesa (I really, really don't get why they re-named her. I prefer Mercedes to Medesa.). The frog is pretty cool until now (and if he turns into a human later on, I miiiiiight ship it :D)
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First I was thinking about self-analyzing myself again, but I don't believe anyone wants to read how I (incoherently!) ramble about why I can write certain characters but not others XD and how I always put something of myself into the characters (most of the time just a really tiny thing. Just a little quirk, maybe). And don't worry, I always check if it fits the characters personality. But, as I said, no one would want to read that.

Instead I tried to stop associate the voice of the singer of Turisas with Fado because the voice just fits Fado. (And the mental picture of Fado with their face painting is just rolftastic. Add a kilt and you have Braveheart in red/black XD)

Oh, and I have Viggy angst for you (on dreamwidth). Because Viggy angst is my favourite flavour of angst. Originally that was supposed to be the meme fill of raphi´s prompt "smile", but then I thought it didn't fit and raphi probably wouldn't want Vigarde angst anyway. And Lucius had been my first idea anyway (well, then I forgot it, got inspired with Viggy angst, wrote it, and then remember Lucius and wrote that one).

And since I'm on the topic of Vigarde... You know, I don't particular care if people read my (bro) stuff. I just put it out there and people can decide if it's their cup of tea or not (and enjoy it silently or not. As long as they have fun, I don't care 8D). And still it feels kinda... weird to post all my bro stuff on It's all very irrational and contradictory but... sometimes I wonder what people think when they see my bro stuff. Something like "that strange person writes about minor characters nobody cares about, lol". It does not exactly bug me but... AGH! I don't know. It feels weird. I'm wondering if I should even bother posting there sometimes because sometimes I believe no one cares anyway. But then I also don't really care if other people care at the same time >:/ This is such a strange weirdness and I know it's contradictory but I still feel both feelings. Aaaah, why so complicated? Oh well, feelings are rarely logical or coherent or make sense. *sigh*

Oops, now I did self-analyze without planning it XD Oh, and I'm kinda sick. Dammit. I have to hold a presentation tomorrow >:/
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, wrote again today. Something seems to be wrong with me XD Mostly because, uhm, I was bad again. And poor Viggy was/is my target. I really try to come up with happy tiems for him and Minna, but... ;A; it doesn't work. Oh well, at least they get some kind of happy end :D And there is no bro wives death in crackland. Nope, there is a far better medical treatment. None has to die~

By the way.

I was thinking about "squish" earlier. Because it is a pretty word :D and I like thinking about words. Just say it out loud, it is pretty: squiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish. Or squissssssssssssssssssssssssh. Depending on the situation. So, I was thinking "Yeah, everyone calls Lyon squishy and when I look at him squishy fits. Just because of the sound. So it is

Lyon = squish

But then. What association would I have when I think about squish independently from Lyon? And that was

the sound when you step on a frog and squash it (word choice completely intentional 8D)

So. That made me laugh and frown. Mostly because if squish = Lyon and squish = stomped on frog, is the logical conclusion

Lyon = stomped on frog?

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, if you look at him... squishy frog. Oh yes.
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14. Your latest gaming wallpaper

Because it would be too cumbersome to make screen shots, I've uploaded them on photobucket: This is the one on my big computer and this one is on my little writing computer. 8D The only one with Fado D8

Nobody wants to see those poor questions )
Because I'm a dork and forgot something yesterday XD

So, the lecture. Where I re-learned about the amicitiae. I was told another funny story. About some monk who saw the afterlife on the brink of his death, called the "visio vetini". Now, what did he see? Mostly hell and at one point he "met" Charlesmagne. Now that he found a bit surprising because Karl´s body was all shiny and luminescent, which was a sign that he was a good person. But not all was well, because there was a horrible monster eating away Karl´s penis (and the rest). Because even though Karl did many good things in life, he was a lustful person and that's why he was in hell and punished. (Moral of the story is that your good deeds do not negate your bad deeds)

Now, you get three guesses what thought appeared in my mind after the initial "Pfffffffffffffffffff, XD" left.

One tipp; it starts with a "V" and ends with "iggy". XDDDDDDD
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Lj, could you please stop randomly switching the language from English to German and back again? It annoys me, kay? Also, could I get the English version back? 

"Reply" >>> "Kommentar hinterlassen"

It's just shorter. Also, why is the set language for the search engine German? I never search in German. I don't think in German when I'm on lj. (Though you can't know that of course.)

Here, have some Lyon&Viggy fic. With Valter calling Lyon princess.
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I don't know if I covered everything, but this is all I can come up with now. Maybe I have to expand things later. 8D

This feels like an angst fest, damn... )

Characterization post may be coherent or not 8D Oh you Grads. I don't really love you (apart from Viggy) but I'm still sorry what I do to you. I make you so angsty, Viggy.
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So, I completely forgot to post my happy Knoll fic on, which I did now XD. And here's also a link to the new chapter of my lover's challenge, which contains sexy times (Geoffrey/Elincia sexy tiems). I've wanted to post it, but I forgot. So no surprises here XD

Now, let's go back to my paper and work like a BOSS. And then Daddy Vigarde.

Oh, almost forgot another thing. Yesterday, shortly before falling a sleep, I had a fic idea. Unfortunately I already forgot half of it. But it was about Fado and Vigarde and their last fight in Renais Castle. With Fado being awesome and Viggy being all zombie-like. And halfDK- Lyon being clingy and dependent. Fun tiems.

EDIT: WHAT IS THIS? WHY CAN "VANITY" MEAN WASHSTAND IN AMERICA? I... I am so tempted to use this meaning and fuck everyone over. Just for the lulz. PS: Oxford Dictionary says it's a "dressing table" in North America. WTF?
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  So, I was just in "The King´s Speech" with my parents and grandpa. It's an awesome movie <3 I teared up twice at least. Colin Firth is awesome (and sexy~) And Helena Bonham Carter is awesome no matter who she plays. I had to giggle when Mr. Collins appeared as the director of the theatre group 8D (I don't know the name of the actor, but he played Mr. Collins in the "Pride&Prejudice" adaption of the BBC. Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle were in that production as well 8D Oh joy.) Also, I didn't recognize Michael Gambon as the old king. I was quite surprised when I saw his name in the credits. I love him; he has such an expressive face.

Hn, I may make a post about Viggy later (no, I totally didn't say that yesterday already). Must see how my mood looks like later.

P.S: I finally decided to buy more icon space 8D 25 glorious icons, just for me.

PPS: I may have to re-do my pimp king icon >:§ It's so pale.
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Soooooo, I've posted my depressing Viggy/Minna piece. For some unknown reason it forced me to post it so quickly. It just felt good the way it was. :/ The story can be found at and at my writing journal on dreamwidth.

Poor Viggy.

Also, since we are on topic at the moment; what kind of hair colours do the bro wives have?
Aileen would probably have blue hair (this is Fire Emblem after all). Innes already has Hayen´s hair so FE logic dictates that Tana has Aileen´s hair colour.
Eiri and Ephie have Fado´s hair colour so their mother could have any colour. But since I think she's from Renais, she should have a colour that's "typical" Renais like blue, green or blond. I'd choose blond or brownish blond.
For Minna, I would choose light blue. Lyon´s hair colour looks mostly like Vigarde´s, just a bit lighter.

And Noam would have the typical Jehannan red hair. Because that colour is awesome.
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Dear Vigarde,

I don't know why I love to hurt, torture and do a lot of other bad things to you. Something about you Grads makes me want to do evil things to you. I'm sorry. You probably just look like you angst much. And I apologize that my timeline made it even worse. I promise that I try to write some happy and cute father&son interaction in the future. And I plan to write sad Fado/Catalina in the future as well. Maybe that makes you feel better. And don't think I enjoy doing bad things to you; I just teared up while writing this particular story that prompted this apology. Writing unhappy stuff makes me unhappy as well. That's why I prefer to write happy stuff. Writing happy stuff makes me happy as well.

With love,

Dear brain,

please stop thinking about Fire Emblem the whole time. I have to study and research and I can't concentrate because you always wander off to frolic in Fire Emblem land. And stop making my headcanon bigger and bigger.
I love you, really. But study time =/= headcanon tiemz! Seriously.

With less love than above,


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