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So, after [personal profile] zombieallomorph 's post with the quote from Naomi Novik' "Uprooted", I immediately bought it. And it's awesome. I started it yesterday at about 8 pm and couldn't stop reading until I finished it at 4 am. I loved the magic system (though the magic word did sound a bit ridiculous to me at times, but that's always a danger of inventing spells) and I freaking loved the Wood. I love it when the bad/evil things in a book are so present and actually dangerous. Also, the Corruption is a great way to keep the tension between the characters high and adds a horror layer to the Wood. Especially since we see how horrible it is.

Cut for spoilery talk )

In other news, my leg is starting to feel almost like before the break. It's still missing strength, but I can feel how it becomes stronger every week. Also, I might start a voluntary social year soon. I'm excited.

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I'm finally feeling a bit more like myself so I guess I could post a quick update on my foot situation.

- I still haven't had that OP. I still got them steel sticks in my foot to keep it stable. But! It seems that my foot is finally ready on Thursday. I'm so happy I could piss myself (which is reeeeeally unpleasant in reality. Believe me, I had the misfortune to test that.)

- This week and a half really messed with my head/emotions. I'm still taking Sertralin for my depression, which I couldn't from the day of the accident to yesterday. And it was really terribly noticable. Homesickness, pain, inability to walk and do anything that you can't do/reach from a wheelchair are one hell of a mix.

- One night I had no roommates. First I thought it would be nice.  Then the night came. I had a really strange apocalyptic dream that felt nastily real. When I wake up, everything is dead silent. Literally. No sound in my room, no sound outside the window and no sound in the hallway. And how often do you think that happens in a hospital? That was one terrifying night.

- I miss our cat and my piggiessssssssss. I want to cuddle them so bad. And hear all the whining and squeaking and purring.

- I'm burning through so many books right now compared to the last months. But I still need that distraction from the boring and depressive situation. Maybe I'll do a little post about the books later, because some were fun and worth rec'ing them.

- I'm so, so glad I feel better now (I can take my Sertralin again) and am in practically no pain. I've got a new roommate who's nice. And, the best, it seems like the OP is finally scheduled and will not be delayed again.
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I've seen "The Legend of Princess Kaguya" by Ghibli tonight with my dad. It was a very, very beautiful movie. The art is just gorgeous. The story is a bit sad, but definitely something you should watch if you can. I'd recommend it. Also, beautiful music.

In other news, I'm addicted to Pokemon Alpha Saphire.
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Woooooohooooooo, I've got new glasses. Pics later :D
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Hmmmmmmmm, I want to write. I'm out of my slump, more or less (TMI: my period is also almost over. Coincidence? I don't know), but I don't know what to write.

So, friends' list. If you have some prompts, give them to me. The usual suspects are Fire Emblem (6/7, 8, maybe 9/10), Last Story and Lufia 2. You probably know who I normally write, but you can also prompt people I normally don't write. I think I'm in the mood for a bit of a challenge. If you don't know my typical characters, just check the tags here.

PS: Good thing you posted that ad on Fandom_Secrets, raphi. I almost forgot about Nagamas! Finally gotta think of some prompts.

PPS: Yessssss to my new Tia icon. She's so cute and awesome.

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Yes, I posted my Tia/Hilda story <3 I still love it so much.

If you're interested:

Also, I do need to make a Tia Icon, me believes. Just Selan is not enough.

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Mirania loves to eat and Asthar loves to cook. In this regard they definitely fit well.

Also, Asthar using cooking to calm down from unsettling memories and nightmares? I like it. (And if Mirania with him, all that food won't just waste. Also good.)
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That Last Story AU... you know, it's not Asthar who's the problem... it's me. Somehow, against my will, all conversations between Mirania and Asthar end up shippy. I don't know what exactly I'm doing here.

But I find that I actually like it 8D
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Woot! Finally a one line bingo for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo ! Only need to edit them again and I can post *v* Yays.
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And one word could already describe what I thought of that movie.


Just No.

And now the long version... )

So, all in all.... I wouldn't see this movie again. :/

PS: Thorin is still a sexy mofo.

PPS: I remembered the line, but it's because of a German Comedian using that line in one of his programmes and in the movie it sounds just as hilarious and stupid. I don't think I could translate the context.
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So, despite everything, I've started a new "project". I'm trying to make a game script of The Last Story. I'm so tired of the fact that I need to watch a walkthrough if I just need to find a few lines or a scene. Especially when I'm not sure in which chapter it is. I find it easier to search through text. It's hard, though, because TLS is much more visual than, say, Fire Emblem. :q A bit of description of what happens in the cutscene has to be there.

And while I'm talking about cutscenes: I never noticed before how many this game has D: A small nightmare to transcript. Oh well, we'll see how far I get with it.
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PS: Only not really. I don't particularly like parties. But I like the gif.

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Ahahaha, I'm really active, now am I? >> And that even though I've wanted to be more active again, sigh. Anyway.

1. I'm not writing much fanfiction at the moment. Every now and then I continue with Clinging To Life (and I'm at the Jehanna chapter, yay), but otherwise, not much. Though I did start playing The Last Story again a few weeks ago while I was waiting for Etrian Odyssey 4 and thought "Damn, I want to write fic for this game, it's so awesome", but no inspiration D:

2. Etrian Odyssey 4 is awesome.

3. I finished a term paper :D Finally. 2 years after the course, but hey, the teacher said the deadline would be the end of my studying. And it's drawing closer :( I'm a bit scared.

4. I still need to write one term paper >:(

5. Etrian Odyssey 4 is still awesome.

6. The second female Landsknecht is really, really, REALLY cute. She kinda looks like Red Riding Hood. So cute <3

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I was absent for quite some time. And there is a good reason. ....

I've bought Skyrim.

;^; I'm never ever gonna get anything finished.

Farewell. Who knows when I will ever be able to stop.

PS: "The Dragonborn Comes" from Oblivion (or Morrowind?) and "Dragonborn" are such AWESOME and EPIC songs I don't even.

PPS: Raphi, I didn't forgot that I wanted to write you a longer review for your Mercenary fic, but Skyrim! (And a term paper *cough, cough* 8D )
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Why is the soundtrack of The Hobbit so beautiful *.* I get goosebumps almost every time. Forget Ennio Morricone and all those famous film music artist. Howard Shore is the awesome dude.

And also this:

I really shouldn't listen to it anymore because every time I get all like OMG I NEED THE REST OF IT NOW. GIVE ME ALL THE MOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVIES. (Yes, I do stress the v in this case. Just because)

ALSO, THORIN, Y SO SEXY? (Not Richard Armitage. I find him terribly unsexy without his Thorin costume).

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I can submit something for the fe_contest after all~ The idea I had did manifest completely and I "re-wrote" a canon chapter. It was terribly fun. 8D But I might need a beta this time >:/ There are a few phrases that seem strange. I can't say what, but something feels un-grammatical.
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Happy Birthday, Raphi <3 I hope you have/ had a fun day~
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Have I already told you lately how much fun it is to write the Fado AU?

Because it is fun. Really, really much. It's practically the only fanfiction I'm able to write at the moment.

I <3 it.

Uhmm.... February is almost over and I managed to make just one FE post. Lol.
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I really don't know if I should romance Alistair, Leliana or Zevran at this point. They're all cute in their way. Alistair has grown on me over time and I care about his family situation and stuff. Leliana is really cute when she flirts; her religiousness is unsexy, but her cute counterbalances it. And Zevran is just flirty goodness. He's fun.

Damnit, decisions, decisions.

Also, Happy Birthday, shining_valor!


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